Chapter 2: Side Chapter: The Salad

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Sci-Fi and Fantasy Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

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"Hey, Mary, did you get me some new clothes?" Lizzie asks as Mary had just gotten back from the store.

"Yes! But, just to be safe, I cut a hole in your new pants for your utters," She lifts the pants, pointing a the quite large hole in the center, "the only size that would fit your new measurements was an XL."

"Wow...." She checks out her new clothes. "Even the shirt?"

"Apparently," She stares at Lizzie's boobs for split second, then shakes her head,  "also, I got you a salad so you won't eat that nasty grass."

"Really? Thank you." Lizzie thought about what the video said for a moment but then dismisses it. The salad couldn't do that much damage, right?

"You're welcome-... Hey, Is that my new, green purse?"

Lizzie's new cow side apparently thinks green purses are grass. She blushes nervously, "Um... Maybe?"

"I just bought that!" Mary lifts it to see several holes in the sides.

"Sorry... Where's the salad?"

As Mary points over to the table, she races over to count the pieces of lettuce inside the clear box.

"This salad will make my utters grow twice as much!" Lizzie confirms, a little skeptical of what might happen.

"Just take some of it out."

"Oh! But I'm hungry!"

 "Ugh! Just let your utters grow then!"

Lizzie gulps as she swallows the lettuce, instantly falling in love. She eats it like there's no tomorrow. And then, just like she had predicted, her utters begin to grow, twice as much as they would originally.

Ah! That's the stuff!" She pats her stomach, letting out a small burp.

Mary sighs but then looks down at Lizzie, somewhat shocked, "Lizzie, your utters-..."

"Oh, who cares if my utters grow?" Lizzie says, looking for more lettuce inside the container.

"Well, you did actually..." Mary puts down the green purse.

"Well, I don't no more!"

Almost immediately, she runs towards the door and opens it, looking at the grass haven outside. Mary looks at the bottom of the box, reading: Do not feed to dogs, cats, cows, or horses.

"Oh no."

Lizzie then falls asleep on the ground with small slices of grass in her mouth. Mary inspects Lizzie's utters. They were thrice as big now! With all of Mary's might, she pushes Lizzie back into the house, through all of the doors, and into the guest bedroom. She locks the door and window so that Lizzie doesn't get any ideas to jump out or run back outside.

It'll only be temporary, Lizzie. I promise. Mary thought.

 In the morning, Lizzie wakes up, surprised, "What happened yesterday?"

She then looks down at her utters, almost touching the ground as she stands on all fours for a second before getting up.

"Oh... Right." She then tries to open the door as it appears to be locked.

"Hmm. Hey Mary? Could you unlock the door please?"

"Are you still going I that grass craving?" Mary asks, sitting on the couch reading a magazine.

"No," She looks down, "Though I can barely stand up."

  With that said, Mary gets off of the couch, heads over, and unlocks the door, hoping she was off the "crave","Thank you," Lizzie replies, dusting herself off, "I know you did it for my own good."

"Definitely," Mary sticks her hands in her pockets, "Now let's go to the barn to get you milked."


Submitted: September 08, 2021

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