Sunday My style Chapter 10 (part2)

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: BDSM Erotica

I love making porn videos. Making home porn is much more exciting, especially on Sundays.

Sunday My Style
Part 2.
Yes, the lighting is good. So what the neighbours can see in. I doubt that you would notice once you start fucking me. 
I'm sitting on our red couch in the TV room. At any moment an old person could walk past. All our neighbours are old as we live in a retirement village.
Old cunt is turning 56 this month. Nothing wrong with that as he fucks like a 20 year-old.
I like the feel of his big load filling up my young pussy. Better still, I like seeing his cum gushing out of his cock on my pussy. 
That's what I want to capture on video. 
I want to video him cuming on me. 
I had a lovely Sunday so far. A long sleep, beautiful fish and chips. Now I want sex. Old cunt wants sex and deserves it.
We want to make a porn video. The lighting is good. I'm ready for my super smooth pussy. Old cunt is hard as usual. This time his hard cock isn't going to destroy my pussy. 
I tell him don't touch me. My tongue wants to lick his pre cum. My red lips are about to engulf his hard cock. 
Nothing new here. Old cunt cock is always in my mouth, just the way I like it. He's a very lucky man. 
I'm sitting on our couch with my legs spread pointing to the sky, while he lubes my bum hole with coconut oil. I love the feel of his finger in my bum. Better still I want his cock. 
I'm holding my phone to video him fucking me. I love anal. I love how he pounds me. Takes practice to do anal so it doesn't hurt. We practice a lot. 
You can hear me enjoying the pounding when we replayed the video. You can see how I struggled to hold the phone steady. 
He knew what I wanted. I can feel him about to cum. His cock was deep in my bum hole. Somehow he managed to pull out of my tight hole to cum all over my pussy.
His cum felt warm as he used his cock to rub it on my pussy. Watching him cum was just what I wanted to add to my video collection.

Submitted: July 13, 2021

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