My Little One

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Abandoned

Part one of life with a little one. Having a little girl can be a lot of fun, punishing them is a different story, and rewarding them can get you the time of your life.

My Little One

by Ivy B Pane

Part 1

I love my Little. I think about her all the time, and I can’t wait to walk in the door after a hard day at work and see what she has in store for me. She loves to make me smile and making her happy is the easiest thing, she makes my life simple. Most women would ask for a diamond ring or flowers, but my little one loves candy. It costs less than a dollar a day, up to nine dollars a week, if I leave her alone on the weekend it costs double.

I opened the front door, a slight grin on my face, and expect her to be there, right there, and jump into my arms. She usually waits for me, sitting on the bottom stair, waiting to search me to find her candy. Today, she is not here, and for a moment, the whole world stopped. I stood in silence for a moment, listening to the quiet of the house. She was always right here, she would be right here, and in my arms. I closed the door, set my briefcase down, my heart all but stopped and I wasn’t smiling now.

“Where is my girl!” I yelled loud, with anger and then I listened. There was a rustling sound that came from upstairs and then I heard her giggle. My heart unclenched in my chest, and I took this moment to just take in a breath. She was my everything and I wanted her safe and with me always. If something happened to her now, it would break me, and I would never be the same.

I stomped my way upstairs. She was hiding from me, playing a game, and she didn’t mean to almost cause me a heart attack. I stop at the top. The short hallway broke into three rooms up here and she could be hiding anywhere. “I’m going to find you,” I growled and was rewarded with a soft, muffled squeak sound. I wanted to laugh but grinned instead. I couldn’t let her think this was fun for me. The squeak came from the bedroom, and I walked to the door and growled. “You can’t hide from me.” I tried to sound hard.

The rustling sounded again and now I knew right where she was. She was hiding in the closet. I went to the closet door and planted the palm of my hand against the wood surface, making it bang. She squeaked again, but this time it was loud. I put my hand on the doorknob, turned it slowly, and opened the door gently. I had my mad face on, and it was hard to maintain when I looked into her bright wide eyes.

I leaned in almost putting my nose on hers. “That was very naughty of you.” I tightened my mouth and clenched my jaw. I needed her to know that I meant business.

Her face lit up with a smile and she hugged her teddy bear close to her chest. “I was playing, Daddy. It’s Friday and I wanted us to have some fun.” She bit her bottom lip still grinning. She knew that would soften me, and if the anger I felt was real, it would have.

I stepped back so she could come out of the closet. She was wearing a short black skirt, about mid-thigh in length, and a button-up soft pink blouse. Her hair was in pigtails, each with a little pink bow, and she was wearing her favorite heels. It was easy to ignore the few gray strands in her dark hair and the fact that she was a little heavy. She was soft where she needed to be and that is all that mattered to me. “Hand him over.” I held out my hand.

“But, Daddy,” she pouted and clutched the bear tighter to her chest.

“Give him to me,” I demanded.

“Kay.” She hugged the bear tighter and gave him a kiss on the head before she handed him over. Then her shoulders dropped, a sad look came across her face, and she stomped one of those high heels.

I took the bear and walked over to the birdcage that I altered just for this occasion. I lifted off the wire top and put the bear inside. Once the top was on, I took the tinny padlock out of the dresser and locked the bear inside. There was a nail in the wall, and I hung up the keys. She was a good girl and would never touch them. I turned around and looked at her sad face. I walked over and put a hand on each of her cheeks. “Where is my welcome home?”

Her eyes brightened back up and she smiled. “Welcome home, Daddy.” Her arms flew around me, and I kissed her on the forehead. Her hands slid down my back and around to my chest. Slowly they reached up behind my head and her mouth opened. She did want to play. Most littles love to cuddle and be taken care of, but my little girl liked to play. I put my arms around her and kissed her. My tongue reaching into her mouth and the delicate way her tongue touched and stroked mine made me want more of her.

I took her hand and walked over to the bed. I sat down on the hard mattress and looked up at her. “Sit on my lap and tell me about your day.”

She smiled, sat on my lap, and picked up my tie. “It was a day, Daddy. I did my chores and waited for you,” her eyes darted to mine. “To come home.”

I slid my hand up her leg and just under her dress, I could feel the top of the nylons and the clips from the garter belt she wore. “So, you were a good girl today?” I touched the soft skin of her inner thigh.

“I’m a good girl every day, Daddy.” Her knees started to part, but she continued to play with my tie.

