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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humiliation Sex  |  House: The Humiliation Board

Jenny's training has been improving, so it is time to introduce some new refinements and elements into her routine.

Lawyer Preston’s Rules for Young Ladies Part Seven

By dale10




My dear little Cuntling ward:


At last we seem to be making some headway, don’t we?  I mean, the progress is visible each and every day. You are at last starting to become the proper young lady that we need you to be in order to take your place in society.


For the first time this week, I have noticed that when you crawl naked into a room of men or boys, you don’t in some way try to hide or shield your pussy, asshole or tits. This is a major step forward. A young cunt has to learn that her private parts are a delight to members of the opposite sex, and you must learn to display them proudly.  Oh yes, because you are doing much more crawling now than you used to, please remember to liberally apply cream to your knees, so that they never become rough or calloused. Every part of your beautiful teenage body must stay as soft and tender as your pussy lips are. When not attending to a male or to one of your other duties, you must spend most of your time, keeping your body beautiful. Your big fine new tits must be attended to with diligence and care.


Because we require you to always keep your nipples hard, which means almost constant stimulation of some sort, feel free to use lotion to keep the actual nipple  skin as soft and tender as can be. As I suggested to you before, my darling niece,  gently rubbing a piece of sandpaper across the very tip of the nipple will help to keep the tit tip perky.  The same is true for the tip of your clit.  Remember, you don’t want to rub the tit tips and clit so hard that they become sore from the sandpaper…that will lead to a hardening and callousing of the skin. No, you just want to rub the skin enough to cause it to send shivers through your entire body…to stimulate the nerves and help you to be in an eternal state of sexual high.


To that end, we are allowing you to wear a small string around your neck with a piece of sandpaper attached.  Young men may find pleasure in sandpapering your tits and clit as well, but be careful, the younger boys tend to get carried away with the exercise, trying to see how irritated they can cause the nipple buds and clit tip to become.  They love to bring a cunt over the edge, and although I now know that you can easily produce twenty to twenty-five orgasms a day, the body needs time to replenish and rest. We don’t want to totally wear you out before you even reach adulthood, do we?  Remember how you sobbed that you couldn’t possibly be kept right on the edge of orgasm all the time, how it would drive you mad?  Well, you see, once again you were a rather stupid young cunt. A pretty, young girl should be kept on the edge of orgasm all the time. Her cunt should be constantly wet, and her body should vibrate like a plucked violin string.


If I were able to run an entire school for girls, I would make certain that girls much younger than you were kept so stimulated that they were on the very cusp of orgasm all the time, night and day. They would learn that that is the natural state for a cunt.  (Oh by the way, I do hope that by now you are quite used to being called “CUNT.” It is the natural term for one of the female sex that men and boys like to use. And especially with teenage and college boys fucking so manty girls, so often, one can’t expect them to remember the names of all of the girls, so

The rather generic term of “CUNT” is often used by males instead.  You should think of it as an honor for a male to call you “cunt.”  Most boys and men used the term affectionately.


Your crawling is also improving.  You are arching your back better…keeping it down so your beautiful ass is the highest part of the body. Remember to not clench your ass cheeks when you crawl, so that your pretty pink asshole shows to every male in the room. Keep your legs spread enough when you crawl, so that your full young pussy lips are also fully visible. Again, if I ran my own school, which by the way, I am thinking of doing, girls would be taught to crawl properly at a much much younger age, so they become used to it and may truly excel. But then again, there is a certain charm to the total humiliation a girl into her teens displays when first instructed to crawl.


Your new enlarged tits swing nicely when you do crawl. Several boys have commented on that. It amuses me that the term teenage boys today like to use for a girl’s breasts is “UDDERS.”Young teen males at the mall or in the park may be heard saying out loud, “Christ, look at the udders on that one!”  I find it so cute. At last you have learned to never ever hide your udders from a male, but to keep them proudly on display. Think of how restrictive a female’s life was only a few short years ago. You will never know the bondage of wearing a bra or panties.

You will know the proud fierce freedom of being able to display yourself fully to any and all males.  What a lucky little cunt you are. I hope you appreciate that.


