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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

An Affair Of The Heart

Four Seasons Hotel George V, Paris
31 Avenue George V, 75008 Paris, France
The Presidential Suite

Mm, you slowly peel off my satin robe, letting it drop to the carpet, mmm.... you kiss a shoulder blade catching the intake of my breath.  
My nipples swollen from the cool air, waiting for the anticipation of your hot mouth to ease the lazy peaks until submission, you are mere inches from my nudity, yet the yearning for you to touch me is sending me, your eyes holding me prisoner, the back of your palm sliding down my cleavage, leaning forward, and whispering in my ear, “Are you wet for me baby.”  
Dipping his two fingers inside my silken folds before I confirm what you already suspect, slowing removing your fingers: smearing my juices on my nipples then bending your head downward, tasting the aphrodisiac of me.  
You move in closer, palming my breasts, the light brownish tip peeping through your fingers, licking the soft perky summits, tasting my lust for you from off my skin.  
“Make love to me. God, I need your sexual touch” ... your whispers for the need of me, your body sliding against mine, my hands you bond over my head as you’re locked deep inside my pussy walls, squeezing them against your width, both of us scared to move in regard to the mood being broken, you lifting me up, linking my legs around your stature.  
Oh God, I want to feel you fuck me so bad, then make slow, tender love to me.  
You lay me on the bed, pulling me to the edge, spreading my legs, placing them over your shoulders.  
I’m so eager for you to plummet deep inside my sunken cunt, my spine bending... “baby taste me, please”  
You inch your face forward, sniffing the sweeten aura of me, then taking a soft lick, removing my feet from off your shoulders, parting my inner thighs, your tongue sinking, the tip... snaking farther.  
“Mm… baby I ache for you getting down on my bottom lips in anticipation for the domination of your pleasure, you hard ecstasy.
You cup my ass, drawing my slit up into your face, your tongue slowly plunging inside me .
Closing my eyes as I surrender my weakness to you, Oh God...Oh God... your giving tongue teasing my clit, rubbing the tip of your nostrils in my creamy wetness you have worked up... prolonging you sinking your tongue deeper inside my silken cunt.
My eyes fluttering close, my pants quickening... with each head twist, feeling the strands of your facial hairs against my inner thighs.
Oh... sweet mercy…  your tongue feels like Heaven… the tip of your tongue tapping on my g-spot... oh yes that feels so good baby, mmm… please don’t stop. “Oh yes. yes… I’ve been good papi.”
Mm... seesawing my pussy up to your mouth, moaning, you pull my hips forward, licking my around my sugar wall up and down, then kissing around my downy hairs.
You crawl over me, centering your bulky stature between my thighs, cupping your dick, and easing it at the opening of my pussy.
Squeezing my tightness all around your width.  
You like when my cunt is all slicken and creamy wet don’t you, when your hard dick is sliding in and out, my essence coating the length
You grunting each time you thrust back inside, V-shaping your erection, making sure I receive all of you.
“Mm... oh baby... yes... slow down, lifting my legs up
 I miss this, you, linking my legs around your neck, our bodies shuffling in the heat of lust.  
“Oh…oh…” my black flapping, planting my palms on your buttocks, pulling your body into mine, your dick darting deeper... piercing the core of my soul deeper
You hissing fuck...fuck...  
Circling your throbbing cock inside me... leaning upward, licking over your chest wall...
You hold my head down kissing the beady hairs surrounding your nipple
“Oh baby,” you groan to the Heavens.
My mind dazed in a lustful illusion my back dropping back to the bed
The feeling of denial gripping us... oh baby... the absence to climax climbing when we’re not fucking, the passion, the taste of us, our lips meeting, your breathing becoming ragged, my hands imprisoning you by the back of your neck, my pelvis, hungrily greeting your groin..
“Harder…baby, taste the wetness of this pussy for you.”

You ramming the elongation of your pulsating arousal deeper inside of me, your dick following the lead of my words, moaning in your ear.

“Make this pussy cum…please.”
You holding my bound wrists over my head, nipping at a nipple, then mouthing it, your palm smothering the other breast.  
“Oh.. baby, I’m about ready to cum…harder, fuck me.”

Plundering your erection deeper and deeper inside me; your sweat droplets landing on my face, laying on top of me, cupping my buttocks.
“Oh, sweet Lord… baby faster.”

Biting your shoulder blade, you bending your head back.  
Clenching you tighter, you drop your see deep inside me, my quivering pussy beating with a vengeance, rolling your tongue around mine, moving fasting, my climax soaking your dick.  
Sounds of bliss we echoed out, resting your forehead against mine, breathless, knowing this moment cannot last, kissing me one last time... I hold the back of your head, two hungry mouths meeting, you slightly move your semi-flaccid erection inside me...then slowly withdraw, your nutt spilling on my downy hairs the last sweet memory, you were deep inside me, if only for a stolen moment... oh what an affair to remember.
Looking down at your watch.

“Oh baby, I got to get back to the office, I would like to see you before you board tomorrow.”
“I shall make that happen.”

 My fingers slowly dragging up and down his spine, leaning in and kissing his back. His body quivering, loving the power of my touch execute over his body.
Kissing me and raising out the bed, moments later.  
The hotel suite door silently closed behind his exit, his expensive toilette still lingering on the sheets sailing under my nostrils.

My supine body laying in the saturated aftermath of our blissful intentions.

Submitted: July 18, 2021

© Copyright 2023 Desirable Brown Eyes. All rights reserved.

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Just wow on all that! Beautifully described erotica… passionate and lustful. I like the discourse through the piece and the context you introduce at the end, making me imagine an American visitor having a brief affair with a Parisian.

Tue, July 20th, 2021 2:07pm

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