Chapter 5: Speeding up Exposure

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Exhibitionist and Voyeur  |  House: CFNM

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Unbeknownst to me at the time, my speedo was riding even lower from all the posing I was doing. Everybody behind me as I stood on the volleyball court could see the top of my butt crack. A large group of women from the party came to see our game and whooped as they got a good look at my ass. I assumed they were just cheering my team on so I posed for pictures and flashed them a smile. God, I was stupid. Although my boys knew what the women were ogling me for as they snickered and pointed while my back was turned, they said nothing to me about it as they decided it would be funnier to find out on my own or they just didn't want to ruin my fun. Another decision that would lead me to my impending embarrassment.

Our opponents on the girls team was Sage of course, she was the only other person that I know that can play as well as me. Along with her was Scarlet, Ingrid, Bridget, and...Cassidy? The gray-eyed beauty was wearing tie-dye bikini with a stripped sarong around her waist and a red amaryllis flower pinned in her hair. I blushed at the memory that flower brought back. Cassidy has a naked photo of me. How did she even get an invite to the party? Perhaps Bridget brought her along when she rode in a separate car from the mansion. Anyhow, I had bigger problems to worry about.

"Hey ladies," I called to them from the other side of the volleyball net. "Let's make this interesting. By order of the birthday boy, whoever wins this game gets to tell the losers what to do for the rest of the day." If they agreed to do this, I could get them to delete those naked pictures they took of me at the mansion.

"I'll take some of that action." Sage agreed. The rest of her team appeared on board as well.

Alright, time to win this. Was what I honestly thought at the time.

As the game commenced, it soon became clear that my team was strongly disadvantaged. Both Zayne and Avery didn't know anything about sports, Jack's height made him a good blocker but he wasn't any good at serving or passing, and Santiago may have been built as an athlete but he used to be on his high school's swim team; he didn't play much volleyball. The girls on the other hand had Sage, who as I mentioned was a total badass. Scarlet knew strategies that made us look like idiots, and Cassidy just seemed to know where the ball was going to land before someone even hit it. It was eerie.

Nearing the end of the game, my team only managed to score three points while the girls only needed one more point to win. I served the final ball and Sage managed to return it. It was due or die now. I leaped in the air in order to spike the ball back to their side, but just as I did, I instantly discovered where that tearing sound was coming from.


As Ingrid pointed out earlier, the size of my killer speedo was too small. Between all my posing, running around, and jumping, the seams that were gradually coming apart in my stretchy swimsuit since I put it on finally gave way.

My speedo fired off my loins like a slingshot while I was in midair. They hit Avery in the face; knocking off his glasses and knocking Avery to the ground. So many things happened at once it was as if time slowed down in that painful moment. I saw the girls' eyes grow to the size of tennis balls as they watched my huge junk spring free from it's purple prison. As my face flared up, I shot down my hands to cover my loins forgetting that I was still in midair with a volleyball coming at me.

The ball hit me in the head, pushing me back into the sand on my backside with my legs spread apart and my arms splayed to my sides. As I laid there with my genitals on full display an uproar of laughter erupted from all of the female onlookers.

We had just lost the game with me completely naked on the ground in front of an army of women.

Oh no.


The first second, I lied on my back stupefied by what just happened. The next second, I hear the laughter coming from all of my female observers. The third second, I realize: holy shit! I'm naked! and throw my hands in front of my exposed penis and tucked in my legs putting me in the fetal position. My entire body turned bright red with embarrassment. All of the women who came to watch me play volleyball were now whipping out their cameras and phones to take a picture of the embarrassed naked guy on the ground. Sage rushed over to me.

"Hey Rorke, are you okay?" Her words were those of concern but there was laughter in her voice as well. The last thing I wanted in that moment was for my crush to see my dick again. I turned away from her, but that only gave my audience a good view of my ass.

"Aw, Mister Confident is so cute when he is embarrassed."

"I bet he didn't see this coming."

"I am sending pics of this to all of my friends. They are missing out."

"He should probably put on some sunblock so he doesn't burn that nice ass."

While all my female admirers continued to heckle me, I noticed a pair of broken glasses lying beside me in the sand. I knew those glasses. "Avery!"

I jumped to my feet and ran over to my friend who was laying on the ground rubbing his forehead with his eyes shut and face covered in sand while Santiago and Bridget supported his back to lift him in into a sitting position.

"Oh my God Ave! Are you hurt? Do you need help getting up? Can you see without your glasses? How many fingers am I holding up?" I held up seven fingers. My concern for my friend's well-being temporarily made me forget about my own predicament.

When Bridget was finished clearing the sand from Avery's face she smiled in my direction as she took in the sight of my junk. Avery opened his eyes and grimaced when he saw me. "I'm not hurt. These two are helping me. I can see fine, though I wish I were blind right now. For I see seven fingers when all ten of them should be used to cover up that." He pointed between my legs.

I looked down, and so did all of the women surrounding me, to see my flaccid prick swaying in the breeze. I blushed once again as I clapped my hands over my privates. Jack managed slip his way threw the crowd of women to put his enormous back against my own; creating a large human wall between me the cameras. I leaned into him thanking my lucky stars I have such a nice friend. Even Zayne came to my aid by standing next to Jack and linking his arm around his waist, providing me with additional coverage. I hardly know the guy but he was suddenly alright with me.

