Letting Go

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Kitty enjoys the single life after her divorce despite the pandemic. She has her eye on a younger neighbor for some time and seeks to get more friendly with him after he cuts her lawn.







“Oh, sugar, honey, iced tea!”

My sister Heather, clad in her black cherry one-piece swimsuit, fans herself as she lays beside me on one of four lawn chairs. We lounge around the pool I install during the pandemic last summer. I decide if I can’t go out and party, then why not bring the party to me? The best idea ever in my book! Creating a bubble of very close friends and family has been the only way I survive through the COVID-19 crisis without losing my mind. 

“Our drink of the day is hard lemonade with real strawberries,” I respond while taking a sip of the freshly-squeezed, yellow liquid with a blush from the diced berries in a tall glass.

The focused minty gaze of my sister rests beyond her cocktail, though. Heather’s comment has nothing at all to do with that sweet but tart goodness. A smirk plays at the corner of my mouth after I inhale the scent of cut grass thanks to my young, hunky neighbor with whom my sister’s attention follows every step he makes. 

“Wouldn’t mind his bald-headed gnome taking a stroll in my misty forest.” She bites the corner of her bottom lip.

“Heather!” I exclaim in mock shock as I pour myself more of the spiked treat from the pitcher of it between us. 


From the tall glass, I take a leisurely sip to satiate my growing thirst on this scorcher of a Saturday. The eye-candy pauses to lift off his shirt that sticks to a muscular torso dusted with swirls of dark hair across an impressive expanse of man-flesh. My neighbor wears camo cargo shorts with Nike sneakers and stuffs his t-shirt to dangle in a back pocket. I drink more, knowing that, like my sister, I am not immune to the heat the hunk stirs all over me.

“Shame on you! That’s little Mickey Gallo.” I recline into a comfortable position with my ankles crossed while watching the sweat roll off Mickey’s back.

“Mmm-mmm. Mickey is not so little anymore by the look of those broad shoulders. And those abs! Damn! You could just eat right off them, am I right? Eh?” Heather asks with the lick of her top lip from corner to corner.

“By the sound, that’s not all you would eat.”

“Ten pounds lighter and twenty years younger, I’d cream his Twinkie.”

I cover my mouth with my hand, trying not to laugh. It will only encourage her, and Heather never needs any for her typical bad behavior. “You would know better than me since he’s your son.”

My sister snorts and almost chokes on the sip of her tall drink. “Ugh, step­mother, Kitty, and briefly through the first marriage, which lasted all but 30 seconds. Don’t get it twisted.”

“Uh-huh, sure.” I giggle, recognizing Heather’s mind is far dirtier than mine. It drives her to invite herself over for a swim on landscaping day, although she never does any actual swimming. She’s too busy watching my neighbor about his yard work and mine. Of course, I join her for the same reason.

“Does he have a girlfriend?”

“Are you fishing for a date, you cougar? Does Sal know?”

Heather tips her sunglasses down as she gives me her best teacher intimidation stare. “No, smartass. I’m happily married, thank you, but live my sluttiest life through you.”

My eyebrow goes up at that because she’s right. I always tell her about my adventures in divorced life. “Not sure I follow.”

“Well, even if he does date, doesn’t mean you can’t let him dip his stinger in your honey.”

I wave my hand in dismissal. “Are you kidding me? He’s 15 or 16 years younger than me! Talk about robbing the cradle.”

“And? We all need a hot beef injection no matter the age, Kitty.”

“I’m not looking to be anyone’s mom, okay? The only person I ever want to be responsible for is me.”

“You can’t tell me you haven’t thought about playing bouncy-bouncy with his weasel. Look at him!”

I do, and I drink a lot because of it. My neighbor is one fine specimen regardless of his age. Nonetheless, thinking is all I do. Much safer, too.

“I think someone else here is looking to have her donut filled with some fresh young cream.”

Heather counters, “Yeah, aren’t you?”

I stare at Michael Gallo, Jr., who looks nothing like his short, rotund father, and sigh with the shake of my head. Since I move to this nice neighborhood on the far northwest side of Chicago, I have no complaints about the change or the views. I wish that all my neighbors could be as kind. Most of the women of my housing edition are my age, with extra pounds, and husbands with straying eyes. None of these men catch my interest, of course, but I keep it civil when they occasionally pop over to deliver regular mail or a package that was delivered to them in error.