I could feel the heat, under my fingers as I slid them farther up her leg and she spread them more for me. I could feel my own arousal starting to grow. “Should I play with you for being so good?” I could feel her pubic hair. Bless her for never wearing panties.

She stopped playing with my tie and looked at me. “I love it when you play with me, Daddy.” Her little girl voice was gone.

I slid two fingers insider her and pushed against her clit with my thumb. She was damp and must have been thinking about this all day. I could feel her bottom tighten against my thighs and her hips tipped so I could reach inside her with ease. My fingers were soaking in her, blood pumped into my cock making it more uncomfortable. “How would my girl like to play?”

She leaned her head close to my ear. “I like it when you hide your toy in me, daddy.” Her voice was an octave lower, and it vibrated inside my ear. Her hands started to pull at my jacket.

“Do you want to play on the bed? Or do you want to play in the playroom?” I pushed my fingers harder inside her, pressing on her clit, and making my own cock bounce feeling her arousal.

“I want to watch, Daddy. I want to see your toy slide in and out of me.” She took in a quivering breath.

“Playroom it is then.” I looked up at her face and saw the woman that she truly was. Her mouth opened and covered mine. Her tongue was hot in my mouth, and I was having a hard time thinking of anything but how drenched she felt and how hard I’m getting. I slowly started to pull my fingers out of her, circling my thumb around her clit until the last moment.

She broke the kiss, stood up, and turned to face me. Slowly she started to back out of the room. Her eyes lit up and she started to smile. “Come on, Daddy, let’s go play.”

“You watch where your walking young lady.” Those high heels would snag on the carpet for sure. I stood up, took off my jacket, and tossed it on the bed. I started pulling at the tie following her out of the room and down the short hall to the playroom. So many other people would call it a game room, but there were no games here, this room was designed and built for pleasure. Pleasure comes in many forms and so do toys.

I stepped into the room unbuttoning my cuffs. “There are two different toys we can play with.” She was standing in the middle of the room, her hands clasped and held in front of her skirt. “We could use the table.” I offered and started to undo the buttons of my shirt. She looked at the floor, a blush on her cheeks.

She took a timid step forward. One hand reached out to brush against mine softly. “Daddy.” It was a whisper, barely a breath from her. “I like it when your shirt is on, but open.” She grinned and the blush she showed me made my heart melt. Such a simple thing, but for her to say her desires was so rare.

“I will do that for my girl, my princess.” I knew what that word did to her. Princess was a reward word and better than any normal good girl I could say to her. Her mouth opened in a little oh, and her shoulders came up to hide her face as she turned back and forth in front of me. I stepped up to her and reached my arms around her. Her tall shoes made me stand taller and I looked down at her as I started to unzip the skirt behind her back. Her eyes fluttered up to look at me. Her cheeks were still red, but she put both her hands on my chest. “Let’s use the swing.” I smiled.

She grinned and bit her bottom lip. “Yes, Daddy.” The sultry deep voice forced more heat into my cock. We had used the swing in the beginning, but lately, we hadn’t the time. It was Friday night after all, and this evening was for her. The moment she hid in the closet, she knew what she wanted and how she wanted the weekend to go. In a way, I was proud of her for stepping out of the normal bounds of her role.

“Let me help you in then.” I let her skirt drop to the floor and put my hands on her bare hips. She was wearing a corset and not a garter belt. She planned this all day. I backed her up to the suspension swing. It was in a corner so there was plenty of room to swing her against my body. There were leg straps that went around each thigh and ones for her feet and hands. I enjoyed the swing, it gave me a chance to pound my hard cock into her and yes, she could watch it all. I put one arm around her waist and helped her lift her leg up to the height of the first hip loop and this explained the heels she was wearing too. It gave her the height to make it easier. She dragged her small nose across my cheek and reached up to grab the arm straps. It was easy then, to slide her other leg through the loop.

She was suspended, hands in the loops over her head, legs in the loops and spread. I could look at her now, and she was dripping. I reached up and started to undo the buttons of her shirt. She blushed a little, but there was excitement in her eyes. I opened her shirt and leaned in to kiss her bulging breasts. I slid my tongue between them while I undid my pants.  My cock was full and jumped when I pulled the now tight-fitting garments away. I stood in front of her, watching her eyes as I opened up the material, and exposed myself to her.

The tip of her tongue separated her lips, she was hungry and now I knew it. I gripped the bottom of my shaft and stepped between her legs. With the head of my cock, I stroked her wet opening, watching her eyes and feeling her warmth. Slowly I dipped into her, just the head into her warmth, her legs spread more, and her eyes started to glow. I stopped, I wanted to plunge into her, feel her warmth all around me, but teasing her was a pleasure.

