Lucky Boy Part three

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humiliation Sex  |  House: The Humiliation Board

Carlos tries to extricate himself from his abuse, but it dragged even deeper into degenerate behavior.
He is dressed in drag to entertain drunken men.

Lucky Boy Part Threeby dale10



One of the cancers got a hose and they washed the waste from Carlo’s asshole.

The boys were careful not to wash any of the cried cum from the boy’s torso or his neck and face. They liked him well coated.  The drugs mixed in with the kid’s ”oatmeal” breakfast got the totally exhausted young latino high again. He was so confused, he once again no longer knew what was happening.


Carlos was such a pretty just turned eighteen boy, but there are some others who enjoyed him covered in spit and spunk. Fouling such beauty turns some dudes on.  Jeff apparently wanted to totally fuck up the young sexual novice.

And here, after one night at Lucky’s, he had been mouth and ass fucked.

Carlos sat naked on the floor of the shower room, his sexy legs spread, his toes curled, his fat teenage dick lying flaccid over a full, loose bag of balls.


“Eh…shower, I need a shower,” Carlos muttered, reaching up with one arm as if he could conjure water.  Some of the dancers standing around the kid were masturbating their dicks. Most pf the boys who danced at the club had large fat cocks, as it was one of the best draws for the bar. When the patrons slid their five dollar bills into the tiny undies and pouches the boys wore when they danced, they liked to wrap their fingers around the fat fleshy tubes of fuck flesh, and bury them in the boys’ ball sacks. For ten dollars, the dancing sluts allowed the customers to actually fondle and play with the fat fuck sausages and nut sacks.


There was a certain twisted logic to their perverted handling of Carlos and the things they had done to him. To be honest, in order for a boy to survive in this environment, he had to get used to being groped.  The customers wanted to feel ass, balls and dick. They wanted to slide their fingers up and down the boys’ sweaty ass cracks, and they wanted to smell the sweat of boy dick on their fingers. Carlos would have to get used to this to keep his job.


And even more than that, if he wanted to make “big money,” Carlos would have to learn how to suck and fuck. It was just a fact of life.  After the boys danced, they came out and mingled with the customers who had shoved money in their pouches. They flirted with them and got the often half drunken men to buy them drinks. Then, they negotiated with the men for private sessions at nearby hotels. Where their dicks were sucked, their asses were fucked, and they earned drug and fine living money.


Jeff and his fellow dancers were simply initiating Carlos. Admittedly, because the virginal Latino boy was so fucking cute, they had gotten carried away, and they fully intended to go even further. Perhaps because they had been publically humiliated night after night by having to expose themselves while gyrating and bumping almost naked, these hyper-sexual boys really enjoyed humiliating others.


They now dragged the out of it Carlos from the shower stall.  “Jeez, Carlos, Tony has changed your schedule. He wants you to dance the first round today.”


Carlos looked up at the handsome lead dancer. “Ugh, I can’t, I’m too wiped out.” Of course he was, they had drugged him up again with his breakfast.


“You gotta’.  You’re the new boy. You can’t turn down a dance spot.  Besides, you will earn more money. You can raise that rent you need quicker.”


Adam and another dancer lifted Carlos by his armpits and got him on his feet. His legs felt so weak. Jeff winked at his buddies.  “The early afternoon dance program is easy. It’s kind of a costume show. Don’t worry, we’ll help you get dressed.”  Jeff reached down and circled Carlos’ thick cock tube and began to pump it gently. He wanted the boy hot and leaking. “Let me help you relax.”


He cupped Carlos’ naked ball sack and gently squeezed it. The boy felt his nuts churn. He was so fucked up. Here he still had not even cleared his head or heled his body from the night before, and he was now totally out of it again. He missed his Mom and little brother so much.  He wanted to go home. But he had to dance, both to pay his debt and also to make enough money to cover this month’s rent.


Jeff rolled the boy’s balls with one hand and pumped his dick with the other. Adam, meanwhile, supporting Carlos from the rear, reached his hands around the kid and began to pinch his nipples. He also pushed his own erect dick in between the boy’s ass cheeks, not going into him, but running the leaking cock up and down in the crack.


