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“What the hell are you doing!?”

“Shit,” I jumped back from my telescope and nearly jumped out my skin.

“Ooo, look at you turning red as fuckin’ beat; and, just what are you looking at?  Cuz you sure as fuck aren’t looking at stars.”

“Dammit Elizabeth!  Haven’t you ever heard of knocking?”

“How am I supposed to catch my Baby Boo masturbating, if I knock?”

I glared at my older sister.  Felt my cheeks burning with sudden heat.”

“Hm, let’s see what heavenly bodies you were looking at,” she brushed past me with an evil grin and looked into the telescope, which I had unfortunately failed to flip upward in my shock.

“The Fischer’s house,” she mused.  “Why are you spying on them?”

I continued glaring and tried to calm my racing heart.  My damn sister had the absolutely annoying ability to walk around on cat’s feet.  She should have been a ninja.  Instead, she was at the nearest state university majoring in economics.

“He moved back in on Wednesday,” I explained flopping down on my bed.  “I wanted to see if there was any sign of reconciliation.  Okay?  Not looking at naked women through bathroom windows.”

“Huh,” Elizabeth said, “Mom told me about that.  You think she’ll actually convince him she wasn’t screwing around?  You know what would be really funny, Boo?  If she did manage to persuade him; but then, instead of having a little black baby, she had a half-white baby, because she thought her birth control failure was with her regular black lover, but it was really a random white guy that she just did like one time.”

The blood that I’d felt draining from my face rushed right back.  Elizabeth turned her head to look at me, her expression one of pure snark.  “You’re mouth’s hanging open,” she laughed.

I snapped my mouth shut and took a slow steadying breath through my nose.  “Why the hell are you even here?  Aren’t you supposed to be in college?”

“I came home to do my laundry,” she laughed.  “I hate the dorm machines and ... I’m out of quarters.  So ... are the Fischer’s banging again?  I see that you can see right in the master bedroom.”

“Can you please leave my stuff alone, Elizabeth.  No, he’s back in the house but they aren’t sleeping together.”

“The hot war has turned cold, huh?” Elizabeth said, and stepped away from the window to sit on the end of my bed.

“Yeah, I guess.”

“I don’t know why you’re so embarrassed.  This isn’t nearly as bad as the time mom found the porn mags underneath your mattress when you were 13.  That was a terrible place to hide them, by the way.  I hope you’ve gotten more sophisticated.”

“Shut ... up!”

“Not a chance.  But enough about the neighbors, mom says your dating someone new, a cute little brainy girl.  Smartest girl in the class she says.  I’ll be honest.  I’m a little surprised.”

“What?  That I’m attracted to intelligent women?”

“Yeah, I thought you go for the more air-between-the-ears, easily manipulated, bimbo type, one that would be enamored and fawning over your utterly delightful male physique.”  She said the last phrase with a nice theatrical swoon.  Then she laughed and slapped my foot.

I felt the heat finally fade from my cheeks.  “Bethee,” I said, reverting to name I gave her when I was a toddler.

“Yes Baby Boo,” she smiled.

“I don’t want to talk about my girlfriend with you ... ever.”

She widened her eyes in false innocence, “At least ... tell me if you’re fucking.”

I threw a pillow at her.

She laughed and caught it.

“Okay Ethan, keep your naughty secrets.  But show me a sketch.  I know you have one.”

I frowned.

“Please,” she wheedled.  “I promise to knock.”

I sighed, knowing she would keep pestering the shit out of me.  I moved passed her to my backpack and pulled out my current sketch pad.  I flipped past several blank pages to the middle and found the sketch of Nickie leaning against the wall in her “awkward is my specialty” night-shirt, pushing her hair back, the little pooch at the front.

“Damn,” Elizabeth said.  “Is this real or rose-colored glasses.”


“Did she pose for this or did you imagine it?”

“She posed.”

Elizabeth started to flip to the next page.  I snatched the sketchbook out of her hands like lightning.  She grinned at me, “So you are fucking?”

“Elizabeth,” I said, a clear warning in the tone of my voice.

“Maybe I should tell mom and dad,” she teased.  “Tell them about your naughty sketch habits and that your little girlfriend is putting out.”

“Maybe I should tell mom and dad about your alternate twitter account, where you post links to your private web-cam channel.”

Elizabeth’s mouth dropped open.

“Your mouth is open,” I said.

She snapped it shut.

“I’m not judging,” I shrugged.  “Why should my sister, with her body, work as a waitress at the local IHOP when she wants extra spending money?”

“How did you ...”

“You always use the same password, Bethee.  You left your laptop lying around in your room during a visit last summer, and I got bored.  Just understand that our relationship is one of .... mutually assured destruction.”

Her eyes narrowed. Then she sniffed and brushed a speck off of her designer pre-distressed form-fitting jeans, “It’s nice to know you’ve grown up enough to understand how things actually work.”

I gave her a menacing stare.

She gave me a menacing stare.

We both busted a gut and started laughing at each other.

“I would never actually tell on you Boo,” Elizabeth grinned. “You know that.  I’ve always had your back with mom and dad.  So spy on the neighbor’s bedroom, fuck half the girls in the school, draw naughty pictures of them, hide your personal porn collection in the air duct or wherever you put it these days.  I just like to mess with you.”

