Lawyer Preston's Rules for Young Ladies Part One

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: The Humiliation Board

Young jenny, schooled all her life by nuns, finds herself under the control of a perverted lawyer and his friends. She must follow their sick, perverted rules in order to gain her inheritance.

Lawyer Preston’s Rules for Young Ladies

By dale10

(Note: the author does not condone or believe any of the extreme behavior in this story. It is for fantasy only. It is most politically incorrect.)



Jenny, as your official guardian after the unfortunate death of your parents, I have tried to give you the best education possible without interfering with your life. I have not been overly close to you, I admit, as I didn’t want there to be any misconception of the role I played in your life. I know the nuns educated you sufficiently. Why you may wonder did I send you to such an isolated school. So  high up in the mountains, and so distant from any social contact. Well, that was to protect you.  But now, it is time for you to “come down off the mountain” both metaphorically and in reality.


Your parents have left you a fortune, which will sustain you in a wonderfully luxurious lifestyle, but only if I deem you worthy of it. I want to make sure you are a proper young lady, healthy in both mind and body.  I know that you have been kept in the dark about matters of intimacy and sex. I wanted it to remain that way, until you attained an age when sex should properly enter your life. That is why you have not been allowed a computer or phone, and why you have only been allowed to watch films okayed by the good nuns of Father Navotny.


Now, however, it is time for you to learn the facts of life. You are a beautiful young lady. Your still developing breasts are nice and large and your waist tiny. You are lovely of face and figure. But even those things can be improved upon. So, for the next year, you will study with me and my associates. One of them, a very handsome young man of 19 will act as your escort and first boyfriend. In that way, you shall learn about dating, relationships, sex, and matters of the body and heart. This boy, whose name is Jake, will be an attentive and loving boyfriend, but he will also be judging you. You will be expected to follow the “Rules of behavior for a young lady” very carefully, and if you break the rules, or are sluggish about carrying them out, you will be disciplined.  If you fail our education, you will not receive your parents’ estate and all contained therein. So, you understand, it is very necessary that you pass these tests completely, and become more than proficient at the tasks required of you. We want you to develop into a perfect, well rounded young lady.


During this next stage in your education, you will live with me, and my two adult male friends, Clyde and Ralph. In the household there is also my manservant Jarrod.  You will begin dating, as I have said, the very nice young man named Jake. He has been fully vetted and knows what is to be required of you. Do not be shy because he is so much older than you, a girl’s boyfriend should always be older and wiser to help guide her. You will learn to look up to him, and in fact, up to all men.


In the last few years, there has been quite a to do about women’s equality. I want you to know that in my household, we do not hold nor believe in such things. We believe in the “old-fashioned way,” that women were put on this earth to serve men. You shall be educated in this manner. 


You have much to learn. Below you will find a list of rules for your dress, behavior, and tasks. There will be many more rules to follow, but out of kindness, I don’t want to lay too many demands upon you at once. I want you to have a healthy and happy life as you grow into adulthood. I trust you will do your best to follow all of our rules to the best of your ability and beyond. Some of the rules may seem odd or even offensive to you, but remember they are for your own good.




  1. You are to address all males as Sir. No matter the age of the male, he is superior to you as a woman. Up until now, you have only been reared by females, so it will be quite a bit different being educated by men.


  1. While at home, your daily uniform, like your school uniform in the past, will be special and required.  Your uniform will consist of a pair of very small, very thin lace panties. These small panties are called thongs. You will not wear a bra. You are never to wear a bra again. Those ugly cloth things the nuns had you wear are banned from your life forever. I hope that pleases you . Since my two friends and I will be acting as your guardians, there is no need for you to dress in anything other than the thong when you are at home.


