The Interrogation part 2

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Abandoned

A continuation of The Interrogation. What does Jennaseea do now that Rockashen has fled.

The Interrogation

By Ivy B Pane

Part 2


It was late in the afternoon when her tent flap shook.  She lay in bed with Markden’s arms around her.  She was enjoying the feel of his warm skin against her back when the flap shook again.  “What is it?” she said hoping not to wake him. 

“I need to speak with Markden.”  It was a male voice, and she couldn’t put a face to the voice at the moment.

“In a moment.”  She reached behind her hip and rubbed her hand down his hip and thigh.  “Markden,” she said rubbing his leg harder.  He took in a deep breath and stirred.  “Markden.”  She gripped his thigh.

“What is it,” he breathed against her ear.

“They want you outside.”  She slid her hand behind her back and pushed him away from her.

He groaned, got out of the bed, tucked the furs against her, and gathered his clothing.  He dressed quickly and went out the tent flap.  She sighed, he would be back and bring her the news he was getting now.She needed to be dressed for this, but the bed was warm, and it might wait.

“Jennaseea,” he said, and now she knew it wouldn’t wait.

She sat up in the bed wrapping the furs around her shoulders.  “Come in Markden.” 

He marched up to the bed. “Your little pet has been busy.” He started to pace at the foot of her bed. “One of the scouts saw him enter a town and then several riders left in all directions.” He walked over to the table and looked at the map. “I can see from here. He must have sent them to every town within our reach.” He turned his eyes toward her. “What do you want to do now?” His face was etched with anger.

“It’s too late to kill him.” She stepped out of the bed and picked up her linen dress. “I need my leathers, go see if they’re dry.” She sat on the bed, barely noticing Markden leave the tent or the glare he shot at her.  He wasn’t gone long and came back with her leathers bundled in his arms.

“You’re not going to be able to find him now.”  Markden handed her the skins and she started to put them on.

“We need to be ready.”  She dressed quickly, preparing for war, it was always war, and she knew it.  She went to the table. The drawing was still there, and she set it gently aside and pulled the map toward her. “Get me something to eat.” She looked at the map and heard him leave.  It wouldn’t take him, but a moment and she needed to see what they could do. Where would he have gone, after he warned the town, and was he one of the riders, or was he still in the town? She was deep in thought when Markden interrupted her.

“Jennaseea.” He called from the other side of the tent flap.

“Come in Markden.” She called. Why did she not put the chains back on Rockashen?

He brought her a bowl, a root dish with meat slices, and a heavy cream gravy. She took the bowl from him and began to eat. Markden looked over her shoulder at the map. “This is the town he went to. It might be best to start there.” His finger floated over the ink on the map.

“That’s the one we planned on hitting next anyway.” She leaned forward and looked over the map. “Should we go ahead with the plan or try to hit one of these other two? We can flank the town that way and close in on it later.” The surprise would be gone now no matter what they did, and where a small group could easily be overpowered, large ones would be a different story.

“They might expect it.” Markden sighed and sat down at the table. “Maybe we should just hit the town that is next, they may expect us to change our tactics.”

Her eyes drifted to the drawing of her. Why did she not chain him back up? “Tell the camp we are moving. We need to anyway now that they know where we are.”

“Yes, Princess.” Markden left her alone in her thought.

Whatever was done, was done, and it was too late now to change. She picked up the drawing and looked at it. Rockashen saw her differently, he feared her, but he saw a softness that was often missed by most others.

It took most of the day to pack up the camp and get it ready to move. They collected a few horses on the raid and she would be riding her own. They waited until nightfall to begin the move. Through the night Jennaseea road and listened to the sounds around them. For such a large attack party they moved quietly through the woods. The town might not be that far away, but just under 600 men did slow you down. Scouts went out and came back to report what was ahead of them. She rode quietly with Markden at her side. The men followed, fanned out or slightly ahead of her. They would be warned of an attack.

The sky was still pitch dark, Jennaseea watched another scout return to Markden. “There is a clearing ahead and it's big.” The scout stated and looked between Markden and Jennaseea.

Jennaseea looked at the scout. “Take several others and look around the edges of the open grounds, I do not want to get caught by surprise.” He nodded his head at her and took off. She looked at Markden. “Is there any way to keep a guard out in the tree line, several maybe?”

“It can be done, and we will rotate them often.” Markden took off after the scout and picked up a few men along the way.

The ride was quiet for some time. Jennaseea watched the woods and listened to the men. Some talked quietly and others were listening to the woods for any sound of an enemy. The stars had just gone to sleep, and she could see the men starting to bunch up at the front of the line. She rode on to see what was stopping them. The men were gathered at the side of the clearing. Jennaseea looked out over the openness of the area. There were some good points about it and a few bad ones. It would have to do, for now. She moved the horse past them and out into the open. She looked back at the men and held up her hand for them to hold the position.

