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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

"We can't keep meeting like this," I moaned as the wild man's hungry lips came crashing down on mine. My words had no effect on him as his hands groped me, pulling me tight against his chest and his erection. 

His long dark hair was pulled back loosely, his beard long but neat. He was dressed in expensive but worn clothes. This is the third time I'd encountered him. The first time had occurred completely by accident. I had found him wading the shores naked at dawn, bathing in the sea. He was tall, lean, and muscular with dark skin tanned by the sun.

Our gazes met at one moment and the next he was ripping my clothes off. Today was the third day and our third encounter. He did not speak much. We had not agreed to meet. I just found myself every morning at dawn, returning to this man I knew nothing about. No names, not many words to speak of. No conditions or expectations. Just pure unbridled passion. 

Gripping me tightly, he lowered me to the sand. I could feel every coarse grain against my bare flesh. I reveled in it, my whole body alit with a passion that could not be quenched until my desires were fulfilled. 

Burying his face in my breasts he dug his long slim fingers into my red locks and clenched them tightly in his fists. He took a nipple between his teeth and bit it roughly, drawing specks of blood. I gasped at the intense sensation of pleasure and pain combined. 

I was not a virgin when he first took me, but my first experience with him had been my first time truly experiencing such fulfillment. It had also been my first time experiencing such pain. Pain was not a deterrent, for I kept coming back to him literally begging for more. 

Releasing one nipple he moved on to the other one, repeating the procedure. Liberating my hair, his slid his huge palms down my bare flesh, creating a trail of heat as he caressed me from my throat down to my toes. Making his way back up, his palm hovered over my mound, his fingertips just touching my flesh, a tickling sensation. 

With a lazy smile he lowered his head and parted my legs and lips. He sunk his teeth into my clit and nibbled at it, following with kisses and quick flicks of his tongue. 

As my back arched, he pressed his palm to my stomach, pushing me back down fiercely. As my climax began to build and I was on the brink of my release, he stopped. He licked his lips as he pulled away. Taking my hand in his, he brought it to his manhood. Curling my fingers around his cock, I began to massage it from the base to the tip. A small gasp escaped his lips. 

As I began to pump him harder and faster, his head fell back with his eyes half closed. He let out a groan and sperm erupted from the tip of his cock, covering my hand and everything else in close proximity.

As I began to sit up, he seized me by the hips and flipped me over onto all four. Settling on his knees and situating himself behind me, he dug his fingers into my thighs and parted my legs once more. Moments later I felt his huge cock enter me, filling me to the brim. With each thrust he dove deeper, pounding into my cervix. Gripping my hair in his fingers, he tugged on it, pulling my head back to him. He planted a deep kiss on my lips, biting them roughly. 

I moaned against him, and he grunted in return, diving deeper into my core. I trembled against him as he slid a finger between my legs stroking at my clit. "Ohh," I moaned softly through closed eyes. With my release imminent, my body shook harder. Just as I went over the edge he sunk his teeth into my neck sucking on my flesh. I came and felt his cock tremble inside me as he filled me with his hot sperm. 

Releasing me from his grip, I collapsed face down into the sand. I was completely drained of energy. He fell next to me, and our gazes met. Stroking my face lightly with his fingertips he dozed off. I closed my eyes and took a small power nap as well. 

When I awoke it was at least mid-morning. I was alone. Rising, I reached for my discarded clothing and clutched it against me. A hand extended in front of me, and I took it as my mystery man helped me to my feet. Without a word, he led me towards the water. Quickly washing the sand from our bodies, we dressed once more and sat in silence on a large rock. 

I watched the nearby seagulls flying and squawking as they searched for food. The beach had come alive, and people came and went. We remained in silence. I leaned against his shoulder, his arm around my waist as we watched the waves. He turned to me and opened his mouth to speak. "Emmanuel," He murmured, speaking the one word. 

Then before I could say anything or give him my name, he rose and stepping into the water, disappeared into the waves. 

Submitted: July 19, 2021

© Copyright 2023 Pandita95. All rights reserved.

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Amy F. Turner

Very animalistic at times but an enjoyable read, nonetheless. She seemed drawn into this wild man as she called him and he seemed every bit that; however, I think that perhaps attracted her most, the unknown danger of a stranger.

Sat, July 24th, 2021 10:06pm


Wow, is he a ghost? Your writing style is fabulous, very professional. Ordinarily, I urge writers to intertwine dialogue with their sex scenes. However, I see what you're doing here with this mysterious man, so it's not really an option. It's more difficult to write a compelling sex scene without dialogue in my opinion, but you've done well. This is descriptive and passionate, lustfully erotic.

I like the brief background at the beginning of your piece. It feels as though we are starting in the middle of something, yet I'm completely comfortable with it. The established repetition of this sexual liaison is compelling, given the limited knowledge our speaker has about her new found lover. Sex with a beautiful stranger who says complicated can that be? Then he disappears into the sea, leaving no dirty laundry or beer cans. Excellent!

Sun, July 25th, 2021 11:31pm


Did you mean to put this under writing contests?

Sun, July 25th, 2021 11:32pm


I wrote this piece for the contest. I didn't have any ideas about making this into a short book or first. I just wrote what came to me. I think that now that I've published this piece that I also want to make it into a short story or book and elaborate on their first encounter and go from there. I thought that starting at the third encounter just made it more interesting. I mean can you imagine meeting someone three times before even finding out their name? Also I'm pretty sure it'd be exciting if he turned out to be a mermaid or man, I guess. Lol.

Wed, July 28th, 2021 12:51am


Thank you DK for the compliment about my writing being professional. Sometimes I worry it's too simple at times, but I try to write in an uncomplicated style that flows well and is easy to read. I don't like to overcomplicate things. If you've read some of my other works (which I believe you have) you've probably noticed that I also like to include dialogue into the sex scenes. I'm quite comfortable doing that and prefer to do that most of the time, but I was going somewhere different with this one. Emmanuel is a man of few words.

Wed, July 28th, 2021 12:56am


This was a superb birthday gift to me, thank you! Very sweet, I pray you also appreciated the experience, you seem to have enjoyed it fully!

Sat, July 31st, 2021 3:37am


Hey! I had no idea you had responded to my comments! (There's a response box for comments which will alert the person commenting on your piece) - maybe you've found that by now.

Anywho...I love the story and agree it would work well extended. I didn't even realize there was a writing contest until several weeks ago (after I saw this). So, good luck on that! Oddly, when I was picturing your male character, I somehow had visions of "The Notebook"

Sun, August 8th, 2021 7:29pm

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