The Interrogation

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Abandoned

Jennaseea, a Viking princess, is working her way across the land when she captures a man her polar opposite. Drawn to him by his differences, he may save his own life, depending on how well he pleases her.

The Interrogation

By Ivy B Pane

Part 1


Her blonde hair floated across the top of the pinkish water.  It was clear when she got in, but today was a bloody day and victory was theirs.  She had six hundred men under her control, or what was left after the battle, and they had fought long and hard today.  She was waiting for those numbers, but the bath felt so good.  She dipped her head under the water again and scrubbed it hard, for some reason, blood is hard to get out of hair.

“Jennaseea.”  The deep male voice called.

“I am bathing!” she responded loudly and deeply.  “Do you have the numbers?” she asked.  Markden had been her envoy for a long time.  He looked much like her, golden hair with eyes the same crystal-clear blue as hers.  He was taller and broader than her and was built to swing a blade or do anything else she required of him.

“No,” he replied quietly.  “And the Chieftain wants to see you.”

She sighs.  “Come back when you have the numbers and tell my father, I’m bathing!” she yelled the last part for anyone that was close to her tent.  She wanted no interruptions, the water was hot, and her muscles were sore.  The voices around her tent diminished and she grinned.  Somedays, it was good to be the princess.  She knew she would have to get out eventually, but she stretched her neck, shoulders, and back.  They had taken the brunt of the work today and cutting down men is hard work.  She stepped out of the bath and dried herself with a soft leather skin.  She put on her linen dress, her leathers were getting washed, she hoped, and the linen felt soft and a pleasure to wear.  She didn’t put the overdress on and let the linen float around her body.  Taking the bone comb off the table, she ripped it through the long hair, it was warm in her tent, and it would dry fast enough.

“Jennaseea.”  It was a whisper at the tent flap.

“Get in here Markden,” she said and sat in her fur-lined chair.

“Your father has gone, but they have captured a man on the outskirts of the battlefield and they are preparing to kill him,” he quickly and glanced at her dress.

“Stupid brutes, we need information.”  She sighed loudly.  “Go get me this man.”

“You will get dressed?” he asked with his hand on the tent flap.

“In time, get me the man.”  She smiled at him.  He knew her too well.  He shook his head and darted out of the tent.  She questioned men before and knew the importance of keeping promises.  She removed fingers, and even though it worked very well, it was easier to lure men, but then again, they weren’t that smart.She looked at the overdress and even considered putting it on, but she was enjoying the freedom of not being bound in clothing.  She set a stool by her center tent post, she watched the men dig it and knew how deep it was buried in the ground.  It was also close to the foot of her bed.  Her tent flap shook. “Yes.”  She called out and turned to face the opening.

“Jennaseea,” Markden said as he came through the opening and stopped short, blocking the entrance.  He stood there, glaring at her, she shrugged one shoulder at him and grinned.  He shook his head and moved into the tent.  Two warriors followed him with a man slumped over between them.  His head hung down, hair the color of a raven's wing hung in his face.  She pointed to the stool and the warriors set him on it and tied his hands around the post at his back.  They looked her over, nodded, and left.  Markden stood with his back to the tent opening.

“Leave me,” she said quietly.

“Not if that is all you are wearing,” Markden growled at her. 

The stranger's head came up and he looked at her.  His eyes were pure black and they widened, as his mouth opened slightly.  His face was bloody with red and soon to bruise marks and they showed her how badly he was beaten.

She turned and looked at Markden.  “Go get me some hot water, he needs to be cleaned up.”

“I will not leave you alone, with that.”  Markden pointed at the man.

“You will do what I say,” she walked toward him.  “Or I will decorate my tent with your head.” 

“I favor you is all,” he hissed leaning close to her.

“I killed men on the battlefield today, I think I can handle one man, tied up, in my bedchamber.”  She turned quickly, her almost dry hair striking across his chest, and walked back to the prisoner.  He held his hand's palm up behind her for just a moment before he turned and went to get what she requested.

She sat on the foot of her bed and looked at the man.  “What is your name?” she asked and reached out to touch his hair.  He held very still, as she ran her fingers through the thick, soft pelt. 

“Rockashen,” he whispered and refused to look up at her.  She stroked his hair again, and he shuddered.

“You’re safe here,” she whispered to him.

He started to laugh softly.  “I am in the warrior princess’s tent, and I know, I will die.”