“Daddy, please.” Her eyes slowly looked up to me, her voice deep and dark. If she was standing, she would have stomped her foot. She knew I was teasing her, and she was begging in her need.

I reached up and touched her cheek, cupped it in my hand, and leaned in to kiss her. I slid my cock into her, my hand wet by her moisture and I moved it to her hip. The swing was the perfect height and using my hand I was able to start her swinging.

She pulled out of the kiss and put her forehead on my chest. Her hips spread more, and she lifted her bottom. It made it easy for me to grab her hips with both hands, stopping the swinging motion and banging her against me. The motion was gentle at first, she started out with intakes of air and was soon making little light moans as she watched my cock pierce her wet pussy. She was soaked. We were making a splashing sound every time our bodies came together.

I was driven by her heat and the way her tightness wrapped around me. I gripped her hard, stepped into the swing a little, and began to bounce her off me. The roughness made her moan louder and I dug my fingers into her soft flesh. I could feel her hot fluid cool on my balls as the liquid ran down my cock and onto them. The force I started using was even harder and my nuts were swinging up to pat her ass.

“Touch yourself for me,” I said between thrusts. Her head lifted when things got rougher, and I could look down and watch the depth that I was driving into her. I wanted to watch her fingers. Slowly she reached one hand down and started to roll it around her clit. “Who is My good girl?” I felt her tighten, the nice snug fit became tight and hard to enter.

“I’m Daddy’s good girl.” She whimpered it and then her head tossed back.

“Don’t you cum yet,” I growled at her, pounding her body against mine.

“Yes, daddy.” She moaned.

“You watch,” I commanded through my grunts, this was a workout, my arms were burning, and my balls were ready to bust. Watching her finger circle around her clit and watching my cock sink inside her, made me start to grunt in earnest. Her soft moans were louder and louder each time I stabbed myself inside her. My cock glistened with her wetness, and she was tight, holding back her final moment of pleasure. “Are you ready princess?” I slammed deep inside her, she tightened again around me and made it even harder to get deep inside her.

I slammed her against me each time grunting with effort. I could feel my balls pulling tight and I was ready to burst in her. It started to flow, each spurt filling her and contracting my balls. “Cum now,” I grunted. She moaned so loud, a crying out between us that made her body tighten and relax over and over, sucking me dry. I pumped her against me, each time bringing a squeal of joy, and I did it to please her.

“Daddy,” she called out and I stopped breathing hard and looking into her eyes. Her mouth was open, and I leaned in to catch it with mine. I kissed her gently, stroking my palms on her round bottom. Her hand went to the back of my neck, her fingers in my hair. Her tongue stroked mine, soft timid touches, and for a moment, it was heaven.

Her stomach growled loudly, and she giggled breaking the kiss. I smiled at her and then the smile faded. “Did you eat your lunch?” I asked looking into her eyes.

“I tried, Daddy. It was awfully big.” Her eyes went wide, and her bottom lip came out just the slightest bit, her little girl voice back in full command.

“I make those for you, and you are supposed to eat all of it.” I stepped back pulling my cock out of her roughly and she squealed. When she first came to me, she wouldn’t eat, and I started her on a very specific diet. “You have to eat all of your lunch.” I started to take her legs out of the loops. “I am very disappointed.”

“But Daddy, I tried, I really did.” I glanced up at her eyes when I saw her foot on the solid ground. Her lower lip was out as far as it could go and there were tears in her eyes. I felt bad instantly.

“What didn’t you eat?” I asked and worked on the loop of the other leg, putting one arm around her for balance.

“I left it on the plate Daddy.” She sniffled. “You told me too, and I did as you said.”

Her feet were on the ground now and I started to button up her blouse. “Let’s go have a look.” I reached up and brushed away the little tears that slid down her cheeks. “If it’s not much, and you eat it and your dinner, I won’t be mad.” I bent down and picked up her skirt. I handed it to her and when she bent down to step into it. I gave her bare bottom a little slap. It stung my hand.

“Daddy!” She spun and looked at me, a look of shock on her face, her eyes wide.

“You eat your lunches. Before I get home.” I let a grin slip so she knew I was not as angry as she might think.

Her shoulders dropped. “Yes, Daddy.” She bent down to put her skirt on, but this time she made sure to keep an eye on me.

