Lucky Boy Part Two

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: The Humiliation Board

Poor Carlos wakes from the all night orgy after his first night at the strip club, only to face more humiliation and degradation at the hands of his fellow workers.

Carlos woke the next day on the floor of the boy's changing room.  He must have slept there all night. He onl woke because Klaus, the janitor kicked him awake. Every bone in the boy's body screamed out i pain. His arms and legs ached. His tight young tummy fluttered and he felt as if he would puke. His big teen balls throbbed with pain, but the worst was the unbelievable burning sensation in his asshole.  the pain in his young ass went all the way up into his intestines. Not only that, but the boy's eyes were half sealed shut, his nose was clogged with something, as were his ears, and his sore jaw and mouth was coated with dry cake-like substance.  He forced himself to sit up. His body was coated with  white crap that would flake off when he moved. He put a hand to his chest and pulled away again. His nipples were so sore and red, he could not bare to touch them  The just turned 18 year old shook his young head. What the fuck had happened to him? Slowly, some of it came back to him. He had been given liquor and drugs of some kind. He had been gang raped by the boys who worked at Lucky's. They had fucked his face and his ass mercilessly. He had begged for them to stop, but they were ruthless. Then, he vaguely remembered being thrust out into the bar to dance. It must have been an after-hours party, because the things that happened out there could never happen in a legit place during business hours. He had memories of being forced to wear an obscene mesh thong, of his big dick being hard and dripping into the material. Of his total humiliation that a roomful of men would see him like this. He never would have accepted the "dancing" job at all, except his Mom and brother would be thrown out of their apartment if he didn't come up with some money by the end of the week.  
"Come on, you dirty wetback, I gotta clean up this fucking mess you made."the old janitor kicked him again, not hard, but enough to make Carlos feel ashamed. He pulled himself up. He was totally naked. He remembered the thong being ripped off him by the teeth of a customer. He also remembered money being thrown at him, shoved in his hands and up his ass.  Trembling, he leaned against the large table upon which he had been gang fucked by the other dancers. He hung his head and shook it again, trying to clear it. In the main bar, he remembered that as he danced dicks had been rubbed on his face and body. Leaking dicks of every shape and size. He remembered masturbating dicks in his hands. Old men's dicks, burly truckers' dicks, wimpy businessmen dicks...twenty or thirty different leaking cocks.
He remembered Jeff, the main dancer in the club, holding his head so that the dicks could rub their leak all over his face. He rememberd the dicks being shoved between his lips and into his mouth. The memory made him want to puke again, and he gagged a few times.
"If you're going to puke,, Asswipe, go into the john. I ain't cleaning this fucking room twice."  Carlos leaned against the table. He farted, and he felt something run down his leg. 'Oh my God," he thought, "I hope I didn't shit."  He looked down and saw that fresh sperm, leaking from his asshole,  was running down his thighs.  Carlos didn't know what to do. He couldn't go to the police because of his Mom's immigrant status. Still in a daze, he looked around for his clothes and shoes. They were nowhere in sight. also missing was his wallet, his keys, and his phone. And his most valuable position, a beautiful cross on a chain from his grandmother."  He hung his h andsome head. He would have cried, but his body was just too worn out to even do that.
"Don't worry, we put them away for safe keeping. You can't leave your valuables lying around like that."  It was Jeff, the main dancer, looking fresh and alert, and dressed in stylish jeans and tee shirt.  "Man, you look like shit. You'd better wash that cum off."  
Carlos stared at Jeff. It was hard for the words to come. " fucked me. You all gang-raped me."
Jeff held up one large hand. "Whoa, just hold on.  You accommodated you. You were drunk and drugged out of your gourd and you kept begging for more dick!  You groped us and yelled for us to shove them up your ass and down your throat. I've never seen such a wild faggot in my whole fucking life." 
Carlos frowned. "I couldn't have. I'm not gay. I swear to God, I'm not gay!" 
"Well, you could have fooled me and the rest of the guys. And then you took it out into the after-hours party and sucked and fucked half of them. Tony, the manager says he's never seen such a hungry whore in his life. You took in five hundred dollars though, so I guess if that is your style, And that was only your first night. "
