Imogen’s Best Moments

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Two married cleaners in a sports complex change room double team an over excited virginal Imogen.

It was Imogen’s moment. The spotlight was on her. She had the skill. She held her nerve. It came down to technique in the end. She held in her edgy energy and focussed on her immediate goal. Wow did she feel great as she scored. The keeper didn’t stand a chance.

It had required extra time, in the soccer game; but the thrill was a high; very much like an orgasm. The tension builds and builds and is then released. Then the euphoric state erupts. And Imogen had during the premiership season enjoyed a few private celebratory; under the sheet, masturbatory festivities; after goals scored during the roster. Yeah, the usual: a successful girl at sport being too intimidating for your average soccer jocks and the always whispered; she must be a lesbian; in the women’s football change rooms.

However, in the scoring moment; her team mates were all around her in her triumphal instant. That all embracing and exuberant all girl squeeze. They played the lead team next week for a shot at the inter- college regional soccer cup. The hugs were close and breast brushing. A tingle of sexual excitement was there for Imogen as well as the dominating rapturous team spirit.

Allie; was closest to her and Imogen was sure she was enjoying the close breast contact. Well, it stirred our striker for a moment. And she knew she rubbed back in the centre of that tightest of tight girly huddles. Feigning accidental; but to the knowing eye; deliberate contact.

Imogen fully focussed on the remaining few minutes of the game, till the ref blew the final whistle. Wow; she was still caught in the excited buzz of her team mate’s euphoria at her match winning solo effort, breaking the dead lock with a stunning goal. Everyone had dreaded the seemingly looming penalty shootout.

Instead, The Phoenix had won decisively with their star striker delivering her magic as she often had all season. The team gathered on the centre of the pitch, long shadows under the tower lights of the Friday evening game, they put arms around each other and gave a rousing rendition of their team song. Allie in close next to Imogen in the circle.

Then it was over to the edge of the field to get their bags and head for the basically grungy council change rooms. Allie patting her on the lower back.

“Imogen,” a moment of your time said an unfamiliar voice.

She paused and turned back. She recognized her idol, Fiona Street, current coach of The Knights and a former state player. Also, a state player scout. Imogen walked over to her.

Fiona talked about how well Imogen had played, actually not focussing on the goal but her forward defensive pressure and ability to bring lesser players into the game. She wanted Imogen to sign with The Knights next year; a likely financial contact; and hone her skills and maybe to push for the under twenty-one state squad...though no promises there.

They had a good thirty-minute conversation before Fiona had to go. Imogen still had to get changed and then drive herself home. The evening kept getting better it seemed to Imogen.

The field lights were suddenly switched off though and it caught Imogen initially by surprise. Then she realised the Council and their frickin cost cutting and everyone else had changed and gone.  She could just see her bag. She got it and headed across the darkened oval to the change room facilities. Her eyes adjusting only a bit in the really dark faint thin crescent moon night.

Imogen hesitated; fuck vandalism; she couldn’t remember from two weeks ago which change room was male and which female here; at the ground. Like everyone she arrived in her gear; they hated these substandard facilities.

The signs were wrecked. It probably wasn’t going to matter; where she changed; she was the only one about; both changerooms were standard brick entrances; side by side. A change room; a changeroom.

Imogen pushed the timer light; well, she better be all finished in fifteen or she would be fumbling around in here naked in the dark.

There was a row of benches and toilets and sinks at the end and the shower entrance off that.  It looked right; but they were all designed to the same plan at every council venue around the city.

Imogen quickly stripped out of her now sweaty cold clammy gear. She decided on a quick shower; time to get the sweat off and get girly refreshed.

‘Oh shit,’ she realised there were no shower cubicles. Only a line of shower heads. It was guys change rooms after all.

Nothing for it. She hit the five-minute hot water timer and got underway. There was no one around. She thought; ‘keep it quick’

However, the water was soothing as she let it unwind her muscles. She hadn’t had time for stretch downs immediately after the game, team euphoria and then because of Fiona. She was now lathering her body with soap and lost the intensity for the quick short wash; courtesy of the tingle touch of her own smallish but sensitive nipples. Then she was wayward, touching her pussy thinking of what some guy was missing out on. The cute hockey player Simon; on the next lab bench in science. He was shy but maybe he would ask her to the next college social and then; it was fingers blurring through her fur.

She was rubbing fast, too much had happened tonight, and more was going to happen. Imogen was finger fucking herself and moaning. Time was unimportant; the need for her orgasm was dominating the minutes.