Markden chose that moment to come in with a bowl of water and a soft leather cloth.  He walked right up to her and set it at her feet.  “You did not ask my permission to enter,” she warned him.  “Now, go bring us food and drink.”  She glared.  He knew better and he did favor her.  She even sent for him when she wanted company, but to enter her tent, without consent, would get him killed.  She stood, taking him by the elbow, and walked him to the tent flap.  “Do you wish to die today?” she whispered.

“I wish that you were not alone, with that,” he said pointing at Rockashen.

“The man has a name.”  She raised her eyebrows at him.

“Forgive me.”  He nodded his head, he needed to let her do this her way.  “I will collect your next request.”  He sighed with frustration as he went through the tent flap, she opened it a little and looked out at the band of men.  They were laughing and drinking, and happy to be alive.  She smiled and let the tent flap close.

She went back to Rockashen, picked up the cloth, and dipped it into the bowl.  She reached out for his face and he pulled away.  “I’m trying to be kind here,” she said.  “Now help me out.”  He glanced up into her eyes and she smiled.  She could almost see her reflection in his eyes, but he looked away.  “Why will you not look at me?” she questioned him.

“Your eyes are a high mountain lake of ice, the blue is so clear.”  His head lifted and so did his eyes.

“Yours, are the darkest of the night skies.”  She smiled at him and reached out to wipe at the cuts on his face.  He watched her eyes, and she washed his wounds gently.  “Did you fight today?” she asked him rinsing the cloth.

“I watched from the woods,” he said.  “I watched you cut down man after man.”  His eyes were wide looking at her and he shivered slightly.  He was handsome.Dark hair was so rare, and the eyes.  Oh, she was going to get lost in those.

“Jennaseea,” Markden said from outside her tent.  That would be dinner, she thought.

“Come in Markden,” she called out, still sitting on the foot of the bed in front of Rockashen.

“I have brought your request.”  He glared at her from across the room.  She approached him and smiled.

“Now, if you would be so kind as to get me some leg shackles.”  She grinned at him.

“For what?” he asked.

“Would I feed him by hand?”  She took the platter of food and drink from him and walked it to the small table.

“Would you like me to fetch your brand too?” Markden asked with venom in his words.

“Would you like me to keep him?”  She looked at Markden, a slight grin on her face.

“I’ll get them.”  He turned and left her tent.  It was going to be a long night.  She sighed and turned her attention back to Rockashen.  He was watching her closely and she saw the fear in his dark eyes.  “I will not brand you,” she walks over to him.

“What are you planning to do to me?” The fear was visible on his face.

“I have questions for you, and then I may let you go, or I may kill you.  I haven’t decided yet.” She looked closely at him.  “It would be a shame to close those eyes forever.” 

“What kind of questions?” his eyebrows came together slightly.  “I am new to the area and may not have the answers you seek.”

She could hear the raddle of the chain from outside her tent.  “I’ll be back.”  She went to the tent flap and stepped outside.  Not something she would normally have done with how little she had on, but she didn’t want Markden back in the tent.  He showed up in a moment with the heavy chain and shackles looped in his hands.  “I’ll take it from here,” she said holding out her hands for the chain.

“What are you going to do?” Markden asked refusing to give her the chain.

“I don’t know yet, but I need time.”  She looked at him.  He was not happy, and she understood that, but there were towns in the area, and she needed the information.  “I will try to break him gently,” she whispered.  “Now give me the chain.”  He handed it over and started to walk away.  “Are they playing the drums tonight?” she called at his back.

“Do you want them too?”  He grinned.  He remembered she had used the drums to cover the screams of the men she had tortured.

“Let them play.”  She slipped back into the tent and walked over to Rockashen.  She put the shackles around his ankles and then the other end around the post.  When she was satisfied that the chain would hold him, she stepped away and got her knife.  Rockashen watched the knife as she approached him.  “Don’t do something stupid,” she said leaning behind him to cut his ties.  He sat very still and waited until she stepped away before he brought his arms in front of him.  His hands were swollen and there were deep marks around his wrists.  “Come and sit at my table,” she said walking over to her chair.  He stood and walked over slowly.  The chain wasn’t long, but her tent wasn’t that big either.  He sat across from her and looked at her while he rubbed the feeling back into his hands.  “Are you hungry?” she reached out to take some meat off the plate.  There was more than food on the table, there were maps too.  Information, collected by scouts of the richest towns and of the land to let them know where an ambush could take place.  He took a piece of meat and ate it, but his eyes looked over the maps and then back to her.  “Do you see anything of interest?” she asked him.