I tucked my cock back into my briefs, pulled up the zipper, and buttoned my shirt. “Let’s go see what you left.” I reached out for her hand. Her skirt was on, and she was zipping it up the back. She continued to straighten it with one hand but reached for mine with the other. We walked out of the playroom hand in hand, and I put my arm around her on the stairs. The shoes she was wearing were not built for stairs, and I would never let her fall.

The kitchen was dark and on the side of the house for the morning sun and not the evening light. I turned on the light and went to the fridge. I wouldn’t let go of her hand and she knew I was unhappy. I might just leave her bottom red after all. Her lunch plate was there, and I pulled it out. She didn’t eat the crackers and the pepperoni. I handed her the plate and let go of her hand. “Go sit down, and I’ll start dinner.”

“Yes, Daddy.” She pouted a little but sat at the bar to watch me in the kitchen and picked at the leftovers.

I knew what it was, she didn’t like the meat. She was always that way. I opened the cupboard and looked in. I knew what she would like, and I could make it quick for her, but she would have to eat the rest of her lunch first. I watched her eat the crackers first and then she picked up the pepperoni. She smelled it and I looked back in the fridge. I needed to get her something she would eat.

“What if I make rice and chicken?” I grinned, it was always her favorite, and I knew it would get her to eat the last few pieces of pepperoni. When I could control my face, I turned and looked at her. She was rolling all of them together, her eyes glanced up at me as she put them all in her mouth and picked up her empty plate to show me. “Rice and chicken it is then.”

I shut the fridge and opened the cabinet that held the pots. The box rice was easy and only took a few minutes. I got the rice started and went to the freezer to grab a bag of California frozen vegetables. I watch her face as I opened the bag.

“Daddy, really?” Her little nose wrinkled up.

“Yes, and you will eat them.” I poured some into the cooking rice and then put the bag back in the freezer. “Set the table for us.” I went back to watching the food cook.

She slid off the barstool and took her plate to the sink. Then she took out bowls for both of us. She took them to the small table and set it. She came back to get the silverware and some napkins. I watched her while I stirred the rice. I was proud of her in so many ways.

She was a woman, and yet, my joy, in her child-like way. She took care of me in ways most people couldn’t understand. Knowing she was waiting for me, giving me control of almost every aspect of her life and the way she loved me. I was a lucky man and the way she welcomed me home today made me feel full of love for her. Yes, she was hard sometimes, but she was worth it. I watched her sit at the table and wait for me. I opened the can of chicken and drained it, added it to the rice and vegetables, it would be a complete meal and good for both of us.

I brought the pot to the table and served us both. Took the pot to the sink and opened the refrigerator. “What would you like to drink?”

“Can I have an apple cider please?” She was swinging one foot and had a grin on her face.

I chuckled and took a beer for me and an apple cider out for her. “There is one thing you are missing,” I said as I opened the drinks for us. “You forgot to check me for your treat.” I brought the bottles to the table for us. She grinned and bounced in her seat. “Now you will have to wait until you eat all your dinner to get it.”

“Daddy.” She stomped her foot and her mouth fell open.

I laughed out loud at her and she smiled at me, a full smile, the smile a woman gives a man when she is happy. “I love you.” I couldn’t help myself and told her.

“And I love you.” Her voice was low and sultry, the voice of a woman.

We ate quietly, she picked up the dishes when we were finished and took them to the sink. She washed them all and put them in the drainer. I watched her smiling and wondered how I was this lucky.

It was later than normal and when she was finished, I watched her cover a yawn, and I checked the time. I stood and held my hand out to her. She smiled and took it in hers. I pulled her up against my chest and put my arms around her back pressing her against me. She looked up at me and her hands reached around behind me.

I felt them slide one at a time into each back pocket. Nope, not there. Then she pulled them to the front and searched the front pockets. Her fingers brushed against my cock in one pocket, and in the other one, I felt her grasp the small bag of candies. Skittles, her favorite. She smiled and her eyes sparkled. “Thank you, Daddy.” She whispered.

I kissed her on the forehead and let her out of the embrace. “Shall we watch a movie tonight? Or are you too tired?”

“We can watch a movie.” She smiled.

“It’s my pick.” I smiled and took her hand in mine. I led us into the living room and sat down on the couch. She sat next to me but leaned forward to grab the remote. She leaned against me and handed it to me.

I turned on the large TV selected one of the many movie apps I had. I found a scary movie and started it. It was dark in the room, and I could feel her stiffen against me. “Take off your shoes,” I said and pulled the blanket off the back of the couch. She was quick to slide them off and I pulled her legs over mine, put the blanket over them, and my arm around her. Her head tucked against my chest, and she ate her candy while we watched the film. She jumped a few times and I held her tighter.

