Chapter 1: The Dark Goddess

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

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I stared at the latest instagram selfie of the dark goddess and let out a low groan.  She stood there in all her glory: heavy breasts contained in black bikini top, tight skirt clinging to womanly childbearing hips, long red nails, large hoop earrings, prominent gold wedding band.

My cock rose unbidden. I closed my eyes, put my fingers to my temples and sighed. With a stretch, I stood up from the laptop perched on the desk of my attic bedroom.  I walked slowly over to the window and bent my head to the telescope I’d talked my parents into buying me last Christmas. Not even remotely interested in the sky, I directed it towards the row of homes across the street and focused in on my favorite.

A brief scan in the windows, then around the edges of the house, the dark goddess was nowhere to be seen that day, not a whisper or hint. I gave another soft groan and flipped the telescope up to the expected position. Then wandering over to the bed, I fell down on it and tucked a pillow between my legs for relief.

Slowly I bounced my ass up and down, humping the pillow, dreaming that it was her, that I was plunging my cock deep inside her flesh.  She was so close and so ... hopelessly out of reach.


“Hey Ethan,” Nickie said with a bright grin the next day at school. The “Disney princess turned nerd” had walked up to me nervously. She bounced on her toes as I looked at her sideways and shut my locker. The girl’s eyes were huge and blue, hence the nickname “Disney Princess.” They were staring at me from behind large glasses, complete with tape, as she struggled to balance multiple textbooks in her arms including AP Calculus, AP Chemistry and an Introduction to Engineering book for a course she was taking at the local community college, hence the nickname “nerd.”

“Hey Nickie,” I greeted her.

“So ... um ... it’s ... been like two months since Andrea moved away this summer,” she stammered out.

“Yeah,” I sighed, the pain of the memory still a little fresh.

“I was ... do you ... do you have a date for the back to school dance?” She blurted the question as quickly as possible and immediately dropped her big eyes to the ground, bracing for rejection.

“Uh ... no,” I said, a little startled and turned to give her my full attention.

“You don’t,” she said looking off to the side and biting her bottom lip.

I waited for her to look back at me. It took a couple of awkward seconds before she finally met my eyes again.

“Do ... you have a date?” I prompted.

“No,” she flushed.

“Were you ... were you going to ask me out?” I gave a slight smirk. - Sometimes I can’t help myself.  I just smirk.

“Maybe ... um ... possibly,” she gave a weak smile.

I gave a slight laugh. Nickie and I had been “friends” since the roadrunner bus to Kindergarten. I knew that she was interested in more. One can hardly help but notice these things; but, I’d been dating Andrea since the 8th grade.  For four years the red-headed cheerleader and most popular girl in the class and I had been an item. And thus, I’d been strictly off the table.

“How bout this?” I said, coming to a firm decision.  “Nickie, will you go with me to the back to school dance?”

Her mouth dropped open. She stared at me for a few more awkward seconds of quiet disbelief.  “I ... I would love to ... are you serious?”

“Nickie, you’re like my oldest friend. I wouldn’t shit with you about having a date. Do you wanna have a date?  Let’s go out.  See what happens.”

“But ... Andrea ... the other ... you know the popular girls. They’ve all been gossiping about who’s gonna snag you this year, now that she’s gone. And they’re ...,” she looked down at the glossy gross brown tile of the senior class locker room and mumbled, “They’re all way more attractive.”

“Bullshit,” I said in flat denial. “You’re every bit as attractive as they are and like ... fifty times smarter. So, do you wanna go out with me or not?”

“I ... would love to go out with you,” she said, bringing her eyes back to mine and giving a weak smile that gradually grew a little stronger, a little more confident.

I returned it and then took a few moments to appreciate her ass as she turned on her heels and walked off to class, a new little bounce in her step.


The thought of going with Nickie to the dance, provided a brief distraction, but it unfortunately didn’t last very long.  What does it matter?  I thought as I walked into my bedroom after school and tossed my backpack onto the bed.  

I quickly booted up my laptop, surfed to my neighbor’s instagram page to check for any updates. There were none. I pulled out my sketchpad, stared at her latest selfie and slowly began drawing her luscious curves.

“Andrea, Nickie, who the fuck cares?” I murmured into the air.

It wasn’t a fair statement. It didn’t actually reflect my feelings towards either of them. I loved Andrea. Nickie, as I said, was one of my oldest friends. But ... I was pissed. In fact, I’d been pissed for just over two months, ever since the day Andrea dropped her bombshell on me.

What a way to spend your Senior year, heartbroken and pissed.

Andrea and I were both older Seniors, almost September birthday twins. When we first started dating in the 8th grade, I’d thought the heavens had opened up and sent me an angel: beautiful, happy, effervescent, the life of the party.  And this year was supposed to be the crowning year of our relationship.  We were supposed to be Homecoming King and Queen, Prom King and Queen, the “Most likely to marry” of our graduating class. We were supposed to turn 18 within a few days of each other and then ... HAVE SEX!

Yeah ... I was a little pissed.

