Bianca in Black

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Bianca is making pancakes in the kitchen to give me breakfast in bed. Problem is; she is wearing very little. Maple syrup, cream, knickers and her sexy body: an awesome combination.

Bianca in Black

Bianca is in the kitchen. I can see her from the bedroom. Inner city apartments don’t come cheap and don’t come big either. She is making me breakfast. Pancakes, I can smell their freshness wafting through her apartment.

My eyes are drawn to her cute butt though. She only has on a pair of lacey black knickers and a loose mesh camisole as she goes about her focussed task.

Dollops of batter shaping in the pan. My eyes wander to take in her curvy breasts swaying with her pan action under her cami.

Bianca has already whipped some cream and I can see a bottle of maple syrup is next to the growing pancake stack. The coffee is already giving off that rich quality brewed smell.

Bianca’s breasts in profile wobble sweetly as she reaches for the coffee cups. They jiggle about in freeform.  Got to love your woman at home without her bra. Her two cherries teats momentarily poke out. In short; I ‘m admiring puffy creamy stunning breasts under a cami. I watch. I just male ogle watch. Pure male joy.

However, it’s when Bianca bends for the plates in a lower cupboard that the satiny fabric of her black panties stretches across her apple butt and I seriously start to think about feeling her up and getting her concentrating on something firmer than pancakes.

The shiny fabric shapes both of her gorgeous rounded hemispheres. God Bianca has a great arse. The panties contour everything that lies just underneath. Sheer silky fabric as the perfect complement to her soft, soft rear skin.

Yes, I have a hard on. Yes, I’m making my way from the bed...Screw breakfast in was a nice thought Bianca...but I want Bianca for breakfast.

I know we screwed twice last night. But hey that’s already yesterday. The coffee and pancakes smells have me alert. But the visual treat is Bianca’s waiting body. Those black panties a lustful drawcard.

She’s lifting the last pancakes from the pan to the stack. She’s getting ready to organise it all and bring it back to bed. My birthday treat.

She lets out a pleasant moan as my hands wrap around her body and fondle her breasts through her camisole, I push her personal muffins up and then spread them out. My fingers sliding gently but rousingly across her so quickly erect nipples through the fabric.  Swift sudden touch creating two rigid points of fem-happiness. Bianca moans again as I move under her cami and I tweak her teats between my fingers. God, I love her nipple flex.

Yes, I’m randy and naked behind her and Bianca feels all of me pressing into her.

Her hands are on the bench and she is leaning forward because I have shoved my cock under her stunning alluring black panties. My pecker trapped between her butt cheeks and the tight black fabric. I am humping her arse cheeks with my ensnared cock. Man does it make my rod go hard. So, flaming stiff. My cock trapped against her soft skin on one side and the smooth fabric on the other.

I let her tied back hair loose and her curls go feral like Bianca’s moaning. I twist a finger through her honeyed locks and whisper in her ear just how much I want her.

“Wait you prick; eat your frickin birthday breakfast first;” from Bianca: but her tone lacks any conviction.

I grab a warm pancake and drizzle some maple syrup over it as my cock keeps rubbing over her peachy butt cheeks. I give Bianca a bite of the pancake as my cock sneaks between her thighs; the wetness of her pussy is suddenly smearing over my pecker and it’s divine. My cock caught between her moist thighs. She puts on the squeeze. Her thighs holding my cock but I nuzzle and prod around.

Bianca sort of gobbles a bit of the pancake but her bodily attention is truly now focussed between her legs.

I drop the half-eaten pancake on the bench but ease out from under her panties and turn Bianca around.

It’s mouth to mouth now. Tongue to tongue. The sweetness of the maple syrup on her lips shared with me. It’s a kiss frenzy with cock and pussy invited. Bianca has a grip on my rod and is working my shaft with vigour. I am petting her wetness and enjoying her light fuzzy pubes.

Bianca eases me back a bit and has that glint in her eye. She shakes her curls and removes her camisole.

She has the maple syrup bottle in hand and I watch her intently as she trickles syrup in a squiggle along my cock. Then she’s eating breakfast all right. My so hard cock nearly bursts with absolute pleasure. I am looking down watching my Bianca slurp head. God, is she giving me a job. As the sticky syrup congeals in the folds of my ball skin, Bianca is there lapping it up. My nuts have never felt so wanted in my life.

