A day at the beach.

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

A quiet day at the beach ends with a surprise ending for two.

A day at the beach

Normally I’m an easy-going sort of bloke, I like to take my time, and the opportunity when they arise. Most things aren’t a bother but I do expect courtesy and respect.

You have to ask politely, not whistle at me or toot car horns, because I will instantly lose my natural cool.

Needless to say, by example I had a very unusual day at the beach last week.

I had set up near some tee tree brush that gave good shade and shelter. The later in the day it got the longer the shadow, the better the shade.


I was lying next to my beach deflector as privacy is rare anywhere at the seaside. I lay prostrate with arms out-stretched, sunscreen, sunnies and an esky full of food and grog.


I noticed a young couple walking up the sand when the young man threw out their rug and promptly lay down as the woman struggled with the bags and towels, puffing heavily, laden down with everything including the esky.

Once she had placed all on the ground and looked at their spot the young woman searched for somewhere to sit. You see, the male had inadvertently cast the rug haphazardly covering my hand in the process. Not just my hand, right up to my elbow, and upon seeing the dilemma the female began to tap her feet and, with arms crossed over her ample chest, tapped her fingers as well.

She was medium build, far from fat, small ankles, wearing a two-piece bikini under a one-piece top that covered her from neck to knees. It was knitted like a crochet rug my aunty use to make. You know, that open holey look.

White, with a subtle red and blue stripe around the bottom ending the ensemble like a flag, nice, homely.

The sun glared at points through the top, enough to distinguish an hourglass figure and small waistline. Her Romanesque sandals laced up her calf to just behind the knee, trendy even at the beach, a bit too much for my liking.


This girl would undoubtedly get Brazilians and spray on tans, which is why she seemed so awkward on the sand.

At this point in the story, she noticed my arm covered by the rug, resting right where she was going to sit. The lump in the sand obvious to all, but her acquaintance.

I looked upwards toward her as she too looked down at me over the top of her expensive looking ‘DG’ sunglasses. Her nodding at my limb got my back up. Not a “hi, excuse me, your hand”.

So, I left it there.

The tapping increased and the hips tilted with both hands planted firmly on each side as the expression on her face showed more and more angst.

Then to add fuel to the fire, I wriggled my fingers creating a spiderlike effect raising her ire, but also piquing her interest.

“I wish you’d look where you throw our blanket Sam.” Called the disgruntled woman.

“Yeah, yeah Sis, sit down or go for a swim.” replied her brother.

“Fine!”, spat sis as I wriggled my fingers again.

She must have thought I would do the right thing and move if she sat down, she was wrong. I only had to be asked.

In her early to mid thirties, you’d think she’d know better.

It’s that me, me, me attitude I hate.

In my late thirties I didn’t really care. If she had been younger, yes, I would have moved, purely for the ethical reason of morality.

The consternation on her face, priceless.

Sit. Lay. Turn. Face away. Ask her brother. Nah, she did the unexpected.

She sat.

My heart began pounding the second a foot was placed either side my hand. Her back to me gave an upskirt to her bikini bottom, where I could see a slight camel toe with the material wedged in her vulva.

My aching boner had made its presence felt to me, as I adjusted my boardies with my other hand to accommodate the uncomfortable blood engorged phallus in my pants.

Slowly she lowered herself over my motionless hand. I anticipated contact immediately, as I began sweating like I’d been swimming in a marathon.

Her buttocks reached a point where she rested on the back of her ankles, the rest of her weight spread evenly through her thighs and the back of the calves.

The distance between her crotch and my hand was millimetres, any touch could only be initiated if my fingers moved, then the unexpected transpired.

Logically it became the sure thing to happen.

Sand can only take so much pressure before it gives way, she sank, a lot, or enough.

Even though my hand lay stationary, it came into direct contact with her lycra covered crotch, albeit under rug material as well.

I heard her ‘yelp’ as she sucked in a double breath and instantly attempted to regain height, but not high enough to clear my digits, as they were clenched in a small fist making it impossible for me to open my hand at all.

The experience was invigorating, even her slight frame exerted immense pressure on my half fist, I too made a slight ‘ungf’.

“What?” yelled the brother, oblivious of the goings on. Even if he sat upright and looked around, he couldn’t see what his cute, hot, horny sister was sitting on. Thank God.

“What’s wrong Ella?” Queried big brother in a half upright position.

“Nothing Sam, I um, just got a cramp. It’s gone now.” reassuring him.

Sam, almost ignorant of anything, just lay back down to bask in the sun.

Seconds seemed like minutes and the following minute or so saw neither of us budge an inch. I think the fear of the unknown from both camps was a major factor. Me more so because at any moment she could call rape or that I molested her. None the less I would be in the wrong.

My fears were set to rest as, with a seeming mind of their own, her hips began rocking too and fro. Gently at first, then a bit more pressure as the uncertainty gives way to pleasure.

Too and fro moves to back and forward and up then down, up then back then faster forward and back. Her submissiveness to the moment let me apply pressure back, up onto her nether region, my fisted hand rotating under the blanket, grinding increasingly across her swelling vaginal opening, her hips humped with a more and more frenzied urgency.

