COVID Crazy - Poems

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

by 2021, everyone was crazy!

Table of Contents

Blues: Feather Duster

05 Jan 2021 - Blues: Feather Duster Shake yor featha dusta, darlin’, shake it just for me. Shake it in the mornin’ as I str... Read Chapter


16 Jan 2021 - Sonnet The pop-up ad said they could treat me right, that horny housewives craved my cock this night, and I was jus... Read Chapter

Quarantine Happy Dance

23 Jan 2021 - Quarantine Happy-Dance  When I shake my half-erection in your general direction, will you bare for my inspecti... Read Chapter

Haiku: my old teen cock

01 Feb 2021 - Haiku What would you wish for? I’d just love to somehow have my old teen cock back! ~ ... Read Chapter

Grocery Store Parking

05 Feb 2021 - Grocery Store Parking I stared at a woman stomping by whose jeans were kinda tight, and her high heels hammered asp... Read Chapter

Song: Bethany

06 Feb 2021 - Song: Bethany Her name was Bethany, I guess? I wonder what she told the rest. Big horn-rimmed glasses, long brown h... Read Chapter

Headboard Beat

08 Feb 2021 - Headboard Beat Wet dream, dry dream, dreamin’ life away. Sun screen, moonbeam, screamin’ for a lay! Whipped cre... Read Chapter

Sonnet: to sing of ladies sitting on one's face

12 Feb 2021 - Sonnet Unspeakably degenerate disgrace - at least that’s what they tell me nowadays - to sing of ladies sitting o... Read Chapter

from a wall in ancient atlantis

12 Feb 2021 - from a Wall in Ancient Atlantis You can shake it, you can break it, you can beat it against a wall - but ‘til i... Read Chapter

Haiku: nudist confession

21 Feb 2021 - Haiku I keep my secrets shaved for sun and moon to kiss at my unveiling. ~ ... Read Chapter

Haiku: shy schoolboy

21 Feb 2021 - Haiku Too long I wasted wakeful wonder quizzing fate: “what’s up these school skirts?” ~ ... Read Chapter

Song: Pretty Please

21 Feb 2021 - Song: Pretty Please Ya told me you stopped wearin’ underwear the day you shaved off all your pubic hair! Ya say t... Read Chapter


22 Feb 2021 - Sext   (for Carlos Danger) When Adam texted Eve his new found schlong, shit-sure she was that’s no damn donk... Read Chapter

Ass-Man: A Call & Response

24 Feb 2021 - Ass-Man: A Call & Response Ass-man, ass-man, what of the night? Well, her skirt is short, and her tush looks tight! ... Read Chapter

Villanelle: almost outta cream

25 Feb 2021 - Villanelle The heart is willing, but the will is lean! We’re talkin’ Braut Wurst! Boys who beat their meat! Lay... Read Chapter

Sonnet; the nudist's late Winter meditation

26 Feb 2021 - The Nudist’s Late Winter Meditation   (a Sonnet after the style of Petrarch) This stalk and cluster need a clo... Read Chapter

At the Fireman's Ball

26 Feb 2021 - At the Fireman’s Ball Astride him like a lass of noble birth, as much at home in saddle as upon her back, her for... Read Chapter

Tanka: Her public Hair Shade

28 Feb 2021 - Tanka Her pubic hair shade doesn’t match what’s on her head - another wonder conjured by our modern age, I ... Read Chapter

Tanka: housewives

28 Feb 2021 - housewives you keep the clear cut clean cadaver jack-knifed thighs, I’ll take your housewives - sagging tits an... Read Chapter


01 Mar 2021 - Need Religion tells me what I do is sin. My body begs me do it once again, with pretty strangers or with long-time ... Read Chapter

Mister Happy's Dance

03 Mar 2021 - Mister Happy’s Dance In the dick flash night when you’re heat’s at its height, and a gentle breeze gotcha f... Read Chapter

The Ballad of Lingam and Yoni

07 Mar 2021 - The Ballad of Lingam and Yoni Lingam laughs and Lingam weeps, Yoni hides all Lingam seeks. Lingam knocks at Yoni’... Read Chapter

Sonnet: shaver

07 Mar 2021 - Sonnet My brand-new shaver showed up in the mail, from Amazon - a store I’ve funded well - specifically designed ... Read Chapter

Villanelle: There's still space on my face for you!

08 Mar 2021 - Villanelle Some call it disgraceful, it’s true - but they haven’t seen what you’re hiding! There’s still sp... Read Chapter

Springtime Urges

08 Mar 2021 - Springtime Urges I’d like to yank your panties down and leave them lying on the ground for some damn squirrel to ... Read Chapter

Date Night: A Sonnet for a Younger Self

09 Mar 2021 - Date Nite   (a Sonnet for a younger self) What you discovered when you met for lunch was that her bra and pant... Read Chapter

Song: Rocket in my Pocket

10 Mar 2021 - Song: Rocket in My Pocket Ur-anus is a planet that’s spinnin’ out in space, but since I met sweet Janet I wan... Read Chapter

Market Timing

10 Mar 2021 - Market Timing Always too young, back when I was much younger, now I’m too old for the milf’s and the youngsters. ... Read Chapter


12 Mar 2021 - Strike! Strike while the twat is hott, mein Gott, her coochie’s closing soon, you’re her last customer and you ... Read Chapter


14 Mar 2021 - Dogsong If you pound me from behind until my hearing aids pop out, sink it in - up to the hilt - until my front-end s... Read Chapter

What Can't Be Said

15 Mar 2021 - What Can’t Be Said My boner heart gets harder to disguise! I’m staring at your funny mouth, your eyes - topolog... Read Chapter


18 Mar 2021 - dutch Saint Paddy’s Day, her flimsy thong is green. The outline’s clear, tho’ technically unseen, and what st... Read Chapter

The Nudist Testifies

18 Mar 2021 - The Nudist Testifies Gender-reveal time, straight up two AM. Out the back door, back porch, up the driveway. No moo... Read Chapter


20 Mar 2021 - Fire Can it be counted - all the cum you’ve tossed  since adolescence - every cup full lost, your soul so an... Read Chapter

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