"My only night, you mean. I'm getting out of this sinful sex pit. I am so out of here. Give me my money and stuff." He held out one dry cum encrusted hand. Jeff smiled and then laughed. 
"Okay, dude, whatever you say. Here's you share of last night's take." he handed Carlos twenty dollars.
"What the fuck, Man?  You said I took in five hundred. With that I can pay my mom's rent. I gotta have it."
"Easy, Babe," Jeff reached out to put a calming hand on the shaken Carlos, but when he saw the cum coated body, he pulled his hand back. "Let me break it down for you. Shit, you read the contract you signed last night. Fuck, you must have been so out of it by then, you don't remember. As you know, you don't get paid at Lucky's. The manager lets oyu use his place to dace and pick up tricks. For that  you have to pay him a monthly fee of one thousand dollars.That may seem like a lot, but remember, you can pull in a couple of hundred a night by dancing, and another hundred by letting some customer suck your dick, or ass fuck you if that is your thing."
Carlos shook his no longer innocent head. "I don't do those kind of things!" He tried to recover a bit of his pride and self esteem.
"Ha!" Jeff laughed, "You coulda fooled me.  Anyway, Tony took two hundred of the five hundred for your first payment to him this month. Then there was the thong which you ruined by all your dick leak and your hard pecker tearing a hole in it. that cost Mike  fifty bucks. Then there are the guys who had to come out and help you walk and eventually crawl from customer to customer, to be groped and wanked and so on. We had to give each of those two guys thirty bucks.  And then a couple of the dancers joined you in the fuck show you wanted to put on, so they needed to be paid. They don't shoot their sperm for nada!"  And then, there is the cost of the booze and drugs back here. You went through those pills like candy."
Carlos shook his head vehemently. "You forced that stuff on me. I didn't want to take it."  Carlos knew that he had never been able to hold his liquor, and he didn't do drugs." 
Jeff laughed. "Whatever, man, whatever you want to believe.  Anyway, Here is what is left. This twenty. But, don't freak,  you'll be able to keep most of what you make tonight."
Carlos grew almost hysterical. "There isn't going to be any tonight! Give me my clothes and let me get out of here!" He yelled.  Jeff hoisted himself up to sit on the table and calmly watched the young Latino freak out.
"But dude, if y ou don't dance, how you going to pay Tony his one thousand? And believe me, Carlos, Tony is connected...if you know what I mean. The Chicago mob always collects its debts. You don't pau Tony, you end up with two broken legs, if you are lucky."
"But, Jeff, I don't got no thousand dollars. I don't even have enough for my Mamma's rent!"  Carlos was crying now, and the tears were turning the dried cum on his face to paste.
"Then, my friend, you are going to have to dance for a few more nights, maybe a week or so, until you can pay Tony back. Then he may let you out of your six month contract."
"Madre Dios," Carlos cried, and slumped against the table. "What am I going to do?"
"First, thing my friend,  we gotta get you cleaned out. Hope up here on the table, and i'll prepare a nice enema for you. You got to get that dick slop out of you guts."
"Let me shower first. I feel like shit." Carlos began to stagger toward the shower, but Jeff steered him back to the table.
"Up on the table, Girl, shower later. First we clean out your insides, and while the enema water is filling you up, I'm gonna get you some lunch. the day's half gone already." A very confused Carlos, allowed Jeff to put him on the table on his hands and knees.
His fat, sore red eighteen year old dick hung heavy and thick, along with his balls, which the night before had been stretched terribly. As they swung against his thighs, pain shot through them. "You've got so much cum up you, it can't be good for you. A nice big enema will clean you out in no time."  Jeff filled the large enema bag with soapy warm water. He also tossed in some drugs.  He went to a drawer and returned with a nozzle for the enema tube that looked like an eight inch penis.
Carlos waved his young hand. 'I can't take that. i am too sore down there."
