My Afternoon with Dan Dan

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

I spend an afternoon living out my fantasies with my Chinese girlfriend.

I live with my best friend Dan Dan in a two bedroom apartment near Nagoya, Japan where we both work.Although we are very busy we try to reserve one day each week for ourselves. On these special days we like to act out our fantasies.

On this day I got home at around 4 pm and Dan Dan greeted me at the door. She was wearing a Japanese style school uniform. Short dark blue skirt, white blouse with a cravat and a blue blazer. Her hair was in pigtails  .She was holding a textbook.  ' Can you help me with my homework, teacher ? ' she said.
'Dan Dan,I'm always helping you . Don't you think it's a bit unfair for the other girls?' I said.
'I know, teacher but this will be the last time I promise .I will do whatever you ask for in return. she replied.
'You said that last time Dan Dan and you didn't keep your promise . If you break your promise again, there will be consequences. Do you understand me ? ' 
'Yes teacher. I understand.'
We moved over to the table and put her book down. 
'Teacher can I sit on your lap whilst you whisper to me the answers.?
Dan Dan sat on my lap facing the table.
If I had to paint the perfect vision of erotica for me , this would be close to it. To make a girl whom you love more than anything in the world become the object of your unbridled lust is not easy. It takes a certain strength of character to achieve. You can have sex with the girl you love but overtime the passion dwindles and you become tired with the sameness. As does she. Although you still love her very much you can no longer convert these strong feelings into passion .
I leaned closer to Dan Dan. She smelled of fresh soap and water. I kissed her neck and she flinched. 'That tickles' she giggled. I gave her a stern look as if to warn her.I put my arm around her waist and drew her closer to me. She didn't  resist this time. Slipping my hand onto her ass I could feel the outline of her panties through her skirt. Stretching my arm further around her bringing her close still I moved my left hand under her skirts and to the top of her underwear. I slipped my hand into her panties and was just able to reach as far as where her hairs began.She clamped her legs shut, trapping my hand.
'Well, I have warned you enough Dan Dan,' I said.
 'Sorry sir, please don't punish me. I will be good,' she said in a perfect girlie voice.
I took her over to our special low backed chair and made her lie over the back.Her arms and head are hanging over the back of the chair. I secure her wrists to the back legs of the chair. Her knees are balanced on the two armrests and I tie those firmly . She is now pretty much helpless with her legs apart and her ass in the air. Only her uniform is left to protect her.
Although she is bent awkwardly over the chair, she is resting comfortably and I have all the time in the world to play with her helpless body. I walked to the back of the chair and sat on the floor, my face close to hers. I take her face between my hands and plant a loving kiss on her lips. She responded chastely.I kissed her forehead , cheeks, eyelids and wherever I could find This is my expression of love and affection for the person that I love. But here is also the object of my desire.  I licked along her lips sliding my tongue between her lips to feel her teeth. Her mouth opens a little , sensuously . She draws my tongue into her mouth and closes her lips around it and sucks . Gently at first and then more intensely. She breathed hard through her mouth . 
I got up and walked around  the other side. I lifted Dan Dan's skirt to reveal white cotton panties stretched tightly over her ass and pronouncing the contours of her intimate parts. I gave her a playful thwack on her ass and she squealed. I pulled up her blouse to reveal her lower back and ribs. I licked her back and then along her tender sides marvelling at her sensitivity. My dick was becoming hard and I felt it was time to deliver Dan Dan's punishment.
This is a moment to savour Dan Dan at my complete disposal. I ran my hands all over her ass stroking and fondling with gay abandon. I passed my hand between her thighs stroking her aimlessly. I put my forefinger along the groove which outlined her pussy and  tickled her crack. Moisture had already found its way through her panties.
I took a pair of scissors and cut away her panties revealing her all in her naked glory. This is the stuff dreams are made of. I run my tongue along the crack of her ass feeling her anticipation. I pulled open her ass cheeks and began to tickle her sensitive asshole . How she implored me to stop and this egged me on even more. I tickled the small gap between her ass and pussy.Then her pussy itself. Her lips were already swollen from her arousal. I sucked and licked and tickled her clit as she bucked in her constraints. Every time licked her dry, more moisture appeared . She begged me to stop. Finally I had heard enough and picking up the discarded panties, I forced them into her mouth. I went back to my teasing, thinking of all the times she had made me sad by not answering my messages. Now I had her where I wanted and I was going to enjoy the moment. 
I wandered round the otherside of the chair and put my head near hers and said 'When I remove your gag , I want you to thank me for pleasuring you and beg me to make you come. ' When I removed her panties she breathed a deep sigh but remained stubbornly silent. I put the panties back in her mouth.
Next I undid her blouse and bra and slid my body under hers. I now had her breasts at my disposal. They were hanging down and her small nipples were stiff with excitement. I flicked my tongue over them , licking and sucking. Moving from one to the other and then back again. I moved my hand along her tummy and felt her inflamed pussy . I pushed my finger into her tight slit and she mewled into her gag as I tickled and probed her inner self. 
I was starting to feel my time nearing and felt that it was time to finish my victim off. 
I got up and stood behind her and gripped her hips and in one ruthless lunge filled her tight hole with my bulging cock. I waited a few moments . I wanted to fuck her hard but insteadI started with long slow strokes . Every stroke I could feel her pussy grip my cock. She must be very near to climaxing now I thought. I held her tightly and then like a man possessed quickened my actions and pumped hard into her small body. I came hard, squirting long and hard into the very depths of her body as she moaned into her gag to indicate that she was coming also. After a couple of minutes to regain my composure I pulled slowly out of Dan Dan's limp body.
I untied her and helped her up. We showered together in silence. Our emotions were running high. We went to our respective rooms. I was tired, so I got into bed. A few minutes later Dan Dan climbed into bed with me and seconds later she was purring happily asleep with her head on my chest.

Submitted: August 17, 2021

© Copyright 2022 Edwardkel. All rights reserved.

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