Lawyer Preston's Rules for Young Ladies Part Four

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humiliation Sex  |  House: The Humiliation Board

Jenny's latest report is quite positive, however she still is not putting enough dedication into her training. Her discomfort increases.


By dale10



Well, Jenny, I really think we’ve got something good going here. There has been much improvement in your behavior since we began being just a bit stricter with you. Sometimes young people need a bit of discipline to get the on track, and I think you are a perfect example of this.


Let’s begin in our report with your exercise regime and how it is going. You know what they say dear girl, sound body, sound mind.  Our exercise bike routine for you each day is having tremendous success. I don’t know if you realize it, but there are hundreds of men (almost a thousand) who are interested in physical fitness who watch your training live with great interest. It must have been terribly humiliating and embarrassing for you to peddle that stationary bike with the ten inch dildo going in and out of your asshole It took some tie for your young naked body to adjust to the bike, but that is normal. By the way, your new boyfriend watched your performance and was very proud of you. Once your tits are enlarged, the wobbling breast movement as you peddle will be so much more attractive, but for now, your young swinging titties looked quite delightful. Believe it or not, Jenny, there are me out there with an interest in physical fitness,  who actually prefer young girls with smaller udders.  They like the perkiness of the younger apple breasts, and your tits certainly fill that bill.


By the way, everyone was most impressed with your nipples. I know we’ve had some trouble with you keeping your nipples erect. You complained and cried that you could possibly keep your nipples erect all the time. You even claimed that no girl could do that.  Well, you see now that you were wrong. With enough stimulation, and commitment, a young cunt like you can keep her buds erect at all times. It’s just a matter of training. At any rate, the electric cables attached to your nipples to apply shock stimulation if you slowed down your peddling, seemed to work quite well.  Each time you slowed down, we gave you a slight electric shock, to keep you peddling faster, thus making the dildo pump in and out of your ass with more vigor and force.


The benefits of this are many.  Not only leg but upper body strength. When you feel exhausted and every muscle aches and yet you need to keep on peddling, this is so good for your physical development.  However dear, there were many good suggestions made, some by viewers and some by your wonderful new boyfriend as to how to improve the experience for you. First, it was suggested that we increase the amount of the electric shock going into your titties. A stronger current will inspire you to greater achievement. I know the shock is quite painful, that awful stinging burning jolt to your nipples, but think Jenny how that will inspire you. So starting today we are going to double the charge.  We are also attaching stronger clamps to your nipples, as the increase charge and the involuntary jerking of your pretty young body to the jolt, might accidentally cause the tit clamps to detach.  So, we are going to use much larger alligator clamps with stronger teeth to insure they stay attached to your udder tips.


The second suggestion, this one from your new boyfriend, was that the dildo up your asshole be increased form ten inches to twelve inches. This will provide more thrust with each peddle you take. We are also doubling the thickness of the dildo. You will certainly find this beneficial when your boyfriend takes you anally.


But now on to the best news. THE SUCCESS OF YOUR FIRST FUCKING.  I am happy to report to you that your boyfriend was more than pleased when he fucked your virgin cunt for the first time. He reported that your pussy was tight and wet and gripped his dick beautifully. I am sorry that he was a bit rough in busting your cherry and plunging balls deep so quickly. That must have been quite painful for you dear, but you have to remember that he has been in prison for a while and was deprived of normal sexual intercourse. He reported that you were so small and delicate and young and pretty, that he just had to fuck you as roughly as possible. The second time he fucked you and unloaded his cum in your fresh young cunt, went much better I think. It was actually amusing to hear you beg him not to fuck you again so soon as your pussy was too swollen and sore. I say amusing because you are so innocent, you do not realize that most times your boyfriend fucks you, he will want to fuck you more than once. He is a very potent boyfriend, that is why we chose him for you. That, and the enormous size of his pecker.  What al lucky girl you are. After he finished fucking you, and It was my turn, I found your cunt already loosened up, but still nice and comfortable. I tried to explain to you that we were all going to fuck you, so that you became used to having a dick in you. This is after all the prime purpose in a young girl’s life.


In this modern age of equality, we often forget that a girl’s purpose on this earth is to serve man’s dick. She must be ready to serve any and all dicks.  Isolated in your girls’ school for all those years, you were kept from this knowledge. The basic rule here that we are trying to teach you, is that you must never, ever refuse any man’s dick. You must obey completely any man who takes interest in you. Being young and pretty, you will attract many men of all ages to you. Your job is to service all of them.  We chose for you a boyfriend who understands this. He is anxious to share you with as many men as possible. We are working hard with you Jenny, to make you the perfect fuck vessel. This is how you must think of  yourself, not as a person, hot even as a human being, but as a fuck vessel.  


