ETHAN & HUNTER'S SEXY GAY FANTASY ! - ( "I LOVE YOU, BRO ! "!) - PART 1 ! - Bad Boys ?!

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Gay and Lesbian  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

-------- WARNING: MATURE CONTENT !!! 18+ ONLY !!! ------------- BAD BOYS: ETHAN and HUNTER'S HOT and SEXY GAY FANTASY ! ---- PART 1 !









(My name is Ethan and this is a story about my gay sexual relationship having hot and sweaty, horny sex with my best fuckboy, Hunter.  )







My name is Ethan.  I am eighteen years old and a senior in highschool.  This is my gay sex story: 


My parents were out of town for the weekend on a business trip.  I was all alone and Hunter was coming over to stay for the night.



I had came home from a shitty and boring eight hours of highschool that day and went straight up to my room.  I turned on my favorite song and drowned the world in a dark oblivion of haunting reflection. 


I took a hit from some high quality shit that was Hunters and relaxed for a short time as I silently stroked my big hanging dick and balls.


'Damn thats some good shit, bro.  So fucking good,'  I thought to myself as I took another slow hit.  Then I inhaled some preppers and pounded my throbbing, huge dick, massaging my creamy wet precum on my dicktip. 



Mmmm...fuck yeah....


Damn that felt totally amazing stroking my big, wet dick like that.



I was so ready for some huge dick and for Hunter's big hot sexy ass. 





I turned on some of my favorite gay porn on my laptop.  The video began playing with two hot young guys with earrings in their ears moaning and tonguing each other before they started kissing deeply.  Damn that shit was turning me on so badly.  I wanted Hunter to spank my beefy butt like I'm a dirty little fuckboy gay slut.



Then one of the guys started licking the other dudes gorgeous, masculine hole as the other moaned, blowing a huge load from his gigantic fucking sexy dick, while he slapped his big hot butt in a horny orgasm. 



The dude was laying face first on the bed getting his boyhole pounded!  I stroked my low hanging dick and balls as I began lubing up my monster thick shaft with my precum.  Mmmm...fuck that felt so damn good. 





One of the guys in the video moaned in a deep and masculine, horny voice, "Awwwhhh...yeah.  Fuck my big fucking ass man awwwwhhh yeah.. mmmm."




Another low voice from in the background of the video moaned in horny orgasm, "Awwwwhh yeah..I wanna fuck his big hot ass.  Awwwwhh..."




The guy was slapping his gigantic, thick dick and low-hanging sweaty balls around as he moaned and then began slapping his beefy buttcheeks.  Then more sounds of horny, sweaty ass fucking and horny, deep voices of the guys moaning more loudly. 



Cum was gushing and dripping all over their sweaty, horny dicks and asses.


I moaned as I stroked my big hanging dick slowly, watching the video in horny fascination.  I pounded by big, heavy low-hanging balls up and down in a sexual orgasm as I moaned in a deep, sexy voice.  The precum started to LEAK from my dicktip as I moaned again.  Damn it felt so fucking awesome pumping my huge dick up and down.  Fuck yes! 


I was moaning as I started spewing warm cum from my dick slit all over my masculine chest.  I took a handful of my warm, creamy splendour of cum and licked the dripping, sparkling substance in horny delight.
 tasted so fucking amazing and marvelous!  It was so incredibly warm and creamy and  magnificent! 



 I continued licking up my cum, slurping it all up  like a greedy, slutty bitch, and swallowed it.  I moaned in a deep, manly voice as I orgasmed again all over myself, the cum gushing all over me.  My sweaty, throbbing dick and cum scent was amazing and turned me on more.  It was incredible!  Mmmmmm.


Then I reread a text I had saved in my drafts but hadnt sent to Hunter.  It read:


Text SMS Saved Draft 1:45 a.m.


"I'll be over at 5.:00 with some food and shit.  See you then, bro ! "


  Then I stripped naked, taking off all my sweaty clothes, and lay on all fours on my knees and hands on my soft bed.  I slowly started caressing and slapping my beefy butt, moaning slightly in horny anticipation.  Then I started lubing up my big hot juicy-wet butthole in horny, hot desire, lubing it with my warm, dripping cum.




Oh damn!  It felt so fucking awesome as I moaned, my huge, warm dick slapping up and down, the precum leaking all over the place, as my low hanging balls pounded together.



Mmmm...awww yeah. 



I was so ready to get fucked hard by a huge, throbbing dick that is gushing out cum. Awwh yeah!  Mmmm..I wanted the warm cum to explode into my butthole and fill me all the way up.  Just fucking gushing out my hole in creamy, warm splendour.  Mmmmm...  Awww yes.



