While You Were Away.......LUCA

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Hot Wives  |  House: FANTASY EROTICA

A hot wife reminds her husband that sharing is caring...

Before I forget, your friend Luca stopped by to borrow your golf clubs. He told me you sent him a text saying it was alright. But you didn’t tell me. Shame on you honey. I wasn’t expecting him and was wearing your shirt around the house when he came by. Because I didn’t think he would be staying long, I didn’t bother putting on pants. Don’t worry. I had on panties. Besides, I have dresses shorter than this.
Anyways, we went to the garage to get your golf clubs and he noticed your fully restored 1960 Chrysler Imperial. He wanted to see inside it so I grabbed your key from the wall and let him see it. I figured you wouldn’t mind since he’s your best friend. I got in the passenger’s side, while he sat in the driver’s seat. We were sitting there listening to the radio when I noticed a bulge in his pants. I asked him about it and he told me that he’s always thought I was hot. He admitted that sometimes he thought about fucking me while you were at work. He said he would sometimes jerk off thinking about filling me with his cum. Luca seemed aroused at the thought of you coming home to fuck me and not needing lube because my pussy would be soaked in his cum. There was a strange glint in his eyes when he talked about the surprise you would get if you went down on me after he already came inside of me. I think he’s jealous of you.
Before I knew it, he unzipped his pants and pulled out his dick. He’s bigger than you too! Does everyone have a bigger cock than you? He's even thicker. His cock looked so yummy that I couldn’t help but lick my lips while I watched him stroke his rather sizable cock. 
You know honey, I learned in school that sharing is caring. He’s borrowing your clubs  and it makes me wonder if my mouth really all that different? Aren’t my lips and tongue tools for enjoyment just like your clubs for golfing? I knew you would understand which is why I didn’t call you to ask how you felt.
I moved to suck his hard cock greedily. He really loved thrusting it deep into my throat. Luca is a bit of a pervert. He really liked hearing me gag on his cock. He kept calling me a dirty slut as he fucked my mouth. As I twirled my tongue around his dick, he told me I had too hot of a mouth and pulled me off of it. I have to admit, it made me sad. 
When he got out of the car, I thought it was over. Then he pulled me from the passenger side and pushed me onto the hood of you newly painted car. I think I may have scratched the hood with my wedding ring. Luca is pretty strong by the way. He was able to rip my panties with one hand. He’s a better kisser by the way. Especially when he went down on me. You’re not bad but you could really learn a thing or two from Luca. Two fingers sliding in and out my slit while he licked and teased my clit. 
I guess you and Luca are a bit competitive because he kept asking me if he was better than you. You know me honey. I always have to tell the truth. He is better than you. I had cum 4 times  before he even shoved his cock in me.
When he shoved his cock in me, he had me bent over the hood. Sorry, honey. There’s a lot of scratches on the hood but in my defense, he was fucking me so damn good. Luca made me feel so dirty which just made me so wet, there was a puddle under me on the hood. He kept saying things like, “Does he fuck you like this?”, “My cock is better, ain’t it?” “What’s it feel like being fucked by a real man instead of that old fat fuck?”
I’ll tell you what I told him. You don’t fuck me as hard and deep as he did. It’s not your fault, your dick is small and short so naturally his cock is better. You are older, and chubby and while you and Luca are near the same age, his body is much more fit. It’s probably why his thrusts were so powerful. God he felt good. He cums more than you too. He fucked me 3 times. Once on the hood and once on the trunk. Then, I guess Luca was feeling really naughty because he took me to your Mustang. You know the one you drive to work everyday when you aren’t out of town? He had me ride him in the driver’s seat. I bounced up and down his cock like a bunny on acid. I’m sorry honey. His dick deep in my cunt with two of his thick fingers in my ass, made me cum so hard we got the seat wet. He took a picture of his cum dripping from out my well used slit and onto your driver’s seat. Don’t worry. He promised not to show the picture to anyone. By the way, if you’re going to loan out your things to Luca, why not give him a key so he can come and go as he pleases? He is your best friend, right? No worries, I’ll give him a key tomorrow.

Submitted: August 29, 2021

© Copyright 2023 Bunni Writes Smut. All rights reserved.

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Poor dude, he best figure out that he’s got a tiger that’s his responsibility to feed, or else he’ll end up being lunch!

Mon, August 30th, 2021 1:48am


Well at least Luca did not have the cheek to come around and ask if he could borrow some sugar.
If you suck cyber cock then Then I will buy an android phone and send you some pics of my fat cock on "heat" lol!!!!
Nicely written.
Short and sweet like a good cock should be..

Tue, August 31st, 2021 4:43am

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