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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

This is a story about two good looking sexy people having crazy sex at a party on their first date.


This story is completely true. Every tantalizing detail actually happened. Only the names have been changed.

He was working for a small marketing firm right out of college. He worked in a nice office downtown and was putting his degree in Business Management to good use. Smart, tall and good looking, Cooper was enjoying life at the young age of twenty-two. He had just broken up with a girl that was great in the sack, so, he was in need of some lovin’. He hadn’t gotten laid in about a month and he was getting downright horny.

On a slow Monday morning after sitting alone all weekend stroking his hammer and thinking about his former bed mate, Cooper parked his car and happened to see this beautiful, lithesome chick waiting for an Uber a few doors down from his office. Cooper had never been shy with women, so he couldn’t resist walking up to this fabulous looking babe and chit chatting as she waited for her ride. After a few minutes he managed to get her name and number and said he would call or text her later in the week. She said that would be great.

As he got to his desk and began to think about the stunning babe with the amazing body he had just met, he also started thinking about how horny he was. He couldn’t get her out of his mind, so he texted her later that day and invited her to dinner and a party at a friend’s house. She texted back quickly that she would love to and sent him her address. He immediately called and made a reservation at a local small romantic restaurant in town. In his mind, he pondered - if he and Deloris hit it off, they might take it to the next level after a few dates.

Cooper was making great money and had just purchased a sparkling red Audi A5 convertible. He also had a nice upscale apartment. He found out later he wouldn’t really need his place for the night.


Cooper picked up Deloris at her apartment and they seemed to enjoy each other in conversation on the way to the restaurant. After being seated, they had some wine and ordered. As the meal progressed, both Cooper and Deloris were really getting to know each other. He found out she was a senior at the college he had attended with a major in fashion design. As they finished and headed out to the party, they began to feel like this was a pretty good thing.


They pulled into the driveway of an enormous house in a gated community just out of town. One of Cooper's best friend’s parents owned the house and were on a trip to Italy.  As they entered the house, there were probably fifty to sixty people enjoying the wine, the hors d'oeuvre and each other. Most of the crowd knew each other and they were very friendly to the hot babe on Cooper’s arm. She was thoroughly enjoying herself.

After about an hour and a lot of wine, Deloris, who had been hanging on Cooper since arriving, hugged him close and whispered in his ear “we need to find a room”. When she lightly whispered that to Cooper, he began to feel something move down below. He found his best friend, told him what he needed, and his best friend told him to just use the master at the end of the hall.


With the party going full steam, Cooper quietly picked up a bottle of Pinot Noir and a couple of glasses, grabbed Deloris and leisurely slipped down the hall and found the master bedroom. As you would expect, in a house of this size and design, the room had it all. Seeing the huge king size bed, a massive luxury shower and a jacuzzi big enough for four, Cooper’s joystick immediately started to rise, and Deloris began to feel some licentious warming down below and her nipples started getting hard. They started sucking face and fondling each other. Then Cooper said, “sit tight, I’ll be right back”.  

As he left the bedroom, she locked the door. He went outside, opened the trunk, opened his overnight bag and took out a handful of large, lubricated condoms, came back inside and headed back down the hall.

The door was locked. Cooper tapped lightly and Deloris opened it, and to Cooper’s pleasant surprise, she was completely naked. Cooper looked at her incredible slender tight body and her large breasts with her delectable nipples and become harder than he could imagine. He said to himself, this chick is out there!

She passionately pulled his clothes off his muscular 6’3” frame until he was completely nude. Then she laid seductively on the bed as Cooper caressed her body and sucked her gorgeous tits.  But this girl was impatient - she moaned and pleaded - please please put it in - put your tantalizing big dick in my oh so wet pussy. And Cooper, a man who always wanted to please the fair sex, pleased her as he slipped his blue steel monster into her now perfectly drenched pussy. They fucked for what seemed forever - missionary, then cowgirl and finally some reverse. She rode him wild until they both exploded ejaculate and rain from above. The laid on the bed relaxing for a few as she began to stroke his cock with soft tugging hands until Cooper rose again. 

Then she asked him to sit on the love seat and she began to gently suck his raging hard cock, tantalizing him with her tongue, her teeth and her lips. She licked his balls for a couple of minutes and then went back to licking his glans. She deep throated him to create the ultimate erotic experience. He exploded into her pleasuring mouth as she swallowed every drop. This was a first date he said to himself!