Ridding the perimeter on her own would teach her everything she needed to know.  Where the most dangerous places were and if there was a spot that could hide a group of men from sight. It was a cool night and the breeze feel good from the forest. She was enjoying the time alone, letting her mind work with her eyes and automatically pick up things she needed to know. Where the hills in the clearing would hide the camp or part of it anyway. Where the trees were the thickest and could hide a group of men. The rest of her thoughts were on a set of dark eyes and soft locks of dark hair, of how he felt, his dark brown skin so soft against her pale skin. His strong tongue and what he did to her. The strength in his arms when he picked her up. She stopped her horse and listened, if there was movement anywhere nearby, she would hear it. The moon was half full and she was almost where she started. She turned the horse and headed to the middle of the clearing.

The perfect place presented itself to her, a fallen tree with its roots exposed. She dismounted and tied up her horse, the animal would be able to graze while she walked around. Walking was not really what she had in mind. She was on fire, and she took the moment to look and listen around her. No one would be out here, and she would hear anyone in the quiet of the early morning. She undid the binding of her leather britches, and let them drop. They were damp in the joining of the legs and the open-air would help to dry them, but not her. The yearning she felt was more than she could bear, and that made it a dangerous thing. She sat on the rough tree, reached between her legs, and felt the moisture, her fingers sliding through the hair and the soft folds of skin. Her thoughts wandered back to him, his tongue, as he lapped up her essence. Fingers traced where his tongue had been and the desire traveled through her, she began to rub herself, feeling the longing build. She could feel him, while she was lost in the pleasure, feel how he entered her and how he plunged into her very soul. He filled her mind as well as her body, a moan almost escaped her, and she gritted her teeth together to keep quiet. The thoughts of how he felt, the way he smelled and tasted burned through her. The feeling gushed from her, and her mind exploded with her body, placing him between her thighs flooding her with his fluids. She could feel him pumping it into her, each surge of his seed filling her to the brim. She stopped, panting, her fingers wet, and she lifted them and tasted her flavor, the same way he brought it to her in a kiss. She grabbed a handful of grass and dried herself, wiped her hands, and pulled up her britches lacing them quickly.

She untied the horse and jumped back on. She went back to finish her ride search the area. The men were waiting, most of them quiet, but she could hear a few voices in the breaking dawn. She turned her horse into the trees. Markden moved his horse to meet her. “Let’s go make camp.” She said to him and nodded. Markden whistled to the other men and the army poured out of the woods and into the clearing. She watched from the woods until the last of them was walking through the tall grass. There was no way to hide this big of an army. She rode her horse out of the trees and into the morning sun.

The main tents went up quickly, including hers. After the night she had, she was looking forward to some rest. Her bed and a bath were ready for her. She got into the cool water and for a moment the throbbing in her quieted. She relaxed even though the water was cold. She closed her eyes for a moment and could only see him. The reflection of her face in his eyes and the feel of his hands on her skin. She washed and got out of the water. She didn’t bother with any clothing and got into a fresh bed. She was warming up, and the smell of the fresh grasses that made her bed started to lull her. Her eyes closed and she thought of him.

“Jennaseea.” She took in a deep breath and reached through the furs. “Jennaseea.”

“What is it,” she said keeping her eyes closed, wanting to stay with Rockashen in the warmth of the dream.

“Jennaseea.” His voice was soft but urgent.

“Come in Markden.” Her eyes opened and watched him come through the tent opening. The sun was dim but still light shimmered behind him.

He crossed the tent and knelt by the bed, his hand reached out and stroked her cheek. “Would you like my company this evening?” He spoke softly, a blush touching his face and a grin touching his lips.

She looked into his eyes, eyes the color of a high mountain lake of ice, and they shined looking back at her. A soft smile touched her face. “There is water in the tub.”

She watched him take off his leathers, fold them and stack them on the chair by the table. He slid into the cool water with a growl for the chill. The long scar on his back she remembered, she put the hot knife to it herself, sealing the wound and stopping the bleeding. He wet his long hair, reaching up and running his hands over his head. His arms were long and muscular, his hands large and strong. He washed and she watched him, when he got out and picked up the towel to dry, she got the chance to look at the beauty of all of him. Strong thick legs, his tight behind, broad shoulders, and his well-shaped chest. He was magnificent in his own right, and now, he was looking at her. “Am I clean enough for your bed?”

“Get into my bed.” She commanded softly, she lifted the furs and rolled onto her side to give him room.

