Chapter 90: Slave Wife Fantasy

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: True Confessions  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

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Thursday 26th June 2014: Slave Wife Fantasy

I’m not working today and I’m sat in the lounge on the sofa with the foot rest out. Through the patio windows I can see that the sky is cloudy – hopefully it’s not going to rain - and apart from a few unavoidable chores I intend to have a lazy day. I hasten to add that the missus has gone to work.

Thinking about it, laziness and selfishness are the two things I regret most in my life – I regret not having been more lazy and more selfish in my life. 

I digress.

Anyway, I want to share with you what we got up to last night because I am also an exhibitionist and an egotist (I think that’s the right word)) – it also arouses me to relive our kinky sex life. So, after we had finished watching the concluding (concluding being a rather ironic term) part of Amber on iPlayer we cleaned our teeth, stripped off and got into bed; actually, I say stripped off but I did notice that the missus kept on a pair of short socks – I forgot to ask why. We then both got our books out and read for a while – I’m re-reading The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand by the way – prior to getting down to ‘the business’. Thinking about it, we both went to the loo before getting on with ‘the business’. Okay, that said, I then snuggled up to the missus, snogged her and then tickled her on her sensitive bits – she was squirming and giggling all the time I did that. After a few minutes of that I got her to turn over and prop herself up with her elbows. Next I alternately smacked her exposed buttocks and raked her bare and lightly freckled back roughly with my nails, occasionally tickling her when she was least expecting it. I was also calling her a ‘bad girl’ and a ‘slut’ – she loves being verbally abused! Once I thought she was wet I moved in to ‘phase 3’ – we’re very predictable in our love making – which involved me catching hold of her left wrist with my left hand and pulling it behind her head; sometimes at this point I handcuff both her hands to the headboard as she really relishes feeling restrained and at my mercy. Next, I then commenced to rub her clit feeling the delicious dampness of her cunt – which she had freshly shaved for me – whilst beginning to whisper her latest and favourite fantasy in her ear in which she is a ‘slave wife’ to me.

I would also just like to add at this point that though the fantasy of being very submissive arouses her intensely, in ‘real life’ she is quite assertive and strong willed – the classic example of a female sub that will bite. 

Continuing with the story, she is a ‘slave wife’ which entails her being totally naked (she is allowed to wear just an overcoat and sandals for shopping) spending her whole existence serving and gratifying me in any which way I please when I want – anally, orally and vaginally. I can also ‘lend her out’ to friends. On this one particular day I come home and discover that she has failed to clean the windowsill satisfactorily which means that she will have to be punished. Of course she is very embarrassed at having failed her duties – pleasing me is all she exists for - and I tell her that she will be given 10 very hard strokes of the cane later that evening. She then begs for an extra 2 strokes as she feels that 10 is not sufficient punishment. I consent to her request and her caning is scheduled for 8 o’clock that evening in front of my friends who will be arriving at just after 7pm. Up and until that point she is instructed to serve my guests with snacks and drinks. At about 10 minutes to 8 she is instructed to bring the caning stool into the lounge along with the cane – which she does. With her stood there, naked, with her arms by her sides and head lowered in shame I explain to everyone present why she is going to be punished – they all agree wholeheartedly and look forward to her punishment. I then tell everyone the details of her caning - the type of cane (1/4 inch thick rattan and about 3 feet long), the force of the strokes (full force), the number of strokes (12) and the time interval between each stroke (about 30 seconds). Once I have done that I then order her to bend over with the palms of her hands placed flat on the stool. Having complied, and scared, embarrassed and humiliated – she knows her cunt is on full display - she then awaits the searing pain across her buttocks.

I have to say that she seldom gets this far in the fantasy – she didn’t last night and was soon arching her back and moaning staccato like whilst I rubbed her clit hard and furiously. Once she had climaxed she had then slumped back totally spent onto the mattress.

Afterwards she then rubbed my nipples whilst indulging my submissive fantasies in which I am caned, paddled and whipped. When I was really hard I mounted her – it didn’t take me long to have an orgasm myself!

Both satiated it didn’t take long for us to fall asleep.

Interestingly enough I logged onto xHamster to discover that our video of us fucking is now live – about 4 thousand views.

Okay, time to get on with some things!

Have a good day all!

Submitted: November 14, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Matt Triewly. All rights reserved.


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