'You gotta take it, baby. Just think what diseases you might have picked up last night. We gotta get you nice and clean."  He roughly shoved the eight in ch nozzle up the cute boy's asshole. Carlos gritted his teeth and almost collapsed. Jeff felt himself getting hard. It was such fun totally ruining an innocent kid like Carlos. It might be his favorite thing in the whole world to do.Carlos curled his toes and clawed at the table as he felt the full eight inches thrust up into his rectum. His ass lips were still terribly sore and swollen. Remember, he had been a virgin until the night before. His guts ached terribly.  "There, now you just hold still and let that nice soothing warm water and soap fill you. I'll get you  some breakfast."Jeff turned and left the room.  Carlos knelt there like a cow waiting to be milked,  his genitals hanging down heavy and sore.  He closed his eyes.  He was starting to feel slightly confused again. He could feel the warm water filling his guts, and so far it felt good. It was soothing. Maybe Jeff wasn't so bad after all. Maybe things had just gotten out of hand. Still, he had been ass and mouth raped, and he didn't know how he would face the other dancers.  As if on cue, the door opened and Adam, another of the hunky dancers entered. He nodded casually to Carlos, as if seeing an eighteen year old boy on his hands and knees, taking an enema was an every day occurrence.
"How  you doing, dude? You were wild last night."  Adam laughed. he was a muscular guy in his early twenties with dark hair and a huge dick. Carlos could almost still feel that dick plowing inside his formerly virgin asshole.  "I gotta open today," the muscle dude went on, stripping off his shirt. "Christ, I  hate days when i gotta open. Fuck , it seems like we just closed."Lucky's started featuring dancers in the mid-afternoon, all the way until closing and sometimes after. "Only retired old codgers here during the day. Most of them got no teeth, but at least when they gum your dick, it feels good."He continued to strip, down to a jock strap and nothing else. Carlos felt so embarrassed kneeling there with a tube up his ass, he didn't know what to do. The soap water in his guts began to feel uncomfortable. He was getting full, and needed to shit badly.
In the other room, Jeff made a bowl of instant oatmeal for Carlos in the microwave. He tossed a few more drugs into the mixture.  Then, he took a bunch of used condoms out of the garbage and soaked them in the oatmeal so the cum from them melted and joined the oatmeal. He gobbed four times into the mixture, and then asked the Klaus, the old janitor to blow his nose in the oatmeal.  Klaus was only too happy to oblige. Klaus asked young Jeff, if he wanted a bit more cum for the boy's lunch, and Jeff happily agreed. So the janitor took out his gnarled dirty dick and masturbated into what was to be Carllos'  food.Then a smiling jeff brought the bowl into the changing room and set it in front of the kneeling, enema filled Carlos.
"Sorry, I couldn't find a spoon, so you're going to have to eat it out of the bowl like a dog. but it's filled with good protein, believe me. It'll have you feeling great in no time." 
"Jeff, you better take it out of me, my stomach is really full, and i gotta to to the toilet."The boy was ashamed to even say that. Adam was leaning against a wall, in just his jock strap, watching the suffering boy.
"No, way, Dude, we gotta finishe this bag, and then another one. Then you can shit it out, and feel clean and safe. Like I said, some of those men who shoved their dicks into you last night could have been diseased. Better safe, than sorry." 
The stomach cramps had started, and poor Carlos was really in pain. As he sifted his weight around, his heavy dick and balls swung. He did indeed look like some kind of barnyard animal.
"Now, come on, eat. It will make you feel better."  Jeff gently but firmly pushed Carlow head down toward the bowl, until his face touched the foul, slimey mixture. "Lap it up, baby."  Carlos extened his tongue and began to eat the fuck, spit and snot soaked oatmeal. Jeff and Adam both whipped out their phones and began to video the event.  How hot, sexy and cute the eighteen year old boy looked, acting like a farm animal. It gave Jeff really sick ideas for future fun to have with Carlos. 
AS the teenager ate his foul lunch, he grew more and more woozy. His guts ached relentlessly now, and he had to shit something fierce. His body and face were still coated with dried cum. Something about the oatmeal tasted terrible, but at least it was food.
"All done with t his bag. Good Girl," Jeff said, roughly pulling the huge nozzle out of the boy's asshole. "Clench those cheeks, baby, you don't want to shit all over the changing room. That would really piss Tony off."  The sudden evacuation of the nozzle almost caused Carlos to lose it. He felt a rush of liquid somewhere inside of him. He squeezed his asshole as tight as he could. He wondered if this  humiliation would never end.
"I don't think this nozzle is working right..."  jeff mused. 
"I think there is another one in the drawer.  The ten incher,"  Adam said. 
"OH MY GOD, NO PLEASE.  I CAN'T TAKE TEN INCHES. PLEASE, I AM BEGGING YOU."  Carlos began to crawl off the table, but  Adam held him still. The poor teen was so weak and so worn out, he couldn't even fight back.