“Would you like me to do what you taught me?” He smiled and even in the dim light of the tent couldn’t hide the redness of his cheeks as he approached the bed.

“Did you enjoy it?” She smiled, with the furs open he could see all of her laid out on the bed.

“I enjoyed it.” He leaned over her on the bed and kissed her hip. “I found the rich flavor satisfied my tongue.” He kissed her belly and worked his way down between her legs. Her knees opened and let him in. She reached down and opened herself for him. The heat of his breath made her quiver and anticipate the touch of his tongue. When he flicked it across her tender bud, she moaned out loud and closed her eyes. She saw him then, the dark hair between her legs, the tongue pushed into her, and she moaned again. He took his time, licking her and sucking gently at the protective flesh of her womanhood. Carefully he touched her with his fingers, softly stroking inside her while his lips nibbled her bud. She moaned more and reached her other hand down to run her fingers through his thick hair. She had to open her eyes, the texture of the hair not matching the sights in her mind. She taught him well and was ready for more.

“Come up here.” Her voice quivered, his eyes looked up into hers, the cold blue of them in the dim light almost glowed. He moved up her body, the head of his shaft sliding effortlessly insider her and his wet mouth covered hers. The taste on his tongue transferred to hers. She devoured him, her hands grasping his head, forcing the kiss to be hard and making him share every ounce that he lapped up from her.

He thrust hard into her once and then took his sweet time. With gentle strokes, he started a soft rhythm, almost as if the drums were beating and he was in on one beat and out on the next. She pressed her palms down his back and gripped him, digging her nails in, trying to show her need for him. His pace picked up, his thrusts becoming urgent and she could feel the beginning of the burst that was going to bloom inside her. He kissed her and pulled away, his head passing hers and he bit into her neck.

She was ready, on the edge of the precipice, waiting for the final nudge to shove her over and into the bliss that waited. He thrust harder into her, lifting himself with his arms, so he could look down into her face. She lifted her legs and wrapped them over his hips, it encouraged him more and he plunged into her violently. She gripped his shoulders and let the release come.

She cried out, just as he started to growl, his pleasure overtaking him. He slowed and leaned down over her, his lips stroking hers gently. His tongue darted into her mouth and she caught it, lifting her head and sucking him in at the same time. He rested his body on hers and reached one hand up to stroke her face.

He broke the kiss. “Are you hungry?” he asked her, his fingers still sliding across her cheek.

“I am now.” She smiled at him. This is why she favored him, he looked out for her needs and knew before she did that her stomach would growl.

He leaned down and kissed her one last time. He pulled the covers back, got out of the bed, and tucked the covers around her again. She watched him retrieve his clothing and put his pants back on. He didn’t need much to go out and get them some food. She listened to the quiet of the camp, she wished for the drums, but there was no way they could use them now. “Jennaseea.” He called softly.

“Come in.” in the quiet of the camp she could use her normal voice and he would hear her.

He came in, carrying a large plate piled with food. “Would you like on the table or in bed?”

“It won’t matter if I can’t see it?”

He chuckled and set the plate on the table. “I’ll get a fire going.” He went to the fire pit in the middle of the tent and checked the wood. It was stacked and ready to light. He took out his flint and steel and stroked them against each other until the sparks caught the felt moss pad and started to burn. The rest of the dry wood sucked up the flame and the small room brightened.

She got out of the bed, the room would warm soon, and she went to sit at the table. He watched her, his head slightly tipped and a grin on his face. She didn’t walk around nude often and he was enjoying the view. She settled in and picked up some food off the plate. She took small bites and picked up the map that was on the table. She held it up, watching the firelight dance on the inked page. “Light the lamp.” The map moved in her vision with the dance of light and she started to wonder what the drawing of her would look like, under these conditions. He brought over a twig from the firewood, a small flame greedily eating at the end of it, and lit the lantern that rested on the table.

“Are you going to eat or study the map?” He quickly blew out the small flame on the twig.

“I’ve been thinking about. I think we should hit that town tomorrow. The one we first planned to.” She laid the map on the table. “I don’t think it will matter. If we hit it hard and fast, we should be able to take it.” She picked up more food and ate it. Then she looked up at him. He was eating off the plate, but his eyes were on her. She took more food and looked at him. “What is it? Don’t you agree?”

The color in his cheeks changed again. “You are sitting at the table nude.” He grinned. “It makes me think other things and I can’t think on the map.”

“Hurry up and eat, then we can go back to bed.” She smiled at him.

“Did he teach you anything else you would like me to do?” He brushed his hand over his mouth, it didn’t hide the smile or the blush on his cheeks.

“Do you have any ideas of your own you would like to try?” She smiled right at him.