“These are poorly drawn,” he said and took more food but looked at the maps with interest.

She stood up and walked to the tent flap.  “There is nothing sharp within your reach,” she said to him and opened the tent, Markden was right where she expected him to be, waiting by the tent opening.  “Get me some parchment, quill, and ink.”  He nodded his head and smiled at her.  They were newly acquired items that they had taken in a raid, they were lightweight and easy to carry.  Markden was quick to return with the request.

“I brought you half of the parchment we have,” he said handing her the leather bag with everything in it.

“Are you going to stand here all night?” she asked him.

“I was hoping to keep you company this evening.”  He reached out and touched her hair.  It was dry now and went where it liked.“But if you need me or want me, I am here.”  She reached one hand up and touched his face softly.

“I will let you know if I need anything else.”  She raised her eyebrows and smiled at him.  He blushed and nodded his head.  She went back into her tent.  Rockashen hadn’t moved and was still sitting at the table.  She would have heard the chain if he had.  She set the bag on the table next to him.  “So, what would you change?”  She opened the bag, took out the parchment, ink, and quill, and set them on the table.  Then she returned to her seat and picked up another bite to eat.

“I didn’t know you used these,” he picked up the quill tenderly, ran the feather through his fingers, and seemed happy to touch it.

“We don’t.  They were taken in a raid.”  She watched him closely.  He used these tools and that seemed strange to her.

“May I?”  He reached out for the bottle of ink and she nodded her head.  He opened it carefully, moved the food and drink closer to her, placed one of the maps at the center of the table, and put the parchment close to him.  She ate and drank more and watched him scratch the quill on the parchment.  He was absorbed in what he was doing.Her tent was warm, she was comfortable, and her eyes closed for a moment.  She closed them again and slept.

“Princess.”  She opened her eyes.  Rockashen had a concerned look on his face.  “Are you alright?” he asked her.

“I’m fine.”  She said.  “Let me see.”  She sat up and reached out for the parchment.

He pulled it to him by the edges.  “It’s still wet.”

She nodded her head and stood, walked around behind him, and looked over his shoulder.  There was a map the likes she had never seen before.  Clear lines that showed mountains, rivers, towns, and borders.  It was beautiful.  “It’s perfect,” she said leaning in closer, his hair brushed against her shoulder.  “You have a hawk’s view of the area.  It’s astounding.”She turned her head to look at him.  Her hair flowed against his neck, his eyes were closed, his lips were parted and she wondered if he was breathing.  She brushed her lips against his ear.  “It’s beautiful,” she whispered.  He took in a shaky breath and his eyes opened and lifted up to look at her.  She gazed into those eyes, dark pools she could get lost in.  His head leaned back more against her shoulder, she leaned down and placed her lips on his.  It was a gentle thing and not what she was used to.  He took a deep breath and started to lean away from her.  She stood up and smiled at him.  “So, you are still afraid of me,” she watched him while she stepped around the table and sat back down in her seat.

“I am,” he said looking at her.  “You are a princess, and I am no one.”He looked down at his hands.

“So, because I’m a princess, I can’t touch you?”  She leaned her elbows on the table and looked longingly at him.  “I would very much like your company.”

“I would be killed,” he said leaning closer to the table, but she could see it in his beautiful eyes, he was burning.

“You may be killed anyway.”  She smiled at him.

“I would do anything to prevent that.”  A whisper of a smile touched his lips, but his eyes said it all.

The drums started then, and she smiled, it was perfect timing.  “Would you be willing to show me all of your talents?  While the drums are beating?” she asked still smiling.

“How long will they play the drums?” A slight grin touched his face.

“All night.”  She answered.

“There might be enough time, but I would like your word that no harm will come to me.”  He tipped his head and smiled at her.  The smile brought a light to his eyes and she could see his soul in them.  “I can not be at my best, with these chains on.”

“My man is outside,” she said to him.  “If you harm me at all, he will cut you down.”

“We have an agreement then.”  He leaned forward and folded his arms on the table gently so as not to disturb the map.  “You will not harm me, and I will not harm you.”

“Until the drums end.”  She stood and walked to her tent flap.  “Markden.”  She called out and put her hand out of the opening.  “Give me the key.”

“Jennaseea.”  It was a whisper, touched with concern.

“Stand guard, and make sure the drums play all night.”  Her hand was still empty.  “The key.”  The metal was placed in her hand and she pulled it back into the tent.  She walked back to Rockashen.  She knelt in front of him and undid the shackles.  She looked up at him.  “Get in my bed.”

