Sandhills Of Silk Revisited

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Literary Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Featured Review on this writing by DampKitten

It had been two eventful years since Richie had "fucked Megan" in the notorious sandhills of Silk.
Harriett was Richie's new love interest and Megan had told Harriett what a male slut Richie had been that day when they had "made out" in the warm sands of Silk.
Harriett was a real "goer" and was" licking her lips" at the possibilities of what the decadent sex mad Richie might do to her hidden from sight in those sandhills.

Harriett was the living image of her auntie Gwenneth.Harriett had long auburn curly hair and a sociable smile and smallish breasts with large red hard nipples.This was only upstaged by her meticulously manicured highly scented vagina.Harriett wore a tampon even when she did not have her period.This she smirked was to turn a lover" on" at the thought of him removing it to have sex with her.

Richie for his part wore "budgie smuggler" revealing swim wear and a superman T-Shirt. He and Harriett held hands as they walked the short distance from Richie's car to the sandhills of shame as they were locally known.

Harriett wore  a short cotton button up yellow dress and a tight  revealing genital thong.Harriett true to form made sure that the string of her tampon was obvious,and hanging out the side of her thong.She more than once playfully bent over to adjust her flimsy rubber shoes.Richie just smiled and winked at Harriett.

It was not long before the two sex addicts were lying on the warm sand naked after some heavy naughty foreplay.

Harriett had playfully asked Richie to rape her.He had then unbuttoned four buttons on her fuckware attire and  just ripped his tramps dress off her.

For his part Richie was excited by Harriett's soft hand groping his fat cock through his skimpy swimwear.He ripped them off himself after his precum cock began to outgrow his decadent now smelling of sex swimwear.

For her part Harriett got Richie to sniff her now wet and scented vagina. She slipped her genital thong off.Richie did exactly as she had expected. He eagerly pulled her tampon out of her ripe deliciously smelly hole with his teeth.He then slipped his long tongue inside of Harriett's dripping wet cunt.He eagerly drank her warm thick nectar.

Richie had learned that asking for sex apealed to a lover and whispered in Harriett's ear."Harriett can I please slip my stiff long index finger into your bumhole as I  fuck your wet and exciting vagina".

Harriett's auntie Gwenneth had worked as a hooker to pay her home mortgage off.She had quietly told Harriett not to say "Yes" the first time."Make a lover hungry for more my dear Harriett".

Harriett remembered this advice just in time."No Richie,just fuck me in my wet orgasmic cunt.I want your fat long hard manmeat up my asshole,but not yet my hot exciting lover".

It came to pass that Harriett had a surprise up her sleeve.She produced a bumplug from an inside pocket in her now discarded flimsy torn to shreds dress.Harriett smiled THAT smile at Richie. After Richie had reamed Harriett's super wet cunt to orgasm the first time, he knew just what to do with the plug.After about five minutes Harriett's bumhole had dilated  to about four times it's normal size.

Harriett was all sexed up at the thought of having anal sex for the "umpteenth" time. She got on all fours in the warm inviting sand."Fuck it Richie,Just fuck my shithole and make me your one and only fuckable hot woman".

Richie had only fucked a woman's asshole once before. He did not hold back.He could feel his seven inches slowly enter and slide up Harriett's still tight and pooey asshole."Trust me my sweet Harriett. I am your man and just love this magical feeling inside your very personal shitting space.I am about to fill your poo shop up to capacity hot Harriett."Richie was breathing excitedly

Richie realised that Harriett just longed for a delayed anal orgasm.He used his big fat greasy red knob to tease Harriett's browneye."Mmmm sexualised Harriett,my hot lover,the love of my life." Richie inserted his fuckstick into Harriett's now wet brown hole about two inches and then withdrew.Again and again.Finally at last, he heard those magic fucking words from his hot and horny Harriet.

"Richie, please slide your magic big fat wand of a cock deep inside my brown tight love tunnel hot babe.Fucking just fuck the first hole from the back of my neck, till I cry and then laugh with joy.Cum hard and often Richie my male slut lover.Drench my shitcave with your manliness".

It came to pass that Richie and Harriett never did return to the sandhills of silk.However they did live happily ever after.They became doting parents to four lovely offspring.Their preferred sexual position was then of course the missionary position.Anything else would not have gone down well in conversation, at their local church group.However the monthly,invitation only,swingers night was another world again.More like the world Richie and Harriett had known back in the sandhills of Silk.


This has been another fairytale.




Submitted: August 26, 2021

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One of your longer more elaborate pieces, Vanilla - clearly inspired by a higher power and drilling from the bottom. Warms the heart...

Sun, August 29th, 2021 7:35pm


Lol!! Megan
I Think I will have to request your good self to repeat this "blurb" in Latin.The English language has too many "nuances" sometimes.

Mon, August 30th, 2021 1:03am

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