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I slapped the “‘Cool Prius’ - said no one ever” bumper sticker on the back of my car.

Nickie laughed, “Are you keeping that?”

“Always keep the sarcastic gifts,” I nodded.  “They’re the ones that show real affection.”

“I’ll keep that in mind,” she grinned.  Then bouncing on her tiptoes and kissing me, she asked, “You wanna go ot the flea market with me after football practice?”

“Does the sun shine?”

“Great, I’ll meet you by the uncool Prius,” she said.


A few hours later I stood in the local flea market, staring at Nickie’s body through her loose blue dress, different from last Friday’s.  I found myself wishing very much to be buried inside her body as she tried on various hats and asked, “What do you think?”:

“It’s beautiful,” I answered every single time; until finally, she put on the bowler hat.

“Um ... beautiful from the rim down,” I confessed.

Nickie laughed

“Aren’t you tired of shopping?”

“It’s been like eight minutes,” she teased.

“Don’t you wanna do something else?”

“Like what?”

“I have ... a few things in mind.”

She snickered, turned away and flicked the bottom of her dress at me. My cock gave a little jump in response.

I followed her as she walked down the next aisle. I came up behind and lifted her dress, squeezing her ass cheek. Nickie looked around to check that the action was hidden by clothing racks. “Is that all you ever think about, Ethan?” she smirked as she began leafing through pairs of jeans.

“Um ... yes.”

“An honest man,” she giggled.

“Hey,” I said, “There’s a room at the back where they price and stage the stuff they’re gonna put on the floor. Wanna check it out?”  I knew this because I had a friend who occasionally worked there.

She looked over her shoulder at me, catching my intent, “Do you ... have a condom?”

“I can pull out.”

“I’m kind of not in the mood for that,” she grinned. “In fact, I keep thinking about that huge O you gave me last Sunday night. Remember? Not when you were eating me out in the car, but before we fell asleep on the futon, when we had the mutual?”

“Yes,” I sighed, closed my eyes and let the memory fill my mind. “I’ll never forget that one.”

“Yeah, pretty sure that was because you were cumming inside of me. I felt the big guy bucking like crazy and it shot me way over the edge.”

I sighed again and opened my eyes. “I ... don’t have a condom.”

“Hmm,” she said and walked forward a few paces before turning to look back at me, “I do.”

I paused as she reached the end of the row.

She looked at me with an impish grin, “Well ... c’mon.”

We went to the door at the back. Took a quick look around and then snuck through it. The small room was thankfully empty. It was lined with shelves that were filled with all manner of clothes and junk, waiting to be put on the floor. At one end, there was an old metal desk, conveniently clear on top.

“Should we have sex here?” Nickie asked, ignoring the desk and stepping around an old vacuum to sit on top of an ancient TV.  As she did, she flipped her dress up, spread her legs and displayed a pair of hot pink panties.

“On the TV from Methusaleh,” I laughed my cock beginning to harden. “It’ll break.”

“You think the desk is sturdier,” she grinned, stood and moved past me.

“Only slightly,” I said as I followed.

She moved behind the desk, opened her purse and fished in it for a moment. “Check it out,” she said, pulling out a thin square of plastic.

I took it from her hand and flipped it over. It was a student ID for the local state university. The picture was a face remarkably similar to Nickie’s. I could tell the difference, but a casual observer would overlook it, or chalk it up to just being a bad ID photo. The name of the card read, “Riley Smith.”

“Who’s Riley Smith?”

“Friend of a friend, who hooked me up. She claimed her ID was lost, got another one issued and passed this one on to me, so I could go to the clinic and get fitted for a diaphragm.”

“You had the appointment?”

“Done, and I can pick it up Next week at the CVS by campus. Which means, my Love,” she pulled a condom out of her purse, “No more of these. No more pulling out. Nothing but good straight, old fashioned, bareback ... fucking.” She leaned up and bit my bottom lip as she pressed the condom into my hand.

I gave a soft groan, sank to the floor, reached under the bottom of her dress and eased her panties down her wonderful legs. She stepped out of them and then turning toward the desk, I held her dress up and plunged my face upward between the soft flesh of her ass cheeks, my tongue stretching in search of her succulent labia.