Besides helping me out with landscaping, Mickey also is gracious enough to carpool with me. My commute lengthens into the city more than it used to when I live near my family in West Garfield Park. However, carpooling with him more than makes up for that hassle when he has a client in the city. Mickey owns his own security company specializing in thwarting cyber viruses, ransomware attacks, and firewall breaches for businesses worldwide.

“Puh-lease, you liar!” Heather tosses her straw at me, and I duck it, laughing. “It’s not like you’re married anymore or in a relationship.”

“And not looking to be either.”

“So, stop being prim and proper, Kitty! Bor-ring! Set that puma free! Go and let that little hottie stuff your p-zone.”

I roll my eyes at her, trying not to snicker.  It is so hard!  “I swear you are the worst.”

She shrugs with the lift of one arm. “Hey, I’m real, and it’s a gift.”

“Just because Mickey is being friendly to help out with my lawn maintenance while he does his doesn’t mean he’s looking to score.”

Heather gives me the side-eye. “I say let him, often and a lot!”

I shake my head again with my giggle. “What am I going to do with you?”

“Do it for me, your big sis, and then tell me all about it.” Her phone goes off, and she plucks it from her left boob. “Hello? Hey, baby, we were just talking about you.”

I grin and yell, “Hi, Sal!”

“You don’t have to work today? Wonderful! Yeah, I’d love to go out on a date! I’ll meet you there.” She hangs up with a twinkle in her eye as she stands up. “Sal’s taking me out tonight. Gotta go.”

I hop to my feet and hug her. “Love you.”

“Love you, too.” She wags her index finger in my face. “Remember what I said.”

I shoo her off. “Bye, Heather.”


Mickey looks done with all the mowing and trimming. I pour him a glass of my spiked drink and walk over to his property. In his tidy garage, he rolls away the lawn-mower and drapes a cover over it. When he sees me behind him, he stands up from a squat and smiles. 

“Don’t mean to intrude but thought you might like something cool to drink.” 

“Oh, yeah, thanks!” He takes the offered drink and tilts it back before he smacks with a wider grin. “It’s strong, but I like it. Thanks!”

“No, thank you. The lawn looks great, by the way. Are you sure I can’t give you something, you know, gas or whatever?”

Mickey flashes even white teeth. “No way. I like cutting grass.  It helps me unwind.”

“Okay, since my money is no good with you, how about you come over for a swim or some dinner tonight?”

His jaw drops for a second. “I—um—”

My smile grows as I remove my sunglasses and slide the tip of it in my mouth. I admire the size of his muscles before I realize what I’m doing and meet his sea-blue eyes. “It’s the least I can do for you being so neighborly.”

“It’s no trouble at all, Kitty.  Really, there is no need to repay me.”

Mickey’s phone rings. He glances at it with a grimace. “I need to take this.”

“Oh, yeah, sure. I’ll be grilling and swimming regardless if you change your mind.” I wink at him and sashay away.


An hour and a half goes by, and I spot the familiar visage of my cute neighbor leaving his property and entering mine. Mickey remains shirtless, which I do not mind, but has switched to navy swim shorts with pineapples all over them. He has a blue t-shirt draped over one shoulder with a towel as he smiles brightly. 

“It smells delicious over here. Is that invite for dinner still open?” Michael lifts and lowers his eyebrows at me.

“Of course.  I always make plenty because I never know when company might show up.” I giggle while standing in front of my grill with my tongs. A sheer cover-up has been donned as I turn over the rib-eye steaks and corn on the cob. “Mama always said the quickest way to win over any man is to feed him.”

“It’s a good one, but all you ever have to do, Kitty, is smile.”

A blush warms my cheeks, and I playfully smack his firm bicep. I bat my eyelashes and simulate a bad southern accent. “Well, I do declare, Michael Gallo, aren’t you a big flirt.”

“Tarnation, ma’am,” he replies in an equally awful southern twang, “it’s all a part of my gentlemanly charm.”

“I bet.”

He claps his hands.  “Seriously, anything I can do to help? Set the table or open a bottle of wine, maybe?”