“I might.” He took more food. The plate was almost empty and she picked up the last of the meats. He stood and took off his leathers again. She put the meat in her mouth and licked her fingers.

He walked over to her bed and stood there waiting for her. She stood and went to get back into the bed. She reached forward, putting one knee up on the bed and he caught her around the waist. He held her captive under him and knelt behind her. His hands slid over the skin of her back up to her shoulders. She was still wet and could feel him brush against her. He kissed down her back gently, biting her soft skin. She sighed at the feel of him, he was aroused, she could feel it and he rubbed his hips against her. One of his hands went under her and cupped her breast. Her legs shook when he tightened his grip on her. His hand reached behind her and she moaned when he entered her. He was quick to reach back up and grab a handful of her hair. The first rough thrust caught her by surprise, but she curved her spine and spread her knees out wider for him. He pulled her breast and her hair, with each slap of his belly to her backside. She moaned loudly and felt him harden inside her. The sounds of his growls were more than she could hope for.

Sensations shot through her, the pulling and the pounding making her drip on the bed. Each jolt shooting through her, bringing her back to the point of release, and she could feel it building inside her. He bit her roughly and she moaned deep. Her senses were overloaded with sensations and she closed her eyes. She could see him, in her mind's eye, see Rockashen behind her, mounting her like an animal. Her body clenched tightening around his shaft. Her legs were shaking, her heart was pounding and her belly was warm. She moaned again, a soft sound against his growling with effort. Her essence was dripping down her, each thrust forcing it to leak from her. There was a rush of feeling that ran through her body and it all ran in one direction, directly where he had entered her. She began to moan, a deep punctuation to each thrust and he growled again. The deep sounds he made matched her own and the position of animals was heightened, by the sound of animals.

These sounds drove both of them, caught by the animal lust, and drove both of them harder. He bit at her again, and the grunting of him made her leak more of her essence. He burst inside her, letting go of her hair and her breast. The release of the tension brought her to climax and instantly over the edge. She cried out and he kissed her back softly. She was panting under him. He pushed himself up and stroked her back with tender fingers. He was still in her and she lounged in the tenderness he showed her. Her knees and elbows were sore and the new grass bed wouldn’t be the same. He pulled out and stepped off the bed. She rolled over, her lungs ached and she took a minute to catch her breath. He got into bed beside her, pulled her against him, and put his arms around her.

Her head nestled on his chest, one hand tucked against her body between them and the other by her cheek. One of her legs draped over both of his, the other lay along his strong leg. They were cooling fast, and he reached over her and pulled the furs over both of them. He rubbed his cheek against her head. “Sleep, my Princess.” He whispered, and her eyes close. The darkness was quick to take her.

Submitted: July 29, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Ivy B Pane. All rights reserved.

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You've got some nice sex scenes here, and I like how Jennaseea continuously recalls her encounter with Rockashen as the chapter progresses, fantasizing about him even in the midst of making love to Markden. I like the masturbation scene in the lonely wood...another fantasy recollection.

I'm having some trouble with Markden's acceptance of the stranger because he was clearly jealous previously. That's not to say that the princess doesn't keep Markden in line, but the guy actually asks with enthusiasm what else Rockashen has taught her and if he can duplicate it. I want to sense more jealousy from Markden, more pouting and anguish over what occurred with Rockashen. Markden and Jennaseea clearly have a relationship. The princess views him as a servant, but Markden is in love. She has feelings for him as well.

I'm curious as to Markden's specific military title. It seems as though he is second in command of the forces based on some of his input, but you don't stand guard outside the princess' tent if you're second in command. That's a lowly lieutenant's position. He should either stay with the princess or in his own quarters. Even as a general, he might ask permission to accompany the princess at night or to enter her tent, but I don't expect him to remain posted outside her door.

I like the physical description of Markden. It underscores the fact that Jennaseea is drawn to both men. They are both masculine and alluring in their own right. She's infatuated with Rockashen, but she has deep feelings for Markden as well. She personally attended Markden's injury from battle. That's significant.

Where is Jennaseea's father? There was a vague reference to him in the first chapter and we need some clarity. Who is Jennaseea and how is she afforded such authority over so many men? How did she become such a warrior? We need to start piecing together some background and interspersing it into your chapters in small doses. Provide some glances into her past, some brief dialogue about her family. Show your reader how she came to be, but do it slowly.

Sat, September 4th, 2021 9:36pm


I love that you ask me these questions and tell me what to watch for. This story was written for a friend and she loves it, but still, I want to make it the best possible story, and your insights help. I may print them and address everything in the next few chapters.

Mon, September 6th, 2021 9:32pm

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