“Oh ... oh damn,” she groaned and leaned forward, one hand bracing on the desk. The other coming up to clutch a tit.

“You’re so wet,” I said from where I knelt in worship.

She spread her legs wider, “Masturbated in the bathroom while waiting for you ... to be ... fuck like that, yes like that ... done with ... football practice.”

“Sweet,” I sniggered, imagining her rubbing one out in the stall of the school restroom.

“Ethan ... baby,” she groaned softly.

“Uh huh?”

“If we ... do get married ... some day ..., can you ... do this ... every day?”

“Uh huh,” I said, eagerly lapping her juices while spreading her ass cheeks wider in both hands.

It was an easy promise to make, not much of a hardship. I had enjoyed eating out Andrea’s pussy as frequently as possible. But Nickie’s was sooooo much more delectable to me. Not so much because of the taste. To be honest, I think it was because she had such fat labia. I loved the way they felt in my mouth, the way their wrinkled and crinkled when I licked them. Not to mention the way she encouraged me with all of her gasps, breathy sighs and ... well ... general squirminess.

“Oh ... sweet heaven,” she groaned. Laying her torso all the way down on the desk, Nickie reached forward with both hands to clutch the far edge as I raised my fingers up to her clit and bit into the soft flesh of her left ass cheek, suddenly intent of giving her a secret hickey.

Then with her hips quaking she asked, “Is it ... okay with you ... IF IIIIIII ... YES! ... If I ... shave my ... pussy before the dance on ... sat ... SAT ... urday?”

“Yeah, sure,” I said, pulling back from her and sniggering, my face covered with her happy juice.

She raised up and looked over her shoulder at me as I stood behind her. Her eyes filled with lust. I spun her around. Kissed her fiercely, driving the taste of her sex on my tongue, deep into her own mouth. Then I pushed her back to sit on the desk and knelt down again, bring my mouth back to her pussy as she hooked one leg over my shoulder and lifted the bottom of her dress out of the way.

“Cuz ...,” she went on, the fingers of her other hand now running through my hair. “If you prefer me ... haireeeEEEE ...,” her hips began quaking again. I quickly slipped a finger inside of her in time to feel several fluttering contractions of her pussy.

She arched her head back. I kept my finger inside her and dropped my tongue back to her clit. There was another rush of hot shudders through her hips.

Nickie gasped and continued, “If you like me hairy. I ... won’t shave. Cuz ... you know ... this.”

“I think I like you both ways,” I said in all sincerity. “So go ahead and shave. Mix it up a little. It’s fun.”

‘O ... okay,” she said, reaching down and gently pushing my head back. “Too intense on the clit now ... co ... cock ... please ...” She made a motion at my shorts, indicating she wanted me out of them and inside of her.

I quickly opened the front of my shorts and shoved them down. Pulling my very erect and hungry cock out, I scrambled for the condom she’d handed me earlier, tore it open and rolled it on.

Nickie watched as I pushed my member down and pressed it inside of her. She gasped again, arched back on the desk and another rush of tremors shot through her hips and vaginal muscles.

“Are you ... .cumming again,” I asked, somewhat astonished. “Is that like ... the third one?”

“Yes,” she groaned, her nails digging into the tops of her thighs. “Bu ... butterflies ... three so far.”


“I’ll ... explain later, just ... fuck me.”

I grabbed the tops of her thighs and began driving in and out of her. Butterflies? Whatever the hell that meant, it was new.

I like new.

I gripped her thighs in earnest and began bop, bop, bopping away, making the old metal desk creak and groan. The one good thing about the condom - I mean, besides birth control - was that my stamina was suddenly off the charts. I was able to rock Nickie’s world for a solid five minutes without feeling even the first inklings of losing control.

She climaxed two more times, the short light ones again; and then she was pushing me back, easing herself off the desk and moving down onto her knees.

Nickie purred and grabbed my thick cock  possessively.  She yanked the condom off and stroked the steel-like hardness, sending a shiver down my spine.  My smooth, hairless balls tightened up against the base of my erection and she suddenly found them amusing, giggling and bending to lick them as they were all scrunched up. Her well manicured nails tickled and caressed the rigid skin, making me twitch and laugh. Then Nickie licked her lips and took a deep breath, filling her nostrils with the strong manly scent of my arousal before smirking and flicking her tongue over the slit of my cockhead.