He stood and offered her his hand.  She looked at it.  “Put your hand in mine,” he whispered softly, the drums almost drowning him out.  She did as he asked, and he gently pulled her up.  He stepped toward the bed and picked up the bowl and cloth.  “I wish to wash first.”  He smiled at her.  She nodded her understanding and picked up a drink off the table.  She watched him undress.  His back was turned to her, but he was built very well, broad and strong, with powerful legs.  He was careful with the bowl and cloth but washed completely.  He turned to face her when he was finished, and she smiled.  He was beautiful from the front too.  He walked over to her and took the cup from her hand, he set it on the table as far from the maps as he could.  He bent down next to her and then picked her up off the ground.  No one, had ever done that, carried her, she was built for battles and not a whisp of a woman.  She put her arms around his strong shoulders and smiled.  He took her to the bed and set her down gently.  She started to pull at the linen dress, but he stopped her hands.  “I am talented in this too,” he whispered reaching out to undo the simple tie at the front of the dress.  She could feel the tie come undone slowly, her eyes were locked on his and she refused to look away.  He reached out with one hand and touched the top of her foot and slowly slid his hand up her leg, when he came to the bottom of her dress, he started to gather the material.  She reached out and ran her fingers through his hair, but he leaned down and kissed the inside of her knee.  No one did that before either and it tingled up her leg, she took in a breath of air.  He responded by sliding his tongue partway up her inner thigh.  She gasped then and he looked up at her and smiled.  He leaned back down and continued to kiss up her thighs, his hands moving her dress up higher exposing her to him.  He sat up, lifted her leg, kissed her calf muscle, and ran his teeth along the inside of her knee as he lifted her leg over his head.  He ran his fingers through the hair between her legs.  “Your hair is light here too.”  He said softly and his eyes glowed.  He kissed her there, his tongue dancing across her.  She gripped the fur bed covers as the waves of feeling hit her.  She ran her foot down the side of his body and relished in the pleasure.  She wanted to touch him, to share the feeling’s she was feeling, and she timidly reached down running her hands through his hair.  He ran his face along the inside of her thigh.  His hands slid up the back of her thighs and he gripped her hips hard.  She stretched out in the bed and sighed.  She wanted more and ran her hands down his arms and gripped his elbows tightly.  He responded with more pressure from this tongue, but he was gentle still.  She was starting to breathe heavily and her body was throbbing to the beat of the drums.  His head came up and he looked at her.  “Your eyes are glowing,” he said pulling one hand away to wipe the dampness from his face.  “Lift up my princess.”  She lifted her hips off the bed, and he slid the dress under her hips.  He knelt on the bed, she sat up and he pulled the dress over her head.  Her hair tumbled around her bare body.  He reached out and took a hand full of her hair and brought it to his face.  His eyes closed and rubbed his cheek against it, breathed it in, and kissed the hair.  She put her hands on his shoulders and lay back down on the bed drawing him down with her.  He put his mouth over hers, his tongue stroked her lip, and she opened her mouth, as their tongues touched, he slid his manhood into her.  Her arms tightened around him, she could smell her own sent on him and she stroked her hands down his strong back.  She could feel his muscles tighten as he pulsated against her.He broke the kiss, brushed his cheek against hers, and bit her earlobe gently.She pressed her hands down hard on his hips needing more of him, he responded and thrust harder.  Her back arched, her head pressed back, her eyes closed, and she gasped for air.  His hand came up and touched her face.  “Don’t close your eyes,” he whispered.  She opened them and looked deep into his eyes.She dragged her nails gently up his back and he grinned.  Her legs came up around him and he moved to be deeper in her.  Her mouth opened and he covered it with his.  The wave of feeling broke and she would have cried out, but he lovingly blocked out the sound.  He made a low growl himself when he let go and slowed to a stop.  He continued to kiss her, her neck, her face, and her lips until their breathing slowed.  His breath was warm in her ear.  “Do I live then?” he asked quietly

“Oh, yes, you will live a long time.”  She breathed in a deep breath and reached up to stroke his cheek.  “Will you hold me while I sleep a little?” 

“I will,” he whispered.  She unwrapped her legs from him and when he was comfortable, she nestled against him and closed her eyes.  She was going to put the chain on, but she was content and tired at the moment.

She stretched out in the bed, the drums had stopped and that was what woke her.  She sat up and looked around.  “Markden!” she yelled.