"Jesus, Girl, you stink like cum!" Adam laughed.  Jeff returned to the table with a grotesquely thick ten inch long nozzle. He attached it to the tube, then grabbed Carlos by the lower back.
"Hold still, Carlow, we are trying to help you here. Adam, can you give me a hand and pull his ass cheeks open for me, so I can get this huge motherfucker in?" 
Remember, the poor teenager's anal canal was already on fire from the gang fucking he had received the night before. Now the gigantic nozzle was shoved in as deep as possible. Carlos screamed in agony. jeff attached a second enema bag to the hose.
"Now as soon as you take this one, we can let you shit."
Just then, the door opened and two more of the dancers entered. They immediately stopped chatting and paused to watch the  event taking place.
"Hey, thanks for the great suck job last night," Julian, one of the dancers said to Carlos. "You can swing on my dick any time.!"But Carlos couldn't answer. Adam had pushed his face back into the bowl of doctored oatmeal. Carlos's face was now covered with the foul mixture, which caused the dried cum on his nose and mouth to turn to a kind of soup. He was a fucking mess.  
:Jesus, He stinks worse than my girlfriend's pussy."  the other dancer laughed.
Carlos ate more of th oatmeal, which only increased the drugged feeling. His stomach was not bloated like a woman who is nine months pregnant. The pain was intense. Cramps wracked his young body.  The discomfort became so intense, he feared he would pass out. He screamed for release.  The dancers held him still while he was filled and overfilled with soap water. He truly thought he would die.
"Here, does this make you feel any better?"  Julian reached under Carlos and began to masturbate his heavy dick. For some reason, probably the pressure on his prostate, the teen's cock grew thicker and harder. It erected, stiff and red, with blue veins pushing out the stalk. Carlos' dick head began to pulse and pre-fuck leaked out. Adam held the oatmeal bowl under the dripping dick. Carlos was so fucking freaked out, he no longer knew what was happening. He only knew he had to take a shit. He stomach was ready to explode.
Julian frigged Carlos' fucker harder and harder, and the pre-fuck began to run out and into the oatmeal bowl. Adam could feel his own now rock hard prick starting to leak, so he lowered his jock strap and pumped his dick leak into the bowl as well. Julian gobbed into it severral times.   Then he set the bowl back on the table. 
"Finish you lunch, baby, it will make you feel better. "  He pushed Carlos' face down into the bowl of muck. An almost mindless Carlos sucked up the filth in the bowl, not even tasting the crap anymore. All he could think about was the pain in his guts.
"Okay, Baby, all done Time to get you clean." Jeff yanked the huge nozzle out of t he boy's ass. There was a gaping stretched asshole, trying to close to keep the bubbling liquid inside.  "Now tighten  up, girl. Don't make a mess for us. Off the table...easy does it."  
Carlose rolled off the table. His stomach did indeed look like a pregnant woman about to give birth. He was certain things inside of him were ruptured forever. A drop of moisture leaked from his asshole.
"Easy, girl. Don't spill a single drop. or we will have to give you another whole bagful."Carlos moaned, and then the moan turned into a  wail, as he tried to retain the soap water in his guts. Every dancef in the room was rubbing his hard on, as they watched the young teen in agony.
Carlos slowly waddloed toward the bathroom. Cramps wracked his young body. Cold sweat ran down his pretty torso. "Oh, God... Oh God, I can't hold it."  he sobbed.
"No, not in the bathroom. Klaus just cleaned it.  In the shower room.  Take the top off one of the drains and dump into there!"It would make a better show.Carlos dropped to his hands and knees and began to crawl toward the shower room. The guys all had their phones out, filming the boy's torture.Carlos reached the sowher room and tried with ever more frantic frustration to remove one of the drain covers.  "I CAN'T HOLD IT!..."  He screamed. 

"Squat a bit with your feet on either side of the drain and let go."  Carlos squatted down, feeling whatever was inside of him starting to shoot out.  "No, don't squat all the way...just part way, so we can see better!"Carlos partially squatted and evacuated his bowels with all the guys watching and filming it. He was aware of their filming the whole time. It made it all a thousand times worse. Who would all see this humiliating act?He yelled as waste water shot from his asshole, like discharge from a cannon. It was gross and disgusting and the most embarrassing thing that had ever happened to the teenager. But certainly n ot the most embarrassing thing that would ever happen to him. Oh no, Jeff and his buddies were just getting started.

Submitted: July 13, 2021

© Copyright 2022 dale10. All rights reserved.

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