Daye Quill

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I first saw her at the Little Jimmy Dickens Trailer Park on top of an asphalt parking lot where Rev. Jimmy Swaggert saved sinners multiple times. But he did save her for 6 PM when I was running late in my Freightliner. "Hallelujah!"

Jimmy said she was possessed by demons but it turned out to be poison ivy and her female diaphragm making her walk off-kilter. I thought he was speaking in tongue but he was auctioning off a used commode, said to have belonged to Moses. I later found out on good authority, that it was once Gumby's.

"One dollar bid, now two, now two, will ya' give me two? Two dollar bid, now three, now three, will ya' give me thee?"


I had met Daye Quil, my betrothed when I pulled my 1967 Freightliner into a Truck Stop/Bowling Alley. It was a dark-honkey tonk. the iniquity of sin. The grits gave me the chits and there was no Porter Wagoner on the jukebox. I had to settle for J-12, Hank Locklin.  "Please Help Me, I'm Falling."

She was a well-used sort of gal, but she had a tongue soft as frog skin A hiney as large as a backhoe bucket and knew how to use it. I unhitched my britches as she choked my lizard between her over-painted ruby red lips and stained tooth. I romanced her in the sleeper cab with stereo speakers from a drive-in theater in Biloxi, Mississippi. It was Bill Monroe's, "Blue Moon Of Kentucky."

We were starting to get up close and personal. She told me that she had spent the morning. getting her bowels flushed. The doctor having told her she had two pilots in her colon. I guess one was a co-pilot.

She had what was called a "phantom cunt." I couldn't see it because of all the hair, resembling an orangutan from the forests of Borneo.

She was moaning and belching as she sucked my cock. The diesel engine kept humming as her tooth scratched my predicament. Her tits hanging out the window like feed bags on a horse but she told me that they could predict the weather and rain was heading our way. 

“You can rub your rod there for a spell, but there’s a hot spot between my legs that is gonna need some attention soon. Don’t think you’re gonna get yourself off and forget about me, ya damn hillbilly!”

She must have been talking about her varicose veins.

After introductions. Raleigh Pudwrapper meets Daye Quill. We checked into a motel.

"Welcome to the motel, sir. Do you have a reservation?"

"Do ah look like Cochise! Ah hav' a sin'le wide trailer, eff'n it's enny ov y'all's bidness."

Don't take any offense. I'm just doing my job sir.

"Whut th' hell does a fence hafta do wif me wantin' t'git a room an' some poosie!"

Why would a large motel chain have such an uneducated and uncultured jackass behind the desk representing the company! Surely it was a slow season. 

"Do yo' haf enny exco'ts on call, available? Cheap!"

 "No, but we have a 2017 Toyota with frosted windows."

I ain't interested in little frozen minnows. What about two whores?

'Sorry, the Toyota has four doors with automatic locks." 

Do they come with a bagel?

Submitted: July 06, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Atticus Abbey. All rights reserved.

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