I am happy to report now that over 50% of your daily diet now consists of male sperm (both human and animal.)  For example, your morning “oatmeal” used to contain 70% cereal and cream and 30% cum!  But as of this week, it is 90 % cockslop and only ten percent cereal and cream. I am sure you notice that in the consistency and taste. In order to provide as much cum as is needed for your diet, we have had to order in gallons of animal sperm from breeding farms, so you can now enjoy your cum shakes, and cumcicles. The soup you enjoy for lunch is now

Almost total cum, mixed with delicious vegetables.


This should explain to you why we now feed you considerable amounts of vitamins and give you vitamin injections. We want to keep our girl healthy.


I do hope you approve of my decision to let those wonderfully enthusiastic high school senior boys participate in your womb stretching this week. They were so anxious to participate, and so creative in finding new ways to permanently open up your little womb hole.  And you saw the excited looks on their faces when I suggested that they might want to try to actually put their entire hand up into your cunt. It was like they had died and gone to heaven. Of course, every single one of the twenty-four boys had to take a turn shoving a hand up you. I dare say, they had never done that with a girl before, but a lot of high school girls are now in for a new thrill and surprise. I always tell the boys that the things they learn from experimenting on you, they must put into practice back at their high schools.


And you yourself saw what a hit you are with the high school seniors by the huge erections they were all soon sporting. And what a fine job you did, Jenny sucking them all off, hardly choking or spitting up at all, and believe me, girl, I know that high school boys don’t skull fuck with the same style and grace of a college boy or man. No, a high school boy fucks like a rabbit…fast and furious.  I really thought some of the twenty-four boys were going to tug your poor ears off, as they slammed their wet teen peckers in and out of your face. It was so amusing.  Of course, they want to make it a weekly event, but I suggested to their delight, that next week, they might want to try ass fucking you. But we already  have the college frat thing on Tues., and the 4H thing on Thurs., and some friends from the golf club coming over Wed. afternoon. So, it will have to wait until next week Friday. I do hope they can keep their young churning balls full until then.


Well, the womb stretching is going to come in handy sooner than we thought. I am sad to report that your nice, sweet handsome boyfriend has been arrested again and sent off to prison.  And the poor kid only got out a while ago. He just cannot keep his hands off young female meat.  He sees a pretty girl at the mall, or in the park, he is never content with just looking. He has got to touch…got to feel.

And in today’s rather restrictive society, that is just not possible. 


He was caught fingering a girl right in the food court at the all. The girl’s mother walked up and saw your boyfriend with his fingers buried deep into both the pussy and asshole of the girl. She called the police and that was that. Now, he’s back in prison, and with his cute looks, he’ll be taking it up the ass again, rather than doing the fucking. I must admit, that one evening when he was high, I sampled his drugged-out ass, and it was rather delicious. So soft and smooth and tight. His ass could give yours a run for the money, young lady!


Anyway, my point was, that we have had to procure for you a new boyfriend.  I know you wonder why, with so many men and boys availing themselves of your young cunt and ass, you need to have a permanent boyfriend as well. A proper young lady should have a particular young man to escort her and teach her and tend to her. Every young girl wants a handsome boyfriend. And I want only the best for you.


His name is Ahmed.  And the freakish thing about young 19-year-old Ahmed is that his dick is almost thirteen inches long when erect.  I saw him on the internet, and new at once we had to spare no expense to get him for you. At 19 he has already become the father of 14 babies, so you see he is very potent. He loves to get young girls pregnant. Anyway, your womb stretching will come in handy because he is sure to fuck you so deeply that his dickhead will have to enter the womb. I am sure, as with all things adult, there will be some discomfort at first, but our work on your womb will come in most handy.


The films we made of you doing your personal hygiene and going to the toilet are a big hit. Many men love to watch beautiful girls attending to their personal toiletries. I know it was a bit embarrassing for you to use a clear plastic toilet and for four cameras to capture not only your face and full body, but intimate close-ups of your various body cavities during the actual act of pissing and shitting, but I just want to say it brought joy to many many men.


To answer your questions, my dear, about the nipple weight training, hanging the three, four and five pound weights from the tips of your nipples for extended periods of time, this is to give your nipples more length and girth. The amount of weight hanging from your titty-tip during the exercise will of course have to increase quite a bit, double or triple what you currently endure. To answer your question, yes, eventually the shape of the nipple itself will change.


