Bianca in Red

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Bianca is too stunning in her red lingerie to escape the bathroom without some internal male moisture being added to her pretty exterior bodily lotion

Bianca is in the bathroom. I swear she spends more time there than the bedroom.

She is always prepping herself. I mean don’t get me wrong, she gets it all right; from her succulent soft lotioned skin, to the scents she chooses on her body, her lightly plucked eyebrows and that goddamn mascara she uses that drives me wild as I look into her darting blue eyes as we make love.

But she is a typical young woman on mission perfection. There’s so much she would change if she had that genie in the bottle and three wishes. You know girls and their butt; their nose, their boobs and of course their hair.

Yeah, for guys it would be easy; they’d stop at two; plenty of ready cash, well that would cover the beer, the boat, the new car and a penthouse full of high-class call girls if you couldn’t snare the multiple women of your dreams between silk sheets or preferably on top of them and the obvious want for a pecker a tad over average size.

But a woman; they would hesitate like in front of a modern-day plastic surgeon; just what bit to wish for a fix up first.

I know Bianca is sort of okay with her breasts. They are a treat in a push up bra and so round and malleable when released. Cute pink nipples too. Yeah, I’ve seen her looking at them in the mirror side on when she has left the bathroom door ajar. She would like her boobs slightly bigger; it is occasionally revealed by her with a sight sigh, which she quickly moves on from.

Bianca’s butt is perfect. It is just shapely fem-arse. Nice hemisphere handfuls. Though she’s worried at twenty-three about the eventual drop. She is so cute when she is all butt in the mirror and trying to self-look where she doesn’t get the perfect rear view from a metre or two like I do as she bustles about in her favourite sexy yellow knickers on a working morning rush.

Her goddamn snub nose with a couple of very small freckles and her cupid bow lips; well, they are mine to share at the moment.

I know Bianca’s bathroom time isn’t spent playing with herself or over manicuring her delicious pussy; mmm I love her fuzzy crinkly patch above her shaved lips; gives me the best of both worlds.

No; its Bianca’s hair and her straightener. She has these gorgeous tight curls she is seemingly forever in battle with. I love them; they are Bianca. Bianca and her curls.

She ties her curls back; often real tight like punishing them. She straightens and straightens but hey man; she is naturally curly mirroring the cute light honeyed fuzz between her legs; the strands of crinkly whispy, slightly coarse but adorable pubic love; the sexual heart of my sweet Bianca.

She is still in the bathroom getting ready for a dinner party. I mean it’s been over an hour.

I want to have a shave and get ready too. I knock politely and open the door; in only my underwear.

Yeah, Bianca is still straightening out her hair but it’s not her last few great curls that really have my attention; it’s a previously unseen; must be a new lingerie set; stunning bright red against her creamy white skin. She is gorgeous.

Off course I’m behind her at the mirror pressing into her peachy arse and she responds to the distraction with a sole; “Mmm; yes, but later, much later, mmm.”

 I win. Her straightener is down, she turns around, her momentarily free hands quickly occupied with my chest and back. Her sharp blue eyes very alert to the promise of escalating pleasure. The stamina of recent couple romance. We had an ongoing sheet tryst earlier this afternoon.

My hands are fondling her breasts over her bra cups. So pinkly erect are her nipples in a touchy flash.

Bianca wants more and I need male more.

“You prick; these were your surprise for deep into tonight; getting it early;” but Bianca doesn’t finish; she goes; “Mmm...Ah” because my fingers are way south.

Her tight new panties are pushed to the side of her mound. Bianca’s passionate fleshy folds are prodded by two of my fingers, deep and working, my thumb ensuring her sweet clit was not left out of the pleasantries.  Then my thumb was rubbing the sensitive skin fold over her nub of femjoy; teasing it to arousal. It was aroused fast; super-fast.

Bianca’s head is back. She has a good solid grasp of my cock. Just holding it. Enjoying holding her man, my rod poking out from my underwear.

She spreads her legs wider; the pleasure surge through her pussy and her willing clitty is evident in her swaying thighs and her “mmm’s” increasingly closer together.

Her triangle of desire is all mine. Man oh man do I love her little curly patch of pubic hair.

I ease her towards the basin. She turns towards it eagerly. Her hands holding the rim. She widens out her legs and her butt is so creamy white from behind. Those red panties driving my cock to absolute hardness.

It’s skin to skin, my hands covering her breasts for a moment. I kiss the back of her neck. I twirl one of Bianca’s so called errant curls.

All nice but she’s ready. I know because her hand is behind her seeking hardness.  She nuzzles my pecker head onto her wet pussy lips. The moment is sensational. Cock tip to wet flaps.

Her pussy is inviting as per usual but its raunchier taking her from behind at the basin in her new red underwear. The panties that may be with her through the evening; pity if she changes them. I would like to picture them again for later all through cocktails and canapes.

My cock is in blissful young womanly wetness. Bianca exudes sexiness through her enveloping pussy and her body arching back into my thrusting pubic bone.

So basic but so stunningly powerful is the combination of pussy and cock. Cock shaped by mellow gossamer wetness.  Malleable pussy filled by rigid pulsating male flesh.

Thrust after pure heavenly thrust. The sharing of bodies. The equation of sheer genital delight. Bianca shuts her eyes, breathing deeply. I shut my eyes too, aware of my presence deep inside her cunny but inside her mind too.

My fingers ease over her clithood. Bianca is so sensitive to pleasure now. I thrust repeatedly. My fingers circle so gently her clit cowl.

Bianca can’t contain herself; she has that orgasmic deeper pitched guttural moan and I groan too as we come nearly together. Bianca’s pussy creamed between her beautiful butt cheeks and her bright new red knickers.

Internal male moisture the perfect accompaniment to her cosmetic shiny poise.

Pleasure sought, pleasure shared and pleasure defined.

Sex in the bathroom is great; everything is on hand for a quick clean up.

We were both pushing the limits for getting ready for our outing; pushing the limits of fashionably late.

Bianca in the end is forced to leave a few curls for effect. She is out of her straightening time. I think they look frickin great; absolutely sexy; a complete turn on; head turning. They will be centre of attention in the room tonight; and say so.

She smiles; she’s not sure; she has fought those curls for years but there is a swagger wiggle in her butt as she leaves the bathroom and heads for the bedroom; for her dress and shoes.

I get on with shaving off my stubble quickly. But I peek back to the bedroom; yes, yes, yes; I see; she hasn’t changed those sensational new knickers.

I get on with my shave. Then a quick go with the tooth brush.

I get a pat on the rump; and turn around; my mouth full of toothpaste; she kisses my cheek and indicates we have to go or we will be very late.

“I’ll get the car out the front; you finish up quick,” and she is gone.

The apartment parking spaces are behind the block.

I finally spit and rinse and open the bathroom window; Bianca’s has the car out front on the street; she is within shouting distance: “I really do love your hair” I yell.

Bianca gets out of her cute red recently purchased Audi; turns and flips up her dress; giving me a deliberate peek at a more compelling red.

Then turns and adds; “Hurry up.”

I notice she tries to flatten an errant curl using the cars side mirror.

Women and the endless war with their bodies for perfection.

Perfection; Bianca; you already have it in my eyes.

Thankyou God for Bianca in sexy, sexy red knickers; as I bound down the stairwell two steps at a time.

Submitted: July 21, 2021

© Copyright 2022 Janus. All rights reserved.

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easy to read
Just the right amount of sexy
I felt like a voyeur

Thu, July 22nd, 2021 1:44am

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