Life with the Allen Family Volume One

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Spanking, Corporal Punishment and Slut Stories

Andrew Planner is interested in spanking as a form of discipline rather than pleasure and decides to look for strict disciplinarians to move in with who will spank him as a form of discipline when they believe he deserves it and a father who still spanks his own children responds

Table of Contents

The Ad

Twenty-four year old Andrew Planner feels that he could still benefit from domestic discipline in the form of spankings and so places an ad on a spanking classified site looking for a strict
disciplinarian to move in with and quickly gets a response
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Moving in and his first spanking

The moving day finally arrives with Andrew moving into the Allen's home and Mr Allen sits down with Andrew to discuss his debt and agrees to pay it all off, but it comes with an extremely painful
and humiliating price and Andrew bonds with Jonathan in an unusual way.
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Two Loud Drunks, Two Spanked Bottoms

Andrew and Jonathan come home from a night out and are drunk and loud waking up most of the street and Mr Allen earning them a sound spanking facing the window in the front room for the whole
street to see with some humiliating corner time
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A Day of Spankings

An unusual day where all four each earn separate spankings as cries echo around the house as outsiders watch on leaving all four naked for certain periods afterwards
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Spanked at a family barbeque

Andrew and two others get themselves into trouble at a family barbeque and get a sound spanking there and then and made to display their well spanked bottoms for the rest of the day
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Sentenced to two weeks of spankings

Andrew is sentenced to two weeks of spankings every day for being disrespectful to Mr Allen and the rules of the house.
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The Fight

Andrew jumps into the bathroom before the eldest Allen sibling and when he comes out gets into a rowing match with her and she pushes him and he pushes her back knocking her to the ground and he is
witnessed doing this by Mr Allen and he is the one that gets spanked.
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Spanked on the driveway

Andrew and Jonathan have been testing Mr Allen's patience all day and on getting home from a day out his patience finally ended and Andrew and Jonathan had their shorts and underwear yanked off on
the driveway and given a sound spanking standing up to an onlooking crowd
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Two bullies get their comeuppance

Charlotte and Andrew were outed as bullies by some of the younger children and receive a very severe punishment in front of their victims and banned from wearing clothes for some time
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Joanna and Jonathan get into trouble

While Charlotte and Andrew continue getting punished after being ousted for being bullies Joanna and Jonathan soon find themselves in trouble and soon there are four naked children in the house
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