Chapter 3: Miranda on display

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Stripping and Humiliation

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Miranda knocked nervously on the door of the little semi-detached house. She had a long coat over her pretend policeman's uniform.


The door opened and she found herself staring into the one face in the whole world she didn’t want to see. The face of Ethel Perks.


"Miranda!" said Ethel, "what are you doing here."


Miranda shuddered. She had always hated Ethel calling her Miranda. Her coat fell open and Ethel's eyes opened wide. She gasped.


"You're the stripper!" she exclaimed, “You're the bleedin' stripper!"


Miranda shuddered. She was trapped and she knew it.


"Fred's gonna love this," she said, "Fred's gonna really love this"


She grabbed hold of the reluctant Miranda and dragged her into the house. It was thronged with people in the middle of what seemed to be a very raucous party.


“You’re going to love this Fred,” called out Ethel, “you’ll never guess who the stripper is – it’s Miranda. There’s a thing now. Our Miranda reduced to being a stripper. You always said you fancied her tits didn’t you Fred and now you’re going to get a good look at them.”


A big grin spread over Fred’s face, “This is the posh bird I used to work for,” he exclaimed to nobody in particular, “the one with the big tits. Come down in the world a bit haven’t you darling? Tell you what darling, you put on a good show for us and there'll be a bit extra in it for you,” he took a big envelope out of a drawer and patted in meaningfully.


Miranda just looked at him open mouthed. It was too awful to contemplate, stripping for her former servants, standing naked in front of them, leering at her, but the alternative was too awful for words as well. If she got the extra she'd be able to buy herself out of the modelling contract. She started to unbutton her blouse.


"Come on darling. We paid you good money for a strip tease. We want a bit of tease for our dough. Here, Ethel, put some music on. Some proper music not that modern rubbish. Now darling, give us a bit of a dance."


Miranda tried dancing, but it was hopeless. It was just too embarrassing having to take her clothes off for these people. And when her bra came off and her bare titties were on view she nearly died from embarrassment.


"Come on darling, yer supposed to be dancing for us. Jiggle yer tits about."


Poor Miranda tried to jiggle them, but it was no good.


"Play with them darling, we want to see them good and hard."


Miranda squirmed, this man who had used to doff his hat to her and call her ma'am, was not only making her strip naked, he was making her play with her nipples. But what could she do. She just had to have the money. She licked her fingers and stroked her nipples. Fred leered. She was now just down to her frilly panties and she desperately hoped it would end there.


"Come on darling," Fred patted the envelope in encouragement, "get 'em off."


It was quite making his day. He was sixty-five and with the money he had salted away working for Miranda (it was marvellous how little track of their cash rich people kept) he was preparing for a pleasant retirement on the Costas. This was the icing on the cake, the stuck up little tart stripping for him. No way would she keep those knickers on if he had anything to do with it.


Miranda had given up hope. She had to have the envelope. Wishing the ground would open up and swallow her she pulled her panties down and stepped out of them.


"Look at that Ethel. She's got a hairy..."




"Well I thought these rich bints pulled all the hairs out!"


Miranda stood there mortified trying to hide her pubic hair and vaginal slit with her hands, but Fred was having none of it.


"Come on darling," he said, "the lads don't often get the chance to see a posh bird's twat. Get dancing. No dance. No envelope!"


Now completely nude in front of her former servants Miranda tried her best to earn the money in the envelope, grinding her hips, thrusting out her pelvis, pinching her nipples to make them stand out.


"Tell you what darling. You should polish your arse. I want to see my face in it!"


Fred’s use of Miranda’s favourite order sent him into fits of laughter. Totally humiliated Miranda rubbed her bottom as if polishing it.


“Harder darling harder. Can’t see anything yet. Except a big fat arse of course.”


Miranda rubbed and rubbed till her bottom was bright red. And Fred laughed and laughed until he had inflicted enough humiliation.


"Come and see this, Ethel" he yelled, "Miranda's polishing her fat arse. Can you see your face in it?"


"Well done darling," he said at alst, "you can bugger off now. We've all seen the posh tart's arse. Haven't we lads?"


Whether it was being constantly called darling, whether it was being told to bugger off, whether it was being called a posh tart, or the leering reference to a fat arse something suddenly snapped in Miranda. She stuck out her chest, put her hands on her hips and gave Fred Perks what for.


"Go on look you big fat bastard," she said pointing between her legs, "you and your stupid ugly wife. At least I've got an arse worth looking at."


"Go on bugger off," said Fred, seizing her by the arms and pushing her towards the front door.


"That's right Fred, you tell the posh tart."


The door was opened and Miranda felt herself propelled forwards as a large boot connected with her red backside. She was out on the pavement with no clothes on.


She picked herself up and walked off down the street. No way was she going back.


The police car dropped Miranda off at her flat. It had all been too embarrassing, being picked up naked walking down the street, only a phone call to her boss had saved her from being arrested. The boss was not happy. The Perks's had complained and Miranda wasn't going to get a penny.


She handed the blanket back to the policeman. She wasn't going to be embarrassed about her nudity any more. And as for next week, Chanterelle had better look out!


Miranda came out from behind the screen in her robe. All her old so-called friends had heard, had come, knew she was naked underneath, and everybody knew the pose she was going to adopt. She saw, as she had guessed, that Chanterelle had placed Billy in the best viewing position, just to cause her the maximum embarrassment.


But smiling slightly she lay back on the bed, and opening her legs wide to display her most intimate parts she looked Billy in the eye and winked at him. After all, those footballers earned a lot of money, and not many posh tarts get a chance to advertise their most attractive assets.

Submitted: July 21, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Joex. All rights reserved.


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What goes around must come back around! Great post, I would feel sorry for Miranda but it appears she is only getting what she handed out. Maybe her new found confidence will help improve her attitude and get her on her feet. However if she is going to blow all her money on material things I don't think she will improve much, she'll be stuck in the same cycle for a very long time.

Fri, July 23rd, 2021 2:31pm

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