“Course,” I said.  “You might have noticed that you didn’t lose your car, tuition, room and board, or had your life blown to hell and back this summer.”

“I love you Baby Boo,” she smiled and stood up, walking to the door.

“I love you Bethee.”

She paused at the door for a moment and turned back to me, “You haven’t ... gone to my page or watched any of my cam shows, have you?”

“Get out, you pervert,” I laughed.  

She looked relieved, “You know ... if you need any advice on makin’ your girl happy or using your endowment to it’s best effect ...”

“Go,” I interrupted and threw a stray sock at her.


After Elizabeth left, I went back to the telescope to stare at the neighbor’s house, trying to see any interaction I could.  I wondered desperately if Mr. Fischer had gotten his vasectomy checked to see if he was shooting live ammo instead of blanks.  But if that had been then case, why hadn’t they made-up? Or perhaps she was simply pissed at his lack of faith, not believing her, assuming the worst, etc. There was no way for me to know, of course.

But that didn’t stop me from torturing myself.

I thought about writing a letter again.  I had been seriously contemplating it, before Elizabeth so rudely interrupted me.  I’d thought about it approximately 57 times that week. But every time I had the thought, I could just imagine Nickie’s response. In the end, I chickened out and decided that the best thing was to simply wait.  After all, I could write the letter in a week, two weeks ... maybe next month.

I flipped the telescope back up and lay on the bed.  It was Saturday afternoon, October 16th.  The night before the team had an away game, which we’d barely won.  That morning I did go over to the Fischer’s to work on their lawn, since it was getting on in the fall and there wasn’t much work to be done.  

That night I had a date with Nickie, but I wasn’t expecting any intercourse.  Her period had been short, completely done by the last Tuesday morning.  We’d had sex for a few days after, since they were “safe” days.  But she had told me the day before that she didn’t want to risk going bare again, because “as you know sperm can live up to five days in a woman; and if she ovulates early in the month, say day 11 or 12, instead of 13 or 14 ....”  You get the picture.

“I wonder if we should start experimenting with the 69 position,” I said to the ceiling.

The ceiling didn’t respond.

I looked back at the desk, where I thought about writing the letter to Mrs. Fischer.  The sad faces of their kids flashing before my eyes.

I groaned, Stop tormenting yourself Ethan!  I closed my eyes and imagined having my first 69 with Nickie that night.  


Saturday night, Nickie and I tried to 69.  It was hilariously uncoordinated, but a hell of a lot of fun.  We decided that we needed more practice.

Sunday afternoon finally arrived and so did the float building party in the school gymnasium.  The following Friday was homecoming. - It was late on the calendar that year; and we were more ready for the big game. -  The parade through the middle of town was Saturday afternoon and the Homecoming dance on Saturday night.

The previous class had picked the theme for this year, with approval of the administration, of course.  For some reason they’d chosen “Heaven.” The girls were all excited and into the decorations for both the floats and the gym, where the dance would be held. The guys ... eh ... not so much. But we were still there, doing our duty with a good chunk of the student body.

As we worked, there was no small amount of speculation as to who would be elected homecoming King and Queen. Though it was generally agreed that the most likely candidates were Jay and Courtney. Jay was the quarterback, of course, pretty much a local hero; and Courtney seemed a shoe in. The fact that they were an actual couple in real life, seemed to make it all the more likely. It had the right feels, so to speak.

The voting would take place on Tuesday of that week.  There had been a pre-vote to narrow down the list to the top 10 guys and girls.  After Tuesday, the top five on each list would make up the “Court.”  The actual King and Queen would be announced on Friday at halftime.  Then they would ride “enthroned” on the Senior Class float as the centerpiece of the parade with their court members around them; and they would serve as the hosts of the dance that night.

I didn’t much care who won, just so long as it wasn’t me.  In fact, I’d started a pretty vigorous campaign to get Jay elected, putting up posters, passing out “Vote for Jay, Homecoming King” flyers.  He was a little pissed about it.  But hey, what are friends for?

Eventually, the work on the floats was done, all but the last minute touches. - In truth, some of the floats had been under construction for weeks at that point. - Regardless, we cleaned up at about 10 o’clock. Vice Principle Morris shut off the lights and told us to get out.  Half of Seniors who came to float building, had been invited to Brenda’s house for the party, since there was no school the next day. The other half,  who hadn’t been invited, decided to show up anyway. So basically somewhere between 50 to 75 seniors descended on her house, while her parents were out of town.

I mean, it wasn’t the whole class of 413. It just felt like it.


As Nickie and I pulled up to the house and looked at the developing chaos, she gave a low whistle, “It’s a good thing she lives a mile out in the country or the police would already be all over this.”

It was true, I could feel the reverberations of a loud base.  

As we sat there, I watched one of my classmates, come stumbling out the door, laughing and apparently already drunk. He stumbled around, welcoming the others with slaps on the back, clearly weaving back and forth.

“Alcohol?” Nickie asked with some wonder and excitement in her voice.  “How?”

“Some of the older siblings,” I shrugged. “I think Brenda said there would be two kegs tonight.”

“And ... her parents gave permission?”

