Ball Boy

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Brandon reluctantly agrees to make up the numbers for doubles tennis. Skimpy girly tennis wear gets him randy on court. An unexpected foursome after the match; however, really has balls working overtime, especially seeing his wife lick out her girlfriend.

When Brandon Campbell’s wife asked him to sub for social tennis at the last moment Sunday morning; he was hard pressed not to audibly groan. He really needed to sketch up a draft design for work; ready for first thing Monday morning; a promotion and bonus payment likely to be riding on his obvious skill.

“Oh, I’m make it up to you later,” she said as her eyes fluttered. She had won as usual.

Cathy did look gorgeous in her designer tennis whites, the social expectation of the expensive new private club they had membership too. Cathy for the tennis and Brandon for the potential design work generated in a luxurious relaxed atmosphere; preferably a round of golf or the nineteenth hole.

As for the inseparable pair; Anastasia –Kate and Keely that would be on the other side of the net, well Brandon was already planning on keeping the balls deep and angled away from them. And preferably a quickie match too, it was warming up into a hot day already and after lunch at the club; he could finish his presentation at home this afternoon. Relieve the pressure, not leave it till midnight.

THere was,; however, no questioning the designer cut of the ladies tennis gear; as they all met on court. Probably some serious questioning of the price tags on the next credit card statement by their husbands though. Brandon realised these late twenty something women like his wife were probably only one undressed moment away from being sexually feral. Held in check by pieces of strategically sexily crafted cloth: so short were the pleated skirts and the white stretch fabric tops, so snugly fitting over the obvious white sports bras and the fem-scene complete with those cute tennis hats with the visors.

Brandon was polite, “Nice tan A-K,” he got this one in quick before the  start of the effusive, never-ending girl speak; female catch-up time, along with, “New hairstyle Keely,”  but his comment was lost in a swirl of girly touchy, feely banter.

Seriously were they dressed for tennis or as a distraction to guys in mixed doubles or a sapphic invitation to each other? The short white tennis socks and designers shoes completing the head to toe look; yes ,sleek shaved legs and well shaped thighs, pert arses, flat stomachs, curved chests and experienced pouty lips. Game on: though was it always tennis?

Brandon’s mind was wandering to the liberties and opportunities once the girls were in the change rooms. Did they all get in the sauna naked together? Just how chaste were the female masseuses with his wife for instance? What was the real attraction of the weekly game with the girls?

“Fine, we will take sun end,” said Brandon, wanting the game over before it started.

There was though; under the heat, way too much tanned flesh on display, especially thigh and those lustrous shapely lower legs. Yum, Yum. Blonde Anastasia-Kate; having great natural breasts as an additional attraction. While brunette, Keely, always had that look; you know the one, if I get the chance, if I ever get you alone somewhere, even a tennis court, we will fuck; marriage being no issue.

There was an issue: Cathy emasculating him if he strayed.

And there it was on cue, “Honey stop day-dreaming, serve.”

Brandon didn't  get a chance to get over excited early in the match. The bitches were really playing well or just really playing him, it’s hard to tell with women sometimes.  He was chasing a lot of ball and not having that much time to think about what he would like to do or have done to his pair of balls.

He was gracious though, “Another good shot Keels.”

Some well placed shots by Keely in particular had Brandon reduced to the role of ball boy. The giggling bitches were enjoying his bending, his tight shorts butt look when picking up the ball by the back fence. So much for his idea of male dominance and a quick match.

Occasionally, he got the furry yellow missile behind the pair over the net.  There are not many things sexier than indiscreet female ball retrieval, the lingering glance at shapely deliberately flaunted fem-rump not completely covered by tight white knickers, provocatively sexy because their panties stretch to define the enclosed camel toe flesh, really shaping what is supposedly hidden: but still there is that delicious amount of wonder left to your imagination.

Filling in the gaps; guys like that, trying to decide just what sort of lips are surrounded by that gorgeous puffiness: shaved, trimmed or bush and Brandon’s filthy mind even wandered momentarily to Keely’s pink arsehole. Tight came to mind.

“ Brandon, honey concentrate, swap sides, its doubles, not singles,” from Cathy.

Still the repeated full fem bulge beckoning between thighs and pointed in your direction; gorgeous perfectly mature late twenties arse cheeks from two women; it was a worthwhile longer game. It got even pervier when Anastasia –Kate was serving. She tried for that high kicking swinging placement down the centre line and went the full reach and of course her so short tennis skirt kept flipping up to reveal...well basically everything.

“Just where are your eyes when A-k is serving,” said Cathy, “Follow her racquet, it indicates her placement.” She smirked though.

Yes, the fresh white cotton panties were there. If she had served commando; it would have been an ace every time regardless of placement or speed; so tight and shapely were her briefs. Well they were nearly game, set and match in themselves.

Skimpy tight panties were distracting enough but she had the added femmound cleft that was eye drawing. More seriously distracting on service though was A-K’s second ball tucked under the rim of her tight elastic. The amount of arse cheek and high thigh revealed at the start of her service game and the eye candy pop as the ball was indiscreetly sought for a second serve; well Brandon couldn’t wait for her to fault on her first serve and kept waywardly thinking his balls would like to be snuggled up under her knickers.

All three women’s skin including Cathy’s quickly developed that hot attractive worked out look. Thank god it was only two sets, and his wife kept her strong game composed; as they finished in a drawn match and good excited fun all round. They headed off for the change rooms, with the intention of lunching together after that, on the club’s balcony. 

“Oh, honey; take your time in the shower; we all need a long girly cool-off too,” said Cathy.

