Sunday My style Chapter 10 (part1)

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Living in Australia can be exciting. Living with a old guy was not what I expected. I miss living with another woman. I miss the soft touch of another woman. Old cunt tries his best to be soft. I luv the feel of his dick. Nothing beats a real cock.
Sundays are just like every other day to me. Except this Sunday I'm going to do something different....

Lazy Sunday my style Chapter 10 (part 1) 

Lockdown is finished. For how long we don't know. Still got to wear masks.
 It's kind of weird seeing everyone wearing masks. It's weirder than I'm obeying to do so. I hate following the rules.
I'm following the rules, staying within the law. Only because I'm still on a court good behavior order. I love my freedom now. I'm trying hard to keep it.
As usual I wake to see fresh flowers on my bed and the smell of my coffee waiting for me.
It's 10.30 am on another Sunday. No plans. So I roll myself a smoke filled with illegally acquired tobacco. I love the taste of chop chop (Australian slang for non approved tobacco).
I'm sitting outside under the shade of a large tree, with the sun on my back.Just chilling out. No rush to do anything.It's Sunday. 
I stretch my brown tattooed legs out on to the old cunt lap. Fuck he's turning 56 in a few weeks' time. What to get him I think, as he starts to massage my feet.
I raised a foot in his mouth. He knows what I want. I love my toes being licked and sucked. He likes the idea of eating them one day.
An ex partner used to suck my toes on stop. She just loved it and I loved her doing it. It was our mutual thing. 
Old cunt is pretty good at it. He licks and sucks well for a man.
I wonder if he'd sucked a man's toes or a cock before. Spending time in maximum security jail, maybe he has. 
I do miss the soft lucious lips of another woman against mine. I want him to watch me with another woman. Kissing and having sex with each other.
I want to wake up beside a woman again. 
Who should I choose, I ponder as he continues sucking my toes.
My head is feeling sore.  Not sure if I'm coming down with something or it's just from the court ordered medication making me feel yuk. 
I'm going to try to eat some breakfast. A small bowl of cereal with natural yogurt will see me through the day. 
He seems relieved as now as I get up. As he can start his morning routine of rope skipping and pull-ups, without worrying about distrubing me.
My head hurts so I lay down on the couch. 
I don't need to ask,  as he automatically sits down and starts massaging me. 
With my face in his lap, my eyes close, I feel relaxed. I drift away dreaming of the day I can go wherever I want.
I open my eyes, to see what he's watching on TV. He's still massaging me, hasn't moved. He couldn't move with my face on his lap. 
Do you feel like lunch ? It's past lunch time. He replies.
Fuck ! You're joking !
It can't be 2pm, as I look at my phone. Yes he replies. You fell asleep on my lap. 
That's over 18 hours of sleep, I had.  I usually sleep for 10 hours plus everyday. 18 hours is just over the top. 
Let's have fish and chips ! I say.
We head off in our older model mercedes suv to our favorite fish and chips shops.
 It's on the water front, just a lovely little shop run by a Asian family. Always clean and fresh. Cooked just the way I like it. Crispy chips with fresh ocean cod in batter. 
As we enjoy our meal, he's looking at the boats anchored in the bay. I know he wants to live on a boat. 
I avoid that discussion about buying a boat. Instead I surprise him by saying let's do a video. 
We are back in our retirement village apartment, after stopping to buy some essential supplies.  I don't mind living here as it's quite and I don't need to talk to anyone.
Straight to the shower. I like it hot and he likes it cold. I quickly wash him as he stands on the outer of the shower in the cool.
I emerged from the bathroom wearing only my favorite pink top. With my boobs fully expose and completely smooth all over.
I instruct him to remove all of his clothes and turn on every light in the apartment.  Even thou it's still day light outside and the widows are clear of curtains. 
I luv watching him walking around naked. I think the old neighbours like watching as well. I'm sure they watch both of us.
As he approaches me sitting on the couch with my lips red and ready. 
I lean forward to put my lips over his hard cock. He moves forward as he wants to fuck my mouth. 
NO ! Just stand there, I tell him as I start video recording from my iPhone.
Now put that hard cock near my pussy ! I ordered him.
I recorded him holding his cock with the head of his cock resting on my pussy. Don't move I order. 
I replay the short video to check if the lighting is good... 
To be continued.
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Submitted: July 06, 2021

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