Happy Birthday

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: BDSM  |  House: Abandoned

When your wife tells you to hurry home for your birthday gift, make sure you do.

Happy Birthday

By Ivy B Pane

He was so excited to be home. It was his birthday and his wife texted him that she had a gift waiting for him. He burst through the front door, pushed it closed behind him, and rushed into the front room.

She is kneeling at the entrance of the room, her hands bound behind her back with beautiful rope work. She is not wearing anything, and her hourglass body is his to play with. Her long dark hair hangs down over her bare breasts.

“What would you like me to do, Master?” Her voice is low, quiet, and runs up his spine exciting him.

“I want you bent over the back of the couch.” His voice commands. He has been wanting this for a while.

She eases herself up and walks slowly to the back of the couch. She lays her body over the high back, her head almost touching the seat cushions and her feet almost leaving the ground. He looks at her from behind and smiles about what he sees. She has a round bottom, like an upside-down heart. He walks up behind her and strokes his hands down her back and her bottom.

She is waiting for his next order. With both hands, he spread her cheeks and squeezed them. She sucks in a quick intake of air, and he applies more pressure.

He knows this makes her wet and he reaches between her legs and see that she is doing what he has taught her to do. He taught her to get wet on command and now she must follow that command. He undoes his pants and removes his belt, and he thinks about putting the belt to the soft flesh of her bottom. He loves it when she is shiny and red.

He strikes and she cries out, but he knows it's not from the pain but a moan for his ears only. He does it again just to hear the sound. She responds and he watches her legs shake and start to spread on their own.

He rubs the red strike marks on her bottom, "You are so beautiful when I mark you." He undoes his pants, and his cock is hard, blood has been feeding it from the moment he walked in the room and saw her waiting for him. Now he just needs a little more. He walks around the couch and gathers up her long hair. With it gathered in one hand, he lifts her to looks in her face. Her round cheeks are red, and her dark eyes lift to look into his, the burning desire visible in her eyes.

"I am yours, Master." She whispers her eyes drift down in her submission.

He kneels on the couch, right under her face. He looks at her breasts, hanging with hard nipples, lines himself up, and lets her head down into his lap. She gently licks the head of his cock, and she takes it into her mouth. He can reach her ass from here and his hand grips it hard, she sucks harder, the warmth of her mouth thrills him. He picks up the belt, keeping her balanced on the back of the couch. He swings the belt knowing she is already tender, and he lets the leather lightly slap at her bottom. She sucks his cock hard at the pain and takes in a little more, he strikes again, and she sucks even harder taking in more of his shaft.

This is not all he wants from her. He lifts her and lets her body relax back down. He walks behind her again and looks at her red bottom. It looks uneven to him, one side redder than the other. He slaps it to make it even. He wants it red, raw, shiny like an apple, and he wants her to remember everything about this moment every time she sits down.

He reaches around her and wraps the belt across her breasts. He pulls it and fastens it tightly, squeezing her breasts, and binding them under his belt. He steps back and looks at her. He can see she is dripping for him, waiting to be entered, waiting to be filled. She is his to do with as he wills. This moment is for his pleasure, and he wants to take his time. He takes hold of the bottom of his shaft and steps up behind her. He slides his cock between her legs. The wet heat is so wonderful, hot tubs are cold compared to the warmth, and his cock responds.

His cock is starving, and he pushes the head in her hot pussy. Her thighs shake and a little moan comes out of her, a cry that she needs more. He slides in deeper, making her moan louder and louder the deeper he goes. She waits for the thrusts to start. The tenderness of her bottom will pick up each slapping connection as their bodies come together. He pulls out and smacks her bottom hard with his hand. "You need to beg for it." He smacks the other cheek just as hard.

"Master, please, please make me cum for you." He waited a moment watching, he watches the drips from her fall to the floor. The wet from her pussy can't be contained any longer and that makes him smile. He whacks her bottom again. "Please. Master," it is a moaning sob for him, begging him to enter her. He whacks the other cheek. Loving the beautiful color that is starting to bloom across her ass. "Master, I am begging you, please, please make me cum for you. Please cum in me."

Those are the words he is waiting for. He is hard and dry now, and his heart is pounding hard. He steps behind her and thrusts deep into her. The burning heat from her red skin against his belly drives his desire. He thrust hard, stabbing his cock deep in her again. Slow draw out and stabs in. He grips the belt for added thrust, and he pulls slapping his body against hers, his cock deep in her pussy.

He thrust and retreat, again and again, listening to her sing songs of pleasure for him. Each moment brings him joy, bringing him closer to the moment he will fill her, he can feel it building, aching, and wanting to pour out of him and explode in her.

He is getting close, the moment when he will burst inside her is so close. He reaches around her hip and grips her clit between his finger and thumb. He pinches it, rocking deep in her pussy feeling her heat.

"Cum for me. Cum now my little cum bunny."

Loud moans are forced out of her with the squirt of fluid. It was the sound he wanted, and he thrust the last few times. He explodes inside her, each spit of cream from him filling her. He grips her hips and pushes them down penetrating even deeper as each squirt brings him such pleasure, such joy.

He steps back and looks at the scene. Her bottom is red, fluid drips down her legs. "You did such a good job my bunny." He steps behind her and releases the belt, letting her breasts gently down gently. He helps her up from the back of the couch and turns her to face him. "How did you manage this." The smile is so bright on his face, he reaches out and straightens her hair.

"Remember I said I made a new friend on the social site? Well, she is into it too and I asked her to come over and help me." She smiles at him, so happy that she caught him off guard. "Happy birthday."

Submitted: August 18, 2021

© Copyright 2022 Ivy B Pane. All rights reserved.

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She had the "last laugh".T Think it added a new dimension to the story and elevated it to another level.
Nicely done.

Tue, August 24th, 2021 6:34am


Thank you, I can't imagine (and I might have to explain it) how you get a friend to come over and tie you up for your husband's birthday gift. Must be good friends. Thank you for reading.

Tue, August 24th, 2021 6:42pm


Really good, Ivy. I'm like Vanilla - sort of intrigued by the idea of a friend coming over to 'help'. Great idea for a birthday! Keep the hubby happy...

I like the dialogue in your piece. You could even add more, peppering comments between your descriptions of sex and positions. If you read professional erotica, pay attention to how they do that. It's actually beneficial to go read a chapter of your favorite smut before you write - at least, I find it helpful to get into a rhythm. (pun intended)

That belt around the breasts deal was cute. Nice idea.

Sat, September 4th, 2021 3:49pm


I am glad you liked it. It was my first tied-up smut play. I will get better and yes, he should say more. He should talk to her more, purr more in her ear. Like it and thanks. I am happy to get some advice, thank you for that.

Sat, September 4th, 2021 9:14am

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