Brandon was really enjoying his calm shower. Loosening his recently hard worked muscles. Though there was one muscle he realised that hadn’t had a good work out recently, fuck work screwing with your sex life he realised. Well Cathy would get it tomorrow night for sure, his cock made a mental note of the arrangement. Just get that design brief finished this afternoon.

He heard twitters behind his shower cubicle and peered out from the curtain. The three women all in their underwear were in the bloke’s change room. What was going on?

“The water is off; something is stuffed next door, “said Cathy, as she stripped off her bra and panties and joined Brandon in his cubicle. He loved her trimmed bush and took in it as per usual. As she pulled back the shower curtain, however; both Anastasia –Kate and Keely got a good look at a fat, long; worthwhile male appendage.

The two hussies were au naturale, just like that, no shame; well they were both stunning in their skin suits. For a moment it was only skin, that Brandon took in. But as usual a skin show gets you thinking of more and they were so smooth, the pair, between their legs. Keely having those delightful dangly femlips that hang out and Anna-Kate, one stunning true camel toe slits.

Brandon’s eyes were glued between their legs and it was an act of will, to take in their breasts too.  He was stunned and shell-shocked as the two women moved to share the shower cubicle next to the married couple.

“Well, what the hell goes on at tennis,” he tried to ask Cathy.

However, he was distracted quickly; not solely by soaping up Cathy’s titties but by the giggly noises from the next shower bay. Then the passionate moaning over the gap wafted to his ears. It was obvious it was touching: just what sort of touching though?

Brandon stopped fondling Cathy’s body and was now listening to the pair next to them. It was awesomely raunchy; someone was really getting quality body attention.

Cathy had that sex look in her eyes as she said, “Come honey, it okay to take a peek.”

Brandon’s mind was trying to fill in the sensuous details. Though the fantasy picture in his head was way short of the ribald smut in the next shower cubicle.

Curiosity had the better of him. Well; Cathy had his hand too and was leading him.

It was Cathy who pushed back the shower curtain.

A-K had her back to Keely. Her foot up on the internal bench and her brunette girlfriend was licking out her arsehole. Her tongue really probing in repeatedly in a gaping gawped way.

Brandon let out a gasp; not of shock but pure sensual delight.

Anna-K ‘s greedy happy smiling mouth simply said: “Join in.”

Brandon’s cock was stirred to inflexible also immediately as his wife Cathy did exactly that and started licking the blonde’s awesome natural titties.

Poor Brandon wasn’t sure what to do; finger Cathy or just watch?

Surely Cathy wouldn’t let him touch or screw her girlfriends.

It was an over the top turn on: seeing his wife suck and flick and massage another woman’s nipples.

It was Cathy who released her stunned partner; by frankly stating:”Well don’t be frickin male useless honey: lick out Keely.”

Keely the bitch spread her legs as she was now fingering A-K’s pink starfish and gave Brandon the wink.

For a second Brandon didn’t know where to start. Keely had too much delightful flesh between her thighs; so pink; so dangly; so fixating.

Thankfully, his tongue just took the lead.  The brunette’s bits of flesh fuelled by Brandon’s flicking attention had her moaning quickly and increased the smutty work rate of her fingers and tongue around A-K’s butthole.  

Brandon nearly lost his balance as Cathy started licking his balls from behind.

Then it was a blur of maleness lost in an overwhelming cavalcade of femflesh; times three.

Anna-K had his cock between her copious breasts. She was rubbing and flicking her breasts and nipples over his cock shaft from left to right; soft meeting hard was so pleasurable.  Then hard nipples flicking a hard shaft became paradise as firm to firm flesh generated rigid happiness for two.

In a smudge of fast action, Keely had him on the bench and was bouncing up and down on his cock; while Cathy had her titties in his face. He didn’t know where to concentrate.

Lucky his cock was on auto pilot and Keely was happy doing the work of bouncing up and down on his throbbing pecker.

Keely was all his then. Cathy was occupied with Anna-K.

The brunette gave the instruction:” Pump deep and faster you prick. I want to bounce on your balls.”

And Brandon really hit his straps as he was thrusting to fill this hot tart whose sweet pussy was wrapped around his hardness.

And Brandon had the motivation; he got that burst of energy to really fucking pump this lady like she had never been frickin pumped before because his adorable Cathy as he could see; was licking out A-K’s pussy on the shower floor.

Brandon was fully excited by seeing the added escalating unbridled now frenzied pleasure of his wife’s tongue sweeping across another woman’s aroused clit.

The blonde was really moaning loudly, it was nearly too much for her body but her being  adjusted to new levels of lust just like that and rewarded her libido with a pulsating rapturous deep spreading orgasm.

Anastasia –Kate’s “Ohh” echoed around the cubicle: pleasure reverberating seemingly off the walls.

And it was made even more intense by the shuddering femecstasy of; “Ahh...Ahhh...Yes....Yes;” from Keely as she came very strongly.

Like in a perfect male fantasy: there were then three women taking turns licking his pecker.

“Love your ball boy,” said Keely to Cathy after sucking off Brandon’s nut sack.

But in the end: A-K and Keely had to let Cathy finish her own man off.

A-K massaged her titties while Keely put her pussy in Cathy’s face; as Brandon really appreciated his wife’s pussy like he hadn’t in a married regular sex way for a fair while. It was at first the slutiness of the scene, the compelling truthfulness of basic multiple ribald sexual desires revealed and the fact his cock had been in another women.

However: the intensity of the married couple’s orgasms came because everything centred back on them: Cathy, his beautiful Cathy, who would always be there for him and Cathy now feeling her man deep in her.

Brandon gave and Cathy gave: they both gave as lovers reignited by whatever situation reinvigorates partner worship and builds renewed passion. 

Submitted: August 26, 2021

© Copyright 2023 Janus. All rights reserved.

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