“Um ... not for that ... probably not. And I imagine that they were expecting a ... more intimate gathering of maybe 15 to 20 people max, not this many.”

“Damn,” Nickie said and then jumped as someone walked up and smacked her window, scaring her and laughing.

“Shit,” she laughed and waved.

I glanced over at her as she sat in her thigh length, sleeveless, loose blue dress, the straps of her black bra slipping out from under the wider dress straps. She looked back at me, grinning, eyes dancing behind her glasses, which she’d opted for instead of contacts that night. “What are you
thinking?” She asked.

I licked my lips, “I’m thinking I wanna taste you before we go in.”

“Here,” she hesitated and looked nervously out the windows at our milling classmates.

“Oh yeah,” I laughed unbuckled and began to move over.  Damn, I loved the leg room in my parent’s SUV.

“Ethan!” she giggled as I moved over the center console and squeezed in front of her. I reached to the side, found the electronic lever and began moving her seat back as I smothered her mouth with a deep kiss.

When the seat was fully back, I was able to kneel in front of her and begin kissing my way south.  I flipped up the bottom of her dress and sank my head down between her thighs.

“Oh ... so ... um ... you’re really doing this,” she said, spreading her thighs wide and shifting her ass to the edge of the seat to accommodate me.  Then with a giggle, she flipped her dress over the top of my head to hide what was about to happen.

“Okay ... um ... yes ... oh ... mmm ... yes ... fuck yes ... like that ...”

Underneath the bottom of her dress, I hand Nickie’s panties pulled to the side, my tongue dancing wickedly over the small nub of her clit. She quickly got wet and began squirmin’. - I love the squirm.

Then she began press my head further down with her hands on top of her dress, while adjusting herself further in the seat. “That’s iiiiiIIIT!” she gave a happy little shriek of delight, as my tongue slipped all the way inside in her hot pink biscuit.

I curled my tongue, thrust it in deep and wiggled. I bobbed my head and then pulled out, flicking back and forth over the top, working around the sides and occasionally passing over the top of her clit again.

“Shit!” she cried and began fumbling at the side of the seat to lean it back further. When she succeeded, Nickie gripped the leather edges and began grinding herself against my face.

“Suck IT!” she demanded when my tongue came back to her clit.

I did as commanded.  Nickie arched backward and thrust her hips up. She moved her now shaking hands and dug her fingers into my head through her dress.

And then she was cumming, squirming, shuddering and clenching her thighs on the sides of my head as she coated my face with the rush of her sex.

I almost suffocated.

It was beautiful.

“Damn ...,” Nickie muttered and began to relax, easing her thighs and grip on my noggin.

She reached down to the side of the seat and hit the button to straighten her seat back up as I continued to give her clit soft teasing licks.

Suddenly there was a tapping on the glass of the passenger window.

“Oh ... oh! Um ...” Nickie hit the button for the window. “Hi Britney,” she said.

“Hey girl!” Her friend gushed. “Aren’t you coming inside?”

Nope, she’s cumming right here, I thought with amusement.

“Uh ... yeah, yeah. I’ll be in in just a minute,” Nickie said.

“Cool, where’s Ethan?”

“Um ... he’s ...”

“Right here,” I said, raising a hand up in the air toward the window.

“Oh. OH!” Britney started laughing hilariously. “I didn’t notice you down there Ethan. Alright ... well ... whenever you guys are finished.”

Britney trailed off laughing and calling out to some other people, “Hey guys, guess what!?”

“Well ... hell,” Nickie said, flipping the bottom of her dress up as I snapped her panties back in place with a loving pat.

“That’s even better than making out in front of everyone,” I think.

She laughed as I moved up and kissed her. Then she wrinkled her nose and said, “Um ... breath mint, Hotness, breath mint.”

“Got it,” I said, moving back to the driver’s seat and reaching for the tin of Altoids that I stashed in the center console. “You ready to go.”

“Yeah,” she said opening the door. Then looking over her shoulder she asked, “Can I drink? You know ... maybe try to get a little ... buzzed.”

“Fine by me,” I grinned.

And with that, we walked hand in hand into Brenda’s house, being greeted by a lot of laughs and sniggering stares, thanks to Britney’s on-the-spot news reporting.


The party was a hit. The music good. The fun over the top. The dancing hot. And all of it helped along by an abundance of under-age drinking. An hour into it, Nickie was glassy-eyed and learning to dance dirty with me in the middle of the family room. Thank you Eleanor Bergstein for sharing your childhood with us.

“Buzzed” might the wrong word to describe my girlfriend just then.  “Hammered” is more appropriate.  Regardless, we were both sweaty and thoroughly enjoying not only the swirl of other bodies around us, but the intense grind. Then after a particularly hot number, Brenda grabbed Nickie off the dance floor and began whispering in her ear, as I took a break and made my way to the kitchen for some jalapeno nachos.

Nickie found me a few minutes later, a full plastic red cup of beer in her hand, “Brenda’s said some guys can spend the night too.  Text your parents and ask if you can stay at Jay’s.”

I whipped out my phone and fired off a text to my mom. She sent back in a coupe of minutes with a “Yes.” - You gotta love trusting, oblivious parents.

Nickie read the text, grinned and immediately chugged half the cup of beer and handed me the rest.