Bianca is back on my shaft really working it to the max. Lip slurping enjoyment.

Very soon she is ready for the full penetrating stiffness. She gets up. She wants cock. I want her pussy.

I lift her quickly onto the bench; somewhere between the pancakes and the coffee; just enough room. Her legs are stretched long over my shoulders. Her delicate black panties are tugged quickly to the side. I take in her glistening exposed ready open pinkness. I take in her adorable trimmed honeyed crinkly pubes. From the nearby bowl my hand gets a clump of cream and I smear it over my lover’s pussy. She gasps in surprise but her head is looking down as I eat her out. I get to double dip. Whipped cream but with a delicious hint of Bianca’s own natural fem-creaminess arousing my taste buds. I lap, I slurp, I flick.

I can smell her readiness for sex but I swamp her womanly recess with my salivating tongue. I lick and lick my lover clean and at the same time Bianca begs me for cock. She wants cock. Only cock will fulfil her need now.

She has me by the hand and takes me across to the small circular dining table in the open plan living area. She is leaning back across the table. She removes her black panties in a sexy flourish while sliding back on the table. Then her legs are up and spread high. I mean her legs were up, really up and my Bianca was frickin spread like you don’t often get to see your woman spread.

There was only one outcome with Bianca’s spread invitation. We fucked as the word fuck actually suggests. We truly fucked. My cute sweetie’s legs spread wide and held up and out by me and my cock thrusting in repeatedly deep. The true ball deep. Bianca was so aroused. It was like she was split and cock devouring in the same instance. Her pussy alternated between squelchy wideness and amazing wrapping tightness. Deep penetrative vaginal sex and shallow sensitive labial enveloping.

God I was hard. I knew it. Bianca could feel it. Bianca knew it was a great deep hard zesty fuck. We eyed each other off as our climaxes edged closer. My deep jamming really exciting her clitty along with her open position.

Geez Bianca I thought... cum sweetie, cum... I can’t hold it any longer.

And Bianca didn’t stifle her enjoyment. Her head was moving from side to side. Her curls magnificent in their shaky show.  She was gasping for air between deep moans. Her curly locks then a cute framing for her facial flush. Her breasts heaving beautifully in fem-satisfaction.

Geez I filled her. It was the only place for my load given our manic effort. I filled my Bianca deep and she appreciated every pumping spurt.

Talk about building up an appetite.

We ate all the pancakes and had a second cup of coffee each.

We sat at the table, Bianca on my lap; eating breakfast nude. We had shaped each other and plumbed the depths of intense raunchy sex; there was nothing to hide.

How to top ten o’clock on a Saturday with a start like that.

I did the right thing and cleaned up the kitchen after I put on a pair of shorts. I did the washing up. I got the bench cleared and the coffee filter changed.

Bianca whistled from behind me; she was at the bedroom door.

I turned around.

“The beach” she said; “Let’s get to the beach.”

The beach...Yeah... Yeah...Yeah...Bianca ...I’m thinking...but I don’t get to say it...she knows what I’m thinking about already. She is magic when it comes to allure.

“Your birthday present and something for me too, “as she twirls.

There is my Bianca in the hottest of hot pink bikinis; and is she sexily modelling it from the doorway.

I take a step towards her.

“Steady Tiger; keep your shorts on till later;” she adds. And she means it.

I keep watching her and see through the bedroom doorway; Bianca pulling up a short black skirt over that male mind numbing but cock arousing bikini bottom.

“The beach,” I finally say, “Yeah the beach and that’s a great little black skirt too.”

My Bianca smiles. Her mouth curling up as she tries to tie back her hair.

 I’ll free it later. I know I will.

Boy, do I finish tidying up fast and we are out the door for a Saturday afternoon that holds the best prospect in the world; time with Bianca.

Submitted: July 25, 2021

© Copyright 2023 Janus. All rights reserved.

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This is a follow up story to Bianca in Red. Bianca in Pink [The Beach] is being submitted to the writing contest; it will be in my folio later. Enjoy.

Sun, July 25th, 2021 11:36am

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