Excessive Teen Spirit

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

College lass Pandora educates her step daddy

Pandora was well aware of the dangers of binge drinking. But only if you were caught. Oh, she was a clever petite brunette flirt. She had her favourite hangover cures, knew how to flash her angelic, yes mummy I’m still a virgin face after getting the best pussy and arsehole workout of her tender years the night before. And she never forgot to take her pill and knew how to slip in and out of the house undetected, at any time of the day or night.  And her allowance was very large thankfully, so she could buy those online individualised assignments to keep the college grades purring along. Pan was bright, it was just that sex, and booze and partying were well: more compelling and way more interesting than economics and design.

At a beguiling splendid mid eighteen; and with her senior year of college to complete; alcohol, excessive shopping and hard partying and screwing boys had to be kept discreetly from the prying eyes of her over protective mum Beth and the still unknown qualities of her new step father, Stanley. Though Stanley’s recently installed home bar and wine cabinet in his large den for home corporate entertaining was a big temptation just like a new cock at a party after putting away a few alcoholic mixers.

Like her mythological namesake; Pandora was told the bar and its locked contents were off limits. Stan had his sneaking suspicions but couldn’t finger the lass.  Though he had had the thought; of where he’d really like to put his fingers.

Nothing was off limits to our Pan. She had excessive teen spirit. Life was for tasting with your mouth and especially your arse and pussy. Stanley by insisting on a locked liquor cabinet was only issuing his step daughter a challenge. And any bloody see-through cabinet with limited premium release: Hennessy’s, Chivas, Remy Martin, Martell and too many vodkas, rums, gins and liqueurs to name deserved be sampled. Oh, within days of Stanley setting up his fortress Pan had cut herself a key to both the cabinet and the boutique wine cellar.

She got Stanley’s keys when he was in the shower. The impression well it was dishonestly cut for a mother fucker of a blowjob on the locksmith’s apprentice at the local mall.

Her life of the party BYO supplies became too addictive and with too many recent parties she got a bit careless with really hitting the stock in a carefree manner.

Of course, mummy was out when Stanley got Pan to come into his den. It was after school and she hadn’t even got changed out of her short private college; plaid pleated skirt and tight white blouse.

The evidence was on the bar. Well not empty bottles or secret marks to indicate where more than a tipple had been taken. He had a bloody inventory: the sneaky adult bastard: of his prized spirits: missing by the boot load.

“You know I’ll have to tell your mother; you will be grounded; you’ll lose the keys to your car; well, young lady,” said Stanley with clipped overtones of inducement like snapping open a frontal bra clasp. Pan was one hot step daughter.

Pandora didn’t even think through her options; she knew Stanley had been ogling her for a while; what with her sexy sassy body. It was complete temptation. Cock candy basically. She licked her lips with her twirling; twining tongue; that was usually enough to start a boner with a guy.

“Now young lady,” he used those words again. Probably seeking experienced male control of a spirited hussy: “Don’t think you can flash your eyes and run your tongue over your lips at me; and think you can get away with it. I think you need a real alcohol education.” Delivered with a deep tone like regular slaps across pliable cushy buttocks.

Pan curious of course had to ask: “Just what you have in mind; Daddy?” And the way she said ‘daddy’ was so syrupy like instantaneous fellatio.

“I think a spanking for a start you brazen Lolita; bend over the bar; NOW.”

The now; expressed; dominating like a big cock jagging into an arse.

Well Pan knew daddy was serious but she up for trying something new. She had never had a spanking before.

Oh, her cute bottom was poking up in the air where it seemed to naturally belong. Up flapped her plaid; well, it hardly covered anything. Stan didn’t even have to take down her panties to smack her impressionable firm peachy buttocks.  The tart was wearing a black thong. It was an immediate double turn on; a combination of Pandora’s little pleasure filled yelps and Stan just enjoying the sounds; whack, slap and thwack; plus, her squirming butt; his obvious power in the moment and the emerging pinkish welts. Pan felt as sexually helpless as she ever had. Complete surrendered to the satisfying combination of excitement and discomfort.

It all changed very quickly as Stanley eased his face between her buttocks after removing her G-string and sniffing it. He gaped the cutest, crinkled puckered arse and spat big-heartedly in it. Then his tongue went on mission build sensitivity. He rimmed his step daughter as a young woman needs to be rimmed. So sexily. So smutty. So frickin tongue tip deep. Tip rummage. Tip scooping.

It wasn’t a case of Pandora opening a box next. It was the depths of Pan’s tight confined arse package being filled unexpectedly. She writhed as the dirty bastard fingered her butthole with first one finger and then a generous two; and she was so appreciative:

“Ooh, Daddy,” she cooed.