  1. Your dress for when you go out with your new boyfriend and any of his male friends will consist of the following.  A very thin cropped off tee shirt. We have chosen some especially popular ones for you to wear, since you have so little experience in the field of fashion.  Your tee shirts will say the word BIMBO very large on the front and back. Believe me, this is a fad right now, and you will be very popular.  Remember you will wear no bra. Nor will you wear any panties or even a thong when you go out with your boyfriend. A boy likes his girlfriend to be naked and accessible down there. You will wear a very stylish and attractive skirt, rather like the cheerleaders wear.  The skirt will ride very low on your hips, so that an inch of ass crack shows in the rear. The length of the skirt will be carefully measured by your boyfriend and will never ride more than an inch below the bottom of your cunt. Any in fraction of this rule will be punished. You will wear shoes with a high heel to improve your posture. More about posture later.  I hope you will like your new wardrobe, we have chosen some stunning colors for you.

At first you may feel shy, humiliated, embarrassed and even degraded by your wardrobe, that is as it should be. A pretty girl like you should learn humility, and also learn that she dresses to please her boyfriend.


  1. Upon greeting me or my friends or our manservant at home, you will stop whatever you are doing and drop to your knees. Make sure when you do this that your naked breasts wobble. You will kneel with your knees far apart. You will then lean in and kiss us warmly on the crotch of our pants. If we are not wearing pants or underwear, but perhaps simply a robe which we like to do, you will spread our robes and kiss us on our naked male members. I know the cock, or the dick, or the fucker, is a new thing for you. I hope you will soon grow to love it, as it will grow to love you. You must not be afraid of it, and must learn to cherish, respect and dare I say even worship it. You will be spending a great deal of time servicing our cocks, as this is a young lady’s prime function in life. I understand that this is all new to you, and it will take some time for you to adjust.


  1. Your main duty in life as a young lady, will of course be to attend to and serve your boyfriend’s cock. We have chosen carefully and hope you will be pleased that we have chosen a boyfriend for you with a very long, very thick cock. This is something most girls dream of. In fact, your only real duty in life is to attend your boyfriend in any way he wishes to make him happy. Unlike girls with poor educations, who are taught that boys and girls kiss and cuddle and neck and get all romantic, you will learn the truth of this world. That women are made to serve men. Your boyfriend may want to stick his tongue in your mouth now and then, but mostly it is his dick he will want to stick in your mouth.  This is a primary source of pleasure for a man of any age. Your boyfriend may enjoy spitting in your mouth, or even perhaps blowing his nose in your mouth, but the primary use for your mouth will be for sucking his dick.


If you suck his dick properly, he will enjoy it tremendously and love you. You will know you are doing it right when he calls you a good “cocksucker.”

Because we want you to be a perfect girlfriend and future wife, we will allow you to practice your cocksucking skills on all of us living here, as wellas your boyfriend. We are doing this for you. Part of your education will be to suck many cocks every day. We will bring in gentlemen of all ages and dick sizes and types, so that you get a first-class education. We hope you appreciate all your effort. Our goal in the first few weeks will be to have you suck fifteen to twenty cocks a day. Of course the number will increase as you become a more proficient young lady.Your boyfriend who just got out of a reform school, has a very high sexual appetite, and he told us, he enjoys watching girls suck cock. So, he will no doubt want you to suck the dicks of his friends as well, which you will enthusiastically do.


If you suck a cock correctly, after a while a delicious creamy liquid will come out of the dick. This is called cum. You will love it, I am sure.It is the girl’s duty to swallow all the cum, first opening her mouth to show the man she has just served and swallowing only with his permission. He may choose to shoot his load of cum on her face or body instead of in her mouth. That is always his choice.Jake often likes to shoot his load on the floor and have his girlfriend lick it up from there. I know all of this seems strange and unsettling to you, but let me assure you, Jenny, it is an accepted and expected part of adult relationships. Man’s cum will also be mixed with your food, as it is an excellent source of protein.


  1. A girl’s posture is so important. As a well-built young lady, you must be proud of yourself. Therefore it is expected that at all times, you will sit, stand and walk, thrusting your breasts, or as they are properly called tits, out as far as possible. If you forget and do not push your tits out to the maximum at all times, your titties will be whipped as punishment. Boys and men also like a girl’s nipples to be hard, so you will try to keep your nipples hard at all times. If you feel them going soft, do not hesitate to reach up and give them a couple of good twists to get them perky.

