Back To The Future BIgtime.

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Featured Review on this writing by kalelthemith

Back all those years ago when the most brilliantly engineered piece of machinery ever devised had to be "grounded for ever." It was a sign of things to come.
I refer to the Anglo French Concord Aircraft.

For me,our now accelerating backward trend has become a sign of the times.Our daily lives have been robbed of the enjoyment past generations enjoyed and took for granted.

It's a plethora of so called little things.These include a worldwide health alert by the international experts of worldwide "Antibiotic Resistance" due to obtuse overuse.Something of course that is hard to define or measure.All antibiotics of course are given in good faith by our medical practioners.

I was told by an experienced nurse at my local medical clinic that pennicillin injections, were now filled with an inferior form of lquid pennicillin, due to a serious shortage of the product.

The constant worldwide recall of cars,both old and new.This is nearly always due to faulty airbags, being installed by external subcontracted mechanics.

A fabulous piece of highly engineered machinery is brought to it's knees, by an inferior cost cutting item, that is installed at the end of the production line so to speak.

The death of the Concorde aircraft that flew four times as fast and twice as high as other jets, was because of a piece of metal on the runway, that caused massive overheating of rubber and exhaust fumes.One hundred souls perished on takeoff.This was a fiery end to what was becoming, the future of super high tech aircraft engineering.Ground Radar,if it had been used, may have saved all on board and an exciting aviation future.

Generic brand medications and antibiotics are flooding the pharmacists stocks.Yes, they do still work.However just like cheaper generic brands at the supermarkets,it is all a pushback to simpler,less tech savvy times.It seems like our advanced technological society, has moved ahead a bit too fast for our everyday,dumbed down lifestyles.

Six years ago in 2015 I had the misfortune of a bout of chronic constipation.I voluntarily went to emergency outpatients, at the Epworth Hospital here in Melbourne,Australia.

After a short interview and quick "finger in the bum" test I heard those magical words."We are going to give you an enema".I had warm and fuzzy memories as a kid having at times being lightened of my load,so to speak.This was via a long pump action thin hose, full of warm soapy water.The head of the hose went about four inches into my bumhole and then after a minute or so the Eureka Moment.

Yes,in 2015,the same equipment with most likely a scientifically formulated pharmeceutical fluid, instead of the soapy water.

The Eureka moment happened within a few minutes and smiles all around.

Alas,fast forward to two days ago.Same condition.same trek to the same emergency hospital.

This time the enema came in a box, straight off the shelf so to speak.It had a short nozzle,no more than about one inch.Some of the fluid barely made it more than a fraction of an inch into my rectum.No eureka moment.A dismal fail.

Obviously time and budget constraints in a busy,overworked public hospital had materialised.It is part of the inevitable march to a better world,that is called progress.

As in this case, a few steps backwards, during the relentless push to a better world had caught up with one unfortunate soul.

The invention of plastics about 30 years ago was seen as the answer to most packaging problems,and so forth.

The unintended consequence of hard non-biodegradable plastics, has been the pollution of our oceans.Our "throwaway" society has now come back to haunt is.

Believe it or not in our Covit ravaged world,I read somewhere the other day, that some bright scientific minds, have genetically engineered a microbe that actually eats hardened plastics.lets hope that "faceless" economists do not torpedo this "breakthru'"

Remember that the block of metal on THAT runway had actually fallen off a poorly maintained "budget" airline jet.

Economists have always made and broken the world order at different times and in different era's.

Next time you are out and about see if you can notice even a small downgrade in even the most everyday items.One that comes readily to mind is YES! recycled paper toilet rolls.




Submitted: July 17, 2021

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I enthuse at your optimism.
What if the bio-engineered microbe also worked on fish scales or crustacean shells.
We must be so carwful and mindful of packaging in all forms so as not to continue the rubbish cycle plastics have wrought.
Until every person in every continent has access to clean water and education we are polluting ourselves with ideology only.
Nice piece, sorry I ramble.

Sat, July 17th, 2021 4:41am


Kal we both live in Melbourne and wink!
Enormouse amounts of waste was being stored in warehouses.
We realise that those overflowing warehouses in Campbellfield that "went up in smoke" in recent history were "clearing the decks"

Fuck the insurance!!
They all re-insure with each other anyway.
It is to cover any really large claims on any one insurer.
If say my IC takes $500 off me for some insurance
They will re-invest say $200 of it with other IC's.
Then they all share the "load"
I used to work in that area for VACC decades ago now.

We live in a capitalist society.
In the end MONEY RULES.
If economists can find a way to make money out of "plastic eating microbes" then there will be a EUREKA moment.

I have rambled on a bit here too lol!!
Thanks for replying Kal.

Sat, July 17th, 2021 6:52am


I'm working on the 'perfect' enema, Vanilla - with your inspiration, of course. When I give it to you, you can splatter the canvas without a bucket of paint.
This way, I turn you into an artist...

Sun, August 22nd, 2021 2:18am


lol!!! Megan the good nurses of Epworth Hospital have beaten you to the "punch".
I drove home from Emergency sitting on a stack of woven shopping bags
A nurse rang me on my cell phone as I drove,
I told her that I did not think I wouldI make it home before I shit myself again.

I literally splattered everywhere in the toilet room. from the sitting position.
I was so embarrased that I used half a roll of toilet paper wiping it all up.

You are right Megan ,who needs to splatter paint to be an artist lol!!!

Thanks for replying Megan.

Sun, August 22nd, 2021 12:32am

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