Chapter 1: Chapter 1: Pilot

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Sci-Fi and Fantasy Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

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Lizzie is at Wal-Mart buying some food when she sees her friends, Mary, Kevin, and Joe, walk into the store, chasing after her like a pack of wolves just found their prey. She could tell that they're worn out.

"Hey, guys." Lizzie notices they looked freaked out. "What's wrong?"

"Mary... Just... Cows... And...." Joe said, obviously out of breath.

"Slow down!" She says. "I can't understand anything you're saying!"

"Do you believe in hypnotism?" Kevin, the "prom night star", asks.

"Pfft. No. That stuffs' for people who wanna be what they can't. Why?" She's starting to get curious about the situation.

"Well," Mary starts, as serious as ever. "don't watch the video called 'Cow Hypnotism'. It's real, I swear! It turned my cousin into a cow."

Of course, Lizzie doesn't believe in that kind of mojo. But, Mary, Joe, and Kevin would never get that spooked about something that dumb.

"Fine. I believe you." Lizzie walks into the aisle, "But for now, I need to pay."

Walking past them, she spots the register and waits in line.


Lizzie pulls up in her driveway. She then gets out and grabs her groceries from the trunk and heading up the stairs to get inside. After about a half-hour of putting up food, she looks to her right to see the tablet sitting on the kitchen table peacefully. She remembers what Mary said about the video and how dangerous it was.

"Well, might as well give it a try."

She picks up her tablet to look on YouTube the video Mary was talking about. It was a surprise when it was the first one to be up there.

She clicks the video and flips her tablet sideways to watch it correctly, making sure the volume was up.

"Hello." The hypnotist said as the video began. "If you are not into hypnotism, go ahead and leave...."

"If I'm gonna make them believe me, I'm gonna have to watch the whole thing."

"...You are starting to get tired and sleepy. You want to eat the grass..."

"Hmm..." Lizzie exclaims. "Why do I want a salad?"

"...You start to feel a tingle in your feet.."

Just as he says that she feels a tingle in the soles of her feet.

"What's going on?!"

Suddenly, her feet started to turn into hooves.

"What the hell?!" She screams, kicking her new hooves up in the air to make sure they were real.

"You'll not be able to keep balance and fall to the floor..."

She rolls off of the bed and onto the floor, yelping in surprise.

"If your female, your breasts will start getting bigger..."

She looks down at her breasts, terrified as they start to grow bigger into a D cup, then DD, then  DDD.

"I need to turn off the video!"

She attempts to get up, but she can't move a muscle.

"Now, your whole body will swell up..."

She felt her body becoming fatter and fatter. Even her hips and thighs were swelling, making her look like she had curves.

"You will grow a second pair of breasts under your old ones..."

Sure enough, a second pair was growing.

"Please..... Stop." She can't keep her balance and falls to the floor.

"Your skin color will change to white and black..."

At least that isn't the worst part. Feeling fur grow on her skin doesn't feel that bad.

"Your ears will grow floppy as your head will grow a muzzle..."

Her ears expand and slid to the top of her head, Suddenly, she feels her mouth and nose push out into a square-like, cow's muzzle. She places her hands over the muzzle in astonishment and fear. "This can't be happening right now!"

"You will feel a tail-..."

Lizzie doesn't need to hear the rest of what it said as she looks behind her, only to see a tail pushing out of her pants. Since they couldn't handle the pressure, they fell right off of her.

"And now, for my favorite part, you might wanna run outside first..."

She then remembers how hard it was to stand up. Maybe she could use the bed's help? She lifts up and starts to run outside but could still, somehow, hear the video like it's right beside her.

"You will now feel an utter start to grow..."

She panics as she presses down her bladder area, trying to keep it from coming. But that didn't help. As she lets go, the utter begins to grow, filling with milk, too. She plummets to the ground face first. But, instead of landing on her nose or chin, her breasts break the fall. The utter continues growing and growing, still filling with milk. She let out a soft moo and tries to stand up again but all of her weight is holding her down. Her utters grow to the point where they're now leaking milk.

"I think a little boost will be fine..."

Lizzie's breasts start to grow again, now at E cups. Then, her waist and hips started to swell once more. She feels helpless now and should've trusted her friends.

"I'm absolutely MOOOritified!" Lizzie finally gets up and looks down at her utters, tears welling up in her eyes. "Dear heavens! It's huge! How did it become so giMOOOrmous?"

It sloshes around with milk as she tries to stay up. She is also given a bell that was put around her neck already, like a real cow, to track her movement, which made her angry.

"Every time you eat 10 pieces of grass or anything grass-related, your breasts and utters will swell," The voice from the video says in a happier tone, "have a good time!"

"I cannot believe this!" She grunts, "I need to see Mary. But I can't just walk over to her house looking like this! I'll have to drive."

Lizzie walks up to her car and opens the door, trying to find a way to get in. She finally has to pull back the seat to get in. However, her breasts are getting in the way of the steering wheel.

"My curiosity got the best of MOO," She says, mad at herself. "now what am I gonna do? God, why am I so stubborn?!" She groans. She then sighs and turns the key into the ignition.

She turns on the radio and hears a Nikki Minaj song come on. "Great. And nothing good's on, either.


When she gets there, all she could stare at was the grass. Mary had always been a good gardener and kept her plants and grass healthy. But Lizzie snaps out of it and honks the horn to get Mary's attention. She ran out wondering what the ruckus was.

"Ok, ok! I'm coming!" She yells as she looked in the car window, holding her hands up to her mouth in awe. "Lizzie? I can hardly recognize you!"

"Sorry I didn't believe or trust you guys," She jumps out of the Jeep™, her breasts and utters jiggling in response, "but, are the effects permanent?"

"Oh, uh, I don't know," Mary ponders, still staring at Lizzie in astonishment. "Check the video's description. Maybe it's there."

Lizzie does as told. She checks the description of the video without turning the volume down or even unpausing it. She scrolls down through the very long description, trying to find anything that could reverse what has happened. Eventually, she finds something...

"The effects are permanent!" She gulps, dropping to the ground and sobbing.

Mary wants to comfort her but is a bit scared of what might happen.

"It's ok, Liz. Liz-a-roo. Lizerella..."

"No, it's not!" She yells, "I'm a dumb, nasty cow, addicted to grass, and I have a tail!" She takes a big chomp of the grass. Crying, she looks up at Mary. "D-Do you know how to milk a cow?"

She sits there clueless for a second, but eventually responds, "Yeeaah...?"

"'Cause your gonna have to do a lot of it with my diet," she says, sighing, "I wish I could control myself..."

Submitted: July 18, 2021

© Copyright 2021 StephanieTheCow. All rights reserved.


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Highly creative and enjoyable - unique! I loved this!

Sun, July 18th, 2021 12:33am


This is delightful reading
Clever theme too.
Hypnosis is real
The cops use it to get people to remember crime scenes.

Sun, July 18th, 2021 5:17am

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