After another hour, both Nickie and I were glassy eyed.  She had gone from “hammered” to “blitzed.”

We were standing in the kitchen. She had her arms around my neck. I had my arms about her waist. She was backed up against the counter and we were making out hot and heavy. Two feet away from us, Courtney was sitting on the counter with her legs spread wide. Jay was standing in between them. And they were making out hot and heavy.

“Will I have a hangover in the morning?” Nickie asked no one in particular, when we came up for air.

“Yes,” Courtney answered from off to the side.

“Oh,” Nickie smiled and kissed me again.

A couple minutes later, Courtney came up for air and looked over at us with a smirk, “What’s this nonsense you were saying about the chances of getting pregnant from three feet away?”

We broke our kiss. Nickie looked at her and laughed, “You know from Ethan shootin’ splooge out of his heat seeking moisture missile; and maybe ... maybe a glancing blow on a little split peach.”

“Fuck, no way,” Courtney snorted. “What was it, just a drop on the clam flap. Nobody could hit the cherry dead center from three feet. Definitely not enough to give you baby-mama-drama.”

Jay laughed, “Yeah ... and definitely not Ethan. I mean ... I could do it. I’m the damn quarter back. I got a rocket arms and fucktastic aim.”

I looked over at Jay’s grinning idiot face, “It’s not the arm that counts, genius.”

“Doesn’t matter,” he laughed. “That’s just the pg version. I got another rocket.”

“You do have a nice rocket, baby,” Courtney grinned at him. “But there’s no way you could nail me from three feet away.”

I laughed, “Yeah, buddy, listen to your woman. Besides, we all know your aim is far from ‘fucktastic.’ You’d be lost if you didn’t have the best defense in the state backing you up.”

“‘Fuckin’ Aye!” Pucket, the big linebacker in the dining room called out, adding his two cents.

Everyone else laughed.

Jay fumed.

“O yeah,” he said. “I bet you fifty bucks here and now corner back, that I can hit closer to my girl’s honeypot than you can yours.”

“Wait, what?” Nickie spluttered.

Courtney laughed, “I’m game. C’mon Nickie, it’ll be fun.”

I looked between Jay and my confused girlfriend, “So ... just to be clear. You wanna whip it our right here in the kitchen, jack off while they ... sit on the counter; and ... see who ... hits the spot?”

“Seriously?” Nickie laughed and covered her mouth

“Hell yeah! It’s a matter of honor, fifty bucks. Unless your chicken, or ...,” his eyes narrowed in challenge, “You’re afraid to show that you’re ... playing with small equipment.”

Nickie busted a gut.

Courtney raised an amused eyebrow, her eyes traveling down to assess my bulge.  She was well aware of my previous girlfriend, Andrea’s, boasts.  

“Oh hell no I’m not!” I laughed. “You’re on, fifty bucks.”

“Wait, wait, wait,” Nickie raised a hand, still holding her gut with the other and trying to stop laughing, “It’s not just you guys.”

“O c’mon Nickie,” Courtney encouraged. “This will be legend. So look,” she slid off the counter, “It’s super easy. The kitchen tiles are a square foot each. We sit on the counter and the guys stand with their toes on the line three tiles back. However far they ... extend past the line with their little guns. Well, that’s just the blessing of nature. But they’re still three feet away ... most of their bodies.”

“Shit,” Nickie laughed, “I am ... so drunk cuz ... this sounds hilarious.”

“Yeah,” Courtney’s eyes sparkled with mischief. “Ethan you get on the right across from Nickie. Jay, you stand next to him.”

We laughed and moved into position. The girls did as well. I watched as Nickie moved, kicked off her shoes and began boosting herself up on the counter. We stared at each other and my cock began to swell automatically as the smile on her face filled me lust.

My heart rate started to pick up the pace. My breath came a little faster. Nickie got up on the counter, raised her glasses to the top of her head; and the proceeded to spread her legs wide, hiking her dress up to her waist and leaning back on her hands and she set her feet flat on the edge.

“Whatcha got big boy?” She teased.

“Fuck!” Jay and I both breathed at the exact same time.

I looked at him.

He looked at me.

“Look at your own girl!” I exclaimed.

“Yeah, look at your own girl,” Courtney laughed. “Asshole!”

Jay blushed and looked at Courtney sheepishly, “Sorry.”

“Yeah, you better be,” she grinned and began reaching under her short denim skirt. A few seconds later, her panties were in a pool around her feet. She lifted one foot and used the other to kick the panties at Jay’s face, which he instantly caught and stuffed in his pocket.

Then Courtney boosted herself up on the counter next to Nickie, set her feet flat and spread her legs.  Her perfect cheerleader pussy was shaved as smooth as a baby’s bottom and open for all the world to see. I looked at it and had to physically stop myself from licking my lips:


Courtney looked over at Nickie’s still panty covered pussy and shook her head at her. “No stakes Nickie, take em off!”

“But ... what if he ...,” Nickie stopped herself before finishing the sentence.

Courtney raised an eyebrow at her, “OH! So you do think he’s gonna hit it and get you pregnant from three feet away!?”

Nickie laughed, rolled her eyes, reached down and pulled her panties aside, revealing hairy cooter to the world. “There, is that good.”

