Sweet Little Lies

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Featured Review on this writing by kalelthemith

Long term relationships in my experience of both being in them and observation of others' in them are more worry and trouble than enjoyment.

Human nature being what it is, often makes even short and medium term relationships a "pain in the arse".

"Tell me lies tell me sweet little lies" went the opening lyrics of a mega hit song back in the 1980's.

If you want the truth in life then don't pass music by.Song lyrics are "grabs" of inspiration in the moment.Nearly always based on some "home truth" in the writer's life.

Lying by omission,at times, is as necessary in a relationship as any other means of trying to get it "right".

She doesn't want to know that he "paid for sex" on a trip away with the boys.

He doesn't want to know that she talks to her girlfriends in a sexual way about a well dressed guy whose hair she cuts at the salon once a month.

Perception is reality and it is important that both him and her have a positive image of their partner. This has to be in harmony with each others' necessity, to invent a model of their partner, that really resonates.

If either him or her loses faith in the other, then it is a long road back to another starting point.Being too honest is quite a large mistake I would say.

I would like a dollar for each relationship that has been ruined by gossip and innuendo from a third party.

Our minds are really an organic computer, that is susceptible to input from any source.Throw enough mud and some of it will stick.We all know that.

I say that "talking while having sex" is a great defense from the slyness of third parties.

It probably takes practise,however if the fucking is say an eight out of ten,then whisper sweet nothin's in his/her ear to feed that vulnerable brain matter. Talk as much BS as you can.It is an advantage that a would be homewrecker cannot possibly replicate.Except of course if the relationship has passed the point of no return.

I have watched uploaded video's, of relationship therapists being humiliated by "warring"couples.These couples are fully clothed and sitting on a sofa together.

Fast forward to a "closed" session, where the couple are "put in the mood for love" by a sexual therapist,if necessary by consenting hypnosis.It is London to a Brick that she still loves his stiff fat cock and he still loves her wet scented pulsating vagina.However they fight so much at home, that they never get to go there anymore.

I Think that good sex in a relationship, includes the whispering in each others ear.This programmes our organic computers at a passionate moment.A "teachable moment".

Talk is cheap in a therapists office.

Talk is everything in the lead up to an orgasm.




Submitted: July 12, 2021

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I hear ya VE.
It's loud and clear, but soft in the ear.

Mon, July 12th, 2021 4:27am


I watch these counselling televised sessions and feel like laughing.
The majority of the counsellours are women between 30 and about 45 years.
They DO know that all these "warring" couples need is to swap partners for the night lol!!
However our professional folk must seem to be squeaky clean at all times in public.
I can recollect many moons ago when mainly men were dominating this area.
Sleeping with their patients on the casting couch lol!! was an open secret.
I say turn the fucking camera off and have a two hour threesome.
Give these tortured "warring" souls some great value and hope for their money.

Thanks for replying Kal.

Sun, July 11th, 2021 11:31pm


From my end, Vanilla, I'll give you that nothing gets me off like dirty talk and sexual demands. I'll do stuff that I never imagined at the insistence of a commanding lover who promises a just reward.

As far as long term couples go, I've seen a few relationships that made me jealous on the surface simply because it seemed everything was so transparent and understanding was to the max. I hate watching a couple 'sweet it up' to the point it's sickening to everyone around them, but simple truth and complete acceptance are hard to come by. Nobody wants to accept how the heat of relationships can wane in time...it's the ultimate therapy topic. Relationships are work, they will say. I think they're right. I guess you need to make that work something you enjoy.

Here's the thing...the traditional prototype married relationship...monogamous, steadfast, supportive, and accepting with established roles and expectations. How much of that is really out there? It's the black and white movies and the late 60's sitcoms. It wasn't even real back then. It's just what people wanted to believe. Kennedy was president and he was fucking a different girl every night, yet he and Jackie posed with their kids for pictures like the perfect family. It was a lie from the top.

Tue, July 13th, 2021 1:27am


It's hard to impossible to get "dirty" sexual with a girlfriend who has become your wife.
Your girlfriend is "the wild oats"....your wife is" the red rose."
The thing is our human sex drive is still in "primitive" mode.
Healthy folk want hot sex whether married or single.

Jfk and jackie were both fucking many lovers after they got married.
They were living separate lives in reality.
I read all about them on the internet.
Charles and Dianna were both smuggling lovers into the palace.
Camilla was just one of Charles' fucks.at the time.
When Charles and Camilla got married they were forced by the queen to repent all their sins.

Look at my marriage and yours Megan
I fucked prostitutes for years and Annette had "eyes" for anything in trousers..
I know that she fucked at least one tradie.She also had a heavy petting session with one of our mutual married friends at the time,He admitted to me himself that she asked him to fuck her,

I am sure that us humans are still a work in progress.
Until our ravenous sex drive is muted by probably a few more thousand years of evolution then institutions like marriage will fail in more cases than not.in my opinion.

Thanks for replying DK.

Mon, July 12th, 2021 11:40pm

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