“What is it?” he asked bursting through the tent flap.

“Where is Rockashen?”  She glared at him.

“He left before the drums stopped.  He said you had guaranteed his safety until then, and that you had promised him a long life.”  He picked her linen dress up off the tent floor and handed it to her.

“I wasn’t finished with him,” she said pulling the dress over her head.  “When did he leave?”

“Quite some time ago.”  He looked at her.  “He said he left something for you.”  He watched her and grinned when she wasn’t looking.  “You didn’t chain him?” he asked.

“Can we catch him again?” she ignored his question and got out of bed.  She went to the table.  The map he had drawn was still there, but the pack, parchment, ink, and quill, were gone.  One piece of parchment remained, used and left to dry.  Markden reached for it but she slapped his hand.  “It’s still wet,” she said looking at the drawing.  It was her sleeping, that he had drawn on the parchment and she did not recognize herself.  She was beautiful in the drawing.  “Leave him, but if we come across him again, I may need my brand after all.”

“You enjoyed him that much?” anger filled his words.

“Get in my bed!” she said looking at the drawing.  “I’m going to teach you something.”


Part 2 coming soon

Submitted: July 20, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Ivy B Pane. All rights reserved.

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Wow, I like that. I'm a fan of women in control - feminine authority and power. Still, I like to be submissive. Your story is a bit of both, so it cranks my chain. I'm guessing you are a big fan of "Vikings", the series. Did you also watch Game of Thrones?

The sex scene needs some spacing and a little more dialogue. The whole situation of your chapter is totally fantastic. I love the warrior princess and her wanton submissive guard, Markden. He's clearly jealous of any man she beds, but particularly Rockashen, because it's obvious she gave him free reign in the bedroom...that, and he's only a prisoner - a stranger. He's potentially dangerous and had every opportunity to kill her, but he didn't. Markden apparently didn't check on her after he left...really?? Wow. It's totally stunning that Markden let the guy walk right out of camp on his own recognizance. What was he thinking?

I'm fond of Rockashen's artistic talents. He has a way of making himself useful (more than one way, actually) - and then there is the mystery of his knowledge. How does he know, as a bird would know, the vivid details of local terrain? I like what you did there, and I'm expecting something more of it.

You made a big deal in the introduction of how these two were opposite. The story bears that out in your physical descriptions - he being dark in every aspect while the princess is light in color. Of course, they are apparently different in other ways. He claims to be no one. The princess is a powerful warrior.

It's key to mention that Rockashen does things that the princess has never before experienced. You want to emphasize that sexually, but there are other aspects as well...his knowledge and his artistic talents. You've really got my curiosity up about this man. Apparently he is not one of 'the enemy', whoever they are.

So, my humble recommendations after chapter one:

a) Consider more specifically defining the enemy, particularly the one recently conquered, so 'the stranger' can be more concisely excluded. He's a separate entity. Make a point of it...because he's a loner.

b) Add more dialogue, particularly with Rockashen. Remember your title? Interrogation? The princess has asked his name and requested a map. Beyond that, she's totally ignored extracting any information. She needs to do a little better than that. This woman is experienced and imposing. She's an expert. The truth is, she should have cut off his clothes piece by piece and threatened to do more before she finally allowed him to sit and eat. Just because she finds him attractive, doesn't mean she melts into the happy homemaker.

c) Markden needs to be tied to the post and whipped for his stupidity. You don't let a prisoner just walk the fuck out of the princess' tent and straight out of camp. The only explanation would be that he never saw the guy leave...(which I like a lot better). You were gonna kill the guy for entering your tent unannounced, but now you're gonna show him how you want to be fucked when he lets a prisoner just stroll right out of camp?? That's a little inconsistent.

d) If you're not thinking 'supernatural' things about Rockashen, you need to be considering it. You've basically set it up, starting with the bird's eye view. If he disappears from her tent and nobody saw him leave - well, that's more proof in the pudding.

Fantastic story so far, girl...

Sat, September 4th, 2021 8:08pm


Oh, one last you know how to create a book? Because chasing down Part I, Part II, and Part III as separate posts is inconvenient and may inhibit the number of reads. If you take this down and transfer to book format, you will lose your comments - may not be a big deal to you...but this needs to be set up as chapters in a book.

Sat, September 4th, 2021 8:16pm


I was looking into that. Thank you and I will look at your other considerations.

Mon, September 6th, 2021 9:26pm

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