Slowly I watched her hand come up to her mouth, and I knew what she was going to do. I caught her hand and held it. I didn’t like it when she would suck her thumb. She didn’t need to do that now that she had me. The movie ended and during the credits, she looked up at me. “I’m scared now.” She whined.

“You have me, and you know, I would never let anything happen to you.” I smiled down at her and I could see the fear in her eyes. I uncovered her legs, set the remote down on the coffee table, and stood up. The room was dark, but enough light came in from the kitchen to see her pick up her shoes and stand next to me. I took her hand and walked with her to the stairs. “I’m going to lock up. You go get ready for bed.”

“Daddy?” Her voice was soft.

“You will be ok, and I’ll be right behind you.” I kissed her on the head again and headed into the kitchen. I could hear her stockinged feet run up the stairs, she was the reason I loved scary films and tonight she would hold on tight to me. I shut off the kitchen light and locked the back doors. I walked to the bottom of the stairs, I could hear the water running and knew she was brushing her teeth. She was a good girl. I locked the front door and headed up the stairs.

She was standing by the dresser, one finger pushed through the bars of the birdcage petting her teddy bear on the nose. Her hair was up in a bun on her head, and she looked much older. Her t-shirt top had a kitten on it and the matching shorts had the word meow all over them. God, she was cute.

I went into the bathroom and took off my clothing. I brushed my teeth, splashed water on my face, and dried it off. I put on the flannel pajama bottoms and went back into the bedroom.

“Daddy, how long will Bernard be in the cage?”

“I will let him out tomorrow.” I walked over and turned out the bedroom light. It was dark instantly, but I found my way to the bed, while my eyes adjusted to the dark. She still stood by the dresser. “Come to bed,” I said pulling back the covers and getting in.

“Yes, Daddy.” She turned and reached her hands out in the dark in front of her. I flipped back the covers and when her leg bumped the bed, she crawled across to me. I lay down and grinned. “Daddy?” She whispered in her little voice. “I’m scared.”

“Come here,” I said softly and pulled her against me. Her head found my shoulder, her hand reached across my chest and, her leg covered mine. I pulled the covers over us and reached my free hand into the dresser. She needed the comfort, I groped in the drawer until I found it and I closed the drawer softly. “You are My good girl, My precious princess, and My little love.” I held the adult pacifier in front of her lips and stroked them gently with it. Her mouth opened and she reached out for it. I know she felt comfort from it, and it was the best way to stop her snoring. I kissed the top of her head. “Sweet dreams, My baby girl.”


~To be continued~

Submitted: August 10, 2021

© Copyright 2023 Ivy B Pane. All rights reserved.

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really well written and interesting and easy to read.
You are certainly creating a mystery here.
To me anyway your relationship could be "anything"
I look forward to this developing story

Fri, August 13th, 2021 1:10am


I am so excited that you read it and left a comment. I am working on the other chapter and will have it out soon. Thank you again, it means so much to me.

Tue, August 17th, 2021 11:31pm


Very well written. The whole Daddy thing has always been a bit weird for me but you pull it off. I think you write so well that it's both a bit creepy and erotic at the same time, at least to me.

Fri, August 13th, 2021 2:44am


I am so happy that you found it good. I will be adding more to the story soon. Thank you for reading and I am so excited to see where this goes.

Tue, August 17th, 2021 11:30pm


Ivy? Is that you, Ivy? Whoa....

Nicely penned and took me completely by surprise once I started.
I've talked to someone here before about "Littles" - prior to that, I was unfamiliar with the term or concept. I've called guys 'daddy' before, but it's never been a scenario to this extreme. To each his own (or their own, I suppose). It's a little unnerving, this account, but I'm sure there are some who really get into it. There are two major taboos implied - but of course, it's two consenting adults in a presumably symbiotic relationship. Once I settle that in my mind, I can ride this wave.

Sun, September 5th, 2021 12:13am


I am glad you like it, there is more to come for this story, Littles are very different and it is a fun thing to write about.

Mon, September 6th, 2021 9:22pm


Omg I love this!!!!! This is so good!! You got me all hot and bothered!!! I’m a little

Fri, September 17th, 2021 1:12am


I am so happy you found it satisfying little one, I am a switch with little tendency and I am so happy you like it. I do feel bad for Bernard, don't worry, he will be ok and there is more to the story. Happy to know you.

Fri, September 17th, 2021 3:02pm

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