Immediately Jay and I’s eyes traveled to the sight. Nickie looked at me with a grin and I hardened even more.

“No backing out now, Ethan,” Jay laughed as we both moved to the third tile back from the counter, carefully checking the position of our toes.

I didn’t bother responding.  We began undoing our respective jeans. Jay’s belt buckle hit the kitchen floor first and he pulled out a respectable eight incher from the front of his boxers, grinned and started jacking and aiming at his girlfriend.  

I gave him a quick peripheral glance out of curiosity.  Contrary to popular belief.  Guys do not look at each other’s junk in the bathrooms or locker rooms.  In fact, we make a very intentional effort NOT to look.  So this was, in fact, the first time that I’d ever really seen him; and, I only looked because he’d just smack talked me.

Nickie glanced over at him and gave a playfully dismissive smirk at Jay’s package.  Then she nodded to Courtney, “Look at this.”

I pulled my cock out, pushing my boxers down to my thighs to give a full showing. Courtney’s eyes traveled over. She looked and her mouth literally fell open.

Nickie laughed at her expression.

Jay, puzzled, risked a glance down. “Aww FUCK!!” he grimaced and looked away instantly.

“It’s okay, Jay,” I soothed. “You’re probably still above average, not that I’ve actually looked.”

“Shut-up,” he snorted. “I’m still gonna make a better shot!”

The girls laughed hilariously at this exchanged.

Pucket, who had been off to the side watching the entire thing with his own girlfriend, Amber, shook his head, laughing his head off.  He walked over to the doorway and shouted to the rest of the house, “HEY EVERYBODY! You gotta get in here! SHIT IS GOING DOWN!”

I looked over at Amber for second. She was staring straight at my rod, her jaw plastered to the floor. It was pretty damn gratifying.

But I quickly directly my attention back to Nickie and started focusing on the job at hand. I didn’t need to hit her right on the honeypot, of course. In fact, I didn’t want to do that! I just needed to beat Jay. With any luck, he’ll be a dribbler? I thought. But I quickly dismissed the idea. He never would have proposed the bet, if he were a lousy dribbler.

The two of us stood side by side pumping our cocks and concentrating. I had to pause and drop a wad of spit on mine after several seconds, because it was feeling pretty rough. As I did, curious classmates, drawn by Pucket’s shouting, started to filter into the kitchen to see what was happening.

The responses were only slightly varied.  Most most of them involved a lot of gapes, whoops, hollers, shouts and laugher.  Pucket answered the flood of questions, explained the nature of the bet and how it started because “apparently” Nickie wasn’t protected and there was some question about “mutual masturbation” and “flying seed.”

Honestly, Chad made up half the stuff he said.  Though, they were reasonable guess and neither I nor Nickie were correcting him. - Me ... I was kind of busy. Nickie ... she was enjoying a hot drunken moment in the spotlight.

The next thing I knew. People were taking bets! - My fuckin’ class. Always gambling. - And then some guy, that I didn’t turn to see who it was, was saying that he could beat both of us.  

Brenda finally came in the room to see what was happening. After she overcame the initial shock. She cried, “Wait, wait ... don’t cum.” Then she darted to a drawer behind Courney’s legs, opened it and got out a tape measure. After scooting out of the way, she said, “Alright, fire away,” which made the whole room roar with laughter and cries of “hear, hear!”

“Drunks!” I yelled em.

“Slut!” Nickie yelled at me, making everyone laugh again.

Just then Jay started grunting and straining.

“Alright, here we go, here we go!” Courtney called.  “We got action.”

The room fell ... mostly quiet for the next few seconds. Jay tried to aim and concentrate his fire. Suddenly, he let out a loud groan, jerked, and his spoo flew completely sideways, about a 60 degree angle away from Courtney towards Angela, another classmate who was in the front row watching the action.

Angela shrieked and almost dove out of the way. The crowd of classmates burst out laughing and jeering. Some of the guys shouted, “That’s how you throw the football!”, which made Jay start to turn red.

Brenda quickly dashed out with the tape measure and told Courtney, who was laughing her own head off at the failed shot, “Don’t move!” Then she quickly measured the distance from the closest blob of spoo to Courtney’s pussy, being careful not to touch either one.

“Don’t even bother,” Jay said, grinning again, and laughing at himself this time. There’s no way Ethan won’t beat that.

He yanked up his boxers and jeans. Fished out his wallet, walked up and helped Courtney down, while slapping a fifty on the counter.

Heather, who had come in after most of the people, stood there marveling at the raucous naughty fun, suddenly said, “C’mon Ethan, hit the honey pot, if you win you can be what ... what do we call him?”

“How bout ... Deadeye Dick,” Courtney offered, bouncing her ass and working her panties back up her legs.

Everyone loved it ... instantly.

In fact they started chanting, “Deadeye, deadeye, deadeye!” as I pumped.

Unfortunately, it had the opposite of it’s intended effect. I started looking around at all of my classmates; and ... I started to lose focus, my cock flagging as I suddenly realized just how many fucking faces were in the room watching me jack my cock. I mean ... it’s a little off-putting, even if you have nothing to be embarrassed about.

Then Jay started laughing, “He’s losing it. If he can’t finish I win.”

