Sex on the Beach

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Literary Erotica  |  House: Outer_Limits

Sasha is eager for a holiday and has decided to take a vacation without her boyfriend when she meets a friend of her family to spice up her beach experience.






“Sex on the beach, oh, yeah.”

I lick my lips while I squish my painted toes in wet sand before taking a sip of my favorite drink of summer.  Discretely, my secret elixir to let the good times roll is tucked away in a 16-ounce sippy cup compliments of my boyfriend, Brody.  It’s a hot pink to match my string bikini. 

I take in a deep breath of the refreshing breeze whipping through the sheer pink cover-up knotted at my waist.  My sippy cup rises in the otherwise humid air.  “Here’s to you, Brody.  May all your hard work keep your bed warm at night.” 

One year ago, while still at university, I remember how inseparable Brody and I were.  We loved sneaking away to this part of Lake Michigan any time we could.  After graduating from Purdue University, we believed that having a long-distance relationship with me in Columbus, Ohio and him in Indianapolis, Indiana would be no big deal.

“Ha!  What a crock of crap!” 

Video chatting and texting have reduced to worrisome numbers.  Brody and I used to video phone sex at least twice a week.  It’s dropped off like the habit of shaving my legs (not today, of course).  Do I remember the last time any sex happens?  Hell, I’m lucky to know my boyfriend’s still breathing when I reach out to him.  When I check-in, he acts like I’m bothering him.  The signs are there whether I choose to see them. 

“And what about me, huh?  What about checking on me for once?” I grumble with a down-turned mouth.

Look, I’m an average height, long-legged brunette with an ample rack for any man’s hands and the curves to rival any hourglass.  My face is round with high cheekbones and a modest button nose my granny used to love to pinch, claiming that it was so cute.  No harsh lines form around my hazel eyes or full lips.  My skin tans a pleasant olive hue.  I’m not an ugo, as my little brother Caleb calls the homely girls that chase after him and the other boys on his swim team.

“This sucks!” I gripe to no one but the sky.

“Not from my view,” the male voice says from behind me. 

With a start, I swing around and gasp when I see the dripping wet tanned man with dark honey brown hair slicked back with golden highlights as he rubs big hands over his head.  He appears in front of me after emerging from the freshwater lake like an Adonis should, muscles flexing, a ripple of abs, and sun-kissed skin.  Damn!  I try not to let my mouth hang open for long as he closes the distance between us.

“Hey, Jag, is that you?!”

“Hey, Sasha, how long has it been?” He flashes a familiar boyish smile as he walks up to me with his long muscular arms wide-open.

I embrace the over six-foot man in shock, knowing that I haven’t seen my little brother’s best friend Jagger Carter in at least four years.  Since then, he has grown a foot taller than I remember as he towers over my 5-foot 6-inches.

“Too long.  I didn’t know Caleb was up here.”  I stare about and see a few people playing beach volleyball, but none of them look like my dark-haired brother.  However, Jagger and Caleb have been inseparable since they were in kindergarten together.

“Nah, not this weekend.  I’m up here with the fam.”  He points over to a group of white umbrellas and waves.  A few of the swimsuit-clad Carters appear to be his mom, dad, and two early teen sisters, who wave back.  “Cal spends the weekend with his girl, Becca and her fam in Chicago.”

“So things are gettin’ serious with her, huh?”

Jagger shrugs his broad shoulders.  “She’s got him wrapped around her finger for two years now.  A little too bossy for my taste, but she makes Cal happy.”

I tap his sculpted chest.  “And what about you, killer?  No girl’s managed to rope your heart yet?”

He shakes his head as he grins again and pulls in close to me.  His lips brush my ear.  “No girls for me.”

“So guys then?”

He chuckles with a firm shake of his head.  “No, but there’s this one woman.”

“Oh, you like the cougars, huh?  And how long have you been seeing her?”

“I wouldn’t say she’s in cougar territory, but I’ve seen her for years, not that she’s ever noticed me.”

I smirk and take another draw from my sippy cup.  “That long, huh?  Does your mom know you’re into older women?” 

“By how smoking hot she is, no girl can compare.  Besides, this one Mom’s always liked.”

Jagger flashes a full rack of teeth at me, coupled with dimples in his cheeks.  I encounter the flutter in my belly, which I touch out of surprise.  A tingling builds inside me, and it’s reaching far lower than I believe it should.  The years since babysitting the boy are long gone in the handsome man he has become.

“Pretty boys like you, killer, can have anyone you want when you smile like that.  She’d just melt.”

“And do I make you melt, Sasha?”

I laugh at him and walk on, not sure how to respond to that.  “Me?”

Jagger chuckles and falls in step with me. “Yeah.  Is it working?  The melting?”

I pause a second and glance up into the 21-year-old Indiana University student’s hopeful ocean blue eyes.  “This isn’t a joke?”

He cups tendrils of brunette hair behind my ear.  “Well, I’ve heard nothing lasts forever, Sasha. Want to be my nothing?”

“And what about that other woman nobody has ever compared to?”

