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But Josh wasn't done fucking just yet. He pulled Mary away from Jill and had her lay on the floor.

Grabbing Mary by the ankles, Josh began to fuck Mary's wet pussy. Slowly at first, but then picking up speed, in and out, thrusting and pumping his hard dick.

Jill sat on the floor, legs spread apart as she played with her pussy while she watched the two fuck.

Pounding Mary with his hard dick, "Yeah..take my cock bitch. You want me to fuck you don't you..URR..ARRG!?" Josh said, with grunts of his own as he worked his hard dick into Mary.

"OOHH...AAAHHH...fuck me....AAHHH...fuck me Josh...fffuucckk...AAHH...OOHHH...!" Mary groaned as she was being her pussy was being hammered.

Jill, fingers in her wet pussy, thumb on her clit could feel her orgasm coming upon her as she watched the fuck show that was going on in front of her.

"UHHH...AAHH..shit! I'm cumminggg...UHH..UHH...SHIT...FUCK....!!"

Jill raised her head as her eyes closed. Her fingers rushing in and out of her wet pussy as her thumb rotated around her swollen clit.

Jill's orgasm went through her body. It made her spasm and twist and turn while she sat there on the floor.

Panting, covered in sweat from herself, as well as Josh and Mary, saliva covering parts of her body, Jill crumpled down on the floor, breathing heavily after her amazing orgasm.

Hearing Jill moan and squeal, made Josh plow Mary even more. And Mary wanted that hard young man's dick in her hungry sex starved cunt.


Submitted: November 19, 2022

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