“Oh he’ll finish!” Nickie instantly and drunkenly came to my defense. “He just likes to take his time, right Hotness? You’re not a lousy two minute man, are you? Maybe ... you could use a little more incentive.”

My eyes went instantly back to her. In fact, everyone’s eyes went to her, as she let go of her panties that she was holding open and slipped off the counter. Nickie then proceeded to do a hot strip tease, lifting her dress over her head, turning, taking off her black bra, turning again and moving her panties halfway down her thighs.

“Don’t cum yet, Baby,” she teased. “I gotta get back in position.”

Slowly she turned facing the counter, her panties just past the curve of her ass. She leaned over and jiggled it at me. “Definitely don’t cum on my ass,” she grinned. “That’s against the rules.”

People got vocal again, instantly, cheering. Several of the guys pretended to swoon, their mouths literally watering as my girlfriend gave an impromptu twerk show.

She is soooooo drunk, I thought to myself as I watched her.

But it totally did the trick. My cock was immediately back to full mast.

Nickie turned with a happy grin and boosted herself back up on the counter.

She kicked off her panties and pulled her glasses back down, which she’d put on the top of her head to take off her dress. She spread her legs wide and held her pussy open with two fingers.

“Fuck,” I groaned, eyes back on target:

“Fuck, I soo wanna do this,” Brandon, Angela’s boyfriend said from off to the side.

“Really,” Angela laughed.

“Jay and Ethan are doing it,” he reasoned, quite logically ... logically for a lot of blitzed teenagers that is.

Heather chimed in from the other side of the sperm zone. “We could have a competition. 50 bucks down, winner takes the pot.”

“Heather, if you don’t graduate and own a casino in Vegas, I’m gonna be so disappointed,” someone behind me said.

“She’d make a great pit boss,” another person added.

“How bout, no money, but the winner gets bragging rights forever and the title: Deadeye Dick.”

“Do we have to compete with our girlfriends,” Brian yelled from the back of the room.

Everyone laughed.

His girlfriend slugged him ... really hard.

“Alright, no money. You compete with whoever the hell you want,” Heather smirked, “But we all promise, not a single word of this shit ever goes beyond the people in this room.”

There was a general nod of heads in agreement. The events were now utterly taboo, much like having the kegs at the party. And with that, Angela was soon on the counter next to Nickie, not totally naked, but in a Courtney skirt open style, while Brenda, the self-appointed referee was making sure he was behind the line of the third tile.

“Can you ... scoot down a little,” I complained to Brandon when his shoulder touched mine.

“Sorry,” he said, as his pants hit the floor.

I didn’t look.

Nickie did.

But then she looked back at me, smiled, took her glasses off and touched the tip of the earpiece to her nipple as she began chatting with Angela about homecoming and the floats:

It was so casual, like they were sitting and having tea or something. She did keep her eyes locked on me, winking and encouraging.

I didn’t lose focus this time, though it took me another few minutes. When I started to get close, indicated by my breathing, the crowd, which had been organizing themselves into couples for participation zeroed back in on the action.

Nickie noticed instantly. She cocked her head forward a little, spread her legs and reached down to tug at her pubic hair, opening her love hole with her deliciously thick and floppy labia a little bit wider.

“Aim here, Hotness,” she sniggered.

I groaned, shuddered.  I fucking closed my eyes. - I am not kidding.  I fucking CLOSED my eyes ... and fired.

One spurt, two spurts, a third spurt, not as strong, and then several more weaker pumps that followed.

On the first spurt, all my classmates erupted. On the second spurt, someone yelled “Holy Shit!”

When I opened my eyes, Nickie was staring at me in total shock.

I looked at her to see what I’d done. There was one fat glob just to the left of her pussy; and a second one dead center on her open hole, the excess running down the side of her ass crack.

I stared at it in sheer astonishment.

“From three fuckin’ feet away,” Courtney murmured from off to the side.

“Don’t have to measure that one!” Brenda laughed.

“Fuck, all I can do is tie!” Brandon groaned from the side.

“I guess if there’s a tie, we have to have a jackoff!” one of the girls yelled making everyone laugh again.

But Nickie and I ... we weren’t laughing. She was looking at me is astonishment. Then she was quickly slipping off the counter, gathering up her things and darting off in the direction of one of the bathrooms.

People mostly ignored that, but a few picked up on her sudden tension. The others, however, were now discussing who would be on “mop duty” as another couple moved in to take our place.


Approximately forty minutes later, Nickie and I were sitting quietly on the family room couch, holding hands and staring off into the middle distance.  Both of us looking like someone had just shot our dog.

“I’m ... probably not in danger, right now,” she said morosely.  “It’s ... too soon.”

“Yeah ... odds are against it.”

“Yeah,” she agreed, “And ... is that really more dangerous than ... what we have been doing with you pulling out?”

“No,” I said. “Definitely not.”

“Oh fuck!” she suddenly groaned and leaned forward, burying her face in her hands and crying. “I’ll be the first valedictorian in school history to be in her third trimester when she gives the commencement address!”

I just sighed and rubbed her back.

Suddenly there was a cheer from the other room, where the drunken competition was stillgoing on.  But this was shortly followed by a loud groan.