Cooper picked up Deloris and sat her gently on the love seat and said to her” it’s your turn – enjoy”. He went to his knees, raised her legs onto his shoulders and began to pleasure her vulva and clitoris with his tongue, lips and fingers. Then he pleasured her completely shaved love mound and plunged his tongue deep into her now burning vagina, stroking in and out until she blew her juice all over his face moaning sensuously as she raptured in the pleasure of his tongue.


It was about 10 o’clock and the party in the other part of the house was going strong. Nobody was missing them from the crowd. They decided to take a shower. In a few minutes with Deloris tugging and rubbing Cooper’s big boy, he had a raging boner ready for action. They got out of the shower and dried each other off, laid on the bed and massaged each other sensually in all the right places – her legs and thighs, her tits, her vulva, his legs and thighs, his chest, his balls and his dick with some nice massage oil Cooper found in the nightstand. Cooper’s schlong was newly erect as Deloris fondled it with gentle strokes.

As they lay there enjoying each other’s body, she turned, looked into his face and said something Cooper never expected from any woman, especially on a first date. She said to him  “OK. I have never done anything like what we have done so far tonight, and I wonder if you think we could do something that has been on my bucket list for a very long time”. He said to her that he was enraptured with her and her body and was still trying to determine, since this was a first date and they were going bonkers on each other in his friend’s parents master bedroom, if she was insane or a dream. She chuckled and told him she was not insane, and this was not a dream. She just liked him, his body and his enormous pecker. Then he said, likewise, he enjoyed her tight body and slender physique with the largest, most sensual breasts and perfect pussy he had ever touched or pleasured.

After sharing their thoughts about each other, she said it was Bucket List time and suggested doing some crazy 69 oral stand up, a position that required some manly strength and some womanly want to. He jumped on it like the horny young stud he was. He knew he could easily hold her lean body upside down while they pleasured each other. They stood up. He reached around her slim waste and gently flipped her upside down. As her beautiful brunette hair fell past his pulsating big boy, they began to lick, tongue, slurp, suck and pleasure each other with erotic abandon.  As they climaxed again all over each other, she smiled as she took in more of his junk and he licked his face clean enjoying her juice as it squirted from her love box. They both moaned and grunted in the joy they were feeling. He slowly lowered her and placed her gently on the bed.


It was now around midnight and the party was beginning to slow down. That didn’t seem to bother the king and queen of creative oral sex one bit. As they leisurely laid on the bed, they talked about what to do next. Deloris, not a shy type at all, said “you know, we've only fucked once. Fucking like that in all those positions combined with the insane oral sex we've enjoyed so far is simply the greatest sex I have ever had in my life". He likewise told her he was having the time of his life enjoying her and her gorgeous body. And then she said  “what do you think about jumping in the jacuzzi for a few, then another shower to clean up again and then having a serious world class FUCKORAMA! I mean, we could go all night with this first date thing, right?”. He laughed, smiled, got up and turned the water on. They just laid in the bed beside each other caressing each other’s privates and French kissing with no intensions of slowing down.  Meanwhile, Cooper’s buddy retired to his bedroom, alone, after the last of the party left.

The water heated up and filled the jacuzzi as they got in together. They just enjoyed the warm water as it bathed them gently. As they rubbed each other all over, Cooper had a new massive raging erection in about ten minutes. And her private parts were getting hotter by the minute. Just for for fun she gave him a blow job under water and he performed some cunnilingus on her below. They talked about how many different positions they could fuck in and made kind of a mental list. So, they hopped out, took another shower, dried each other off and laid down on the plush rug in the middle of the master suite. And to be sure they could enjoy it the most, they left the lights on.


Cooper checked his pants pocket and counted five Trojans. He was ready for whatever this amazing, gorgeous, horny chick could think of.

First  – Classic missionary. After putting on the lubricated rubber, Cooper inserted his hard as steel hot shaft into Deloris’s ready to go steaming yoni. They went at it for about fifteen minutes until she screamed as she climaxed. He continued to go at it until he blew his wad and moaned hard for the third time on this insane first date!

They laid quietly on the rug just relaxing and waiting for Cooper’s big boy to revitalize. To help things along Deloris licked his inner thighs as she worked her way up to tantalizing his penis and scrotum. Ten or so minutes later he was ready again.

Deloris, who had turned into a raging nymphomaniac on this first date said that she hoped he didn’t think less of her because of all the sex they were having on this first date. He said  “No, no, no – this has been the most wonderful night of my life – period”.

