Trouble Follows Us

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Don't move, stay on the ground. I knew the old cunt wouldn't stop. He won't let anyone take me away.

I think he enjoys washing, maybe a little too much as he wrings the water out of the garments with his strong hands. 


I'm afraid to ask why he hand washes our clothes, instead of using a washing machine.


We are now living in a penthouse over looking the ocean. Why I'm here with him,  I don't know. He wanted me and my male friend dead. He nearly succeeded. I still have nightmares of that night. The smell of fire, the smoke choking us, we were trapped. The thought of being burnt alive still scares me. Old cunt just tells me its in the past. 


How did the old cunt manage to get this penthouse after what he did? He terrified the fuck out of everyone in his old apartment block, it defies logic. 


 I love the water. I was born to be in the water. I'm Moana of Aotearoa. I'm so far away from home, I'm a lost indigenous woman. Still, I know I shouldn't be up here looking down on everyone, especially with this sociopath. 


It's a huge open plan design penthouse, over looking the Moana ocean. We sleep on the floor. looking out to the dark  ocean. I can't remember the last time I slept in the main bedroom or any of the other bedrooms. We live and fuck hard on the tiled floor. I have bruises everywhere over my body. He says sleeping on the floor makes him feel at home.  I think it might have something to do with his time in prison.  They sleep on a concrete slab with a thin foam mattress.  The prison calls it a bed.  Guess old habits are hard to break. 


I don't sleep much as I am too busy fighting my demons. I only sleep after I'm completely stoned and warned out of having lots of sex. Even then I'm restless, if it wasn't for the sound of the ocean i would never sleep. 


Suddenly the intercom lights up. I stupidly answered it. I never answered it before. What the fuck Im thinking, as I hear a deep voice asking for him. 


He always meets people down on the street. When he leaves me up here I feel trapped. The thought of being burnt alive is still very real. No one ever comes up here unless they are very close to him.  No one has ever buzzed the intercom before.  I think I just made a huge fuckup by answering it. 


I remember Christmas night we had guests, good friends.  They never buzzed on the intercom. It was wonderful we had some friends.  A couple of old school guys.  Uncle Matt and Uncle Mike. Between them they have seen it all. They have nothing to show for it, only scares but they are happy.  They were actually my friends, not old cunts.  Good guys. We danced and sang, got really drunk and stoned. It was a beautiful night. No one got hurt. No police. No trouble. Just a beautiful normal night. 


The old guys helped me out before I meant old cunt. They used to be dealers, not like the scum of today. They had class and honor. They gave me everyone and did not expect anything in return.


I got smashed on alcohol one sunny day. We were all drinking and pulling bongs, except for old cunt. Old cunt were always watching.ike he's on guard, waiting to spring into action. One thing I liked about the old cunt he would protect me from everyone.  I read that a sociopath will protect people as well as kill them.  Only he can hurt me, god help anyone that looks sideways at me. 


We were at uncle Matt's place.  The next thing I knew I was lying on the shower floor. Old cunt was holding my hair up as I was being sick. Then I heard yelling in the kitchen. I knew by the sound of the voices it was Uncle Matt arguing with Uncle Mike.  They always argued, however this time it was different it was serious.  Matt was accusing Mike for ripping off his stash. Matt has been in and out of jail for most of his life.  He knows how to handle himself.  He's muscular and fast.  I heard him threaten Mike that he's going to cut his throat. Matt was known around town for settling arguments with an axe. 

Mike is a sweet guy, he's not a street fighter.  I was scared for Mike.


Old cunt saw my fear for Mike.  For some unknown reason the old cunt stood up from the shower and walked into the kitchen. All went quiet, I felt much better. But I was scared to see what the old cunt did. 


God I wished I didn't answer the intercom as the voice is demanding to be let in. Old cunt is going to kill me.


The penthouse is an old building.  It was the first highrise built in this small seaside town. Built in  1970's it was undergoing some repairs. The elevator was out of service, due to an upgrade. The main foyer was blocked off and access to the stairs were sealed off while the workman carried out the upgrades and repairs. 


The only access to all of the units, including the penthouse 8 levels up is via the fire escape stairs. It was a mission to climb all those stairs. Old cunt just use it as part of his never ending daily training sessions. 