We’d talked about it for so long. We’d planned the moment, when we’d give each other our virginity.  All that time, we’d dated, all those hot and heavy window fogging make-out sessions at night in the backseat of the car, all those times of heavy petting and experimenting with oral sex, we’d held back!  We’d stopped ourselves from going all the way. We’d done it for safety. We’d done it so that the moment of actual intercourse would be an EVENT, a once in a life-time, never to be repeated, joyful giving of a precious gift to one another!

Oh, and it was gonna be good too. I knew it.  Andrea and I had gone through the motions of sex so many times, our clothes carefully in place, I’d learned to bring her at the same moment as myself.  I’d studied Andrea’s body, worshiped her. I’d learned to play her flesh like a beautiful violin.

And then ... her dad got a new job. They were moving out of town.  Andrea didn’t think any kind of distance relationship would “work-out.”  She dropped me as casually as you toss away a used coffee cup from McDonald’s. So much for being “the love of my life.” So much for all those years of saving ourselves to make everything perfect.  Bye.  Thanks.  It was fun.  Maybe I’ll bump into you some year or another.

I closed my eyes and dreamed about my neighbor.

“Just turned 18, still a virgin,” I muttered to myself. “Star cornerback on the football team, fit, cut, second place in the all state tennis championship last year. The girls all want you, Ethan. But no, you belong to Andrea. Shit ... all your friends have already had sex ... don’t think anyone in the whole school would even believe you’re still a virgin. Weren’t you and Andrea fucking, Ethan? You started having sex years ago, didn’t you?”

I opened my eyes and stared at my neighbor’s selfie on the screen. “Fuck Andrea,” I muttered. “Now ... that is a woman.”


I began obsessing over the dark goddess the day after Andrea broke up with me. I’d gone home, locked myself in the room, turned off the lights and proceeded to get all manly by laying in a fetal position for the next several hours. Finally, in misery I stood up and walked to the window to look outside.

It was just after two-thirty in the morning. The world was quiet and uncaring.  The world didn’t give a flying fuck that my heart had been cut out. And there across the street, a light was on in a window, the only light in the neighborhood that was still burning.

I casually tipped my telescope down, focussed and looked.  And there she was in her bedroom. Her body wrapped around her husband: arms and legs clinging, head thrown back, a look of sheer ecstacy on her face as he slowly, deliberately, methodically pumped in and out of her.

I’d known the dark goddess for as long as I’d dated Andrea, of course. They moved into a house across the street. She and my mom became friends pretty quickly. My mom, who was always trying to teach me responsibility, contracted me, the only teenage guy on the block, to do their yard work: mowing, trimming, whatever. And so, for four years, I dutifully took care of all their landscaping needs from spring mowing to fall raking, pocketing my fifteen bucks an hour.  In all that time, the goddess had never been of particular interest to me.  Nothing to see here.  Just my mom’s friend: an older, married woman with three annoying younger kids.  

But then that night happened. The world spun sideways, tilted 38 degrees to the left. My eyes opened up and ... holy fuck ... she’s a goddess.  

Fuck Andrea. Give me a woman like THAT!

Coping mechanism? Sure ... whatever.

Damn she’s beautiful. And completely ... out of reach.


“Ethan,” the goddess’ husband said the following Saturday as I knelt on my hands and knees, pulling weeds out of their flowerbeds. “My wife has a migraine. I’m taking the kids and heading out for a few hours, so she can rest. If you have to go inside to use the bathroom or get some water, just stay clear of the bedroom and try and be quiet.”

“Sure thing,” I said.  Inside I was remembering how he fucked her, the way she looked beneath him. How many times had I replaced that mental image with myself on top of her, her body wrapped around mine, her face in ecstacy because of me? Lucky bastard, I thought.

“Though,” he continued with a laugh, “With the medicine she took, she’ll be knocked out for hours. Oh ... and when you’re finished, your pay for this week is on the kitchen table.”

“Okay,” I said with a nod and a smile.

They left a few minutes later, he and the three kids, ranging from 5 to 12 years in age. I didn’t pay much attention. I just kept working and quietly sighed to myself that I wouldn’t have a chance to see her for even a few moments to get paid. Of course, I wouldn’t go in and bother her. I almost never went into their house, unless specifically invited. It never felt quite right. And as far as using the bathroom went, it was always more comfortable to go across the street to my own house.

At any rate, I finished with the flowerbeds after half an hour and began to clean up. The mowing and trimming had been done earlier. I quietly hoped that they hadn’t exacerbated her headache. And when I was done, since I didn’t really have much choice, I crept into the house to get my money off of the kitchen table.

As I stood there in the stillness of the kitchen, I stared down the long hallway to the master bedroom. The door was open just a crack and I thought about her husband’s words, She’ll be knocked out for hours. I thought about that; and I thought about how much I was aching just to catch a glimpse of her, another little mental image to tuck away in my brain for later that night, when I was alone with my cock.

My stomach churning with sudden nerves, I quietly slipped off my shoes. And then slowly I stepped down the hall and gently pushed open the door. What I saw took my breath away and sent my heart rate soaring. The dark goddess, the woman who had taken over all my dreams and fantasies for the last few months, was passed out, sleeping ... naked.

