Hypno Dreams

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Exhibitionist and Voyeur  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

A very short story with a happy ending

 Sexy hypno fun.  Have sexy dreams.

Well, that’s what the advert said. Yes, I know I shouldn’t be on websites like that, but you’ve got to have a bit of amusement from time to time, haven’t you.  It looked good though.  This woman could use hypnosis to give you sexy dreams.  Supposedly.  Do you have sexy dreams?  I'll tell you the one I always wanted. I’m completely naked in my dream. Walking down the street completely naked.  That’s quite sexy isn’t it.  Everybody looking at you when you’re completely naked. But that’s as far as it goes.  I mean I never get your actual sex in a dream, never your actual orgasm.  But this woman, Mme. Michelle, apparently she could hypnotise you so you got your actual orgasm. That sounded good.

I answered the ad.  Of course I did.  Well you would wouldn’t you.  I made an appointment.  Cheap at the price.  If it worked of course.  But always worth a try.

At ten thirty prompt I walked into her office.  Oh my gosh!  Sitting on a settee was a girl.  Stark naked.  Legs wide apart rubbing her… well you know… rubbing her thing.  She looked about to orgasm.  Staring into the distance.  A blank look on her face.

"Ah!" said Mme. Michelle, "meet Samantha, our demonstration model.  She is having a very sexy dream."

Rather convincing.

"Well, I…  just thought…"

"You want sexy dreams."

"Um… well…"

"As you see.  I can give you any fantasy you like.  What fantasy do you like?"

"Well," I spluttered nervously, "I like well… public… Er… nudity."

"You want to walk down the street in the nude with everyone admiring your naked body?"

"Er… yes…"

"Ending with a real orgasm."

"Er… yes… I suppose…"

"Good.  No problem.  One hundred pounds."

"Well, I mean…"

"I can make your dream come true."

"With the er… orgasm?"

"Of course.  I take credit cards."

Behind me the moans of the girl on the settee was getting louder.  That did it.  I got out my wallet.

"Good," said Mme. Michelle, "Samantha!" and she clicked her fingers.

Samantha suddenly woke up.  Gave a little scream, looked round horrified, spotted a door and ran out the room covering her naughty bits with her hands.

"Excellent, now just lie on the settee and close your eyes.  Now, what is your name?"

"Er… Joe…"

"Good.  Now Joe.  Relax.  And listen to my voice. Listen to my voice…"

I was walking down the street naked, everyone was looking, it was so sexy, it almost felt as if an invisible hand was wanking my cock…


Sexy Hypno Dreams.

I don’t know about you, but a girl like me appreciates a good sexy dream.  It was tempting.  So tempting.  This Mme. Michelle could give you sexy dreams. 

I rang the number.

"Come straight round," said Mme.  Michelle, "I have a free appointment right now."

With some trepidation I rang the bell.

"Come in."

I walked through the door and stopped open mouthed.  On a settee sat a man, quite a good looking one in a slim girlish way.  He was stark naked, his eyes gazed into the distance as if transfixed and he was vigorously wanking his erect penis.

"Ah!" said Mme. Michelle, "meet Joe, our demonstration model.  He is having a very sexy dream."

Well, that convinced me.  I got my purse out immediately.

"Good," said Mme. Michelle, "Joe !" and she clicked her fingers.



A click of the fingers and Mme. Michelle's voice penetrated my dream.  I woke up.  I was naked in her office and a cute girl with brown hair and big tits was staring at me.  

I had to get out.  I just knew it.  There was a door I had to go through.  That was it.  There.  I ran.  Opened the door and leapt through as it slammed shut behind me.

I was in the street.  Completely nude.  And everyone was looking at me. It was so sexy.  I just had to.  Just had to…  Mme. Michelle was right.  There in the street, in the nude,  with everyone watching my dream came true.



Submitted: July 23, 2021

© Copyright 2023 Joex. All rights reserved.

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Very imaginative! I loved it!

Fri, July 23rd, 2021 6:18pm


clever concept

Tue, August 24th, 2021 2:09am

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