Laughing Jay came out of the kitchen with Courtney. “Oh Ethan,” he said. “You should have seen it. Stephen hit Kelly right on the cock slot; and we thought it was gonna be a jack-off. But then Brenda called foul. He’d stepped over the line of the tile as he was shaking and shooting off load. Hey ...” he said, suddenly noticing Nickie’s misery, “What’s wrong with her?”

“She wasn’t protected dumbass,” Courtney told him. “That was kind of the whole reason this started.”

“Ah,” he said, cluing in.

I wondered for a moment, if there were any other girls who referred to their boyfriends as “dumbass” as frequently as Courtney did.

Courtney dropped down to her knees in front of Nickie, leaned forward and gave her a hug. “It’s gonna be fine Nickie. Don’t freak out and borrow trouble, kay? And be sure to put your happy face back on till the others leave. I don’t think you need anymore gossip.”

“Nickie gave a weak little nod.”

Courtney reached down into her purse and pulled out a tissue and a condom. She handed both to Nickie. “The party’s about to break up. You two are on the futon in the basement tonight.  Use this.”


Courtney was right. Shortly after the competition ended, people began leaving. Several laughed and slapped me on the back or shoulder, calling me by new nickname, Deadeye Dick, or just “Deadeye.” - I really was not sure how I felt about that, to be honest. It definitely didn’t feel good at that moment. But I figured that it would pass away and be forgotten pretty damn quick.  Nickie helped Brenda, Courtney, Heather and the other girls who were staying over clean up.

The boyfriends were given pillows blankets and told to make up the “sleeping spots” for the night.

Heather came up behind Nickie as she was doing dishes in the kitchen, turned her around, looked her square in the eye and said, “I owe you an apology. All the guys saw something in you that I completely missed. I had ... no idea ... that you were actually cool.”

“Um ... thanks,” Nickie said and gave her a quick hug.

I told her afterwards that she should appreciate it, because as far as I knew, that was the only apology Heather had ever given to anyone in her entire life.

Finally, we found ourselves alone in the basement on the futon. I stripped off my clothes to sleep naked with her. Nickie took hers off more slowly. I pulled out the condom that Courtney had given us, looked at her body for a few seconds to get hard and then unrolled it on my cock.

Nickie looked at me, bit her bottom lip and held up a hand as I tried to move on top of her.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

“What will you do ... if I am pregnant?”

I frowned, “Marry you, of course.” I honestly thought it was kind of a dumb question.

Her eyes flashed. “Just like that, no abortion, no second thoughts?”

“I don’t believe in abortion and neither do you, or you wouldn’t have said what you did about being in your third trimester at graduation.”

“And so, you’d just marry me because of dumb luck in a drunken game at a high school party. You’d commit your whole life to me because of that!”

“No,” I said, with a patient smile. “I’d marry you because I love you. I’d marry you and work a meaningless dead end job for 60 hours a week to support you through college and medical school and to put a roof over our heads and food in our mouths, and the mouths of our five children, until you graduated. And then, I’d let you return the favor when I finally went back to school.”

She knit her eyebrows together, “You’d do that, sacrifice the prime years of your life. No college, no football?”

“Fuck football. Fuck college. You’re more important than either of those things; and a baby is definitely more important. And honestly Nickie, what’s the point of being in your prime, if it isn’t being with a woman you love and making babies with her. Sure things would be hard for a while, but the payoff of a lifetime together, sixty plus years of happiness, raising a family?  That far outweighs the hardship.”

She stared at me. Her eyes full of wonder.

I shrugged, “It’s really the only thing to do, Nickie. I’m not gonna leave you in a lurch. I’m not gonna see your dreams unfulfilled. I’ll make em happen.”

“And your dreams Ethan? What about those?”

“My dreams,” I frowned. For someone so smart, she was being really dense all of a sudden.

“My dream, Nickie, is to marry a woman I love, go to bed happy in her arms every night and have children.”

I started to say more, but she reached out and put a hand on my thigh. “Ethan, Deadeye,” she swallowed, “Just go ahead and put your cock in me.”

I smiled and moved forward on my knees as she spread her legs. I leaned down pressed my cock inside of her as she raised her hips.

Nickie gave a slight gasp as I filled her in one smooth motion. She looked up at me just like this:

“You ... want me to pull out to cum,” I said as I settled down onto her body.

“Why,” she moaned softly as she wrapped her arms  and legs around my me, pulling me tight.

“It’s the first time I’ve used a condom. I’m ... not sure I did it right. You know just in case it breaks.”

“I don’t give a damn if it breaks,” she whispered as she kissed me hungrily and started to move.

Submitted: September 14, 2021

© Copyright 2021 bigsausage. All rights reserved.


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This is freaking great, Dead Eye Ethan!!! I'm not sure when I've ever read a chapter quite this fulfilling! Absolutely no sentence or paragraph for me to catch a breath and fantastically well written. Totally love Elizabeth and the web cam site, so glad to get back to the neighbors with the telescope, and fucking holy hell - this cum shooting contest is totally the best ever! Love how that brings out the title of your piece. You took your sweet time getting to that pinnacle (not that I don't expect more peaks and valleys) - but soooo characteristic of your personality and modus operandi. Nice of Heather to offer the peace pipe, but I've got my eye on her...I think she's trouble.