I stared at her, my eyes WIDE open. I could hardly believe my luck. She was so close this time, no telescope necessary, right there ... nude.

Even better, the goddess was lying face down, her legs tucked up underneath her, ass raised, liked she’d fallen asleep praying. The covers were all twined and bunched up beneath her. Her legs were slightly spread, the bottom of her unshaven pussy visible and also just a little open.

If I hadn’t been 18, I probably would have had a coronary.

I stepped gingerly forward, as quiet as could be. I fished out my cell phone. My cock sprang to life with nary an ounce of thought on my part, hardening painfully inside of my work jeans.  I held my hand out, trembling, looking fearfully at the side of her face for any sign of consciousness and I ... took her picture.

There was no indication of awareness on her part, just the slow, peaceful rise and fall of her breath. I swallowed and stepped up to the night stand at the head of the bed, where a bottle of pills was located. I picked it up and turned it to see the label. It was a codeine based painkiller with warnings about severe drowsiness. A smile crossed my lips. She was well and truly out of it. Then just to be sure, I set the bottle down, stepped back from her potential line of sight and quietly breathed out her name.  “Mrs. Fischer ....” a little louder and ready to bolt for the door, “... Mrs. Fischer?”

There was no response. Not the slightest change in her breathing.

I grinned broadly and took several more pictures. Then ... I noticed my cock, aching painfully, desperate ... ready to blow a load right there in my jeans. It hurt so damn good!

Setting my phone to the side and moving close up the edge of the bed, I very gently eased my zipper down. My fat and happy rod sprang out the front of my boxers and protruded from the opening I’d made. I breathed out a slow sigh of relief. Then I ever so quietly reached down, gripped my shaft, stared at her ass and began pumping and imaging myself deep inside that glorious velvet sheath a mere two to three feet away from me.

Before I even knew it, I was overwhelmed with excitement: caution thrown to the wind; lust fogging my brain; blood pumping madly; hand on autopilot; balls tightening; cock straining; body shuddering; desperately biting back gasps and moans; and then, ... blessed release.

My body shuddered uncontrollably. I closed my eyes and tilted my head back for several unbelievable seconds.


My brain screamed at me as the haze of lust began to lift.  My eyes shot open. I tried desperately to get back into  control. I looked at her face utterly terrified. And then ... I looked ... at ... the mess ...

Holy fuck! I’m so dead.

My cum hadn’t dribbled.

It hadn’t sort of half-heartedly streamed out the tip.


It had shot and gushed and and splattered big fat wads right ... on ... her ... ass!

I stood completely frozen.  Then I watched in horror as she gave a soft moan, shifted a little and caused a thick glob to run down her crack, coating the bottom edge of her labia and then sort of seeping over the outside of her hot pink hole.

She gave a soft sigh.

My eyes darted back to her face ... still asleep.

She shifted again and made the problem ... worse!  A glob of semen slid right over the top and down to the bottom edge of her silky muff.

Oh fuck ... breathe, Ethan, ... breathe. It’s okay ... she’ll roll over at some point. It will get wiped by the covers.  It will dry.  She won’t wake up for hours. Her husband will be gone the rest of the afternoon. There might be some ... sticky residue; but, ... she won’t know what it is ... right? And she’ll be so out of it when does wake up ... migraines last a really long time ... right?

Slowly I eased my cock back inside my jeans.  Slowly, I zipped up. Slowly I reached for my phone. Hesitated ... paused ... raised it up and ... took one last picture of the mess I’d made on the sleeping goddess:

Submitted: July 21, 2021

© Copyright 2021 bigsausage. All rights reserved.


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Luv it. And the picture as well, nice touch. Xxx

Wed, July 21st, 2021 10:09pm


Thank you ;)

Wed, July 21st, 2021 3:49pm


Hmmm....Ethan is really digging a hole for himself. The likely hood of pregnancy is slim but still its possible, just barely.
Great writing, very imaginative. Nice drawing too!

Thu, July 22nd, 2021 2:40pm


Thank you Trixie. Yeah, it could get ugly ...

Thu, July 22nd, 2021 9:31am


You're a gifted writer - professional grade - to go along with your Grade A Sausage. (I'm sure that's what it rates - you have that certificate framed at the head of your bed, right?)

Love this story. The runaway girlfriend is a nice touch, establishing a foundation for your piece. Ethan is a high school hunk and Nickie is out of her league, but friends are friends. All this is contributing greatly to character development, particularly Ethan's. Your chapter is really well developed, and the subject matter is always of interest...the young boy falling for the MILF next door. Plus, this migraine scenario is imaginative and erotic as hell. As crazy as the final 'climactic' moment may seem, my suspension of disbelief easily accommodates the drama. Good writing.

Love your drawings, Ethan. Definitely add something to your already excellent literary acumen. Good to have you back, too!

Sun, July 25th, 2021 11:12pm


Thank you Kitten! And thank you for your comment. I aim to please. Love your Avatar, btw. It's very good to hear from you again.

Mon, July 26th, 2021 9:04am

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