“Sure thing.” I nod toward the kitchen. “I’d appreciate you bringing the wine I set out on the kitchen counter.”

“Will do.” 

He sets the patio table and uncorks the bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon he retrieves. I put the steaks and corn on a platter to rest. We grab the Caesar salad I already tossed in a wooden bowl with tongs. Mickey pours the wine into the glasses as we settle down to eat as the sun drifts beyond our ability to see. I have cut on the patio lights that cast a lovely ambiance as the evening approaches.

“Did everything go okay on your call? You looked really serious when I dropped in on you earlier,” I comment while slicing a sliver of steak to eat.

“Nothing that doesn’t come with the territory.” He chews into his ear of sweet corn. “I was able to get one of my colleagues to take care of it, fortunately. I’ve been working all week without a break, and the heavenly smell coming from over here is irresistible.  Don’t think I remember eating at all today!”

I point my fork at him. “You work too hard.”

He shrugs.  “No work; no pay.”

“I understand, but it’s great that you guys are so easy to please.”

“Are we?” He wipes his hands with the napkin in his lap as he leans closer to me to hear my answer.

“Let me rephrase that; most of you are, yeah.” I steeple my hands above my plate after settling my utensils down.

“Is that why you’re no longer married?”

My brown eyes widen because I have no idea Mickey knows about my marital status. I never share that information with him. “You know about that?”

“Heather mentioned that you were divorced when she visited last time I cut your grass. She’d given me some water while you had taken a call or something.”

“Oh, she had, huh?” I wonder what else my sister chatted up the hunk about at my expense, I’m sure.

He raises his hands. “Oh, uh, I don’t mean to pry if too personal.”

I sit back and try to relax. The subject of my ex does not bother me nearly as much as it used to since I learn he marries the girl he cheats on me with. And, a girl is exactly what she is, being more than half my age.  I believe I see that he knocks her up, too.  More power to him, I guess.  When with me, he never expresses wanting children, but things change. 

“It’s fine. George was having a mid-life crisis, and I didn’t fit in that new world view.” I drink my wine.

“So, let me get this straight. The millionaire mogul George Parish let a smart, successful beauty like you go on purpose?”

I shrug. “The best thing he could have done for me, in all honesty. I haven’t the time to spend on someone who has no interest in me. Besides, I enjoy living my life how ever I want without regret. Life is far too short to have them, so I wish him all the best finding whatever it is he’s looking for.”

“Gracious of you.”

“I’m full of surprises, believe me.” I smirk and drink more of my cocktail. When I settle the glass down, I ask, “And what about you? Have you ever thought about getting married?”

“Um.” He clears his throat as he diverts his gaze.

“Ooh, too personal? Sorry.”  I smirk as I sip more wine, noticing as his face turns an adorable maroon for a moment.

“No, uh, it’s fine.” He chuckles with a bit of unease when he scratches the side of his head. “Running my company keeps me pretty committed. Haven’t made much time for people outside of it, and with everything shut down because of COVID, there has been no reason to. I love the opportunity this pandemic has given me to reassess my goals and build something that’s mine. It has been a dream for a while that I’ve not been able to execute until now.”

I wave a hand around me. “But everything’s back open. Aren’t you in the least bit lonely for some in-person female companionship while on your computer all day?”

“Sure, as well as hanging out with my buddies who think I’ve turned into a hermit crab.”  He chuckles, and I join him.  “A couple of us plan on heading over to Vegas in a week or two.”

“Sounds like fun. Have you been out to sin city before?”

“Oh, plenty of times before the pandemic. We usually take in a concert, drink like fish, party at several clubs, and gamble until we’re out of cash.”

“So that takes care of the first three hours, and then what?”

He laughs. “Yeah, it lasts about the span of a weekend before we need to head back home to recuperate and plan to do it all over again the next month.”

“As all young boys should.”


Mickey and I finish eating our meal and relax with a freckled lemonade spiked with the perfect amount of Absolute Vodka. Side by side, we lounge by the pool, enjoying the clear night that greets us. The moon has even risen to add to the string of lights hanging around us.

“Have you missed male companionship any since this crazy virus turned everything on its head?” he asks after sitting in silence for a minute or two.

