Deadeye Dick

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

A somewhat exaggerated biographical account of the pickles in which I landed myself after turning eighteen.

Table of Contents

The Dark Goddess

I stared at the latest instagram selfie of the dark goddess and let out a low groan.  She stood there in all her glory: heavy breast... Read Chapter

Virgins, Virgins, Everywhere

  For the next six days, I had a near panic attack every time my mother’s phone rang, certain that Mrs. Fischer had woken up a... Read Chapter

Rockin' The Nerd Girl

    (Disclaimer: Though the events are set mostly during the last year of high school, all sexual encounters take place... Read Chapter

Pete The Pink Monster

27 suicides!  That’s how many suicides I had to run after being late to practice - the length of the field, not the width.  T... Read Chapter

Nickie Takes a Mulligan

As the initial frenzy of lust faded and our relationship settled into the more steady burn of simmering lust, Nickie and I trie... Read Chapter

For a moment everything was perfect ... and then it was all blown to hell

They say that after you lose your virginity, the whole world looks different, vibrant, more alive, that there’s a new found confidence,... Read Chapter

Tell Me The Odds

Imagine the feeling of making a mistake, doing something that you felt in the moment to be rather innocuous, maybe dumb or irresponsible,... Read Chapter

A Slut, A Scheme, and A Special Invitation

Twenty minutes later we’d finished lunch and moved to a little reading room at the back of the Library.  It was a good t... Read Chapter

Deadeye Dick

Title Chapter - How I got my terrible nickname.
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