Now, you really must stop complaining about having to keep a dildo up your cunt and asshole whenever you are not being fucked. I understand it is not easy to walk or crawl with those huge objects up your holes, although any number of boys and men have commented that they think you look quite sexy that way.

Again, keep the ass and cunt dildos well lubed so that your anal and cuntal skin doesn’t get dry and chafed. If you kept it pussy wet at all times as instructed, y ou would be not have that problem. The purpose for the cuntal and anal plugs is to keep your beautiful holes open and ready for sex at all times. After all, even a girl as young and nubile and ripe and potent as you are, cannot be fucked continually all the time twenty-four hours a day.  AT LEAST NOT YET. The plugs you currently wear are only ten inches long, and should not impede your movement or housework too much.


Now on to the most sensitive issue in this week’s report. Your care and training of our two, new male Great Danes.  I know you have been doing your best to make the dogs happy. You groom them very well, and your daily sessions masturbating them have been done with love and care. Oh yes, we have been observing you. These dogs are very highly sexed and need sexual release three to four times a day. Sadly, there are no female dogs around to be their bitches.

Even though you have been obediently masturbating them several times each day, the veterinarian has reported that the animals still seem anxious and  emotionally unhappy.  We want them to love their new home and all of us.


So, I am going to ask you to help us out here, Jenny.  First of all, you seem a bit shy or even frightened I might say of the big dogs. Yes, they are huge, but they are very friendly and loving, as you must sense. When you greet them, Jenny, I have to insist that you are a bit more loving. Don’t be shy about kissing the right on the snout…right on the mouth. I know dogs slobber and drool a lot, but that is only because they are happy to see you. And you will soon get used to the dog drool in your mouth. So, from now on, you must kiss the dogs on the mouth, lovingly, like you would do with a boyfriend. Let the dogs lick you and stick your tongue into their mouths in return, to show mutual affections. Don’t hurry this. Do it for ten to fifteen minutes with each dog. Build a rapport with them. Don’t stint on this or we will be forced to punish you and none of us want that!


And secondly, when you actually commence your activity of masturbating the dogs, you must try to not be so matter-of-fact and clinical about it. Put a little love into it, Jenny. Both those dogs have huge sets of testicles. Just like a man loves to have his balls played with, so do dogs. So, Jenny, I want you to massage each dog’s balls for ten to fifteen minutes, before and as you masturbate them. Help the dogs to alleviate their anxiety. In fact, let’s go one better. You know how your boyfriend taught you how much men and boys love to have their balls licked and kissed?  Well, honey, dogs are no different.


So jenny, I am going to ask you to go one step further for us and thoroughly kiss and lick the balls of the dogs before and as you masturbate them. Now, now, now, don’t freak out and cry on me! Dog balls can’t taste that much different than man and boy balls. In fact a dog’s scrotum might actually be cleaner because they are often licking them themselves, where a man can’t do that. Here, Jenny, get down between my legs now and lick my balls for me while I am talking to you. Young girls look so pretty with a dude’s nuts in their mouths. Oh, silly girl, I know you always complain because my balls are so big. I know you can’t get them both in your mouth at once. Don’t be greedy, just go from one nut to the other. Now you know why some of my buddies call me “Horse Nuts.”  Tell me Jenny, have you ever seen the balls on a horse? On a huge stallion?  It’s quite a sight, and part of the reason, so many young girls love horses so much. But dog balls can be quite large too, as you can see from our two new Great Dane family members.


So, starting today, you will thoroughly lick and suck the dog balls when you perform your daily masturbation duties. If it bothers you, Jenny, just pretend they are the balls of your new boyfriend, who will be arriving tonight. You will soon get so used to this new canine duty, that you will think nothing of it. Oh, the Vet says masturbating the animals three times a day should be adequate. Remember to collect and save all the sperm for us to use it in your food.


And now Jenny, some of the boys from the high school are here to do a thorough rectal exam on you, so get yourself together, wipe the tears from your eyes, and put on a big smile. I told the boys they could hang around after to watch you administer to the dogs.


I also have a surprise for you.  You have a family member you never even knew you had, and he’s coming for a visit. It’s going to be so special!


author note:This story is for fantasy fun and the author in no way condones or supports any of the activities described herein.

Submitted: August 29, 2021

© Copyright 2022 dale10. All rights reserved.

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