Old cunt came out of the bathroom, which is at the other end of the spawing apartment. The voice on the intercom is now much louder. Can I help you!  Old cunt asks.


Yes, it's the police.  We want to speak to Miss Moana Caple.  She's not here.  I haven't seen her.


We know  she's there when we heard a woman's voice.  That was Carol! Old cunt replied.  She's gone now.


The police were informed by the off site management the only way out of the units is by the fire escape.  The police were guarding the fire escape exit adjacent to the main foyer. No one was getting out or in without their consent.


Old cunt invited the police up to check for themselves. He offered to come down to open the fire exit door since they didn't get a key from the manager.


As the police were  patiently waiting for the old cunt to walk down the 8 levels as they knew  they finally caught us it would be our last time together. 


Old cunt removes the heavy steel bar from the front door.  He pushes me out into the stairwell. Hide here!  Dont fucking make a sound he calmy said to me. 


I could hear his front door close as I sat in the dark one level down. I feared for my life.  What will the police do? What will the old cunt do? 


I sat in the dark for what felt like a lifetime.  Then I heard old cunt telling me its ok to come out.


Fuck I was mad at him , I wanted to cut him up. I was also fucking horny from thinking about what old cunt was doing in the penthouse with the police.


Old cunt told me to get on the floor.  I could see reflections of flashing blue lights down on the street. What the fuck did you do! I tell you later old cunt says  as he forces his fucking hard cock into my mouth.  Fuck I hate sucking guys. 


After a few minutes of deep hard sucking , I pushed him off.  How did you get rid of the police without giving me up to the police ! I demanded to know. 


It will cost you.  Old cunt said.  I don't know what's worse.  Being here with old cunt or with the police I thought, as I watched the police stand guard down on the street. 


The police asked old cunt where the woman was who answered the intercom. The police searched everywhere in the penthouse while they guarded the fire escape exit.  They didn't believe his answer.  That's why they are hanging around.  All night and now all day.  Im fucking trapped up here, while the police search for me down on the streets. 


Old cunt told the police the woman was Carol who answered the intercom.


Where is she? They asked him.  I don't know.  She must have left while I was putting pants on to greet you guys. He said.


Old cunt told the police they must have missed her leaving as there is another exit in the basement.


I wish I was there to see the reaction of the police.  They are now permanently standing guard waiting for Carol to return.. Fucking funny as Carol doesn't exsist. 


Problem now, I'm a prisoner in this penthouse with a sociopath. I can't go to the police as they want to question me about an alleged assault. 


The police decided to get smart.


A few days passed when there was banging on both doors.  Old cunt said don't worry, they can't open the doors even if they have keys or ram the door.  The heavy steel bars prevent the doors from being open.


The banging on the doors got louder.  Old cunt just continued hand washing my clothes as usual, while I curled myself up on the floor in a backroom in fear. 


Now there was noise like bombs going off, it was fucking loud.  It took the police nearly an hour to smash in.  Old cunt held me tight while yelling that we were unarmed.


The police dragged me down the fire escape stairs. I was in my underwear when they put me into the police  lockup for the night. Bruised and sore all over, I wish I was with the old cunt. 


They charged the old cunt with obstruction.  He didn't care as he stood face to face with the senior sergeant, yelling he is racist cunt for his treatment of a young black woman. 


After a short court appearance the next day.  I was released on bail. Old cunt was dressed in business attire sitting in the back of the courtroom.  He  arranged a bail address with my lawyer.  Honestly without his help I would have remained remanded. 


Our troubles have just got worse as old cunt waited outside the police lockup for me. 

Submitted: August 03, 2021

© Copyright 2022 Missink31. All rights reserved.

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What the hell did you do to deserve such a manhunt?
I like the description of the penthouse, screwing on the tile floor, and your man's obsession with washing your clothes. That is weird. I'd die without a washing machine.

So this is post-arson where old cunt tried to burn down the building. I can't believe they didn't put him under the jail for that one...attempted murder. Yet, they are coming after you and he is free as a bird. Something is crazy about that shit.

Your stories are wild, girl.

Sat, August 7th, 2021 1:01am


Up date. Old cunt and I are laying low by the sea side. Trying to stay out of trouble....

Fri, October 22nd, 2021 8:43pm

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