Now by the time I had finished emptying my balls into you, you were extremely exhausted, but you still had my two assistants and my manservant to go.  I know, you begged to please allow you to rest, and I could see that your delicate pussy was swollen and raw. All I can say darling, is that your little cunt will become more used to this as time goes by. We want you to experience all kinds of cocks, so that you can someday choose clearly which kind of dick you prefer.


In light of this, here is your fucking schedule for this week. We have spared no expense and combed the internet to assemble for you the very best variety of fuckers possible. So here is just a glimpse of the first wo days:


Monday:You will be fucked by, two active duty marines, to hip-hop performers, two gentlemen from retirement homes, An Asian college student, a used car salesman, two casino dealers and of course your boyfriend and myself. Some of these may want to fuck you twice and cum once up your cunt and once on your face.


Tuesday:  Six truckers, Two Indian computer technicians, three members of the Russian Olympic Committee,  three high school wrestlers, your boyfriend and myself and my two assistants.  (this will be a trying day for you, but we are sure you will come through with flying colors.)


Remember please Jenny, that just as with your cocksucking, the last fuck of the day must be as good as the first fuck of the day. You must put as much enthusiasm and care into every single fuck.  If any man complains that you were lack-luster, you will be severely punished.


Now to the less than happy news. Your ass licking and sucking is still less than satisfactory. Both your boyfriend and myself feel you can put a lot more into your ass licking, especially when it comes to sticking your tongue as deep as possible up a sweaty male asshole.  How can I even think of having you entertain my friends, when I know your performance will be second rate?  You continue to complain that you become sick from the taste and smell of male ass. This is simply not acceptable, Jenny. I have therefore asked ten of those same high school seniors who conducted your medical exam, to return, after playing an exhausting game of football. They will take turns sitting on your face for eight hours without pause. You simply have to learn how to perform to please a man. So, you will keep your tongue as far as possible up the assholes of these sweaty high school jocks for eight hours. I hope this does some good.  Until further notice, you will also sleep at night with your face tied firmly into the ass of your boyfriend. And we are also quite angry that you actually complained when your boyfriend farted while your face was in his ass. How dare you. What a selfish little bitch you can be. You should be honored and proud to be able to smell your boyfriend’s or any man’s anal gas. These are things that simply may not be tolerated.


However, as a man who has worked with many recalcitrant young girls, I know full well that discipline must be accompanied with love. So, we are proud to announce two new additions to our little family. We have recently acquired two

Well trained huge male Great Dane dogs. I know it gets lonely here for you some times, and so I hope you become very close to your new animal friends. Of course, you will have to learn how to properly care for your new pets, but we will guide and teach you as always.


Buy the way, I understand that it bothers you that we use terms like cunt and tits rather than the proper medical names for your body parts, but I think as a young modern girl, you need to learn these terms, and these are terms you boyfriend and other gentlemen will use. So from now on, I would ask you to use the term cunt for your pudenda, and the words tits or udders for your breasts.


Your tit implants and enlargement has been pushed back yet again but should happen soon. You will feel so much better as a female with Double D sized udders, although your boyfriend is still pushing for larger titties. We are just afraid with your tiny body, being only five feet tall, you will be terribly off balance. But we will see. 


On Wed. after you have bene fucked, we are going to take you to the beach as promised. The college boys there will love your sting bikini


Oh, one last thing. To help sensitize your growing body and really get you in tune as a young lady, we are going to just light sandpaper your nipples and clit. That will certainly make feel extra excitement when you play with your cunt and tits. Remember, you are required to finger your cunt and tits at all times when you are not otherwise occupied. Good girls, Jenny play with themselves at all times, and keep their cunts wet. I know it gets exhausting, and that is why you must drink extra amounts of cum to build up your stamina. Providing enough cum for you to have in all your food and drink, can be quite difficult for us, so we are spending considerable funds shipping in containers of cum from farms and ranches. I doubt you will notice much difference in flavor.


So, that is it for today. Basically, a very good report. I am encouraging your fans to contact me with suggestions to improve your education. We want only the best for you.

Submitted: July 27, 2021

© Copyright 2021 dale10. All rights reserved.

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