Fan Dance

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Stripping and Humiliation

A night out ends in an interesting way

The girls had promised to take me out for the evening.  For my last night working in the office in Paris that was.  I’d been seconded there for a couple of months and the girls thought I should enjoy the night life at least once before I left.

Armelle and Nathalie were the sexiest things I’d ever seen.  They didn’t have big bosoms or pet bottoms or anything, it was just that they exuded sexiness,

"You have enjoyed the night life in Paris," said Armelle, “the sexy girls in the clubs."

I hadn’t.  I had spent every night in the hotel reading a book,  I didn’t like to admit it.


"Ah.  Quel dommage!  Nathalie and I.  We will take you.  You will see sexy girls."

How could I resist.  I mean sexy girls.  Much as I love a good book… I’d always wanted a bit if the naughty night life, but never found the courage.

It was a small place, somewhere near, but not quite in the Left Bank.  It was quite dark inside and we were seated at a table near the stage.  There was only one other group there, what looked like a hen party of about eight girls, later joined by one bloke.  A waitress came along to take our order and my jaw dropped.  She was topless.  A pair of impressive titties were almost pushed into my face.  I must have turned bright red because the girls were killing themselves with laughter.

"You see!  The sexy girls!  You don’t get the service like that in stuffy old England do you?" said Armelle.  I had to agree.

The meal was unexceptional.  The waitresses were exceptional.  Topless and dressed in tight gold lamé pants, obviously the trademark of the establishment, I didn’t quite know where to look.  That’s not quite true, I did know where to look, and the girls caught me peeking a few times.

Then after dinner came the cabaret.  Oh no!  It was one of those places where audience participation appeared to be, well not mandatory, but at least expected.  And the audience weren’t spared.  Armelle ‘volunteered' to participate.  It was a sort of magic act.  Very clever really, but designed to cause poor Armelle maximum embarrassment.  One distracted her while the other, well deprived her of various accoutrements without her noticing.  Her watch, then her little pendant, then her earrings.  And still she hadn’t noticed.  And then... well Armelle was wearing a short tight little black skirt with a belt and a gold buckle.  And when the loss of her jewellery was revealed to her, and while she was distracted with that her belt was surreptitiously removed and her little black skirt tumbled to the floor.  Poor Armelle.  But at least she was wearing panties, and her suspenders were very fetching.  She scurried back to the table bright red, but she took it in good part.

"Ooh la la!" she said, "you see my panties you naughty boy."

"I didn’t look," I burbled.

"Naughty boy," she was blushing, but still laughing.

Next was the stage hypnotist and Nathalie's turn along with three other girls.  Well, I’ve always been a bit sceptical about stage hypnotists, but there they were crawling around on all fours barking like dogs.  And in the end there they were, on hands and knees, bottoms in the air, panties on display wagging their tails.  Nathalie said she hadn’t been hypnotised at all and she was just playing along.  Knowing Nathalie's propensity for flashing her knickers I rather believed her.

"You like my...  what you say... knickers..." she winked.

"I didn’t look," I lied, and the girls fell about laughing.

 Next of course came the stripper.  Dresssd in the trademark gold lamé outfit and then she wanted a volunteer to help her.  I looked everywhere not to catch her eye and at last one the bloke from the hen party was hauled up onto the stage to 'assist'.  And was I glad I missed out on that because they made him go behind a screen and change into a gold lamé costume as well.  It didn’t leave much to the imagination.  More like a gold thong.  He manfully assisted, adeptly removing each item of clothing in turn until they were both just wearing gold lamé thongs.  And suddenly he took hold of the stripper's thong and with a sharp tug whipped it off.  For a split second she stood completely naked on the stage.  Then it went pitch black, and when a few seconds later the lights came back on they were gone.  The bloke didn’t come back,  he’d obviously been a plant. I’d wondered what he’d been doing at a hen party.

Then, the last act of the evening the fan dancers.  Two of them each carrying two large feathery fans and wearing, well we didn’t know, but presumably nothing as that is the whole point of the fan dance.  The dancer wears nothing and has to strategically place the fan at all times to prevent exposure.  The fun for the audience is waiting for them to make a mistake and reveal the naked body behind the fan.  And believe me they had to be adept to keep everything hidden because they twisted and turned, sometimes covering themselves and sometimes each other.  It was really exciting until...

"And now a nice gentleman from the audience to assist us.."

I was the only gentleman in the audience now.  And Armelle and Nathalie had participated.  How could I get out of it.  I couldn’t.  They were standing up and pointing at me.

