Painting Pictures and Maths.

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I have just had my imagination unleashed by taking notice of a lovely picture on my wall.It has been hanging there for many decades.I notice that it is all done in shades of blues and whites.Nice pastel shades, depicting a small duckpond and  some magical looking bushland.

I have just counted seven white adult ducks and four baby white ducks.It is an idyllic little patch, that is more like the promised land in the sky than a real duckpond.

The name in the bottom right hand corner written inconspicuously in a graphite color is Nora De Bolt.

Now I've said all this to make the following points.

I have a 4 CD Set on mathematics, that in part sheds light on the great masters of the past like DaVinci, who used mathematical principles to draw thin lines on the canvas, to create a pleasing three dimensional illusion.

Picasso and Van Gough also new of these pleasing angles to the eye using maths principles.

Yes! great painters had a few tricks up their sleeves, to add to their already matured arsenal of painting awareness.

Outside advertising boards about 10 metres square are not just paintings with a message.They not only use those mathematical derived pleasing angles to the eye.

They are also about the AIDA principles,crucial to advertising success and the big bucks that follow.

Attention...Loud and Brash headline

Interest.....Tell a quick simple story

Desire......Create a WANT

Action.......Phone number or website that "Jump Out"


The mind boggles at the thought of a big red fat uncircumsized cock dripping with pre cum, positioned at the entrance to a major freeway.This of course can be part of a picture including a pink lacy crossya heart bra.

Insurance companies will not be pleased.haha!!!

Submitted: July 18, 2021

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We women drivers keep our eyes on the road regardless of cocks dangling from over-passes. Insurance companies needn't be alarmed.
Scantily clad women on billboards by the interstate, however, create major catastrophes.

Has it occurred to you, Vanilla...this concept of modern art where the guy literally slings paint by the buckets on his canvas from several feet he celebrates the artistic non-mathematical format of splatter? Invariably, these are male artists, are they not? What do you suppose this conveys?

Sun, August 22nd, 2021 2:06am


About ten years ago Megan a male artist here who had made it big admitted that he fired a cannon paint ball at the canvas.

'Splatter" I think anyway is the antichrist.
A person either believes in God or Splatter.
How many possible realities do two or more rolling dice have at any given time.
Casino's are wealthy because of it Megan.

lol!! my experience here anyway Megan is that women keep their eyes on their cell phones while they are driving.Maybe watching some porn star dangling his dick on screen.

I think that Picasso when he painted "weeping lady" used mathematical concepts that made his painting appeal to the eye.

Their are "shonks" in every field of endeavour Megan.
From time to time here they catch out professionals practising without any formal qualifications at all.Folks" present" as the "real deal" at an interview and nobody checks.
OR they open their own practice and "fake it" by clever staff placement.

My son got a high profile government position about two years ago.
The main woman interviewing him was "smitten" by him.
The position included "costing".
He was hopeless at maths and figures.
She didn't bother to ask did she lol!!

He had to escape by going to her boss and getting a quick transfer.
He has a degree in psychology and knows how to "talk to people".

Thanks for replying Megan

Sat, August 21st, 2021 11:41pm

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