Kill Me Burn Us. In The Beginning. The end

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Non-Fiction  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

This is another real life experience. It was a extremely horrible experience. Not the sex that was extremely wonderful when Im stoned that way it didn't hurt as much.

I'm living with old cunt in his beach side apartment. He's smashing my pussy and my bum everyday. I need to be stone to dull it out. A young guy helps me. He hates old cunt. Emergency services are called.

Kill Me Burn Us.
(In the beginning.  The end)
There's a knock on the door. It can only be someone from the apartment block as it's a gated community. 
No one comes here unless it's been pre arranged. 
A young guy about my age covered in tattoos. I later learned he had spent time in a Thai Jail for drug offences. 
He learned among other things mixed martial arts while trying to survive in jail. 
He lives in a converted car garage directly underneath the old cunt's main bedroom.
I have noticed him before, opening the garage roller door to his gain access to his apartment. Which is the only entry exit for his apartment. 
He never seen me before and was taken back as he didn't know much about old cunt living here. He didn't expect to see me or anyone covered in tattoos. 
Old cunt ask him what's up ! The much younger guy replies. I keep hearing a lot of banging noises and just wondered if everything is OK. Old cunt says Yes ! Is that all that?
I take another look at the young muscled man. God, I like heavy tattooed guys. Old cunt hasn't got any exposed tattoos. To look at the old cunt, he appears to be normal. I guy I wouldn't look twice at in the Street or think he's a sociopath. 
Old cunt sees me looking at him. He doesn't say a word to me which scares me. 
He draggs me into the bedroom by my hair as rips my sun dress off exposing my naked body.
 I can see a group of people having a bbq on a roof adjacent to me. I can see them looking at me. 
I'm looking back at them. I feel his hand hard on the back of my head as pushes me on to the bed out of view. 
I'm feeling excited by knowing people are trying to watch me. I'm scared of what he planned for me. 
He caught me looking at that young guy. He's going to make me pay for it. 
 Why did he have to come up here, I was thinking. When without warning, the old cunt drives his fucking hard cock straight into my arse.
No massage, no coconut oil just his pre cum to lube my bum hole. Fucking cunt you're hurting me ! I yelled. 
The noise from him pounding me was much louder than ever. The bed is banging the wall again. The carpet is ripped from the legs of the bed moving from the continuous pounding. I'm getting smashed. 
I see everything in the room falling down, as he twisted my body around to get deeper into my arse. 
I want to finger myself, to feel my pussy before he puts it out of shape like what he's doing to my bum hole. 
 I know I won't be walking tomorrow. I know it's going to hurt when I need to shit. I don't care. I was getting the fucking out of my life. 
The next day I slowly walk down to the car park with an old cunt. He's noticed me stiff and sore. Why don't you stay home here today. I will be back tonight. 
Young guy appears out of his garage as the old cunt rides off. Would you like to go for a walk on the beach, which is just across the road. Yes, that would be nice. 
We had heaps in common, especially smoking weed. He asks, If you like, we could have a session. I got plenty of weed and a killer bong! 
We settle on his couch watching TV while pulling cones. Just chilling out. It felt good as the effects of the weed dulled the pain in the body. 
Fuck I'm sore ! I accidentally said it out loud. Young mate said he heard it all. Why do you let that old cunt hurt you like that ! 
You can stay here with me. I won't let him hurt you anymore. I can't bear hearing that noise anymore, knowing he's banging you so hard. 
As my eyes slowly closed, I tried not to go to sleep here. It was so relaxing, I'm stoned. 
Fucking hell ! What the fuck ! Young man yells out. His garage roller door slams up with so much force it sounds like a truck has slammed into it. 
What the fuck are you doing with him ! Old cunt yells at me. Young guy, jumps up like he's going to kill old cunt. 
Old cunt doesn't take any notice of him. He just asks me if I'm coming with him upstairs! 
What about my roller door? It's fucked! Young guy yells. With shear force old cunt bends the door straight. Actually, I was impressed with how good he fixed it. 
He takes me upstairs with out saying anything about what just happened. I know what's going to happen. 
 I remove my clothes and drop to my knees. I took his cock deep inside my throat. Fuck it's hard. 
I position myself on the end of his couch. With my legs tucked under and my small feet facing up. Allowing full access to my bum hole.
I feel the cool air sea breeze on my bare back and around my very exposed pussy and bum hole.
This time I felt the familiar soft touch of his fingers gently applying coconut oil on me.
He gently rubs the head of his cock around my bum hole. God, I love anal when it's done right.I'm going to make a great deal. 
He holds the shaft of his cock to slowly guild the tip of his cock into my anus. I bite down on my lips. 
Trying to relax as I know he will ram me hard. I remember when I burnt his chest with my hair straightened. The same chest I fell in love with. Maybe he's going to burn me after he's finished with me. 
Stupid old fool, he just stood there while I pressed the hot straightener on his bare chest. The smell of his skin burning seemed to turn him on. He still wears scares, like a brand on a horse. Maybe he's going to brand me. Like I'm his property now. 
Time goes by.. I see a young guy around. Things aren't great with me and the old cunt. I like talking to a young guy. He's calm and relaxed.
One night old cunt was asleep. I didn't want to wake him to ask if we could go buy rollie papers. Instead, I went downstairs to get some from the young guy. 
As his apartment was a converted garage, the only entrance from the original steel roller door. I gently tapped on the steel door, trying to be quiet not wanting to disturb the neighbours.
The young guy softly spoke asking who's there. I replied. The door slowly rolled up, stopping not even a quarter of the way. Making me duck under to get in. The door makes a lot of noise and jams if you roll it up higher.
The young guy rolls the door down behind me. I only came down for a cigarette paper, I said. He sat down on his couch to pull a cone from his designer bong.
What sounded like a truck again slamming into the roller door. Only this time it scared the shit out of me. I was barely awake when the crash happened. Young guy was too stoned to realize the danger we are about to face.
The door was caved in. It wouldn't roll up. There was a gap but not big enough for any one to crawl out.
It was completely jammed preventing old cunt from dragging me out and young guy from attaching him.
I just stood there listening to the heavy breathing of the old cunt. Young guy pulls another cone. As he clears his throat and offers me a cone.
I sit back down on the couch as the very stoned young guy moves towards the crumpled door with his trusty base ball bat he keeps beside his couch. 
Suddenly without any warning, a young guy falls backwards. He was couching down looking through the gap at the door. He didn't have time to yell as the flames followed him. 
I can't breathe as the smoke from the fire engulfed the small apartment. There's no other way out. Im trapped! We are going to burn to death.
I remembered how aroused the old cunt was when I burnt him. He just said he likes the smell of burning human flesh. It's like no other smell and most likely has a unique taste.
The sound of emergency service sirens are drowning out my thoughts.  I'm struggling to breath. Blacking out.  Coughing my guts from the thick black smoke.
I'm awake now just as the door is ripped away.  Oh fuck he's coming to get me.  I black out.
I'm barely conscious laying in the back of a ambulance.  Not knowing how I got here. Not knowing where old cunt is.  Im scared.
A large male police officer accompanied with a female officer are now standing at the door of the ambulance.
The officer in a very deep tone says. We are waiting to get the ok to take you back with us. 
I look at him, asking are you arresting old cunt for trying to burn us to death?  The officer didn't answer. 
Why do you want to take me? I want to stay here.  I haven't done anything wrong apart for wanting a cigarette as old cunt doesn't smoke. 
Miss you need to come with us for your own safety. 
What the fuck!  Where is old cunt!