I’m buzzing warmly and eye the pool before glancing over to my guest for the evening. We have cleared the table and lounge near the pool. I have a playlist of soothing tunes playing in the background to offer some noise, but it does not disturb my thoughts that linger more than they should on the package containing this very handsome young neighbor.

“It’s hard to get out and meet new people. That’s what I miss most pre-COVID, but it has been nice getting to know you better.” I take a glimpse of him over my drink and smile. “I’m glad you changed your mind about joining me for dinner.”

He flashes a half-smile while rubbing his six-pack. “You’re a superb cook, Kitty. I’m never gonna turn down another meal from you again.  Be warned.”

“Better not.” I laugh at him and fan my face. “Are you hot?”


“Whew, it’s hot. Gonna take a dip and cool off.”

I know it is not just the alcohol that affects me, but the hunky company I keep. Before I can say something foolish, I stand up and slip off my sheer coverup. In my peripheral vision, I note how his eyes trail with lust over my full breasts, adequately covered by my string bikini, flat stomach, and apple bottom, that I turn to him. I dive into the pool without a glance back to know his eyes follow my graceful dive. 

“Mmm.” Cool waters run down my hot skin as I rub the water and hair from my eyes. Another splash sounds close. When I open my eyes, the hunk next door swims in front of me. “Ooo, hello there, baby boy,” I purr.

“Wow, this feels ten times better.” He shakes his head of water and pinches it from his eyes.

“But I bet I can top even that.”

My smile slips away as I swim closer to him and boldly lick across his lips. Mickey’s smile fades when his tongue darts around his mouth. He stares intense blue eyes into mine. The tingling transmissions I often experience when Mickey’s near amp up to something far more exciting than friendliness. In reaction, a new heat has my nipples harder than the cooling pool waters. I shudder in the giddy warmth flooding my core. My head angles up to his inviting mouth as he moves down to meet me. Without thinking much about what I am doing, I brush his lips. They are soft pillows under mine. We share a small gasp when our lips pull apart.

I float backward, wondering if my forwardness is received well. The risk of rejection does not haunt my sleep, only missed opportunities. Letting go of my proper ideals of age differences and social distance at the pretense that any of that matters, I search for a sign that he finds me worthy of engagement. The answer comes swiftly when his lips pursue mine and claim them in full possession. My arms loop around his strong neck. His muscular arms squeeze around me, pressing me close as our breathing rushes.

His tongue invades and finds me willing as I moan. He tastes like the most wicked sweetness. I wrap my legs around his waist as he walks us to the lower-level section of the pool. He settles me on the lip of it at the perfect height for him to stand comfortably between my legs. Both my arms reach back to brace myself. Mickey pulls the drawstring of my tropical blue top that matches the pool’s paint color. 

I watch his blue eyes as the top falls away, and he gazes at the girls sitting pretty with swelled nipples. His hands go to them for a gentle groping as I moan again. His thumbs toy with the pebbles as he aims for my neck with a new rain of kisses. He works his way down as I lean back but arch my back. Greedily, his hot mouth suckles me as I rock my crotch into him.

“Oh, yes!” I stare down at how he eagerly sucks my nipples in and out of his mouth while darting his tongue around them. 

Mickey presses my breasts together and rubs his face in my mounds with glee. He suckles at the other nipple as he had the first.  My hand travels south to diddle my pearl. He nibbles and tugs me before his mouth finds mine. Instead of kissing my lips, he nibbles my lower one while rubbing thumbs around my areolas. I pull the string of my bottoms and stab a middle finger inside my tight little hole. My natural lube aids my digit knuckle deep before I focus on the pearl. The ministrations are a tease but better than the vibrator I contemplated in a bath before bed tonight. 

“Please tell me you’re ready for me,” Mickey says low.

“Taste for yourself.” I offer my finger that was inside me to his lips. He separates them and sucks on one, licking with a moan.

“What a tasty dessert you are, Kitty.” He kisses each breast.  He trails them down the center of me until his whole mouth covers my bud.  His tongue boxes it in, tickling it with the tip before lavishing it with liberal sucking before licking.  I nearly come at such play when I gently push him away with a raging pant as the tremors overwhelm me.  He raises back up the way he came to kiss me with the hunger I return while tasting myself on his tongue. 

