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Josh slowly began to stand up, but kissing and licking Mary's back and shoulders till he got to her neck and nibbled on it.

Mary turned around and she and Josh gave each other a long kiss as Jill still ate and fingered Mary's wet snatch.

Jill got up. And now Mary, who has thrown away any inhabitions got on her knees and began to suck on Josh's young mans dick while Jill and Josh traded spit.

With Mary on her knees, slurping and sucking on that hard dick, a dick, any dick that she hadn't had in a while, Josh bent down and began to suck and lick on Jill's middle aged tits.

The sounds of slurping and sucking and lickng was echoing off the basement walls.

Mary massaged Josh's balls with her left hand as she fingered her pussy with her right, all the while deep throating that hard young dick.

With Jill's tits being sucked and kissed and licked by this young man, she looked down to see Mary sucking on his hard dick.

Jill backed away and got on her knees next to Mary.

Jill used the side of her face to nudge Mary away from that hard dick so she could suck on it.

Mary not wanting to be left out, came back at Jill and nudged her away from that dick so she could have it.

Jill grabbed some of Mary's hair and pulled her away so she could suck it.

Mary grabbed some of Jill's hair and stuck her tongue deep into her mouth.

Their two tongues battled in each others mouths to see who would suck on this youngs mans hard dick.

Mary broke the kiss and got back to sucking that dick.

Jill leaned over and began to suck on one of Mary's tits.

Loud suckng sounds can be heard from Jill as she laid into her tits with her mouth.

Jill worked her way back up to Josh's hard dick. Now both women were licking and sucking, as well as sticking their tongues into each others mouths,lips pressed hard together.

Josh, standing there taking it all in as these two women battled with their mouths on who will be sucking on his dick. 

Submitted: September 12, 2022

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sweet lemon

Who will josh fuck first!
I hope it's Mary

Sun, September 18th, 2022 1:09am


I haven't decided yet. It depends on which woman wants it more.

Sun, September 18th, 2022 3:51am

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