“I’m also like the human box set.”

“In what way?”  An eyebrow lift teams up with my smirk.

“I’m a great way to spend the weekend, especially when the woman I have always wanted stands in front of me.”

I burst out laughing as his lips twitch in trying to deliver that line with a straight face.  Jagger eventually gives up and joins my mirth.  A naughty part of me stirs to life.  The heat of the day, sticky and humid, creates similar conditions between my thighs in the thrill of the last part of what he says. 

What does it matter if I take Jagger up on his flirty ways?  I’m not being serviced elsewhere.  Maybe that should change, or is that the booze talking? 

I reach up with an index finger and rub under his stubbled chin.  “And how about right now, killer?”

“According to Dr. Phil’s theory, I’m afraid of intimacy.”

“That might explain a lot about your single status.”

He lifts an eyebrow at me.  “Want to prove him wrong?”

I take his hand before I change my mind.  Amazingly, without a word, Jagger follows.  I lead him to my SUV parked on the grass right up to the beach.  It has no cars around it.  I outfitted the back of the Bronco with pillows and blankets, along with some snacks.  After lifting the tailgate, we climb in the back. 

As we settle down, I see Jagger ready to ask something, but my lips reach his first.  He tastes every bit better than the sinful thoughts roaming my head.  I run my hands through his wet hair.  He’s so cool from his swim while I’m burning up from the flaming kiss.  It ends any conversation I have with myself about screwing my little brother’s best friend.  To ensure my thoughts of anything other than quenching my cravings for a sexy guy I happen to know, I grab his hand and slip it under my bikini top.

“Mmm,” I moan, liking how Jagger’s palm cups my breast. 

The horniness emerging gathers the best of me when his thumbs toy with my nipples until they are rocks.  His mouth slips down and sucks on one as I hump the growth at his crotch.  A hardness lengthens between us, and I gasp with the swirl of my hips against it.  Each rotation stimulates my clit to swell in attention. 

“Mmm, yes; oh, yes!”

I lick the sweat off his shoulder as I urge him down on his back and help him lower his swim shorts.  One tug of the string and my bikini bottom drops.  Our breathing mingles in rough pants when I beat his straining member against my slit several times.  One-handed, I rub his cock against the slick heat that dribbles from me and coats his rod.  Hunger urges our kiss until I spear myself on his wide helmet.

“Ahh!” I groan as I bear down on his meat, digging into his shoulder with my nails.  His mouth captures mine as his hands drive my hips up and down faster each time.  More of him slides inside, and we moan with the tight fit.  We break from the kiss, flushed of face, as our breathing grows ragged.  I brave the thickest part of him as I close on the base of his shaft.


I tip my head back before engaging the swirl of my hips as I rise.  Jagger does not let me get away.  His hands grip my hips to force me back down for more cock.  I groan at the pain of him breaching me to the core.

His teeth distract me from it to nibble at my aching nipple.  “Oh!”

He groans with his eyes closed.  His hot tongue soothes when the sucking begins.  The shocking contrast to my core has me squealing to take more of his cock than I have.  My hands run through his hair before I grip it in the sudden contractions that run through me. 

“Oh, no!  Oh!”  I can barely breathe now as my eyes roll back.

It’s too soon to be cresting now, but I do.  The SUV shakes with my cumming as Jagger wraps his arms around me and holds on tightly.  When the jarring pleasure at my core has ceased, my head leans against his shoulder.  I catch my breath before opening my eyes and gazing into his. 

“Ready?”  He leans back and lifts and lowers me as he pushes his hips up to meet me. 

“Ooo!  Yes!” I groan.

My hands brace against the Bronco’s ceiling.  His thrusts are slow and deep, allowing me the ability to grind with him to touch all the unused places.  Each swirl of my hips rewards me with the deliciousness of his pelvic bone.  The right spot inside and out makes my inner muscles seize in new contractions.  I grind my teeth to stave it off, but I understand the greedy need to reach the pinnacle.

At his urging hands, I bounce off his cock, meeting every thrust given.  The vehicle rocks with our eager gyrations.  The clapping of our colliding flesh drowns out the sound of our heavy breathing.  My bikini top and cover-up have been tossed away.  Nothing but his hands cover the jiggling fruit from any prying eyes that may see us on the lonely spot I choose.  A passing car or two slow down before moving on.  In response, I hump faster in my excitement at being caught.

“I’m cumming!” Jagger shouts.

I propel myself to the base of our meeting flesh.  The tightening in my belly tells me I am climaxing, too.  Our eyes lock, heat to heat.  The moment his balls seize beneath me, my walls contract on his cock.  We erupt together.  His balls empty hot streams inside me.  Our voices mingle in the unifying cry of our release when I drop to his chest, experiencing the superb aftershocks of good sex. 

“Thoroughly melted,” I say and feel the rumble of his chuckle.

“I promise if you give me a weekend, I’ll be the best box set you’ve ever had.”

I smirk.  “Mmm, killer, you’re off to an impressive start.” 