A very important part of your posture correction involves sitting. Whenever you are given permission to sit in a chair or on a piece of furniture instead of on the floor. You will sit with your legs spread as wide as possible.  Wearing your short skirt, your boyfriend will want to proudly show you off to his buddies this way. Remember to keep your legs spread as far apart as possible, and push your tits out. You will be punished for bad posture.  When at home, when you sit on the floor or on a chair, we want you to enjoy yourself too. We want you to enjoy your body.  So, you will slide the thong to one side, to reveal  your cunt, and you will finger it.  You will do this whenever you sit at home, whether we have company or not. Our goal will be to make yourself wet down there, and that will show us you are doing it properly. Sometimes while you do this, we will give you permission to play with your nipples, but only if you have been a good girl. 


  1. Behavior.  When your boyfriend comes to pick you up for a date, as soon as you get in his car, you will ask him permission to kiss his dick hello. He may already have it out of his pants and ready. Girls and boys love to kiss hello.

If his dick is not out of his pants, he may want you to pull down the zipper with your teeth, and that is a skill you will learn.  But he may want you to simple nizzle and kiss his dick for a bit, while it is still in his jeans. You will immediately upon getting in his car, tuck up your skirt so your cunt shows to your boyfriend. You will also pull your tee shirt up above your tits.


  1. You will always treat your boyfriend’s friends with the utmost respect. Not only will you sit with your legs spread for them, but if your boyfriend desires it, you will bare your tits and cunt for them. You will of course, allow them to finger you as well, if your boyfriend gives permission. You will be expected to suck their dicks most evenings, although some nights they may have other games in mind.  Your new boyfriend is very fond of a game called Bukake, and that is one of the reasons we chose him. You are very lucky, because Jake is very inventive, and you should have endless fun on your dates with him.


  1. Sanitary rules.  We expect you to be totally clean at all times. You will therefore take several showers each day. In addition, you will douche and take three enemas each day. You will understand more about this when it comes to “Anal pleasure.” One of us adults will monitor your cleaning, to make sure you do it properly. As well as your own fingers, we have various devices designed to aid in “deep cleaning.”


You may never go to the toilet without permission. One of us will always accompany you to the toilet to make sure you do a good job, after all, we want to keep you healthy. Now and then, a stranger may attend your toilet, to observe.A side note, when you do pee or have a bowel movement, make sure to keep your legs fully spread, just as when you sit otherwise. You will notice we have several cameras mounted to show the more intimate parts of your body when you evacuate. That too, is designed to keep you healthy by allowing us to better monitor you. Every few evenings, we will review the videos we have made of your cocksucking, to study how you may improve your skills.


Remember good girls get rewards, some wonderful ones, bad girls get punished. If a man pats your head and says something like “good girl” or “good slut,” while you are sucking that means you are doing a good job.


Although cocksucking will be your first challenge, and we will concentrate a first on the proper way to please a man’s dick, we will soon add to that, the attention you must pay to the man’s balls and his asshole. However we will deal with that after a few days. Just keep in mind, that it is your primary job in life to attend to the man’s entire body. To make him feel good all over. You will need to learn special skills involving his feet, armpits, balls and asshole. But I can tell already, you will be an excellent student. Think how lucky you are. Some girls don’t learn these skills until they are much older, and some never learn them at all. These are the women who end up alone and lonely.


I hear you are an excellent cook, so let’s get you out of those dreary school clothes, and you may cook dinner for us. Then I’ll explain the sleeping arrangements to you, you may shower and clean, and then, we will give you a good thorough medical exam. How does that sound?


Of course, there will be many more rules to come, some as early as tomorrow, but I want you to digest these first. And tomorrow night, you get to meet your boyfriend, right after his probation meeting.

Submitted: July 18, 2021

© Copyright 2022 dale10. All rights reserved.

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