Submitted: July 13, 2021

© Copyright 2023 Missink31. All rights reserved.

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I cannot get over that pet name, "old cunt" totally crazy for a guy.
This story is great. I particularly like this recurrent reference to burning and fire, the curling iron on your old man's chest and the subsequent flame throwing episode in the garage. It unifies the piece, though this is very informal literature.

I like the idea of a younger guy downstairs - love that garage door thing. He's all tatted up like you. He walks you down the beach. Your old man gets pissed when you check the guy out, and it just escalates. I like the voyeur thing in the bedroom. Not much privacy in this place. Loud sex, hard and damaging. Rough.

I'd love it if you assigned the young guy a name. 'Old cunt' is so damn classic, I'm just now getting used to it, but that's your thing. I don't think anyone would think twice about his real name (just a first name), but whatever floats you is fine.

It's an interesting read.

Sat, July 17th, 2021 2:53am


Thank you you so much for your comment. I had trouble writing this story as it did happen and still scares the shit out of me. I couldn't put a name to the young guy without brining up back memories.

Old cunt is crazy. I couldn't think of a name to suit.
I don't think just any name would of do justice . He's a mixture between the hulk when he gets mad and Ted Bundy and Mick from Wolf Creek. So old cunt just stuck.

Fri, July 16th, 2021 8:20pm


So this is how a sociopath acts.
Nicely presented.

Sun, July 18th, 2021 8:45am


Yes acts and behaves like a sociopath. Yes very scary. Thank you for your positive comments.

Sun, July 18th, 2021 1:58am

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