BTW, I didn't realize until the chapter that the neighbors were black? Did I miss that? Sort of adds an interesting dimension to what originally seemed like a small town WASP neighborhood.

You seriously could publish this shit, Ethan. It's that damn good.

My only weirdism...kind of nothing, really...but you mention web cam sites and instagram, so we're dealing with modern times. Are guys seriously still buying porn mags and putting them under the bed?

Love this, Hot Stuff!

Sun, September 19th, 2021 9:26pm


Thank you Kitten!

Oddly enough, they still sell the print magazines. They've been dying, but it's apparently a very slow death. Regardless, I didn't get those from the corner convenience store as a kid. The dad of one of my best friends had boxes of vintage porn in his basement: Playboy, Penthouse and Hustler. He even had the magazines in those plastic sleeves to protect them. - His wife was apparently very liberal minded about that sort of thing.

Anyway, when i went over to spend the night with my friend, we slept in sleeping bags in the basement rec room. We'd play video games or watch movies until his parents came down to check on us and say goodnight. Then we'd wait for the water to stop running, wait for the house to settle, wait ... wait ... turn off the lights, get out flashlights, sneak into his "man-cave" in the next room, and out came the porn. After my friend was a little older, when he noticed that his old man never seemed to notice things missing or being moved around, he started loaning me stuff for a week or two. I'd get a mag from him, take it home, bring it back. He'd let me take another one. We'd talk and laugh about the stuff, especially the stories and letters. He was a vintage porn lending library. This went on for a couple of years, when we were 13 to 15.

It was one of his dad's magazines that my mom found beneath the mattress. I lied about where it came from, of course. Or she wouldn't have let me go over to my friend's house anymore.

So ... you now know that all of my early exposure and sex education came from reading the letters to Penthouse and looking at dirty pictures. I'll let you decide for yourself how royally screwed up that makes me. ;)

Mon, September 20th, 2021 6:16am


Wow, well I've been officially informed about the porn mag situation. I'm surprised guys use those, given what's available on line.

I don't know if this is intentional, but the first paragraphs of this chapter give me the odd sense that Elizabeth has a 'thing' for her brother. I'm not saying it's been acted upon, but "boo" is an intimate reference, mostly ethnic (if you get my drift). Just for reference, listen to Dua Lipa's "Levitating". And Liz wants to catch her brother masturbating? Really? (This girl right here did not catwalk into her brother's room looking for a wank session. Gross.) Anyway, very curious what's up there.

I like what you're doing with Nickie...this introverted pillar of sophistication. The whole thing reminds me of another song, "Cool Kids" by EchoSmith. She's waking up in a whole new arena, and she's a little out of control. I think that's particularly evident when she undresses completely before the shoot-off. It's more than 'one-upmanship' - really over the top. You might consider having Ethan comment on it more extensively, unless you are coming back to it later in reflection. Heather gives her kudos because nobody else has the 'balls' to do that. Of course, we all know she's drunk - but everyone is.

It's subtle, but I find it significant that Nickie goes from hesitating to remove her panties to totally disrobing in front of a crowd. It's a statement and a state of mind... a leap of faith perhaps, but to me it's almost like self induced hazing (sound weird?), which could be a little ominous. Intellectuals often see themselves as being above conformity on the social level, but it's often rationalization or just sour grapes. Nickie never saw herself as participating in this sort of thing when she was sitting in her room watching porn. Now she has the opportunity to play it out.

She comes back to Earth when she disappears to the bathroom in panic following Ethan's hole in one. I like how you did that because it trickles a more somber tone into the otherwise crazy exuberance which will one day be 'legend'. You're adding some different flavors to the mixture, and you're keeping the story grounded with some serious concerns.

It's a nice discussion at the end of the chapter, this dedication by Ethan to do whatever is necessary....Paradise by the Dashboard Light. Lots of promises. Nickie exhibits a vulnerability that endears her to the reader. She's not superhuman. She's wrapped up in this shit and totally down for the lust bust. I'm bracing myself for reality...

Tue, September 21st, 2021 12:17am


Lizzy was just teasing. She started calling me "boo" when she was like three and a half or four. I'm pretty sure it was because it was the way she could make me laugh, playing "peek-a-boo."

I love what you're seeing in Nickie. And yeah, lots of promises were made, intentions were real and sincere, if a bit oversimplified. But you know life ... things happen, other people enter in and complicate things as well as the internal doubts and endless "what-ifs." Reality comes along and sometimes smacks us between the eyes ... hard! What's going to happen with Nickie?

I'm glad you're interested and continuing to read. Thank you.

Tue, September 21st, 2021 7:22am


I liked this because I felt like I was actually "at this party".
In the simplist terms you have kept the action "rolling".
Always humorous.
Plenty of dialogue.
This is " hilarious sex on a stick".
Sex mags have something internet porn does not.
Much more personal and quality pics.
Younger folks tired of the internet would still "dig" this.
This adds to the realism that you create here.

Fri, September 24th, 2021 7:17am


Thanks Vanilla. I'm try to make it fun with a little angst thrown in. I'm glad you enjoyed it. And thank you for the comment.

Yeah, not everything is better just because it's on screen.

Fri, September 24th, 2021 5:06am

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