Clawing at his back, I snag his swim shorts and lower them. When he breaks from the kiss, he clutches himself so that I may view the wide spearhead of him. He lavishes the point between my slippery neither lips as he rubs himself between them where the tip massages my clit.

“Ooo!”  The tremors take control of my limbs as I fight them.

Mickey kisses my neck and chest before nibbling on the nipples again. His teeth sink harder into the tender nodule, and I yowl at it, distracted by how his thickness breaches my gates. I try to hold him off with a palm, but Mickey’s new thrust bypasses my comfort zone. Another feels to split me. I yelp, and he holds still as I try my best to expand around his girth. I breathe in short, quick pants when the shudders threaten to overtake me.

“Don’t fight coming, Kitty. Come for me.” 

When Mickey starts the deeper dive, I have grown wetter, watching how his veins bulge and muscles tense with his effort. Controlled pumps ignore my multiplying contractions. The slow in and out motions show us how I cream his cock. The race is on when I am sure I can take no more. His pumps are wild and fast as we shout at the exertion to hold on to the pleasure developing at our centers. 

The bundle of nerves swells, so stimulated with Mickey filling every inch of me. “Oh, oh! Yes! Don’t stop! Ooo!”

Several pumps later, I erupt on the wave of deliciousness ushered by his cock. My eyes roll when the aftershocks begin with the renewed thrusting. I grip him by my legs as I rock in time to him. To the base of Mickey, I grind with my moans rising until I tire. Once he takes over, our cries mingle in the abandon ushered at the gradual speed at which his cock dominates. The water sloshes out of the pool, sweat rolls down us in the fever boiling inside. Mickey groans with his head back, neck straining, and spasms inside me the roughest it has been since he starts. 

“Yes, baby boy! Oh, yes!” I repeat until I come again. This time I rub my pearl in a frenzy. When he pulls out, the last of Mickey’s spunk coats my mound, and more seeps out of me.

“Oh, Kitty, you were so right. That was definitely better.”

I lean forward with my legs still shaking, but they dangle on either side of his hot bod. My hands rub up his chest and through the curls of hairs, along the stubble growing on his face before they wrap around his neck. 

“Wisdom comes with age, baby boy, and cumming is exactly what I mean to do again with this.”

I grab his cock, already trying to harden in my small hand.

“Oh!” Mickey groans and shakes his head.  “Given such, um, knowledgeable stimulation, I’m sure I can accommodate sooner rather than later.”

Smirking and emboldened by his willingness to go along with my plan, I brush his lips until he responds to my tongue’s play of unhurried seduction.  Meanwhile, my fist strokes him from base to tip.  My thumb lines his cap teasingly for a beat or two before the stroking of his meat resumes.

“You bet your cute ass you will, baby boy.” 

The night is young, like the sexy man holding me in his arms.  I feel the rebound of his stamina, and I aspire to enjoy it.  With my other arm looped over his shoulder to brace myself, I elect that letting go is not an option for some time to come.




Submitted: August 25, 2021

© Copyright 2023 Amy F. Turner. All rights reserved.

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Fun and Beautifully written.

Heather will be jealous when she finds out Kitty got to "cream his twinkie." :)

Wed, August 25th, 2021 5:21pm


Thanks, BS, for the warm words of encouragement. Your sentiments were the goal I sought to achieve, and it is great to hear you enjoyed it all.

As for Heather, I think she has her own twinkie to cream so it's all good. I have the feeling she will find the satisfaction she seeks with such a vivid, dirty mind. Sal has his hands full with that one. ;)

Sun, August 29th, 2021 5:06am


Man I wish I was your neighbor! All that amazing free-flowing nectar & the chance to help you squeeze some joyous loving juice out of that precious pearl!!! Wrouwl!!!

Wed, August 25th, 2021 7:42pm


Being neighborly has its perks, for sure. No risk; no reward. I do have quite a bit of landscaping, but rest assured that with such a challenge, I would more than make up the appropriate payment. ;)

Sun, August 29th, 2021 5:10am

P Setaoch

Well written and descriptive! I was right there with you and it was delicious and I’m not talking about the meal…..