“Damn Nickie,” I shivered violently. “Suck me ... suck that monster cock.”

“Don’t mind if I do,” She moaned and engulfed the entire head like a bird of prey its quarry.

I jerked at the sensation of her sultry mouth on the sensitive flesh of my pulsating cock. And then to my shock, Nickie began doing another new thing. She pushed more and more of my ten inch meat pole inside her mouth. She gripped the base with both hands, fingers tightening over my impressive girth as she went down, swallowing more and more till I grunted at the sensation of her slick throat and felt prickles of light sparking behind my eyes.

Nickie choked and gagged, the gurgling sound further inciting my lust as her saliva poured out over me. All the way down to the base, I felt the slithering sensation as Nickie took me to a new level of pleasure.

Her lips tightened, clasping on me. Her hands went around my body and she clawed at the tight slabs of my buttocks as I raised my hips up and tried to push myself even further inside.

Finally, she choked again and pulled back, laughing out loud as huge strings of spit trailed between my cock and her lips.

“Fuck, I’ve been wanting to try that,” she coughed and laughed again. “Where the hell is that condom?”

“New one ... new one,” I gasped, sucking in a large gup of air.

I hadn’t even realized that I’d been holding my breath.

“Right,” she said, reaching for her purse, digging in it like a maniac for a few seconds, till finding a condom, she ripped it open unceremoniously and slid the rubber down over my length.

Then standing again, she turned to face the desk and offered me her ass. I stepped forward as she raised one leg up on the edge, reached back and held an ass cheek with one hand, opening both her her mouth and pussy wide in pleasure.

“Yes,” I groaned, as I pushed the first several inches of my shaft back inside her body.

Two more minutes I rocked her world in the doggie, bringing her to another O. She pushed me back again, breathless and motioned for me to lay on the floor.

I moved quickly to the floor and looked at her as she straddled my body and hovered.  We stared for a few moments, intense lust in our locked gaze. Then she held my cock straight up and placed the throbbing head under her hungry yawning pussy.

“You wanna see those tits,” as you fuck me, she said, lowering herself down and raising her dress with one hand:

I nodded, feeling increasingly desperate.

“You wanna be all the way in me, Ethan? You think I can take the full ten inches this time?”

I groaned as she leaned back and braced with her hands on my legs. Little by little, she circled her hips and worked herself all the way down to the root. It was the first time, she’d had every inch of my cock inside of her:

I groaned as I looked at her, all ten and a quarter inches disappeared in her pussy. “Fuck ... you’re the perfect woman.”

In response, Nickie’s hips suddenly shuddered and quaked again, a ripple of spasms ran through her tightly encircling vagina, squeezing my cock as she had another fucking O.

“Oh ... damn,” I whispered as she leaned forward now, traced my face with her fingers and rocked her hips.

I spread her cheeks wide, gripping a handful of ass in each palm. She kissed me soundly and whispered, “Put your finger back in my ass, Ethan.”

I groaned and asked, “You sure,” even as I reached around and slipped a finger into her pucker hole, receiving less resistance this time:

“Yes,” she moaned and began rocking hard on my cock and finger.

We kissed for several seconds, tongues swirling. Then she broke our kiss and whispered in my ear, “You like Ethan? You like fingering that fat ass as you fuck me?”

“Your ass isn’t fat,” I grunted, my hot breath mingling with hers

“It ain’t tiny,”she smirked. “But you like my body.”

“Fuck yes, Nickie, I love your body!”

“You wanna watch my body fucking you?”

I nodded, feeling even more desperate.

She raised up a little and lifted her dress, so I could look down between us at our bodies joined tightly together.

My world disappeared into a tiny point of existence. There was nothing else but the two of us in this moment. Nothing else mattered. Nothing else existed.

Suddenly the door opened. Nickie gasped and immediately covered her mouth. I pulled my finger out of her ass and moved my hands down her legs.

We both froze in our movement, waiting, hearts fluttering like trapped birds as a worker came in with a box and started pulling things out and shoving them on shelves:

He didn’t notice us behind the desk and gradually, ever so slightly, Nickie began rocking her hips again. After a few seconds, he left, shutting the door behind him.

