The Sandhills Of Silk

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

If Silk were a bricks and mortar town near the beach, then surely "Silk Beach" would be the place to go and fuck in the hot weather....well!!! not too hot if ya know what I mean.

Megan and Richie had been "pretend" lovers for a few years now.The salacious town of Silk had now been discovered by the "sleaze media".These two sexpots decided on a warm summers late afternoon to "go fuck in the sandhills".

In part both of them had been inspired by the mega hitsong in the 1940's sung by Doris Day.

In part it said words something like......

"Take me back to the black hills. The black hills  of Dakota.To the beautiful..............."


Both Richie and Megan had played this song on vinyl over and over again.

They had often fucked passionately while lying on the sofa at home. They just played the song at full blast on Megans stereo equipment,that she had borrowed from a girlfriend for a party.


Megan as usual, down at the beach, refused to wear underware.She opted for a knee lenghth two tone red and pink,light cotton, almost seethru "fuckmenow" 'dress.Megan is in a red faced hurry to get the dress off

Richie opted to wear skin tight bum and cock hugging ballet pants. He had stolen them from a class when he was a pretender.He never did go back.He was a thickskinned guy and just ignored the unflattering and demeaning emails from the ballet school afterwards.

Richie also wore a sloppy white tee shirt.He just knew that this attire would get his lovely Megan excited and sweaty.Megan was a self announced fashion whore.

The Sandhills Of Silk were a low series of hills about 20 feet high.Megan and Richie had already decided to fuck half clothed to stimulate their vivid imaginations.

Richie playfully seduced Megan from behind as soon as they were hidden in the sandhills.He gently lifted Megan's "cumfuckme" light dress.Knee length dresses turned Richie "ON".He just got a fat cock watching Megans upper thighs and soft white butt being slowly exposed.

Megan for her part did not expect the ballet pants.She had fantastic fun rubbing the flat palm of her hand gently over Richies "bulge" for some "hot" foreplay.When some drops of precum stained Richies crotch, Megan went for the mother of all "gropes" to stiffen Richies fuckpole to the max.

"Fuck my sensitive dripping hole from behind Richie" Megan almost gasped.The sight of Richies organic fuckstick always turned Megan "on".

"I am going to crawl all the way up your "cunthole" with my fat lovers pole  Megan" mused Richie."Just let the heat of the sand stimulate your clitoris my hot superfuck and let me fill your love tunnel full of squirting hot sticky man cum".

Not to be outdone in the "dirty talk" Megan giggled THAT giggle and softly said "Paste my ovaries with your thick tadpole soup Richie fucking Rich.Just fuck your lovely half dressed lady hard and long STUD".




Submitted: August 18, 2021

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