A glance over her left shoulder toward me was all the reassurance I needed as her dark wanting eyes glazed over in rapture, ecstasy filled her being as the throngs of her lust made the thrusts of her loins more urgent. She delicately bit down on her bottom lip, as her long cascading hair trailed down and across her back as her head tilted backwards. Eyes now closed in the ensuing passion, at her impending orgasm.

It was now or never as I opened my hand under the rug, raising my thumb and pinching the thick wet flesh of her labia between her bikini and rug rubbing together the length of the vaginal lips.

I could feel her shaking as, at one point she leant forward onto her elbows, placing them on her thighs, and her top lifted enough exposing the action I was deliberating unto her crotch.

I watched as I manipulated her wetting love hole,

A camel toe I had worked between her flesh folds darkened with moisture from her swollen dilating hole.

Seeping vaginal fluids more than enough to send me into premature ejaculation normally, increased my wantonness to a level I hadn’t achieved since high school.

Now a darker shade than the rest of the ensemble, I could only think about peeling apart her flaps to savour her juices.

Momentarily a glance to the right gave a bird’s eye view of my straining manhood, desperately trying to gain freedom from my board shorts, precum already seeping from the knob. She slightly moaned, in pain or pleasure or both I wasn’t sure.

Casually, as if it was an every day occurrence her right hand reached behind lifting the rug restraining my hand, then, before I could shake excess sand from my digits, still leaning forward, bent at the hips, she slid two fingers into her panty elastic with her thumb grasping the saturated material, peeling it sideways, across her pussy lips, the gusset less fabric pulled between in one last act from the thick labial folds.

Her open love hole dripped with excitement, purple lips traced the length of her vagina as now the bikini is wedged between ass cheeks and beside the wet loins giving me a full open look up her cunt.

Obviously not a Brazilian waxer or shaver, neatly trimmed pubic hair still holds an eroticism in what little it does actually cover, especially wet and creampied.

The dual red separating line spread at a dilated hole that virtually steamed in the hot summer air. Appealing to any naked eye, of any warm-blooded mammal, I had a full frontal of the perfect female genitals, which looked so delectably in dire need of a good fuck.

The distended clitoris poked out beneath its hood like an arm from a shirt sleeve. The naturally occurring, lubricating juices dripped unceremoniously to the sand until Ella pushed back on her heels attempting to re locate my probing fingers, pleading for release.

Who am I to deny any such request?

I wriggled down my blanket, shaking sand off my left hand, even wiping it over my boardies.

Quickly, as not to allow reconsideration of the situation, I began rubbing her juices along her slit, the decreased friction on her outer labia making her squirm uncontrollably.

Fingers coated in the slick cream made it easy to insert one digit fully up her cunt. I pushed forward onto the front wall of her pussy, probing internally for the swollen G-spot that is so super sensitive in arousal.

A thick plug of girly cum seeped over my hand as I pushed deeper then harder, then faster, putting two and three fingers completely in her sex.

All the while, my thumb was rubbing her throbbing clit in a slow circular motion.

Climax seemed imminent when the vaginal muscles contracted and released with each insertion of half my hand. Unable to resist attempting a bowling ball manoeuvre, on a pullout, I rotated my hand and as Ella pushed back, I rammed the thick thumb squarely up her sphincter. Not only did I get right up to the palm. Not only did I hardly hear a whimper, but I swear the backwards thrusts became more frantic, her fluids coated me up to my forearm, when suddenly she stopped, and muscles contracted on my penetrating fingers and thumb.

Girly cum flowed from the sodden hole, a musky scent filled the air as Ella trembled on my thrusting fingers, working to scoop as much cum into my mouth as possible.

Breathing heavy as small discernable yelps were no longer concealing our supposed covert interlude and I could no longer bear the temptation before me, I removed my aching hand from inside the spasming tunnel of lust, quickly replacing them with my mouth as I spun around spiralling my tongue deep into her womanhood, lapping at thick mucosal fluid, pumping from inside the plump ravaged vagina.

“For fucks sake you two, get a room.” Spat Sam, who in a fit of anger stormed off to the water, grabbing his towel on the way. “It’s like you just met the way you guys fucken act.”

Ella was in hysterics by now, part through rapture, and the sight of Sam strutting in disgrace over the sand in a huff, presumably attempting to be offended. Even though he once said to me in private he is a bit of a voyeur.

Unable or unwilling to remove my head from between my wife of 5 years thighs, three kids to our name, Ella reaches behind me grabs the shade I had set up earlier, pulling it over us as my throbbing cock is released from its restraint, then under cover I shag her senseless like it was our wedding night.

There’s nothing wrong with a little roll play is there.

Submitted: July 11, 2021

© Copyright 2021 kalelthemith. All rights reserved.

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nice concept.
the twist in the tail was clever

Mon, July 12th, 2021 12:14pm


Thanks, glad you liked it.

Mon, July 12th, 2021 11:26am

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