Nickie pulled her hand from her mouth and dropped her lips to within hair breaths of mine,  “Ethan, you need to cum.”

I gave a quick nod, kissed her and said, “Turn around on my cock. Let me see your ass.”

She giggled softly, eased off and turned around in a reverse cowgirl. Nickie guided my cock back inside her sheath and began rocking on me again as I held her with one hand under her thigh and another on her waist.

She leaned back, bracing her hands on my chest as we began fucking again. Twenty seconds passed and the door opened again.

Nickie froze, her body trembling again. This time, when the guy entered, her head was above the edge of the desk.

But we still got lucky. His attention was complete on the other side of the room, his back turned to us, face away:

Nickie held perfectly still as he rummaged for something. One of her hands moved up from my chest, felt for my mouth and covered it.

I quietly reached up under her dress, lifting it above her tits from behind. As I did, I gave one final thrust and ... exploded.

Nickie’s mouth opened in a quiet cry as she felt my pumping, bucking shaft deep inside of her. Her hand on my mouth clenched even more tightly. And suddenly ... beautifully ... her own hips began quaking again, as her body had another final, anxiously quiet climax, in response to my own.

The guy never even knew that we were there. He found whatever he was looking for, grabbed it, stepped back to the door and actually flipped off the light as he left. Plunging us into darkness.

Nickie’s hand came away from my mouth. I let out a long quiet groan as I felt the last little surges of my orgasm travel the length of my cock and exit deep into ... well ... the damn condom, unless it broke. But in my head it was deep inside of Nickie. Her own body shook with sweet nervously restrained ecstacy, making her let out a little whimper and dig her nails into my chest.

And then we were relaxing. She was rolling off of me.  I took hold of her and turned her to her back, climbing onto her, mounting in the missionary, kissing as she wrapped her arms and legs, bodies entwined again in the dark.

We frenched through the afterglow.  Soon my cock softened to the point that it slipped out of her.  I broke our kiss, brought my lips down to her ear, our cheeks touching the dark, and whispered, “Did you like that, my cock in your pussy, my finger in your ass?”

“You have to ask?” she giggled, her belly jiggling against my own as they were pressed tightly together.

“Would you like to try my cock in your ass?” I whispered.

She sucked in her breath, “Yes ... eventually.  I need to ... I think you need to prepare for that.”

I had a sudden inspiration, “Nickie ... have you ever wondered what it would be like to have two cocks inside of you at the same.  The feeling, I mean.”

She sucked in her breath again and the breathed out slowly.  It was hot on my ear.  She found the lobe and sucked before answering, “I don’t think there’s any woman, who hasn’t at least thought about it.  Yes.”

“Mm ...”

“What do you wanna do, Hotness?  Fuck me and used my dildo in my ass?  We can try that.”

“Yeah,” I mused, “Not quite the same as flesh and two full bodies, pressing on either side of you, filling you, worshiping with their tense ... heat and hardness.”

She laughed and kissed me, “You’re funny.”

“But ... you are curious right?”

“Of course, I’m curious.  I imagine you’re curious about threesomes as well.  But ...,” she found my lips with her own and drove her tongue back inside my mouth to circle and dance with mine.  I almost completely forgot what we were talking about by the time we came up for air.

“But ... what?” I prompted.

“But ... I do wanna buy one of those hats,” she snickered and pinched my ass.  “And ... can we stop by the mall after?”

Submitted: October 11, 2021

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Super sketches on this one, Ethan. I love the double session of almost getting caught by maintenance. Public sex is the best - I like the ass play and the deep throat - fantastic conversation during sex. The dialogue is superb and very descriptive. Like your little bits of humor too.

The detail of the sex really brings this to life. That's what this chapter is mostly in the storage room. Well written and engaging.

Here at the end we have this innocent discussion about a three-way that Nickie really doesn't anticipate occurring. I'm sure Ethan's serious, but I wonder who he has in mind to provide the trilogy. Things can get complicated in a small town.

Really good chapter!

Wed, October 13th, 2021 4:19am


Thank you Kitten.

Oh yes, definitely a serious/curious thought here; and, the most obvious person to fill out a threesome would be Jay. But, how does that work with Courtney? At the very least, the seeds have been planted to get Nickie thinking about it.

Wed, October 13th, 2021 8:49am

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