Submitted: August 13, 2021

© Copyright 2023 Amy F. Turner. All rights reserved.

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Ye!!! Nice.
Hot car sex at the!!!
Easy to read and erotic action.
For "seconds" drive around and find some sandhills.
The erotic warmth of the dense sand on a lovers butt and most likely not getting caught is "something else" again.

Sat, August 14th, 2021 7:34am


Car sex is the hottest when you know there is risk of an audience. I do like the something else part; in fact, it is what I live for. The part that comes after. :)

Sun, August 15th, 2021 1:11pm


How I would love to be that lucky boy, filling your world with promises of pleasure fulfilled!

Sun, August 15th, 2021 7:21am


Close your eyes and make a wish. Perhaps in dreams you could be so lucky. Such things are free and all your own. Thanks for the comment and read, Spy. :)

Sun, August 15th, 2021 1:13pm


Girl, you're a master of short stories. When I saw this contest come up, you came to mind immediately! No disappointment here! The usual amazing sex! Actually, as you know, I often have a technical way of looking at pieces to go along with wading through the here's what I noticed. Over half your piece is a sex scene. I love that because you're so amazing with sex scenes, plus the piece is literally rocking through the final half. I love the reference to "melted" and 'box set' at the end (part of the early opening conversation) because that technique sort of adds a 'summation' to the story - provides a circular essence, if you will.

What the exhibitionism! Love the risk! I like the fact that Sasha has a boyfriend, which makes this a little taboo. You go to a lot of trouble suggesting the relationship has essentially fizzled, and that's one thing you might avoid if you wanted more words for something else - I noted the 2000 word limit which is a bit of a challenge I think. Plus, I'm not one to qualify affairs as 'warranted' by a less than optimal relationship. There's this old song..."Love the One You're With".

Lastly, I love the younger guy & older woman thing. I also like he's best friends with her younger brother - still more potential complications.

Within the realm of requirements, you set the scene beautifully with more than enough description and background. You put the right emphasis on the sex and you nailed the hell out of it....gorgeous and hot!

Good luck! So awesome!

Mon, August 16th, 2021 2:07am


Thanks, DK. I didn't realize it had been so long since I've written one, but this one seems to have turned out okay. It was a challenge for me to trim down to the 2,000 word requirement here, but I do love such things--challenges I mean. Editing has always been a love-hate situation. Regardless, I'm happy if the end product's enjoyable, and it seems that it is. Always a winner in my book. ;)

Thanks again for the well-wishes and the sharing of your observations.

Sun, August 15th, 2021 8:55pm


Plenty of elegant word images, I especially like; taste as sinful thoughts and the clapping of our colliding flesh. You build character background and present desires; their physical; their psychological and their sexual selves within a word limit; nicely done. The sex in the SUV is stirring reading, a thoroughly racy balance between hot intimate description and intense clipped sexual dialogue. Sasha melts; and so, should your readers. I did.

Tue, August 17th, 2021 3:39am


This has been a stirring review, and I appreciate you taking the time to deliver it. I am also pleased thoroughly that you found this short story nicely done as well as a melting experience. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me and for reading. :)

Wed, August 18th, 2021 11:14pm


Great story, you’re writing brings the whole experience to life.

Tue, August 31st, 2021 5:41am


Awww, that's too sweet, J. I appreciate you sharing that my story proved a lively experience for you. Thanks for popping over to read. :)

Tue, August 31st, 2021 12:32am


I’m feeling the urge to fill up your needy crevices with all the strength and forces I could muster! Your description turns the heat of an afternoon into the pleasure of a very long, enjoyable evening!!!

Sat, September 18th, 2021 12:02am


Hee hee! Spy, you are so sweet with those urges. It is nice to know that you are still around swimming in the unbelievable ocean of pleasure that is Booksiesilk. Pleasure is as pleasure does and should be shared whenever possible in my book. Thank you for commenting and sharing your thoughts. :)

Sat, October 23rd, 2021 10:36am

Loretta Martin

Whew! I had to set my tablet down and give in to the seduction of it all!
Rarely does a story prompt me to go from a diddle to full on masturbation....Jagger sounds so HOT!
Thanks for the inspiration, and the orgasm!
Ciao Bella!

Sat, December 4th, 2021 11:31am


That is the best sort of compliment! I am so happy you enjoyed the cumming and reading. Thank you for sharing your thoughts as they brought a smile to my face. ;)

Sun, December 5th, 2021 7:45pm


OMG!! I'm fanning myself Amy. It's been a long while since I've read anything like this. Love the details of their sex session in that SUV. Always a fan of you, lady. You're awesome!!

Tue, March 1st, 2022 9:41pm


Awww, thank you, girlie. I am glad you enjoyed the story. I also hope you feel inspired and when you have the time, maybe, to share your unique brand of awesomeness with us in a tale or two. ;)

Wed, March 2nd, 2022 3:55pm


Lucky guy!!!

Thu, May 4th, 2023 7:51am


Indeed, oh my. :)

Fri, May 5th, 2023 3:51am

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