Thu, August 26th, 2021 3:31am


Deliciousness to feed the mind and body are the best desserts. Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts and impressions. :)

Sun, August 29th, 2021 5:13am


you leave no stone unturned in setting the scene for fucking.
efficient and descriptive writing Amy.

Sat, August 28th, 2021 12:30am


Thanks a bunch, V. When it comes to a sexy romp, you can guess I love turning over stone I can find without leaving any out. There might be something delicious under there! :)

Sun, August 29th, 2021 5:18am


Oh, Mickey you're so fine...you're so fine you blow my mind, hey Mickey!

Well, I'm loving the younger guy, older woman scene, and neighborly sex is hard to beat in the COVID epidemic. The sex is exhilarating as always and you've set the stage perfectly. Kitty isn't quite as bitter as you'd expect her to be with George, particularly now with her new partner. Got to think she got a nice settlement since the dude is a millionaire. Very descriptive and hot in every way, girl. Great summertime offering!

Sat, August 28th, 2021 5:53am


Funny you should mention that song because I could not help hearing it every time Mickey's name popped up on the screen during this story! I know he blew more than Kitty's mind, though. LOL! :D

I love it as well. The dynamic too often is the guy enjoying young fruit, and I'm thrilled when it is the other way around. As for the sex, well, it is Kitty, and she loves good sex. Doesn't everyone?

Kitty received everything she deserved out of her divorce, except all the years she could not get back from her husband. She rebounded well, taking what she wants on her terms. That includes, of course, making up for lost time as opportunities present themselves in this newest installment of her sexy adventures.

Thanks for your offering of this lovely comment. I am pleased to know you found it so fine and great reading. :)

Sun, August 29th, 2021 5:33am


Your short stories are always profoundly excellent...
Getting ready for the big "Blow" down here in Mississippi this morning - not the kind ya like.

Sun, August 29th, 2021 3:54pm


Well, hang on tight until the release. Be safe.

Sun, August 29th, 2021 3:14pm

Joseph Wicke

Great story Amy! Very erotic, and I loved the characters and the premise. A whirlwind of sexy visuals played out in my head as I read your story. Thank you for spicing up my day. ;)

Sat, September 4th, 2021 3:08pm


Why thank you kindly! You and your wicked and witty ways have been missed on these parts but hope you won't be a stranger despite how busy life in the pandemic has changed our lives.

As always, thank you for reading knowing how busy you are and taking the time to share your thoughts. I truly enjoy them. ;)

Sat, September 4th, 2021 9:38am

Loretta Martin

Umm... Very Sensual and I love the comedic banter with the sister!
Well done!

Sat, December 4th, 2021 11:42am


Besides the sex I think I loved Heather's frank little quips the best! She is such a horndog! :D

Sun, December 5th, 2021 7:46pm


Heather is funny. I don't think that she'll really be surprised Kitty got up close and very personal with the neighbor. From the way Mickey was talking, there's hint Heather may have filled him in on much more about Kitty than he let on. Maybe? Working behind the scenes to possibly start something between her sister and hot neighbor guy? Great story Amy. I haven't read anything like this in a long while. I miss reading your way of telling a story.

Wed, January 26th, 2022 6:06am


I know right? I so love Heather. I see her as the little devil on your shoulder telling you to do bad things. However, she knows Kitty well and tries her best to encourage her sister to step out of her comfort zone. Did Heather set her up with the neighbor? Hmmm, that is interesting to consider. In any case, in the end, Kitty and Mikey find they they both enjoy letting go together.

Well, thanks for the compliment, girlie. I hope you have having a great new year so far. I miss you, too, and miss seeing new writing from you. :)

Sun, January 30th, 2022 3:12pm


There's always something fun with a story of younger guy/older woman sex. It's one of every young guy's fantasies. Your rendition here is perfect, in the set up, the dialogue, and the passionate love making. Once Kitty tells Heather about her rendezvous with Mickey (and we know she would), one wonders if there might be a threesome in the works later.....

Sat, June 4th, 2022 1:09pm


One never knows how well such things may turn out. I do enjoy exploring different dynamics, yet I do love Kitty's adventures. Perhaps, she might enjoy a threesome one day as she explores her desires without restriction.

Thank you for the consideration of your reading and comment. :)

Mon, June 20th, 2022 11:54pm

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