 "Ooohh...yeah..fucking yeah.  Mmmm...fuck my ass, Hunter.  Mmmm...yeah dude fuck it.  Awwwhhh..yes,"  I moaned as I imagined in lustful fantasy that Hunter was behind me, fucking and teasing my sweaty, sexy hole. 




 I kept lubing up my swollen, juicy hole with my cum. amazingly fucking horny I felt right now.  I reached into a drawer and pulled out a huge dildo.  I bent my beefy, horny ass over. 


 I naughtily slapped my gaping boy-hole with a 12 inch lubed-up dildo that I had hidden in my room, teasing it lustfully.


"Mmmm...fuck yeah.  Ooohh...auuuuhhh yeah.  Mmmm..."  I groaned and moaned as I lubed my sweaty manhole up with my long fingers.  Lubing my wet hole up  with my warm, creamy cum as it dripped from my hole and down my legs. 




  In horny fascination, I slid the dildo deep into my juicy, hot butthole that was dripping with sweat.  My hole greedily took all of the thick, black dildo in as I pounded my huge dick shaft up and down, my big balls pounding up and down. 



"Mmmmmmm....Awwwwwhhh Yeah!  Fuck yeah...Mmmmmm.  Oh fuck yes..." I moaned in sexual delirium and orgasmic bliss.  Shit that felt fucking fantastic.


  I was so incredibly fucking horny and my dick was leaking cum.  I stroked and lubed up my huge, throbbing dick shaft with precum and cum as my low hanging balls pounded up and down. 


I moaned in a deep, sexy voice, the sweat slowly rolling down my brow and beefy ass, as I continued pounding my huge, thick dick up and down, my tip overflowing with gorgeous, creamy cum.



The cum blew a huge load onto my bulky, masculine chest and gushed down my big, thick shaft.  Cum lay all over my bed and covered my sweaty, dripping manly butt.  My chest nipples were hard and erect. 



That felt so damn fucking good.



Damn that felt fucking amazing.  That huge dildo pounding my sweaty, hot hole so good and hard.  I slapped my beefy buttcheeks in horny delight, lathering up my buttcheeks with my creamy warm cum, and lust.



 I moaned again, closing my eyes, drunk in a sexual, horny orgasm of masturbation.


Oh fuck! I just couldnt get enough.  Mmmm...feeling it deep inside me. 


I fell into a deep, horny sexual delirium for over an hour.  It felt like my dick muscle had grown as it was so incredibly huge and thick, my tip throbbing and swollen with flowing cum. 


I orgasmed over and over as I kept stroking my dick tip and pounding my ass.


Warm cum just kept gorgeously overflowing and gushing from my dick all over the place.  Mmmmm...orgasming all over myself for hours.  Fuck yeah, bro!



"Mmmm...fuck yeah.  Awwwhhh...mmmmm fuck.  Ooooh...  yeah," I moaned in a deep, manly voice as I gritted my teeth, pounding my dripping wet hole harder and with more force.


  The sensations and orgasmic deliriums I felt were unreal.  Oh fuck!  Dick was so fucking hot and turned me on so much!  Awwwwhh yeah mmmm.  Fucking hell!


I  heard the door downstairs slam suddenly in the middle of my hot orgasmic masturbation and ass pounding session.  I heard my friend Hunter curse as something hit the floor.  I heard him tramp into the kitchen and  assumed he was putting food away in the fridge and cabinets.


Then everything seemed to go quiet as I tried to hurry and hide my dildo that was still sliding out of my sweaty, sexy juicy-wet hole. 


 Fresh, creamy warm Cum lay splattered all over my ass and chest where I had finger fucked my beefy butt with a handful of my warm, creamy cum.  I tried wiping some of it up but it was dripping all over my sweaty, plump asscheeks.


However, before I could hide anything or even cover myself, the door to my room opened with a bang and my sexy, horny friend, Hunter stood before me in the doorway. 

 He was panting fiercely but stopped dead as he stood staring at me laying face first on my hands and  knees on my bed with my beefy, sweaty ass perched up, my huge hanging dick and low hanging balls slapping up and down before him. 


He stared at my huge, throbbing, wet dick that was leaking fresh cum and licked his glittering-wet lips in a lustful fashion slightly, then bit his lower lip.


Then he smiled the most sexy and wickedly naughty smile Ive ever seen.



Submitted: July 09, 2021

© Copyright 2021 ZELDA VAXANDORF X. All rights reserved.

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