Shit the water dribbled to a stop. She hit the hot flow knob again; then hit her own petite button between her legs with more force. She was in a zone of intensity that was way more focussed than any soccer match.

Her intimately shaped pleasure precinct had her attention under the open high yet fast flowing warm shower head. It was the excitement of The Knights selection; the need for a reward; a moment of indulgence; as an athlete; because chocolate or a tub of ice-cream are off limits; so, God masturbation is great; burn a few calories in pleasure too. Imogen’s fingers were all pace; rapidly circulating over her clit hood; sweet sensations rising. Her vertex of pleasure rewarding touch as it always does and building to sensational delight through repeated touch and thinking of cock. In her virginal state; just generic cock pumping into her cock uninitiated hole. Then she was finger fucking herself and moaning.

“Screw the council,” she said out loud before she climaxed. As the lights went out.

‘Shit; no way was that fifteen minutes; maybe ten,’ she thought as the hot water dribbled to a stop again

Then she heard male voices in the dark.

‘Damn it; just my luck vandals or graffiti taggers. Imogen was more pissed off than realising she was vulnerably naked in the dark.

The lights were back on and a guy’s voice was telling a rude joke was coming from the change room area.

Imogen listened as she heard another male voice interrupt, “Always some guy leaves their gear behind.  Wait; its girly stuff; get a look at these.”

And Imogen could only imagine what was happening till she sidled up to the dividing wall between the shower bay and benches and peered around.

There were two council cleaners; they had uniforms; shit; she was naked and they had her panties. Well one guy was modelling her pink knickers over his crotch for the other cleaner.

Guy Morris was modelling the panties and Porter Lucas was laughing.

Guy and Porter were early thirties, married, mortgages, car repayments, one with two kids, one with one; but both with wives with a bun in the oven. The full whale body territory at around eight months; arrival dates very close too-they both joked about giving the missus the stick at the same hour on the same night.

 They were good mates; a bit rough around the edges with their jokes; but good dads though; but nothing like a couple of beers together at the local topless joint after finishing the sports council change rooms blocks on a Friday night.

Imogen was trapped. The guys were more interested in her gear than cleaning.

‘Shit’ she realised they would hose out the shower area soon and see her: ‘Shit.’

“Getting a bit of boner there mate,” said Porter, “Been a while eh; with the Mrs up the duff.”

“Yeah; God I’d love to see the pussy that rests inside these cute frilly knickers.”

Imogen blushed; there was nothing covering her well-trimmed real pink bits at the moment. She was also getting a bit cold out of the shower. She needed her towel. If only she had taken her towel with her.

Porter said: “Mate; put the gear in the bag and we’ll drop in at Council lost property. Okay.”

“After I take a sniff mate.”

And he did. Well, some temptations are pure temptation.

Imogen saw the cleaner put her panties to his face.

"Woah,” said Guy as he got all of the soccer star’s ninety minutes of on field private sweat and her leaky excitement at the moment of being selected for The Knights.

Imogen wanted to kick the prick in his balls but her soccer boots were in her bag.

“Geez Guy; Hold on; it’s all a bit strange; just what did they wear out of here.?”

“Nothing,” said Imogen deciding attack was the best form of defence.

The two guys saw a cute head peering around from the shower bay.

It was obvious she was starkers. Her towel was by her bag.

“Hate to tell you but the girls change room was next door;” said Porter; wishing the wall wasn’t there. Her cute sharp features and her shortish hair, then add to that her slight cold shiver, well it made her look very vulnerable attractive. Plus, she was still facially heated from her near stunning approaching but delayed orgasmic blush. Imogen didn’t know she had that near full flushed sexy look.

“Yeah; you guys should fix the broken signs. Throw over my towel”; the last words; worth a try.

“I think you should just come over and get it,” weighed in Guy

“Yeah; you’d like that; “said Imogen and from God knows where, probably the confident prima donna deep inside her; she added: “I’ll show you mine; if you show me yours.”

Really Imogen; if there’s one instruction males follow quicker than a flasher opening his coat; it’s the command to get their heated meat stick out and; hey presto; there were two very shapely appendages pointing directly towards her.

And well Imogen realised that was it and walked out; full frontal. Nice shapely tits and cute awesomely girly pouty mons pubis complete with a fuzzy trimmed mound. Of course, her dangly pink bits, usually folded and overlaying each other; having just been excited under the shower; were more than a bit; stickily visible.

Porter and Guy; even with hard ons; were reasonable blokes and one threw Imogen her towel and the other her knickers. They had seen more than was offered at the topless bar down the road on a Friday night and they had enjoyed the sheer audacity of the young Miss.