“What are you guys doing? I don’t want any more. NO… stop, please.”


“Don’t stop, is that what you said, Bitch?” Adam whispered into the smaller kid’s ear.  He allowed a gob of spit to enter Carlos’ ear.


“No, I…” 


“Hush up, babe.” Jeff whispered. “We gotta’ get you properly sexed up, if you are going to go out and dance. The customers expect it. Don’t want to make Tony mad.” 


Another one of the dancers entered carrying something. “I got her costume.” He said, sneering.


“Oh good. Time to get you dressed, honey. It’s almost show time.”  He was pumping Carlos dick hard and fast now, short jerking moves. The Latino dick was leaking long strings of fuck. Adam was plucking the kid’s fat tits. Carlos was grunting and moaning. “Now, a word about the early customers. These fuckers who come in here in the afternoon are two kinds, hard core drunks and twisted perverts. Men who need that first drink early in the day, or creeps who are so horny by noon, they simply have to get off on some good fresh boy pussy. The pussy chasers are your best bet for money. Play to them.” 


Adam spit on his finger and inserted it between Carlos smooth muscular young ass cheeks.  He began to massage the teenager’s asshole hole. Carlos tried to move away, but Jeff and Adam held him still. The Latino boy moved up onto his strong young toes as the finger worked its way into his tender asshole.


“Please, I hurt back there. It’s too sore…”  Carlos pleaded.  What did he expect, he had been gang fucked the night before? He was a gang fucked teenage boy. He may not have realized it, but his life was changed forever. He would never be the same again.


“Just getting you into your costume, baby.” Jeff soothed. Someone raised one of Carlos’s legs and slipped his foot into the tiniest, mesh see through thong panty. It was the kind of thong that a sleezy female stripper might wear.  They slid it up over his thighs and hips. In the rear, the thong was nothing but a string, so his asshole was totally visible when he moved or bent.


“You gotta’ remember to shave every single day. You can’t have any hair over your clit or around your pussy.”  What kind of talk was this? In his confused condition, Carlos couldn’t make any sense of it. Adam inserted his thick finger deep into Carlos’ asshole. Carlos started t grunt. Now, Jeff was attaching tassels to Carlos’ fat nipples.  Big red tassels like female strippers wore on their tits.


“You are going to look so hot, baby.”  Jeff said.


“I don’t know. I feel so ashamed,” poor Carlos answered.


“Naw, it’ll be fine. Now hold still. “ He put lipstick sloppily on the boy’s full young lips. It went all over the place, looking horrific. Then he slapped some rouge onto Carlos’ cheeks. Carlos started to cry. He didn’t know why. He just couldn’t control his embarrassment and his discomfort.


“So pretty, baby, “  Adam whispered, and spit in his ear again. He drilled his finger deeper and began to fuck it in and out of the boy’s ass.


“Oh please, guys, stop. Please. I feel so fucked up!” Carlos had lost control of his body. His legs felt like water, his balls were churning all by themselves, and his  big dick was throbbing and pushing out the tiny thong obscenely.


A final touch!  Jeff was handed a long red woman’s wig which he slapped on Carlo’s head. Teenage Carlos was now in drag. They held his body while they stepped him into obscenely high-heeled women’s shoes.


“Its show time, baby.  Now make us all proud.”  Somebody held a popper under Carlos nose, but when he didn’t breathe in, they shoved it up his nostril.

The whole room began to spin.  Adam’s finger frigged frantically up into Carlos’ rectum while they steered him out of the dancer’s changing room and into the bar.


Carlos reeled, and his ankle bent over painfully in the high heels.  The drunks and freaks in the bar whistled and applauded, as the stripper music blared.  Carlos was too freaked out to step up onto the performing stage, so he had to crawl onhands and knees. This brought cheers from his fellow dancers who were watching. As Carlos struggled to his feet, the spot light hit him and blinded him.


“Dance, you fucking whore!” somebody from the darkness yelled.


“Get moving faggot… “ the bartender, who was not Tony but the daytime guy, yelled.