 I had to put a costume on of course.  The gold lamé thong of course.  Not leaving a lot to the imagination. But I had committed myself and the girls would laugh if I didn’t go through with it.  And they’d displayed their panties.  I walked out from behind the screen to a mixture of laughter and cheering.  The dancers stood with the fans that they were going to cover themselves with when they danced.  What I was to do I didn’t know.

They stood one at either side of me holding a fan in each hand.  They each put one of their fans in front of me and then...  I suddenly felt a hand take hold of the gold lamé thong.  A sharp tug and it came right off and was thrown into the audience.  The three of us stood there completely nude protected only by the fans and gripped tightly by each arm.  I suddenly realised my part in the dance.  I was going to do the fan dance.  Completely nude.

I stood stock still.

"Dance," whispered dance one, "or we whip the fans away."

So I danced first one girl hiding me with her fan and then the other.  And the audience roared and laughed as the girls expertly kept my naughty bits concealed at all times.  They’d seen my pants ripped off.  They knew I was in the nude.  There was always a chance the girls wouldn’t keep up with my gyrations as they twisted and turned me round.  Facing the audience, back to the audience, always concealed by the fans.  I looked at Nathalie and Armelle, they were in fits of laughter.  Knowing I was naked and that at any moment I might be revealed.  They could see my face, red as a beetroot, terrified the fans would slip.  

The music got louder and faster.  The dance got more frenetic until suddenly it stopped.. and then the fans were whipped away.  For a split second I stood there horrified, displayed to the audience in the nude.  I saw Armelle and Nathalie mouths agape as they saw everything and then the place was plunged into darkness.

They’d seen!  They’d seen.  Everything.  Only for a split second but they’d seen everything.

I didn’t know what to do.  I just stood there in the pitch black. Two seconds, three, ten... And then there was a blaze of light, the dancers had vanished and I was left standing there spotlighted on the stage with nothing on.  I turned to rush back behind the screen to get my clothes, but it was gone.  I just stood centre stage completely nude as the audience cheered for what seemed like an age.

"I think you were supposed to leave the stage when the lights went out," shouted Armelle,

"We can all see you shouted,"Nathalie.

"But... what do I do..."

And then came an announcement

"Mesdames et Messieurs.  Maintenant la dance!  And now Ladies and Gentlemen.  Time for dancing.  Dance music started up.  The girls from the hen party got up to dance.  And I was still nude.

I was surrounded by the girls.

"Here...  I didn’t know you was getting us a male stripper Tracey!"

An English voice.  The girls from the hen party and they thought I was part of the show.

"Well, they might have got one with a bigger... you know what I mean!"

Oh my gosh!  How had this happened.  I mean girls often get strippers and somehow they thought...  of course they thought!  I’d been stripped in front of them and they were expecting me to... to perform.

There is something about being in a group.  A sort of group psychology.  Inhibitions go out the window.  And when your naked and your big cock is at their mercy you want them to have inhibitions.  And  they didn’t.

"It’s big enough Tracey.  Here get some cream."

"Cream.  What you mean cream Sharon?"

"We got to put cream on his thingy and you got to lick it off Trace. It’s like a tradition."

Tracey stared at my cock as I stood transfixed in the middle of the dance floor.  A big grin on her face.

"Well… if it’s a tradition.  You fetch the cream Shazza."

"Sure thing.  'Undred percent."

Tracey looked at me.

“Well aren’t you goin' to dance like Babes?"

"Dance…" I garbled.

"Course Babes.  I likes to see a man dance naked. I makes my Billy dance naked all the time.  He does what he's told my fella.  You do what your told Babes."

I started to dance.  I’d never danced naked before.  With horror I found that my balls were bouncing and my cock swinging unconstrained in time to the music.

"Told you girls.that’s what my Billy's does as well,  it'll start swinging round and round soon.  'Ere you got that cream yet Shazza?"

"'Undred percent.  It’s sort of yellow though."

"Squirt it on then girl!"

"But…" I started to yell. "That's mustard."  But I was too late.

Armelle and Nathalie were a tremendous help once they'd forced their way through to me.  I mean mustard on such a sensitive part of the body, it’s really well… don’t try it.  Tracey was shrieking and yelling as Armelle tried to get her to wash her mouth out.

And as for me.  I’d got it on a sensitive part of the body as well and it had gone bright red before Nathalie got it clear.  She said it needed to go somewhere warm and moist to soothe it and she knew just the place.  And who was I to disagree, after all she had performed heroics licking it clean.



Submitted: July 13, 2021

© Copyright 2023 Joex. All rights reserved.

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Thanks for another truly entertaining story.

Tue, July 13th, 2021 8:05am


I can imagine this happening.
Nice concept and well written

Fri, July 16th, 2021 6:31am

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