However, as Imogen went to catch her gear; all she got to think was; screw the bloody council and their timer light switches in change rooms. It was pitch dark again and all three of their eyes had those seconds of near blindness before they adjusted.

Imogen bent scrabbling for her panties or her towel or both.

The guys were forward; actually, scrambling to help her; pick up the towel for her. In the mayhem three bodies sandwiched in the dark. One was very young and very naked and two though clothed had erect peckers pointing outwardly; ready.

Body forms shaped in the murkiness but hands were way ahead; already groping. And it was Imogen who had a pecker in her hand and Porter who had his hands on a pert peachy arse and Guy was fondling tit right there in the dimness before him.

Talk about not needing to see the action, just understanding the need. That’s sex.

Guy’s hand was drawn to the cute creased fuzzy pubic haze between her legs and those moistly felt pleats of skin designed for cock. He searched for and found the button that appreciates an invite to every sexual encounter. The lass moaned as he worked her clit.

Imogen was stroking cock. Luxuriating in her first held pecker. While another cock was nuzzling between her arse cheeks. There were male hands all over her body. She knew herself; her own shape; but these male hands were defining her whole shape sexually and sensually in an unlit area. Her body was bliss; in its felt shape.

Here was her moment when her pussy was ready for her first cock; not fully revealed with nowhere to hide; yet even in this murky setting; the focus was her body; her body took over; it orchestrated all the pleasure stuff instantly.

Guy eased into her slit holding her leg up; while Porter was fingering her cute arsehole from behind. Imogen moaned as she thought; cock was good; cock was great; cock inside her was awesome. She was flexing and pushing her young body into Guy’s and enjoying every stroke as he thrust in and out. At first slowly then quicker and then Porter’s finger was deeper in her butt hole; creating a double pleasure experience.

Cock, beautiful pounding, hammering cock. Finger ferreting in her backside. Imogen gasped repeatedly in self delight.

The male pleasure burst in rapid thrusting and brought Imogen close to a climax as Guy groaned and was out of her. Imogen felt the stunning saturated wholeness of being a women creamed by cock and it was amazing but her girly selfishness cried internally for an orgasm; the climax denied under the shower was still cruising her body; so close to release.

“Oh God...Ah...Ah; ” was all Imogen articulated before she was moaning loudly and her  thrilling orgasm was travelling in its intended avalanching direction. Porter’s prick was in her sodden pussy from behind. He squeezed between her butt cheeks and his fingers were manipulating her swollen over sensitive clit. Imogen’s pussy had shaped one cock; now it shaped a second; but she wasn’t the regulator. Porter was drilling her.

Imogen was her base carnal self. A girl reduced to her filled pussy. Her mind overpowered by a stunning full body climax of coursing stimulating richness. The flooding desire of self exploding in breath sapping contractions. If Porter hadn’t held her body she would have collapsed; so complete was her falling into herself in teeming spiky pleasure waves, then the jellied relaxed mellowness that followed.

It was in fact that moment when Imogen’s true womanly body shined. The focus was her. Her body did its stuff sensationally; she more than scored.

Guy turned the lights back on. By then Imogen had her towel covering herself. The cocks were packed away.

The dudes were both polite and knew this unexpected sensational encounter could turn into the mutually embarrassed. What the fuck had they all just done in the dark?

Guy and Porter; professionally grabbed their cleaning gear and told Imogen she was great and said they would clean the girls change room first. Give her time to dress undisturbed and off they went. Both whistling.

Imogen cleaned herself up at the sink and combed her hair quickly in the inadequate shiny metal that was called a mirror but she knew her best moments of this evening was one hell of a highlights reel.

Speed, reaction, adroitness; the perfect soccer feint; followed by the perfect strike. Her moment and the winning goal; but then topped by her undreamt sexual goal; a double play; her body beautiful in a yet to be fully digested awesome revelation of self; she was already enjoying a mental replay.

The drive home was a buzzy warm fuzzy happiness with self. Life couldn’t get better than the change rooms, could it? Talk about peaking early; a true athlete’s dread. Her phone was buzzing; but she was a responsible driver and too preoccupied with recalling that second cock between her legs from behind.

Imogen parked in her home driveway. She checked the text message.

Mmm best moments were seemingly multiplying: she thought as her mind shifted suddenly from cock; to breasts; not her own.

She texted in reply: “Can’t wait.”

Allie had invited Imogen for a sleepover tomorrow night.

The happy scorer of the night sauntered inside planning her tactics. Game on, Allie.

Submitted: August 18, 2021

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