 Poor Carlos began to sway his hips. His dick was leaking into the thong pouch which was now soaked through, and strings of pre-fuck hung down.


“Look at the cunt leak!” a drunk yelled, moving in and holding his hand under the leaking string. He then brought the fuck to his mouth and sucked it off. Cheers.  “Stick your pussy out,” somebody else yelled.  Carlos thrust his ass out and moved it around in a circle. It was like he was begging to be fucked. One of the heels gave way again, and he went down his hands and knees on the small stage.  The tassels on his chest swung and swayed. Hid breathing grew ragged.

He felt hands on his ass.


“No, dear God, please!”  Carlos sobbed. One of the drunken customers took out a twenty-dollar bill and shoved it roughly up the dancing boy’s asshole.


“Jesus,” Jeff squealed with laughter, “He’s shoving that twenty right up her pussy.”The fingers were not satisfied shoving the bill into the hole. They pushed the twenty deeply up into Carlos’ rectum. That gave other customers idea, and soon, Carlos had three fives and a ten also pushed up into his asshole.  The last guy who pulled his fingers out of the boy’s finger raped ass, brought his digets up to Carlo’s face. 


“Suck your ass stink off my fingers, you dirty, useless cunt!” the man spit a thick gob into Carlos face, and his make-up began to run. This started a whole spate of men who came up to spit in the boy’s face. The old dried cum began to turn pasty and run, mixing in with the rouge. Carlos’ heavy tears joined the muddy mixture. Gobs of spit ran down his face and dripped from his chin.


The other dancers were roaring with laughter and high-fiving each other.

Some disgusting customer took his dick out of his pants and shot his fuck load into a napkin. Then he staggered up to the stage and shoved the cumsoaked wad into Carlos’ mouth.  Carlos began to gag. He wasn’t sure what it even was in his mouth, so he automatically began to chew and swallow the mess. The poor dancing boy tried to climb to his feet again, but the high heels kept buckling and twisting his ankles which were now in terrible pain. Down onto his knees he came again. One old man grabbed the boy by the jaw and forced his mouth open. Then he hawked a huge gob right into the teen’s mouth. Then a second and a third. The inside of Carlos’ mouth was a lake of thick green spit. The boy looked around helplessly, his mouth open, drooling spit.


“Swallow it, you fucking cum-faced cocksucking whore!”  the old man screamed into his face. Carlos wailed and swallowed the foul mess. Another dude tore one of the tassels from Carlos’ chest, and attached it to the boy’s swollen dickhead as it stuck out from the scum soaked thong. He pinched and pushed the nub end of the tassel up into the boy’s pisshole. Carlos howled in pain, and as his body jerked back, the tassel danced from the end of his dick.


Carlos fell down and twisted to lie on his back. He lay there helplessly, as customers drunk and sober crowded around the small circular stage platform.

The men took out their dicks and began to jerk off over the kid. The bartender, seeing what was happening decided that things had gone a bit too far. He signaled for the music to be turned off. The room grew silent except for the sounds of Carlos crying, the men’s heavy ragged breathing and the slush, slush, slush of hands pumping leaking pulsing pricks.


“Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!”ropes of cum shot out and landed on Carlo’s face and torso. Cum splashed into his eyes, up his nostrils and into his mouth. The watching Lucky Boy dancers cheered. Carlos coughed and puked, and still the cum splashed onto and into him. Vomit bubbled out of his nose and mouth, as he grew hysterical.


It was so horrible that Carlos passed out. Drunken men wiped their spent dicks on Carlos’ face, mixing with cum and spit and puke. Jeff moved in and grabbed the boy’s legs and pulled him to the edge of the platform. He lifted the legs and spread them. Then, he dug into the boy’s stretched asshole to fish out the money.

The boy’s hole was too tight for him to reach the first twenty, so, he pried the ass lips open. Then he pushed his hand as hard as he could up Carlos’ asshole. He gripped the twenty with his fingers, thankful that they had so recently cleaned out the Latino’s bowels. A couple of the other dancers grabbed the unconscious body and carried the abused boy into the dressing room.  

Submitted: August 03, 2021

© Copyright 2023 dale10. All rights reserved.

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