Miss Joplin: A Tale of Enforced Servitude

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Blondie's Humiliation Stories

A high school girl, through serendipitous means, blackmails her teacher and takes complete control of her life. The student has a strong propensity for doling out humiliation, an activity at which she is quite adept. The teacher is a most unfortunate victim of her student's voracious appetite for enforced humiliation.

Author's note: The first five chapters of this saga originally were posted in the book "The Felicity Chronicles: My Exploits as a Humiliator." I determined that the Miss Joplin chapters were somewhat different from all of the others, and were worthy of their own book. Therefore I have extracted the original chapters from the aforementioned book and inserted them into this one. Furthermore, there will be additional chapters, as Felicity is not quite finished with her humiliation of the hapless Miss Joplin.

Table of Contents

Assuming Ownership

It doesn't matter to me whether my victims are male or female, young or old, gay or straight. As long as I have them at my disposal, fr... Read Chapter

Risqué Picture Secured

As I walked out of the Food Court, I tossed Miss Joplin's shoes in the trash bin. No way Julie would wear those things. It was all abou... Read Chapter

Naked on Her Desk

Three weeks had gone by since I received that wonderful selfie of the topless Miss Joplin. Since then I have gradually escalated my con... Read Chapter

A Humiliating Texting Session

One of the perks of my relationship with Miss Joplin was that no matter where I was or what time of day it was, she was there for me ri... Read Chapter

Naked For the Pizza Boys

It was mid morning on a lazy, overcast day, midweek during the Fall Break. I had nothing going on and was up for a little fun, so I tho... Read Chapter

Ownership of Miss Joplin is Escalated

As I'm sure you have recognized, my control (I prefer "ownership") of Miss Joplin was ever increasing with each passing day, as was my ... Read Chapter

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Recent Comments


Fear is the great motivator of all humans.
Her fear of being humiliated will obviously ensure that you do humiliate her.
Nice and easy to read.
You are building the suspense well.
Move over Alfred Hitchcock.
If you were directing the movie Psycho Two I am sure that you would do a credible job of it.
THAT famous bathroom scene in Pycho was not only directed by AC but he also was the person who was plunging (The rubber) knife into her.
The person who initially had the "gig" was being too feeble and AC grabbed the rubber knife off her and did it himself.
Of course all this was done from behind the camera lenz so the viewer only assumed it was the hotel manager.

Mon, July 12th, 2021 1:31am