Zayne chuckled as he took in the sight of the chaos that was all around us. "This is so much fun. Does this sort of thing happen all the time with you guys?"

Jack blushed and put his beefy arm around Zayne's shoulders. "I wish I could say no, but...coincidentally enough, when the four of us met..."

I nudged my back into both of them. "Now is not the time to tell that story! Can't you see I'm embarrassed enough as it is?!" With Jack and Zayne covering my backside from the horde of women dying to take more nude photos of me, Sage decided to cover my front side by simply standing face to face with me. Her gaze trailed up and down my naked body, drinking in every inch of me with her arms crossed over her chest and a salacious smile on her face. I swallowed, my face got hot as I turned even redder.

"Hey guys, I have an idea to get Rorke out of here." Scarlet appeared from the horde of women encircling me. She took a quick moment to glance at me beat red and naked in front of Sage and smiled with satisfaction. "Someone here is gonna create a distraction. That person will move through the crowd via an opening created by Zayne and Jack. Once these vultures are off chasing new prey, Sage will bring Rorke to the lost and found on the beach to get him something to cover up with."

There were a couple questions I had about this plan. "Um, Scar? Who exactly is going to be this distraction and how can you be sure that all these girls are going to follow them?"

"Allow me to demonstrate," Scarlet's impish smile returned. "Bridget. Santiago. Help poor Avery to his feet. Lift him up by his arms." During my embarrassing photo op, I had completely forgotten about poor Avery getting beamed with my speedo. Bridget was cupping Avery's face in her hands as if checking for more sand. They seemed to be sharing some kind of look when we turned to them. Avery blushed and turned away from Bridget. The sexy foreign girl appeared to be unfazed; she just smiled and grabbed on to his arm while Santiago lifted the other.

Scarlet took swift advantage of the situation by striding up to Avery, untying the drawstrings of his board shorts, and yanking them down to his feet. Both Bridget and Santiago were so startled by Avery's abrupt nakedness they released his arms mid-pull, causing him to stumble forward. Slap! Scarlet smacked his bare buttocks so hard it left a mark as red as his face was right now. Slap! Another strike on the rear propelled Avery into the mob of women who eagerly turned their attention on him.

"Oh shit, that's our cue." Zayne grabbed Jack by the hand and pulled Jack away from my back to assist Avery who was now being openly molested by the crowd. I almost fell backward once my ass was once again out in the open. Sage grabbed my hands and looked me up and down with interest.

"Looks like there's an opening in the crowd toward the lost and found's direction. Shall we make a run for it?" Sage locked her fingers with my own.

One of these days, I am going to have to repay Avery's brave yet unwilling sacrifice. Although he did kind of have it coming after what he said to Ingrid earlier. I'm guessing that's why Scarlet chose him as a decoy. It worked too. With all of these horny women taking the time to grope my friend, Sage and I made a run to the lost and found while they were distracted.

The lifeguard at the station looked bored as she sat behind a desk in a plastic lawn chair while reading a magazine. She wore a red cap with a white cross on it and a matching swimsuit, her long hair was tied back in a ponytail.

"Excuse me, we are looking for something that this gentleman lost." Sage addressed the lifeguard.

"The lost and found is...WHOA!" Looking up from her magazine, the lifeguard's bored expression turned into one of extreme alertness the moment her eyes fell upon me. Luckily Sage very generously let go of my hands earlier so that I may cover myself but there was no overlooking the fact that I was very very naked in front of these two hot women. The lifeguard perked up as she discarded her reading material. "Hey there stud, what can I do for you?" She batted her eyelashes. "The name's Danielle, please tell me you came in for some CPR."

My cheeks flushed at her attention. Usually I would be flirting up a storm here if only to make Sage jealous. However, it was difficult to muster up any bravado when you are the only person in a conversation without clothes. It was highly unlikely that I would find my awesome speedo here but I could still use something to cover up with until the party is over. "W-Well, as you can see...I lost my swimsuit...could I take a look in the lost and found to see if it ended up here?" The lifeguard continued to stare at me. "...please?"

With a sigh, the Danielle pulled out a large box from underneath her desk titled: Lost and Found Items on the side. "Feel free to take anything you want from there, but it might not be what you're looking for."

Sage pulled out an old pair of swim trunks from the box and held them in front of me. They were seafoam-colored, faded from use, and were missing a drawstring.

I frowned. "Don't you have anything...flashier?" I thought wistfully about the amazing speedo design Ingrid made for me. If only it was the right size, then it wouldn't have fallen off and I would still be rocking it.

"You mean flashier than what you have on now?" The lifeguard waggled her eyebrows. Catching her drift, I swiped the trunks from Sage and turned around to put them on. The lifeguard whistled provocatively as she got an eyeful of my butt.

Pulling the trunks up to my waist, I was relieved to find that they fit.

Sage turned to the lifeguard, "This will do, thanks for all your"

"Danielle, but my friends call me Dannie. Feel free to come back any time with your hot friend here," Dannie the lifeguard gave me a gaze so intense I couldn't help but blush again. "In any state of dress you see fit." She licked her lips.

Sage took me by the arm. "We will keep that in mind. For now, we have to rush off to the next event of this guy's birthday." She gave my arm a squeeze. "Don't forget about our bet either Rorke. You still lost that game, so I plan on collecting later."

I suddenly became nervous for a whole new reason.

Submitted: September 07, 2021

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