Her voice soft and mellow like a slick pussy fingered well.

She felt the strange pressing shape but it was a good fit; as her filthy dissolute step daddy inserted the neck of a liqueur bottle in her tender but expanding pink starfish. Stan was for a while fixated on his action. His step daughter absorbed in her own happy moaning. In the bottle neck went; into soft yielding arse flesh; pushing her butthole in with defined pleasure; then the slight popping release. The bottle rim catching her pink rim and building sensation beyond the expected. God her arse looked great; completely naturally fuckable.

“I’m going to fuck your arse,” he said. He wanted her to anticipate it.  His language direct like a tongue tip flicking a clit.

He had his throbbing cock out of his pants. He had his step daughter where he had never in his wildest dreams believed he would get to take her; over a barstool; doggy style; shovelling into her personalised nifty balloon knot

Problem was her pussy was so cute. So, beckoning. So moistly leaking ready. He had that super avaricious moment where he wanted to fill both her holes at once. So, he did. He rammed his fingers; three; into her needy wet; wanton, womanly slit and jammed his cock straight up her primed arse.

Now Pandora was hit by an excess of teen spirit. She felt good; too bloody good but she was taking it all. She knew how to sway her body backwards and forwards off his hard rod. Traction and friction at their absolute best. Grip and combined sexual adhesion. Panting, groaning and moaning. The girl had faultless backdoor sealant when it came to pecker.

“Mmm, Daddy, Orrgh, Daddy;” her vocals pitching up like the first touch of a vibrator on a clit cowl.

Stanley wanted to see her eyes as he pile drove her; and he turned her over and splayed her across the leather stool; her legs really spread; her young pussy glistening from her fingering; her starfish tight. She was so mind-blowing sweet; she was accommodating his cock with clenching; clasping his erectness like it is meant to be held in a young woman’s tail pipe.  A spirited teen enjoying whatever was handy: pure tramp.

Her eyes said it all; still to really stimulate Stan; the minx stated; “Fill me deep Daddy,” edgy and slinky like personally inserting the next size up, butt plug; lewdly.

Her step daddy pumped her with even more furious, frantic ferocity; when Pan’s fingers went to her own clitty to build her growing satisfaction even more.

Full frontal. It suited them both. Pan somehow in her enjoyment removed her white blouse and let daddy pop her frontal lacey bra clasp. Her gorgeous melons jiggling, swaying and doing a chest shimmy.  Bountiful flesh fruit.

Her fingers though back to her pink personal jelly bean; her clit work ethic driving him to break his arse cock action. Stan just had to taste and lick her delicious looking coochie. He did. It was the nectar of the gods; sweeter than the most intoxicating liqueur; as he slurped her drippy girly liquid.

“Wow, Daddy, Aah, Ahh, Awh,” from Pan; her tenor, A cappella; rising like first orgasmic tingles.

He got her up and over to the leather sofa. Pan stripping him on the way. He wanted to see how she would ride cock.  God she was incredibly sexy with just her plaid skirt on. My she could ride cock. She loved controlling a pecker with her thighs and arching her body high, dragging a cock up with her pussy; and pummelling down onto a guy’s balls and exciting her clitty. Then letting daddy grab her arse cheeks and allowing him to direct impaling cock goodness.

She knew the ribald litany too; for their mutual release; “Oohh Daddy; Orrgh Daddy, Oh Fuck, Daddy,” words popping from her mouth; both effervescent and sharply contracting like a total orgasm. Pan immediately then; had the best type.

And Pandora knew too how to finish a guy off; college lad or step daddy, it didn’t matter; after all it is what guys hope for; and Pandora’s box of sexual tricks held the best promise till last.

The minx grabbed her step daddy’s shaft in her hand, somehow tugging and twisting it at the same time; truly sensational. Then her mouth and lips were perfectly shaped over Stan’s cock head as she then started the delicious vacuum suck off; working his pecker into a stiffness that could only be satisfied with a ball bursting release; and she added to the bliss by fondling his nut sack with delicate attention. He was going to cum big.

 A step daddy’s fantasies are many: his nubile step daughter’s slutty slit; her pouty starfish, her budding erect clitty, a cream pie or jizz across her lovely pink flushed cheeks.

Stan got more as Pandora let him cum in her sweet open gob and she then sucked him dry and swallowed his load.

Though the highlight was the after: her excessive teen spirit; the provocative; “My Daddy; give me more, soon,” spoken; with pushy verve like a nubile’s hand fondling a crotch; as her plaid covered arse sauntered out of the den.

Submitted: July 05, 2021

© Copyright 2023 Janus. All rights reserved.

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