Second - Let’s do some doggie!  He gently picked her up with her beautiful buttocks against his big dong and penetrated her with reckless abandon and fucked her soft then hard until they both climaxed with more moans of ecstasy. They laid on the rug allowing Herbie the Hammer to again rise for the next fuck. But this boy was a stud. With a little bit of pleasuring of his balls with her tongue and lips by his first date lover – fifteen minutes later – another solid rock boner.

Third – She suggested some girl on top action, He laid on is back and she jumped on him as she placed his finely tuned pecker in her smoothly shaved beaver. They rocked and rolled for about five minutes, then she flipped around and did some creative reverse cowgirl fucking to beat the band as Cooper grabbed the massage oil and erotically massaged her giant melons.  Ten more minutes – boom!

Then, Cooper said to her “would you be up for a little titty fucking and let me put my Johnson in between your glorious tits and we can go at it until I blow my wad. She smiled, leaned back and said  “Have at it big boy, I would adore to have your massive member in between my 38 DDD's”. Cooper gently mounted Deloris’ astounding knockers and placed his red hot phallus between her tantalizing breasts and rocked back and forth until blowing his load as she took it all in, with a smile on her face.

It was now around three in the morning. They decided to rest a bit with a promise to wake up in time to use the two remaining condoms in Cooper’s pocket.

Still on the rug they woke up around five. She began to gently lick his shaft up and down its length. He slowly woke up, switched positions and started to cleave her already moist vulva and clitoris. Realizing they wanted to fuck again, he put the fourth, next to last, rubber over his pulsating pounder.

Fourth - He got up and sat on the love seat as she lowered herself backwards onto his pulsating penis. He reached around and amorously massaged her beautiful large tits as she pounded up and down on his joystick until they both climaxed now for the fourth time. They were becoming old pros at this fornicating thing.

Youth and sex, when joined, create amazing relationships between two people. And on this night, it created what would become lifelong memories of an all-night orgy between two good looking, sexy, horny young people. They both agreed that this night would never be challenged as the greatest night of sex in both of their lives. They discussed what they could do to enjoy his last extra-large lubricated sheath. She said they had exhausted almost every normal position in existence and she really didn’t want to do anything freaky.

Fifth and Final – He got up off the rug and said, let’s do this right. He gently picked her up and laid her on the end of the bed with her feet barely touching the floor. He took her legs and put them on his shoulders and entered her gently. They slowed it down to make it last as long as possible. After about five minutes, he picked her up, took her into the bathroom and placed her on the large vanity counter, raised her legs on his shoulders again, entered her with his red hot pulsator and still slowly pleasured her another five to eight minutes. They still weren’t done. They were reinventing the phrase – hey baby ya’ wanna fuck all night?

Then, to her amazement, he took her back into the bedroom and entered her slowly as she raised one leg up over his chest. They plunged ahead as they enjoyed this completely unique way of fornicating.

Then, the final act of passion – he picked her up and laid her face down over the cushioned love seat side rest with her beautiful derriere glowingly ready for his love bat. As he shoved his big boy into her now wetter than wet honeypot, he began to slowly go deeper than he had ever been. They both began to sensuously moan and groan as they had the best orgasmic explosions of the night. Like they say – morning sex is the best!

It was now six o’clock in the morning and Cooper’s buddy was still asleep. Cooper and Deloris got dressed, quietly left the house and went and had breakfast at a local brunch spot. They smiled at each other. They laughed as they discussed the insane night and morning of orgiastic sex they had enjoyed. After eating, Cooper took Deloris to her apartment and said – “Let’s do this again”. She said – “Just let me know when and where or I may just call you lover boy!” and gave him a deep French kiss and walked into her apartment.

This was not the last time these two lustful lovers would connect. But, for now, it was a night for the record books.

Submitted: August 13, 2021

© Copyright 2021 cromwelljones. All rights reserved.

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Amy F. Turner

I enjoyed your story and knowing its based on real life.

I have some suggestions on how you can enhance what you've already written. I do enjoy narrative stories if the narrator offers an interesting perspective. However, with the way your set this story up, I was missing the dialogue to get the know the characters and let them tell the story by their actions. Because this is a true story I understand it may be more difficult to relay word for word what was said but try to approximate what that felt like and infer by body language how each of these sexy people relate to one another. A first-person perspective might work well with the flow of this story or third-person or it could be two friends talking about this experience. However, these are only some of my observations to help me get into your story more.

Fri, August 13th, 2021 8:36pm


Thanks for your honest words. I’m going to take a look at this short story in light of your comments, especially about the perspectives of the players who clearly set a world record for insane sex. Their thoughts and attitudes should be explored. Thanks so much.

Sun, August 15th, 2021 1:00pm

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