Chapter 4: The Calm Before the Storm

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Exhibitionist and Voyeur  |  House: CFNM

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While my friends went off to retrieve their swimsuits, I swaggered all over the beach flirting and chatting with every hot girl I could find. Maybe having a beach full of admirers would finally make Sage jealous. My confidence was back in spades. Most of these girls were friends from work, some of them were friends they brought along, others were just common beach bunnies who wondered into my party. Sweet! Many of them wished me a happy birthday while others had something to say about how 'odd' my speedo looked. I groaned at the latter. Ingrid was right, there were so few people out there who knew how to appreciate art. I personally loved how flashy I looked, Rorke Blazeman was born to shine.

"Rorke, happy birthday my friend."

I turned and smiled at this new voice. "Avery! Buddy! I'm so glad you could make it."

One of my best friends, Avery Finn, was another handsome gentleman with a tan complexion, jet black hair, and a pair of oval-shaped glasses that framed his symmetrical face. He was smart enough to become a college professor who actually teaches Scarlet and her group of friends at a prestigious university. His well-muscled chest gleamed from sunscreen and he was wearing a pair of board shorts covered in a hibiscus flower pattern. His winning smile faded when his eyes fell upon my own swimsuit.

"What in God's name are you wearing?" Avery looked disgusted.

"What?" I put my left foot forward, my hands behind my head, and my elbows towards the sky in another one of my muscular poses. "I look like a fucking badass in this suit." I gave a cocky grin.

Avery removed his glasses and rubbed his fingers against his temples. "You have got to be the only person on Earth who would think that."

"He most certainly is not!" Ingrid's voice cut across the beach. She was wearing an exotic green bathing suit with blue flowers that skillfully decorated her waist and cleavage. Following behind her were Scarlet in a cerulean two piece suit, Santiago in orange trunks, and last but definitely not least...Sage. She was wearing a sexy black one piece swimsuit that had straps in the front to emphasize her enticing decolletage. I tried not to drool.

"I see," Avery placed his glasses back on his face as he looked to Ingrid. "Surely this is another one of your failures that you dumped on Rorke. It's his birthday for Christ's sake, he deserves better than that."

Ingrid looked genuinely hurt.

"Hey...Professor Finn," Scarlet's voice was chilling. "You better mind your attitude. No one's allowed to dump on Ingrid's clothes except me. My friend worked really hard on that gift for Rorke."

"Well perhaps if she worked half as hard in my class as she did on making that trash she might get a passing grade."

"Dude...not cool." I loved Avery but sometimes he could say some pretty harsh things. Ingrid held her elbows and looked towards the ground kicking the sand.

"Enjoy the party everyone." Avery spoke in monotone and walked off.

Scarlet was trembling in fury. "WHO DOES THAT ASSHOLE THINK HE IS?! CRAPPING ALL OVER MY FRIEND'S DREAM LIKE THAT! OH, HE IS GONNA PAY!" Santiago threw his arms around her as if he were trying to wrangle a feral cat.

Sage stepped forward and placed a consoling hand on Ingrid's shoulder. "What he said was uncalled for. But believe me when I say Avery is harder on himself than he is on others."

"I don't get it," Scarlet shook her head. "How did my Santiago, Rorke, and sweet Jack ever become friends with that dickhead? The three of you are so nice, how did you guys even meet?"

Santiago and I exchanged a panicked look and blushed. "It's a long story." We both said at the same time.

Scarlet looked quizzically between us. " _did _the four of you meet?"

"I promise to tell you later," Santiago showered her long red hair with kisses. "but for now let's just enjoy the party. I'll make Avery apologize afterward."

I stepped towards Ingrid and patted her on the head. "Naturally, what matters most is what I think," Ingrid looked up at my face. "I am destined to be the most stupendous birthday boy ever to walk this beach and only you Ingrid, have the talents worthy enough to advertise that." I jumped back and landed in another one of my signature running man muscle poses. I think I heard a small tearing coming from somewhere but dismissed it immediately; surely I must have imagined it. "You actually get how cool I am. My need to let the world know I am the most handsome, muscular, sexiest man to walk God's green earth can only be understood by a genius like you. Which is why you make stuff that makes ordinary people realize how inadequate they are compared to us."

Everybody laughed, including Ingrid, her cheer was restored. "You're right. Of course you're right. It's not my fault that my incredible designs make the mundane feel lame. What does professor Finn know about fashion anyway? He's a sucker for tweed!"

Sage was looking at me with a smile that melted my heart. There was something deeper in her look. Something that made me want to go to her and ravage her right here in the sand. "You know, you really are living up to the awesome today." She spoke with tenderness.

Her tone made me blush. What were to happen if I decided to pursue this feeling right here and now? As much as I enjoyed Ingrid's gift, it would not be very useful for containing my 'excitement' should I continue to stare at Sage in that tantalizing bathing suit of hers. So I decided to ruin the moment.

"New rule that the birthday boy has decreed: no one is to be unhappy in my superb presence for the rest of the day. My birthday wish is that I want everybody to either be smiling, laughing, or sexually attracted to me whenever they see me."

My friends broke out in laughter again. Though I did say it as a joke, little did any of us know, I was going to get exactly what I wished for and more.


Not surprisingly, I am pretty good at sports. Which is why my friends organized a volleyball tournament with girls versus guys in the first game. There had to be five players per team so I recruited Avery and Santiago to make three with myself included. Of course, I wanted my best friend and roommate Jack as my fourth but where the hell was he?

I found him talking with some young, handsome, slender fellow wearing green board shorts with turtle patterns on them. He also had fluffy blonde hair with a red streak through it and shimmering eyes as blue as the ocean itself. Jack was a behemoth of a man, well over six feet tall, the guy he was talking to dwarfed in comparison. My friend was wearing tight powder blue trunks with yellow trimming that came well above his knees. He seemed thoroughly engaged in conversation right before I jogged up to him.

"Jack! My brother! I am in need of your assist!"

Jack gave me his usual affable smile. "Hey buddy, happy birthday!" His gaze fell to my swimsuit. "Dude, I am digging that wild speedo!"

You can always count on good old Jack.

I jumped into another muscle pose with my legs spread, my right hand darting towards the sky, and my left arm flexing into my muscular chest. "Pretty amazing right?"

"They remind me of this Hot Wheels car I used to play with when I was eight."

I frowned. That kind of backhanded the compliment. I also heard that strange tearing noise again from before. Where was that coming from?

"So who's your friend?" I looked to the guy with the red streak. He appeared as if he were in college and his beautiful face looked slightly familiar.

"My name is Zayne," He introduced himself. "I live in the same building as the two of you. About four doors down and around the corner in apartment number 8C. Nice to officially meet you Rorke, I have heard so much."

"Oh! Now I remember you!" From what I heard about this guy Zayne, he's a senior undergraduate at Avery's university and works as a manager at some themed restaurant. "Sorry to meet and run, but I need this big guy here to join my volleyball team. It's girls versus guys and I need five players to..."

"Can we bring Zayne along?" Jack interjected.

I paused for a moment. "Uh...sure...yes, that actually that works out. He will be our fifth player!" I stretched out my hand. "You any good at volleyball? Because I am awesome at it; I am with pretty much everything."

Zayne snorted as he shook my hand. "I am afraid I can't help you there friend, but I will fill in your vacant slot so long as Jack wants me there."

"I do! I really do! Please play with us." Jack sounded excited.

"Perfect! Now this party is on a roll! Follow me to the court." I walked in front of them not knowing what kind of disaster was going to occur next.

Submitted: August 21, 2021

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